Party; An Outfit Story

by Dameon Gauge

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: First part from 'The Outfit' Series.

Josh Raines was less than thrilled to go to a party thrown by his fathers boss. To his mind it was part of continuing conspiracy by his parents to drive him completly insane through boredom. "Now Josh be sure to mind your manners. This man does pay the bills." His father said lightly and got out of the car.

Josh and his mother both followed. Walking toward the impressive three story stone house ahead of them. Josh whistled as he looked the place over, someone sank some money into this place. He'd dreamed about having that kind of cash. But really didn't know how he'd get it. He was doing okay in school but he didn't have any real passion for anything but computers. He was a good programmer and an almost elite hacker. A fact he tried hard to conceal from his parents who would almost certainly freak at the thought of their little boy doing something illeagal.

Not that they were bad people, just very up tight. Dad worked as an accountant for Briton holdings, the people throwing the party tonite, and his mother worked doing interior decorating for a styling house downtown. Jobs that payed well but not very exciting.

They made it to the door, two very large men were there. "Good evening Mr Raines, mam." One of them said. "And who's the young man?"

"He's my son Josh Tony." His dad said.

Tony looked down and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you Josh, go right on in things are just getting started."

They walked in and Josh looked behind and caught the guard talking into his sleeve. He recognized the portable radio and wondered what system they were using. It would be fun to figure out the signal and listen in on what the guards were saying.

I was sitting upstairs getting a feel for the crowd at the party when I saw Maria smiling as she looked down over the crowd that was assembling in the main hall. I took my leave from the security guy I had been talking to and walked over to her, hugging her from behind.

"You're smiling, over anything in particular?"I said into her ear.

"I just saw Mr and Mrs Raines come in, their son Josh is everything Janet said he was." She said and leaned back. Neatly trapping my prick between her ass cheeks.

"Let me guess your planning on snaring Josh tonite and it's making you horny." I said moving my hips a little.

"It's making me very horney, I've read his mind, he's never even felt a tit let alone had a girl."

"Got anyone in mind for tonite?" I asked.

"Well..." She said slowly.

"Let me guess, you want him."

"Well that and I've been preparing a little surprise from his school." She said and took a ragged breath. "I figured I could totally snare him if I brought what he wanted."

"You can have him, but only if I get a good bedtime story out of it." I replied.

"I'll make sure it's one that will make the walls sweat." She said and walked off. Great. Now I had a hard on. I wondered if Janet were busy.

Josh looked over the place spotting pieces of the houses security system. heat and motion sensors mostly although he thought he spotted area that might hide inra red lasers. This place would not be a push over for a thief.

Not that he had any intention of ripping the place off. He just liked learning the answers to puzzles, it was his favorite pastime.

He walked around the outskirts of the party, checking the old people out. Recognizing a few from stopping by his dads office and others from their photo's in the paper. Politicians and enetertainers. He was tempted to ask for autographs but he decided to wait and see if anyone else would do it. He didn't want to be uncool.

After he had made a trip to the bar and got a soda he took a spot next to an oaken beam and relaxed a moment. That's when he spotted her. Tina Jameson. She was a cheerleader and one of the best looking girls in school. She hung out with the popular crowd, he was one the geeks so he only got to say hi to her as she sat down next to him in Calculus class. And just doing that livened his heartbeat a little. He sighed and watched as she talked to some guy in what looked like a thousand dollar suit. Her blonde hair had been styled long for the evening, and she wore a tasteful black dress that helped to show off her developing curves. He looked at her face and drank it in. She was wonderful, beuatiful and completly out of his reach.

He sighed and took a swig of his Coke.

"Looks like young love forming." A female voice said from next to him.

He started and turned in it's direction.

The woman next to him was Goregous. Her body looked lean with generous curves in all the right places, and long hair framed a face that had a trace of olive tint to it. She reminded him of Counselor Troi from "Star Trek."

"Nah, we go to the same school is all." He said and blushed a little.

"Really, I'm sure I could introduce you. She's one of my asstitants." The lady responded with a smile.

"No thanks, I'm sure I'll see her monday." Josh said.

"I'm sure you will. By the way I'm Maria Watson." She said and offered her hand.

Josh took her hand, and suprising himself bent down to kiss it. She smiled as he did so. "Well at least I didn't get slapped."

"A gallant gentlman and so handsome!" She said. "But you have me at a disadvantage, I don't know your name."

"Josh. Josh Raines." He said trying not to stammer.

"Oh yes I've heard your father talking about you." She took his arm. And guided him into the party. "I was wondering, your father says your good with computers. I was wondering if you might be interested in a job. Part time of course."

