by Annette

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: She went from being a virgin-bride-to-be to a pregnant slut in one encounter, how is she going to explain it to her husband-to-be?


Any lingering hopes were swept away as I stared at the result from the test kit.

I was pregnant! I had been well and truly "banged up".

I knew now, without doubt, that there was a price to pay for my indulgences. I feared for my impending marriage as I tried to think how to explain my belly full of arms and legs to a would be husband who had yet to penetrate me.

The wedding was still two months away and I'd cleverly (as I thought at the time) held him at bay and reeled him in with the promise of a "grand opening" on our wedding night.

As I tried to come to grips with the dilemma I found myself in, I reflected on the events of the last couple of months that had taken me from a virginal bride to be, and turned me into sexually aroused and fully pregnant fiance in one very sensual encounter...

Chapter One

I suppose some blame for the situation in which I now find myself could be attributed to the very protective environment in which I had finished my education. I was nineteen and had spent the last four years in a Swiss finishing school. I thought I knew everthing about everything, but had had no "hands on" sexual experiences, and had made do with fantasies, girl talk and a some private experimentation... until I finally returned home the complete lady (so my parents thought)and met up with Alan.

He turned out to be my catch of the night at my welcome home party. A great looking guy with a personality and bank account to match. A guy who was self assured and apparently very successful in the art of seduction, if some of my girlfriends' stories were true.

I had noticed him among the "studs" because he was fair-haired, blue-eyed and well built, apart from being damned good looking. (I don't want much in a man. Just good looks, money and the right basic instincts...and I had a thing for blue-eyed blondes).

The party was a pretty tame affair, given the parental oversight factor.But it did give me a nice dose of the "warm fuzzies".

I was the centre of attention (after all, the party was for me), but I had the smug feeling that it wasn't just that the guys were being nice because I'd been out of town for a few years.

I was tall, lean, leggy and willowy, with jet black hair and an olive complexion, giving me a light allover tan. I wasn't over endowed in the boob department, but they were firm, and pointed upward rather than down. They needed no support, and in my pristine white halter top, I thought I looked pretty good. I rather enjoyed the impact I was having, and I felt that there were some pretty exciting times ahead. Wow! was that a prophecy fulfilled.

Alan was one of the lineup of party animals looking for a target and, as we went through the "hello", and "nice to know you routine", I felt a little pang of excitement. I had the feeling I was earmarked as his target.

This was to be the start of the main game. The curtain raiser to my becoming a woman in the real sense, and my first real foray into the mating arena. I was becoming all too aware that I had been kept "in storage"too long. I had been getting some very strong signals from my vital areas. Natural urges were demanding fulfillment, and I knew I couldn't keep them waiting much longer.

It wasn't long before we gravitated to the dance floor and things became a little more intimate...and exciting. I was quickly but deftly manoeuvred into close formation nuzzling, with more than a hint of bodily contact in the key areas, but who was I to complain. I was loving in it.

He soon made it obvious that he was out to separate me from the herd, suggesting a "drive and coffee". I wasn't stupid, but I didn't mind the idea one little bit, so it wasn't long before we'd slipped quietly away in his Mercedes sports for parts unknown.

Needless to say, we ended up at his apartment. Hell! What a place. No wonder the girls said he was a good catch, with a high success rate in the penetration stakes. With a pad like this I had no doubts that a bevy of virgins had been deflowered here over the years.

I knew I had to handle the situation carefully. He was showing all the signs of being smitten and while I knew he was sexually wound up like a coiled spring, I rather liked the idea of hanging on to this guy, and all the goodies that went with him. As much as I wanted to "lay myself bare", I knew I had to keep the brakes on and make myself a special prize rather than just another notch on his male equipment.

The champagne was soon on the table for a "private celebration of my home coming" as he termed it, though I had no doubt that this was not the only sort of "coming" that was on his mind. I had learned enough to know that the champagne treatment was not intended as a conversation opener, but a leg opener. I knew though, that if I wanted to keep him on the hook I could not allow him to make a "deposit" just yet, much as I liked the idea of experiencing the real thing.

