Affair I Remember

by Joatster

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Desc: Cheating Wife Sex Story: Young man deals with a cheating wife in an unexpected manner

Note: This is my first "story" for internet publication. Unlike the ones that may follow, this is true. It really happened. Minor details were changed to protect my privacy, but the rest is real life in action.

I am a cuckold. My wife had an affair with another man. It has been over for several years now, but it still turns me on to think about it. When I first found out about her affair, I was simultaneously numb with shock and sexually excited. It took a while to get over the shock and I didn't take advantage of the situation to its full erotic potential. Looking back at it now, I can see the opportunity I missed.

Here is what happened, starting with a little background. Jo and I got married at nineteen, right after our first year of college. We were each other's first lovers. Unfortunately our one of our early experiences together resulted in her pregnancy. We dropped out of school and I took two jobs to support our new family. I managed to get back into school the following year and, the year after that I wrangled a great scholarship at a school in another state. Not being able to afford to move us both, I went ahead with the plan of getting things set up, finding work and a cheap place to live, and saving money to move Jo and our daughter out after a semester.

We were very young parents, dealing with supporting a new baby and ourselves. We still had a lot of our own growing up to do. I loved Jo deeply, but resented the situation of being trapped into fatherhood and married life so early. I'm sure she felt much the same. Through the year I was out of school, and even more so during the year back before I moved out of state, Jo and I became distant from each other. We had a lot of disagreements and fights that came from our resentment over the situation. By the time I moved to my new school, it was an unspoken understanding that our separation was based as much on our problems with our relationship as it was on the economics of the situation.

While not classically beautiful, Jo is very cute. She stands about 5'5" and weighs 115 Lbs. She has a great ass and wonderful strong legs. She has practiced karate actively since childhood, leaving her with great muscle tone and body awareness. She moves gracefully and attractively. Her breasts are small, barely an A cup, with pert little pencil eraser nipples that stand tall when she is excited. She wears her wavy red/brown hair long and keeps her pussy hair trimmed real short. I'm happy to say that she has kept her looks over the years. Now, at 38 she looks much younger than her years.

Sexually, she has always been open to trying new things. On the first night we spent together we had no condoms - we were both virgins - and she let me fuck her ass to avoid pregnancy. She has always enjoyed oral sex and has enjoyed playing in public a bit. She's no prude by any means. By the time I moved the only place we really got along well was in bed. We screwed like minks constantly - it was the only entertainment we could afford. We sometimes played fantasy games about others, but never did anything about consummating the act.

We kept in touch by phone after I moved. At first we talked pretty regularly. After a couple of months the frequency of calls dropped off. When we did speak things seemed tense. By mid-March it got so bad that I failed to call on her birthday. Looking back at things now I know that the missed call was the trigger for her affair. I tried to call the next night, but her mother coldly explained that Jo was out. I found out later that she was out getting fucked by another man about the time I called.

At the end of the semester I drove back to pick up some stuff and to talk with Jo. We had been talking more as the semester ended. We seemed to be working some things out. I had an internship job set up for the summer and the tentative plan was that I would pick up Jo and our daughter after it ended and move them in with me. Things weren't real solid though. It is hard to have that kind of discussion over the phone. I could sense some distance from Jo when we spoke. It was not real obvious, more a feeling that she was being reserve. I attributed it to the tenseness of the situation. I had never even dreamed that she might be having an affair.

I arrived at her parent's place (where she was staying) in the early afternoon. We spent about four hours talking about things. I explained my feelings of resentment that our situation had driven, and told her that the time apart made me realize that I had the choice not to be with her if that is what I wanted. Knowing I had the choice somehow made the resentment and trapped feelings dissipate. I told her that I loved her and wanted to make everything right with us again. She told me how much she missed me and wanted for us to be together.

Tears, cuddling, and necking followed. Her parents were due home soon, so it didn't go any further then. We picked my daughter up at the day care and had a family evening. There was no room at her folk's place. I was on the couch that night.

Then next day we dropped our daughter off at the day care and went to get some of my things form our storage unit. We were kissing and touching each other like mad. When we had finished loading the car, we went to a buddy's place. He had given me the key in case things didn't go well with Jo.

We raced to the bedroom stripping each other and ourselves as we went. We were nude when we hit the bed. It was a fast, hard fuck. It was only a few minutes before she started cumming just as I was getting ready to cum. After I came I collapsed over her. We caught our breaths for a few minutes, and then I noticed her jerking under me. I thought she was giggling at first. But when I looked down, I saw that she was crying. I held her and tried to comfort her, but it seemed to make her worse.

After five minutes or so, she calmed enough to sob out something. I didn't understand her at first. She was lying face down with her head in the pillow. I rolled her over and asked her to repeat herself. "I... I had an affair." She sobbed and tried to pull away from me.

I was stunned. I had never even thought about anything like that. I felt the blood drain from my face, and felt a cold hollow feeling in my chest. She went back to crying. I sat there for a while trying to get a grip on all of the different things I was feeling - shock, betrayal, concern for her, and strong arousal - just for starters.

I looked at her ass shake as she lay face down on the bed sobbing. My feelings of concern took the forefront. I started rubbing her back and telling her that I loved her and that we would be ok. As I spent the next twenty minutes or so trying to console her I was trying to deal with my own feelings. I was hurt that she had done this. I also had a hardon imagining my girl with another man.

As she started calming down we reassured each other of our love and desire to be together. We dressed and spent the day and that night talking about or problems. She felt abandoned and unwanted. I had felt trapped into our marriage, and felt deceived and hurt by my cuckoldry. We worked through things and recommitted ourselves to our marriage.

That night, as we lay in bed, I insisted on her telling me the details of her experiences with Mike. We had discussed it earlier and agreed that a full disclosure would help heal the breach. I found my excitement building as she hesitatingly answered my questions about her affair. We spent much time over the next few days talking about the specifics of her sexual adventure. We would start talking about it, and find ourselves so excited and turned on that we would be naked and screwing our brains out as I drew out the details of what she had done.

Jo had started going to a little club with a girlfriend once in a while in order to get out of her Mom's house for a break once in a while. Before long she was a regular there. It turned out that she spent a good bit of time talking to the lead singer for the house band. He was estranged from his wife and staying at his father's apartment. After a couple of weeks, he made some advances that Jo turned aside without quite refusing. Her birthday came around and I made the mistake of not being able to get to a phone to call her that evening when I was supposed to.

The next night she headed out to the bar. One thing led to another, and after the last set Jimmy (the singer) led her out the front door and around to the semi-secluded back of the building to talk privately about her being hurt by my failure to call. She cried on his shoulder and he held her. The holding developed into hugging which in turn led to passionate kissing and groping. He pulled her pants down, bent her over and fucked her right there. They cleaned up and walked back around to the front to discover the place was closed and the parking lot was empty except for their cars. Everyone at the bar knew what must have happened!

The next time they got together, they didn't even bother to go around back. She blew him and they fucked in the back seat of his car in the parking lot. People were coming and going from the bar as they were cumming and going in the car! This pattern repeated two or three times a week for the next couple of weeks. A few people saw them, but by now Jo was so into her illicit sex that she didn't care.

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