Janet was controlling the fuck. She liked to play these games when we were alone. I didn't mind, she knew how to make a quickie in my office into an epic.

I sat back in my chair and felt her slide her pussy around my dick without putting it in her yet. "Did Maria get you all hot and not do anything about it?" She said with a pout as I reached up to feel her tits. Gently at first. "I think you ought to punish her." She said and slid about an inch of me in her. If I was aroused before, I was ready to mount a knothole in a fence now. She slid herself back and forth, shallowly, then slid down hard and moved her hips in circular motion. "I know, let's tie her up and tease her for hours." She moved up and down again. I wasn't going to last long at this rate and she knew it. "Can you imagine how horny she'll get? Wet as hell and ready to Cum, but not until we let her."

"Just like you were last week." I said. looking into her eye with an evil glint. Maria and I had tied Janet up and played with her for hours until she said she'd sell her soul for an orgasm. The look on her face, arousal, passion and frustration was one I'd always remember. The memory of it almost made me cum.

"Oh yes." She said and shuddered in a mini orgasm. Her muscles rippled across my tool and I resisted as hard as I could. "Oh god, fuck me." She said. And I did. Lifting her up onto the desk and throwing her legs over my head. Hammering away like a jackhammer. Savoring every "huh, oh" And groan she made. I could feel my self building after a minute or two. Taking the time to tweek her nipples roughly, and letting go as she did as well.

We both lay on the desk panting like we'd just run a marathon. She looked up at me. "Did I do a satisfactory job sir?" She asked, sounding like a secretary asking for a commentary on her typing.

I kissed her and felt her tongue snake into my mouth. We rubbed together for a moment and I moved my head back. "I'm not sure miss Thompson, we may need to try this again later." I said.

"After the party?" She asked expectantly.

"We have a date."

"Good, I'll wear the black teddy." She said as we both got off of the desk. She pulled her dress down and walked to the bathroom in my office. She had to make herself presentable for the party.

"Your too good to me dear." I said as she closed the door. She'd left her panties on the floor. I gathered them up and stuck them in my pocket and smiled. She'd like wandering around naked under her clothes. That was one of the advantages of the gift the old ones had given. You could find the naughty things people liked and make good use of them.

I sat there a while and pondered the evening ahead. Maria was recruiting our little hacker into "the outfit" as we called it. Janet would spend some time looking for an expert chemist we could recruit. And I'd check the minds of the people there for information I could use. All in all a pretty busy evening.

Janet walked out of the bathroom and to me. "You hid my panties didn't you?" She asked.

"Of course." I said with a smile. My hand ventured up her thigh. "How could I touch your sweet pussy with them in the way?" My hand cupped her mound and I moved a finger over her clit. She moaned.

"How am I supposed to keep my mind on business if all you do is get me hot?" She asked pressing herself down on my hand and grinding on it.

"How are you supposed to retain your passion for your work any way else." I pulled my hand back. "The black teddy huh?"

"I'll even wear the pumps to bed."

"This may be an early night."

She pulled back. "No it won't, call it my revenge." She said with a smile. "What do you think Maria's doing now?"

"Warming up to take two cherry's tonite. Now there's a thought to keep you hot and bothered." I said.

"Just as long as I get the next one." She said. "Now then you've got a house full of guests, I suggest you pull your pants up and got out to meet them."

"Yes mam." Janet walked out and I worked my pants up.

Janet and Maria were my deadly duo, there wasn't a man alive who could resist either of them. After I'd meta programmed them both they acted like sisters. Loving but with a hint of rivalry. They pushed each other but never tried to hurt each other. It was a good mix.

Part of me pictured Maria. Warming up to fuck that young kid. And then getting him to fuck that cute little piece Tina. She'd been training her since she started with us. First seducing her herself, and then teaching her the finer points of oral sex. with me as the lucky judge in a dick sucking contest. Tina would lose her cherry tonite. And become a deeper player in the outfit. Part of me wanted to be there. But then again even a sixteen year old would lose his hard on if he had to fuck a guys wife while her husband watched.

Josh was wondering if he was losing his mind. Here he was sitting on the bed of this wonderful woman giving her a back rub while talking about a job offer. Not that he minded the feel of her skin, but he had a raging boner, and was about to come in his pants.

"Josh your doing a great job but you could go lower." She said quietly.


"Maria, please." She said.

"Maria if I go any lower I'm going to be rubbing your... Uh."

"Go ahead, say ass. It won't hurt anyone."

"Hi Mark." I said looking at Mark Raines.

"Ah good evening Dave, have you seen Josh? He disapeared on me half an hour ago." Mark asked. I liked Mark, he was very solid worker, and honest as the day was long.