Besides, I was completely unprotected. I hadn't even contemplated going on the pill. I'd had the full sex education bit at college and had developed some very funny feelings about the sex act and impregnation. Maybe I'm a bit kinky, but I often fantasise about playing sexual russian roulette. The idea of being inseminated, with a fifty fifty chance of becoming pregnant, not only fascinates me, it makes me weak and trembly, and sends some very strong yes! yes! yes! signals to my love tunnel. I had to do some heavy suppressing of my urges, at least for the time being, if I was to weather this first storm and win the bigger prize.

"Let the game begin." I thought, as he eased me gently into a clinch on the "mating couch".

That first sensation of his tongue gently parting my lips and slipping inside was so erotic. I didn't believe a first kiss could be such a turn on. His tongue was so beautifully insistent as he signalled that this was a prelude. Upper persuasion for lower invasion. My imagination went wild as I thought about what else could be slipping inside me soon. I had to get the situation under control or I would become just another one night conquest.

"Cool it, Alan." I urged. "The night is young, we've got lots of time, and I was enjoying the dancing. Turn on some music!" I commanded, with less than convincing authority.

He was a bit put off, but complied, and dragged me back into snuggle mode in an upright position. It wasn't really dancing, rather more pressing the flesh all over, and it felt damned good. Round one to me.

He wasn't to be denied quite that easily though (nor did I want him to be). As we gyrated in close contact his hands began to gently caress my bare back as he sought to confirm that I was braless. Then, growing bolder they moved easily down the curve of my back to cup the cheeks of my bottom as he pulled me against him more tightly at the business end. He might have been enjoying the feel of what I knew was a very firm and well proportioned bum, but the fun wasn't all his as I fantasised over the very prominent bulge that was delivering a strong message to the moistening lower end of my churning tummy.

It wasn't long before I felt the couch behind my knees as he manouvred me back to a more accessable position. A gentle nudge as he slid his tongue down my throat again and I was on my back with him on top of me. He didn't give me any chance to recover. His tongue worked insistently to occupy my attention as he kneed my legs apart and pressed himself against my vagina as if to announce "Get ready! I'll be in there soon". Hell this was good. I had to make sure I didn't "lose it" but at the same time let him think that entry was not too far off.

His lips went lightly across my neck and throat as he eased a shoulder strap aside. I knew where he was heading, but if I was going to give ground, this was the right end to start with in the early part of the game.

His tongue flicked tantalisingly as his mouth travelled down my cleavage, eased aside the light fabric of my halter top and engulfed a very aroused and straining nipple. "Mmmm!" I heard myself murmur as his tongue circled and teased, and his mouth began to draw gently. I relaxed for a moment, enjoying the sheer sensuality of it all and before I knew what had happened, I was bare to the waist and his hands were at work on my thighs coaxing my dress upward to reveal the main action area. Much as I hated the idea, it was time to find a way to bring things to a halt before I ended up with no pants, no hymen and a bellyful of love juice.

"Alan! We've got to stop right now." I pushed him gently. "We're both as randy as hell and I can't keep you out much longer." I lamented. "I'm new to all this. I'm unprotected and I just need a little help and understanding before I throw discretion to the winds." This demure little outburst was calculated to appeal to his male protective instincts and it seemed to work. He relaxed his efforts long enough for me to struggle out from under and regain some composure. He wasn't happy. It was time for me to take the initiative and rebuild his male ego.

I laid across him, gently stroked his chest and whispered to him "Alan, you'll get what you want. Remember I want you inside me just as much as you want to be there, but I've got some funny ideas and you'd better hear them 'cause you might not like 'em."

I slid my hand slowly down the front of his pants and began to gently massage the bulge that was saying "I want in". His eyes were glazing over but I think he was paying attention. "My big turn on is the thought that when a man penetrates me for the first time it will be to shoot live ammunition at an unprotected target. I get all churned up at the idea of totally unprotected sex with an even money chance of being put in the family way. I'm just not quite ready yet."

I could see the gleam returning to his eyes as he picked up on the virginal bit and I knew I had to dangle the bait just a little further if I was going to leave him in a "still interested" frame of mind. I took his hand and guided it along my inner thighs cupping it over the mound between my legs. " I think you can feel what's been happening down here, and I hope you'll be the one to perform the grand opening. Just be patient."

"I'll be patient", he complained. "But not for too damned long. I'm going to have you whatever it takes, and it won't be very long". He was sounding huskier as he talked. "I'll have you pleading for it before long. And when I get into that body of yours I'll be riding bareback and making a fully delivery of fertilizer. That flat little belly of yours will be put out of shape very quickly when I get to work on it. He was getting me all sexed up again with that sort of talk. I loved it. It was time to cut and run.

The warm late night summer breeze helped me unwind and "dry out" a bit as he drove me home with the top down. "Round two to me," I grinned to myself. But I knew the fires had been being lit within me. I was going to love the love game and that beautiful instrument of female pleasure that would perform the task it was so magnificently designed for, hopefully, in the not too distant future.

I lay awake for hours that night revelling in the joys of womanhood and sex. All I could think about was "What next?" What delights lay ahead?" I fondled my straining breasts and still hard nipples, ran my hands down to my avenue of ecstacy, my gateway to fulfillment. "How long before I experienced the ultimate?" I wondered. "How long before I feel the beautiful intrustion of a rock-hard penis driving into me with but one fill me with a new life. To make babies in me!"

Chapter 2

He was on the phone early next morning. A good sign. I'd run the risk of being cast off as a chastity freak, but it seemed I'd played my cards right. He wanted more, and so did I.

The next few nights were pretty intense. It was more of the same, but getting better, and more exciting with each encounter. He worked hard to break me, open me. I worked just as hard to keep him aroused, drooling, but with my hymen intact. We were both loving it. We both knew it was a game that promised a beautiful outcome. I was becoming sexually obsessed...and loving it. I kept thinking back over my sex education lessons and fantasising about the power of a penis plunging deep inside me, ejaculating sperm, filling me, inseminating me. God what a turn-on, and I hadn't yet had a close encounter with his babymaker. That soon changed.

We had gotten back to his place from a rather boring evening with a couple of friends and he was in no mood for preliminaries. He had my top off, a mouthful of nipple and two hands full of bottom in no time flat. "The battle for entry was to be on in earnest tonight." I thought.

Time for some aggressive counter measures. I pushed him aside, then pulled him down onto the bed, rolling him onto his back. I wanted to play the vamp.

I gently unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it from his waistband and began stroking his chest as I whispered to him, "You've been trying to get my panties off for the last few nights. Now I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine."

"What a lame excuse for some penile exploration" I smirked unashamedly to myself. But so what? I had to learn didn't I? A girl has to know what she's going to get into...her! "Hands on experience was essential", I justified to myself as I stared him straight in the eye and began to undo his belt.

He was a bit taken aback, but I could see he was enjoying the role reversal as his already prominent bulge swelled visibly, demanding release. Who was I to deny the needs of such a vital instrument. I released the top clip of his fly then slid the zip slowly and tantalisingly downwards as I watched and enjoyed the expression of lust on his face.

"Lift up!" I ordered, as I dragged his pants over that tight little bum. "Time I was introduced to this sex-crazed friend of yours" I sniggered. "We might find we have a common interest."

I lightly tugged the elastic of his undershorts, easing them down to unveil the staff of life. How beautifully ugly. I was hypnotised by the proud strength of it as I ran my hand gently along that magnificent shaft. What a sensation to have this driving into me, penetrating me deeply, spurting semen into my womb.

He drooled under my penile ministrations but it seemed I had a bit to learn about how to please a rampant erection. He guided my hand around the base of the shaft, then back and forth along its length, rippling the beautifully pliant skin, pulling the semen sacs at its base to action stations, swelling the powerful head, making the whole instrument throb with pleasure.