"I think Maria took him off to talk about a summer job. probably showed him the computer room here." I said. Well it was partly true.

"Oh, well at least he won't get into trouble there." Mark said.

"I'm sure he won't. So how are you enjoying the party?"

Josh Raines was trying to decide if he was having the time of his life or if he was going to have a heart attack. For the first time in his life he was viewing a set of naked tits.

"Go ahead." Maria said. "Feel them, I don't think you'll hurt me."

After a couple of seconds Josh reached up and slowly felt them, lightly trailing his hands over them and then cupping them. "Oh god." Josh said and let his thumbs move over the nipples.

Maria groaned and then smiled. "Oh that's good. Keep doing that." Her hips began to move in a circular motion.

Mark started feeling her tits in earnest, not caring about how or why, just that he was finally getting what he dreamed about. He was surprised when she reached out and took one of his hands and dragged over her belly down to her panties. He felt the silk under his fingers and then a feeling of wetness.

"Your doing this to me, making me feel alive, like a woman." She said and guided his hand toward her labia. moving it back and forth until he got the idea. Her eyes closed and she began to hum quietly. A low drone that slowly rose in pitch.

He was even more surprised when her hand reached and opened his fly. Her hand gently pulled down his underwear and extracted his man hood. "Is this for me?" She asked playfully. I think I might want to play with it."

Josh groaned and fell forward catching a nipple in his mouth. Maria took a deep breath and steadied herself. Working her hand up and down the shaft. "Lie back darling. I've got plans for this."

Josh layed back and closed his eyes. A few sconds later he was shocked to feel hot breath on his organ. Was she really going to?

She did, a hot mouth enclosed his member and began to suck. Her tongue moved along the crown and his hips arched. "Mam."

She lifted her head up. "Maria. Please." She said and bent her head again. Her tongue slid up the underside of his shaft and he shivered all over. A second later he was enclosed by her mouth and he felt her moving it up and down him.

"Maria, I'm going to... To..." He said but couldn't finish. He felt his arousal hit a peak his hips lifted off the bed again and he came, harder than he ever had in his life. He sat there for, well he didn't know how long, and just savored the feeling of it.

When he opened his eyes Maria was looking up at him smiling. "How was that?" She asked in a playful tone.

He thought a moment. "I'd start with amazing, after that I don't have the words."

"I'll take that as a compliment." She said with a smile. "But now it's my turn, tonite is going to be a learning experience."

I was talking to someone when Mark walked up again. "Dave I hate to interupt but my wife and I were going to leave, could you find Josh?"

"Not a problem, come with me." I said and guided Mark out of the room and into a hallway and from there into an empty room. I focused my concentration. "Josh is talking with the computer guys." I said sending a suggestion into his mind. "Why don't you let him hang out and I'll have the limo drive him back."

"Sounds great, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it." Mark said and walked out.

Well that took care of that, part of me wondered what Maria was doing with Josh and I smiled. I knew he was going to get a kick out of that.

"Maria wasn't kidding, this is a learning experience." He thought and took a long lick at her pussy. Smiling as he felt her shudder a little. He got a big thrill out of the idea that he was causing her to feel good as she made him. He took his tongue and slid it up and down the little bud of her clitoris and heard her groan.

"That's it dear, I'm almost there." She said in a low voice. and shook some more. Josh took the initiative and slid a finger in her pussy and licked her clit at the same time. Her hips moved in a circular motion trying hard to get more of his finger inside. He had a hard time keeping his tongue on target and got in closer. enjoying the feel of the moist warmth on his face and the sight of her opened to him.

He still couldn't beleive his luck, but wasn't about to question it. He had an older woman in bed, gotten a blow job and was now eating her pussy for all it was worth. On the whole the party was turning out a lot better than he expected.

As he finished the thought she jerked a little and stiffened. Letting out a deep breath as she came. A few seconds later her hips started to move again acting as if they had a mind of their own.

"Oh Josh that was wondeful!" She said a few moments later. "Your a fast learner." Josh moved up next to her taking the time to kiss both her tits as he came up.

"Well I try." He said. He felt her hand snake down to his groin and grasp his penis. "I think this wants some more attention." She said. Moving her hand up and down it's length. Marc could feel himself hardening even more. His head fell back and he let himself relax closing his eyes.

The hand started doing magic tricks and he felt waves of pleasure shoot up his body. He sighed as he felt Maria move down the bed. "The evenings just getting started dear." She said.

"I hope so." Josh replied. Feeling the now familiar sensation of hot breath on his dick. A few seconds later a mouth slid over his dick and he slid down the bid furthur. The mouth played different tricks this time, and he enjoyed them all. Hands slid over his chest. And another mouth kissed him.