I looked at his face and marvelled at the effect I was having as I stroked him delicately and purposefully into ecstacy. "This was the power of woman over man."I mused as I changed the rhythm, enjoying the succession of facial expressions, disappointment as I slowed, anxiety as I stopped, then relief as I began again. He writhed and squirmed as my technique improved. When it comes to education, I had no doubt about my ability to be a very fast and enthusiastic learner in this particular subject.

I blew gently on the head as I stroked him, tantalised him, and watched in awe as the first tiny bead of clear fluid emerged from the slit at the very tip of the now pulsating and swollen head. I knew this was the prelude to an impending eruption. Maybe I was overdoing things. I paused momentarily, but the agony and disappointment on his face gave the obvious answer. He wanted release...and it was up to me to finish the job I had started.

I focused my full attention on the throbbing head as I increased the tempo of my strokes, fascinated by the writhing of his body as he neared the heights of ecstacy. A groan escaped his lips. He began to gasp and tremble. His balls swelled. His penis began to spasm and jerk, turning almost purple. Then suddenly the release. Jets of thick creamy sperm erupted from him, splashing across his chest, my arms, hands, then my bare breasts and nipples as I leant over his chest redirecting the spurting organ. It was beautiful to watch. Hot semen spraying everywhere. The seed of life, filler of bellies, maker of babies. What a magical sight. How I wanted those bursts of sperm inside me. How beautifully warm and filling it would feel. God! How could I wait much longer?

Then it was over for him. Blessed release. Satisfaction and pleasant exhaustion. I revelled in the aftermath as I gently massaged the splashes of sticky fluid into his chest, over my breasts, kissing him, pressing myself to him, bonding us with semen.

I commended myself on a job well done as I felt his beautiful penis, wet with his juices, soften and shrink in my hand. I was still on a high, sexually unsatisfied, but smugly exhilarated. Tonight I had been the master, and I knew I had the makings of a true professional in the sex game.

Chapter 3

The "getting to know the parents" thing didn't seem too much of a problem, and I soon detected a hint of unspoken commitment as we went through all the other little niceties of courting, and got to know each other better. I seemed to be the total focus of his attention. But the horizon was a bit cloudy.

Mum and dad had booked me on a Caribbean cruise as a welcome home present. I was due to sail in a couple of weeks and would be away for 13 days. Alan was not impressed, and I wasn't too keen either, given recent developments. I was on the verge of cancelling when events took a turn which were to have a profound influence on my immediate future.

Alan was a lead player in his dad's importing business and there were some pretty big deals in the pipeline it seemed. He had to spend some time overseas, and soon.

It was this development which decided me to continue with my Caribbean caper, if only for a bit of social interaction. If he was going to buzz off overseas for a couple of months I might as well do a bit of holidaying to keep my mind off what I was going to be missing out on. He was a bit "off" about the idea, but accepted reluctantly after extracting promises of "faithfullness" and all that sort of stuff.

I made the point that the "being true" bit cut both ways. "How do I know this rampaging little girl-pleaser wont be sliding between the legs of some randy Asian tart?" I questioned as I stroked the front of his pants teasingly under the restaurant tablecloth. I don't think he was too impressed with the "little" reference. But He knew I was teasing, and he was loving the stimulation, or so it seemed, if the rapidly swelling lump I was fondling , and his flushed face, were any indication. "Just keep that weapon, and the goodies it can deliver, all for me." I smirked.

This was our last night together. We were dining in style and I had plans to make this a night he wouldn't forget. One that would keep his horny little penis focused on the job it had to do when he returned home.

He was due to fly out in a few hours and I knew that I had to take him right to the edge tonight. To send him off totally drained but with an overwhelming urge to come back and fill my belly. I knew how I was going to handle this, and it was time to get on with it. I gave a final squeeze of promise and whispered huskily "Let's get back to your place. We've got some private farewelling to do."

I went to work on him as we drove home, lightly running my hands around his neck, inside his shirt, over his chest, then downward and along his thighs and, inevitably, back to the very restless lump in his pants. I loved playing the arousal role. It was a real turn on watching the manipulative effects I could have as I became better and better at using sex and sensuality as a weapon. The trouble was, the more I learnt about the pleasures that boys and girls could give each other, the more obsessed with sex I became. "Was I a virgin with the makings of a wanton slut?" I wondered as I unzipped him and went in search of that hot, pulsating piece of equipment that I knew I could coax into eruption as the mood took me. His erratic driving suggested it might be more prudent to hold off until we got home. I sniggered, kissed him, and zipped him up, "just for the time being." I promised myself.

We were quickly back at it once indoors. I wanted to retain the initiative. He simmered as my hand released his belt buckle, unzipped him again, and slid into his shorts to reawaken that magic instrument. It needed no help. It was rock-hard, swollen, and raging to find a berth to carry out its task, to sow its seed.

"Tonight's got to be the night." He groaned in my ear as he came up for air in the midst of some intense tounge-probing mouthwork. " I want you on that bed, naked, with your legs spread and body wide open to me." He pleaded desperately. "I want to split you open, be inside you, do what this thing is upposed to do, flood you with sperm."

Jesus that sort of talk inflamed me. I wanted to rip off my pants of and guide him into me right there and then, but animal cunning intervened. I knew I had to get a permanent commitment before I opened up and allowed him to give me a bellyful.

"Al, you're going away in a few hours, and you'll be away for a couple of months. As much as I want to, I can't become pregnant to you now. Can't we wait until you get back to see if you still want me." I crooned. " I know how to make you feel better right now, and you can still be the one to perform the grand opening when you get back...if that's what you still want."

"What do you mean IF?" He said, a bit angrily. "You belong to me now. That body is mine, and this is mine to open and fill as I see fit." He said, lifting my dress and sliding his hand down my belly inside my panties, cupping it possessively over my mound. His fingers moved gently. Heaven!!

"We can't, Alan!" I pleaded, as I felt myself going to pieces. "Just be patient a little longer. Now lie back." I commanded, as I began to stroke him quickly.

"My turn tonight." he said firmly as he stayed my hand. " The grand opening can wait until I get back. I've accepted that. But we're getting married, then it's flesh into flesh, no holds barred, until I get you well and truly pregnant," he said sexily. "Right now you're about to experience a bit of your own medicine." he smirked as he moved his fingers inside me suggestively, sending my senses reeling, making me squirm and lubricate in anticipation.

My astonishment at the marriage proposal faded to the back of my mind to be replaced by feverish desire as he went to work on me, gently stipping me naked, carrying me to the bed and laying me lewdly, legs spread and totally submissive.

His lips went to my ankles as he began lightly kissing and stroking his way upwards. My body screamed, and arched upwards in offering and anticipation, as his tongue traced a wet line along my upper thighs. But there was to be no quick fulfillment. His tongue skirted my vagina to tease my belly button, my breasts, my nipples. He drove me slowly mad as he brought my body to the pinnacles of ecstacy. I jerked and twitched. I could hear myself pleading for release. Then, thank god, his lips and fingers started their journey downwards again, heading toward the little tuffted mound that was now so wet and in need of attention.

He parted me gently with his fingers, sliding inside me with the skill of a surgeon as I jerked upward under his touch, straining with delight, trying to open myself to him. His fingers began the rhythmic movements of a lust-filled penis as they slid in an out , in and out, driving me wild. Making me shudder with passion. Then his strokes slowed as he brought me down momentarily only to send me soaring again as his fingertips found the nerve ends of my button of ecstacy. He tweaked me, manipulated me, made me gyrate with sexual emotion as I begged for release.

He looked into my pleading eyes as he said gently, "Now who's in charge?" I was beyond response. I trembled and shook, out of control and speechless with lust as he played me like a concert violinist. Then his mouth moved downwards and his tongue took me over the edge as it flicked my screaming clitoris lightly but with deadly precision while his fingers resumed their piston like probing.