"Wait a minute." He thought and opened his eyes. Maria was kissing him so who was on his dick?

The sight shocked him. "Tina?" He asked. Sure enough his fantasy was down between his legs sucking him off. She took a second lifted her head up, smiled and went back to work. Maria stuck a tit in mouth and he sucked. Not caring why, just enjoying the how.

After minute or two they switched places. Tina came up and kissed him and then smiled. She had taken her dress off and was clad only in black lace panties. She took his hand and pressed it to her mound. "Oh god I was so stoked when Maria told me you'd be here tonite." She said and ground her mound into his hand. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this." She said and pressed a tit into his face.

"???" Was the best Josh could come up with. But decided that if He was getting his dream come true then he wasn't going to argue about it. He was working hard on trying to concentrate on everything that was happening. He had a mouth doing wonders to his dick, a tit in his mouth, a tongue in his mouth and his hand feeling a wonderful cunt from outside a set of panties.

The mouth on his tool lifted off. He felt cool air slide over him. "Okay Tina it's time we showed our friend here how to have a really good time."

Tina stood up but kept herself were Josh's hand could do her some good. Her hips moved in a rythm with his hand and he felt the wetness grow as he tweaked the area Maria had shown worked so well on her. Tina purred.

Maria slid up next to him on the bed. "Okay, now it's time for you to learn a few more new things." With that she spread her legs and sat up a little using a pillow to cushion her head. "Get on me dear."

Josh's heart beat a little fast as he got on top of her. "I uh, never..."

"That's all right dear everyone has a first time, I'm just making sure yours is just right." She said as her hand grasped his dick.

Josh felt slick wetness on the head of his dick and then felt himself press against her a little harder and felt himself slide in a little. "Oh god." He moaned.

"Deeper, all the way in." Maria said. And Josh obliged. Feeling for the first time his tool surrounded by the walls of a womans cunt. The tightness, softenss and smoothness of it. He was even more glad she had blown him earlier or he would have shot off then. He took a few seconds to settle himself and then moved back, enjoying the slick friction of her tunnel as it stimulated the nerve endings in him. He repeated the move again, and then again soon falling into a rythm, unconsciously settling into the motions Maria was making under him.

Maria smiled up at him. "That's right dear, now move like this." She shifted a little and Josh moved with her. He looked down at her as her head fell back. Her hair wild on the pillow her tits moving in time to their movements , the nipples as erect as gum drops. He dropped his head to taste on and she bucked harder. "Now your getting the idea." She murmured, and reached up to grab his ass and pull him closer.

Josh picked up the pace a little and Maria moved with him. Their rythm became more intense as their pleasure mounted. Josh felt Tina behind him, her hot breath in his ear as he pounded away at Maria. "Tell you'll do me like that." She said and kissed his neck. "I want my first time to be like that."

Josh didn't even question what she said just murmered yes and let himself enjoy the feel of her tits burrowing into her back, and the feel of his dick in Maria. He knew he'd be cumming soon.

Tina was in heaven. Watching as Josh pounded himself into Maria. She didn't question that she wouldn't have spoken two words to him yesterday. Tonite Maria said she would lose her cherry and find her "one."

Tina loved Maria. Unlike her parents she had always made it a point to make her feel like she was needed and wanted. She remembered when she first saw her in the office. The picture of the professional woman in a models body. She knew she wanted to be like that as soon as she layed eyes on her.

She had worked for her about two months when they made love for the first time. Prior to that sex was a distant thought to her. Something she'd do eventually but for now was best left to the characters on "dawsons Creek." Maria taught her what she was missing. How sex was part of life, like breathing. And how sex was part of how one became a true person instead of one of those automitons you saw walking around pretending like they were alive.

She remebered How it felt when Maria kissed her breasts for the first time. And how her lips felt on her sex. How she felt alive for the first time.

Maria had taught her as much as she could about sex, without actually having someone fuck her. She thought it would happen she had joined Maria and her husband in bed. Instead Maria had taught her how to make a man cum with her mouth. Then showed her how a man got turned on. She watched as Maria and David made love. All the while wishing she was the one doing it.

But tonite she would be.

With one last shove Josh thrust deeply and came. Breathing like he had just finsihed a race and feeling like a god. Maria convulsed under him for a few more seconds. Josh watched as her hips and stomach muscles moved involuntarily. Slowing down in pace until all there was her deep breathing.

"My god I think I've found a natural." Maria said and smiled as soon as she came to her senses. "Tina your going to love him." She said looking over Josh's shoulder. Josh Felt Tina lean closer and hug him from behind.

"I know I'm going to love him." Tina replied and kissed his neck while her hand toyed with his nipples. "I just hope he's got enough left for me."

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