I began to buck uncontollably as my whole being was racked with the spasms of sexual fulfillment. I was almost hoarse with silent screaming as I went through those final beautiful seconds of ecstacy into glorious release. God! What a feeling.

I lay in limbo land, basking in the after glow of orgasmic release, collecting my thoughts as I came down off cloud nine. " You shouldn't let this thing push you into promises of marriage just to get its way with me", I chided as I stroked him playfully. "You're forgiven..." I cooed, "...and you're off the hook".

"You heard what I said." he responded firmly. "I meant every word of it. From now on you belong to me. Set a date and let's get on with it as soon as I get home." I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. This may have been what I was aiming for, but, in my wildest dreams, I didn't expect to pull it off so quickly. I hugged him, kissing him tenderly as I whispered "You can still change your mind and I'll understand."

"No more talk", he said authoritively. "The decision is made. Set it up and let's do it." and then the big deflater. "Now, I've got a plane to catch. I've got to get going".

"Not yet, you're not" I pouted. "Not until I've finished with you. You're going be a little late for check-in." I said with tender authority as I pushed him onto the bed. "Relax and enjoy." I crooned as I stripped his shorts from him.

I leant down over him, brushing my nipples across his face, flicking my tongue lightly over his chest and tracing a tiny moist line down to his navel. My tongue teased his bellybutton as my hand took control of him. He wasn't going anywhere until I'd discharged all his ammunition and he was a spent force. Besides, I was still randy and I wanted to see and feel that muscular fountain shooting sperm everywhere. God how I was growing to love cock.

"Let's make this deliver its going away message." I giggled in his ear as he began to writhe with ecstacy. "Besides, I want another look at what I'm going to have bursting inside me in a couple of months," I whispered hoarsely as I increased the tempo, then paused while I flicked my tongue across the tip of that beautiful head.

He was already in the final throes of release. He had worked himself up to fever pitch sending me to the moon and wasn't going to last much longer. I ran my tongue tantalisingly along the length of his shaft, then began to stroke him to deliverance.

His face contorted in seconds as his body went rigid and his staff began its contractions. I laid my head on his chest, hypnotically watching the glistening split at the tip of his penis for the first signs of the impending eruption. I knew what would happen. It was lewd, but I didn't care.

I was mesmerised as the first pearly blast shot onto my cheek, then another, and another. I couldn't help myself. I opened my mouth to the line of fire and tasted my first droplets of the cream of life, as I was coated with that beautifully sticky discharge. I was a sperm-sodden mess.

Then it was over. We revelled in each other in smug satisfaction as we came back to earth. The sexual fires had been well and truly lit within me. They might have eased to a smoulder now, but I knew it would take little to reawaken them. They were fires that would only be quelled by deep and frequent injections from the male of the species. Before I knew it he was showered and gone.

Chapter 4

I got a last glimpse of my dear old dad on the dockside as the liner pulled away from the pier. Two pretty dismal weeks had passed since Alan's departure. My "oldies" had been all for the marriage bit, and I'd had daily calls from Alan. Otherwise it had been a pretty uneventful aftermath to a blossoming affair.

The ship was first rate. Big, luxurious, everything you could want for an oceangoing holiday, "apart from a male companion to share the bed with." I thought, as I got to know my cabin mate. She was a bit older than me, a good looker, easy to get on with, but with her own plans and agenda. It looked like being a nice couple of weeks of sun, sea and sights.

My plans didn't include romance. But that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy looking. Speculating privately who was getting into whom. Fantasising about what I'd be having between my legs if my bloke was here with me. "Ah well", I thought. "My turn was coming." Little did I know how true that was to be.

I first noticed him at the dinner table next to mine. He was magnificent. One of the officers, judging from the uniform and epaulettes. My attention had been attracted by the giggling. The women at his table were all over him, competing for his attention, trying to stake a claim to a partner for the trip. I can't say I blamed them. Males were in a shortage, and this one was "doozy" to say the least.

I watched with mild amusement and interest between chats with my tablemates. I guess I felt a bit smug knowing that I had my man all locked up, but I was also a bit envious. I'd come to enjoy the love game, and watching wasn't nearly as much fun as participating. We locked eyes briefly and I thought I detected a "plea for help" before I turned away feigning disinterest. It should have ended there if I'd been smart, but it didn't.

I suddenly felt a firm grip on my arm as I made my way from the dining room. I was engulfed in a bear hug and wondered what the bloody hell was happening as a deep and resonant voice whispered in my ear "Please, just play along. I'll explain later." Then he released me and broke away.

"God it's good to see you again. How have you been?" He asked, and then, for the benefit of the two trailing females, "This is a good friend of mine from way back. Say hello to Annette". He'd missed by a mile, but I knew what he was up to and didn't mind helping him shed his admiring entourage.

"Hi!" I responded sweepingly, and then to him, "I wondered when you'd find time to say hello." "I can see you're busy at the moment." I grinned. "Buy me a coffee and let's do some catching up when you can spare the time." I ended, starting to walk away. "Right now!" He came back, excusing himself from his disappointed admirers.

"Thanks! I owe you." He said, as he steered me away. "It gets a bit tricky at times." "I can imagine." I smirked back knowingly."Tough life."

"I'd be happy to buy you that coffee right now." he went on. "But I'm on watch in fifteen minutes. I'll have to take a rain check."

"I'll live." I retorted, trying to sound disinterested, and at the same time getting angry with myself because I knew damn well he looked as good to me as he had to those other two whores who had been trying to bed him.

That wasn't the end of it. Just the beginning, as it turned out.

I lay awake that night for quite while. My cabin mate must have gotten lucky. She hadn't come back and I was feeling a bit peeved, and deprived. I'd enjoyed the first night's socialising, but had skillfully side stepped the panty hunters like an engaged girl should. I wasn't wearing a ring but I was trying to do the right thing.

I thought back to my last night with Alan. That didn't help. It Just got my juices flowing and reawakened the fires down below. "Why should I be missing out?" I thought to myself. "My bloody stud fiancee is probably planting his seed in anything he can lay his penis into." I thought darkly, as I slipped my fingers into a rapidly moistening vagina, looking for blessed release. "Damn!" I cursed softly to myself as I suddenly found myself recalling the powerful frame of my officer friend of earlier that night. Fantasising about the powerful weapon that could give me want I needed, and was so close at hand.

Elaine's return cooled my ardour,but it didn't make me feel any better to see the smug look of satisfaction on her face.

Chapter 5

It was late evening the next day when I made my first mistake. I felt a familiar grip on my arm as that deep, sensuous voice threw down the challenge. "Time for that coffee." He said, as he steered me away. "You can come up to the Bridge, see where I work and join some of us for a cuppa." God he was a big man, and knew just how to take charge. My alarm bells were ringing, but they were overridden by little pangs of excitement. I quickly convinced myself that I could handle the situation. Stupid me.

He went through the ritual of showing me all the gadgetry that made the ship run, introduced me to some of the other officers, then called over a steward.

"Bring coffee and the trimmings to my cabin would you please," he commanded. I was trapped. I was a big girl now. I couldn't make a fuss and I didn't know how to say "no" after going this far. "After all," I rationalised, "he was only inviting me in for coffee."

But I'd been right about him. The moment his door closed behind us his arms were around me. His mouth closed on mine and his tongue pushed demandingly inside. He was so quick. I couldn't think. I felt wild excitement rising within me. I knew I should be breaking loose and getting out fast, but I didn't. I thought I could have a little fun without going too far.

He had other ideas. I was whirled around, the zip went down the back of my dress, and with a deft movement born of long practice, he pulled the damn thing downward over my arms, standing back to let it drop around my ankles, leaving me standing before him in panties and bra, stunned and stranded.

I started to protest and struggle weakly as he held me, arms pulled forward, as he ran his smouldering eyes slowly downwards. "Beautiful!" he whispered, as he grabbed me again, silenced my protests with his tongue, and slipped his hands inside my panties, cupping the cheeks of my bottom down low, parting them suggestively.

My senses reeled. The fires were well and truly rekindled. I found myself responding, and throwing commonsense to the wind. He knew he had me. He pushed down with his hands still inside my panties. My bottom was bare. Then his hand between us, there was the unmistakeable sound of another unzipping, and I felt hot hard flesh flat against my bare belly as he pushed me towards the bed. I was gone. I'd lost all control "This is going to be it." I thought, as I went down under him. Then suddenly, a saviour. There was a knock on the door and I heard the steward call "Coffee sir!"

There was a flurry as I struggled to get up, and a muffled "Damn!" from him as he called out, "Just a minute!" I was desperately trying to get my panties back into place and my dress back on and zipped as I thought to myself "Saved!" But I knew it wasn't relief I was feeling, and I knew the encounter was far from over.

I was still trying to restore a semblance of feminine dignity as he opened the cabin door for the steward. I saw the exchange of glances between them as the tray was put on the table and I flushed. I knew what was going through the steward's mind. " Here's another randy little tart who is about to be thoroughly creamed." I hoped he wasn't right. I was fighting a losing battle to hang on to my virginity, but I was also coming very much "into season". If my calculations were right (my periods were like clockwork) there would be a waiting "target" for any little tadpoles that were turned loose inside me.

The trouble was that he was so bloody dominant and confident I just didn't know how to handle the situation. But it wasn't just that. I knew I could walk out right then, but deep down inside me I wanted the game to continue. I wanted to be led to fulfillment.

I tried to regain some composure as he poured and passed the coffee. He didn't even ask how I liked it. It was as if he knew that I'd drink and do what I was told.

I blurted out a very predicatable and shaky " I think I'd better be going when I finish this." But he just dismissed the issue casually but with absolute certainty. "Stop acting like a little girl and behave like the woman you are." he commanded. "If only he knew." I thought.

"You know very well that you're going to stay, and that we're going to make love. Accept it and let's ejoy each other to the fullest for the rest of the voyage".

"Sven!" I pleaded lamely (he was Norwegian and, what else, blue-eyed with fair hair), "You know damned well I'm tempted, but you might as well know I'm engaged, and getting married in a couple of months."

"So?" He raised his eyebrows.

"As much as I like the idea, I can't just jump into the sack with you and throw my legs open. I owe some sort of loyalty to my future husband." I said, trying to sound convincing.

"Don't be so bloody stupid and naive." He snapped. "Men are planting their seed in women all around the bloody world at this very instant. That's life. That's what creates life. It's what we're here for."

His tone softened as he saw my eyes moistening. He pulled me across from my chair and onto his knee, stroking my hair as he added persuasively, "We're a thousand miles from anywhere on this ship. Nobody knows you, and nobody need know what takes place between us. When you leave, you can leave with some very intimate and private memories, go on to get married, have babies, and not wonder what you missed out on".

"Listen to me." I tried to sound strong but it came out more like a whimper. "I'm not the bloody woman you seem to think I am. I'm a useless bloody virgin that's out of her depth. I'm totally unprotected, no pills, no diaphragm, at this time highly damned fertile, and with a body screaming for fulfillment. That's why I'm acting like a little girl." I stammered.

"So much the better" he soothed. "You've got lots of learning to do, and I'm a good teacher. Now let's see if we can't put your fears to rest." He pulled me closer, stroking me, looking straight into my eyes. "Firstly, you can get up, walk out the door and nothing more need be said." Then, reading my declining spirits, "Or, you can stay, trust me to take care of you, and we can enjoy each other to the fullest for the next two weeks. It's up to you."

I flushed, dropped my eyes."Bastard!" I thought. He knew he had me eating out of his hand. He lifted me from his knee, turned me to face him, then pulled me forwards and down, kneeing my legs apart so that I sat straddling him. Every move he made had blatant sexual meaning. His hands went under my dress, clasped my bottom and pulled me forward, spreading my legs wider, opening me, and bringing me back into total contact as he said, "Now! Do we understand each other." stifling any reply from me with his mouth and tongue.

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