Guest of Celest

by Ted

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Part 2 only of a 2 part story, could not locate part 1.

With one last gasp, Celeste pulled Bruce into her writhing body. Her toes curled inward as her legs gripped the backs of Bruce's thighs. She shook rapidly two or three times, then paused and shook again, her head thrown back, keening unintelligibly.

The storm passed as suddenly as it had come. Celeste laid her head on Bruce's shoulder and waited for her breathing to slow down. After a moment, she opened one eye and grinned at Amy and me, still transfixed. "And that's how that's done, honeys," she said. "Did you get some good notes, or do we have to show you again?"

"Well, I got something," Amy said. "But mostly I got this," and she rose to hand Celeste the drawing.

"Well, isn't that something," Celeste said. She held the paper out where Bruce could see it. He nodded. "Multiple talents -- a good thing in a writer," he said approvingly.

Celeste put her hands on Bruce's chest, and he disengaged himself and stepped back. She jumped down from the countertop. "OK," she said, all business again. "Let me just duck into the bathroom to clean up a bit, and then we'll proceed."

Celeste led Bruce out of the room, and Amy and I sat in silence for a few minutes. I held Amy's drawing and stared at it. It was beautiful. Down the hall a shower began to run, and we heard more giggling.

It took only about ten minutes for Celeste and Bruce to return to the kitchen. Celeste took charge right away. "For our next point, Amy, I need you to climb up and sit on the table. Bruce, would you take a seat?" Amy hoisted herself up onto the table while Bruce straddled a chair facing her.

Celeste and Bruce seemed to have discussed this earlier, because Celeste just said, "Bruce?" He nodded at her with a smile and picked up Amy's ankle and brought it to his mouth for a long kiss. Then his tongue began roaming up her calf. When he stopped to nuzzle the back of her knee, a little "Mmph" sound escaped from Celeste. I looked over and caught her staring dreamily at the two of them.

In another moment, Bruce's head was hidden under the hem of Amy's long skirt. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her face. Her eyes met mine, and she smiled uncertainly. "Pull it up for me?" she whispered. I drew the cloth up toward her waist, exposing her long, smooth thighs and Bruce, who had almost reached their junction.

Amy quickly lifted herself off the tabletop and sat back down, and in a moment she was wearing no underwear. She had thrown her weight back on her hands, out behind her, and her knees were spread far apart as if to welcome Bruce home. One of her feet was wedged under Bruce's butt and the other was thrown on another chair three feet away. I could only stare at her face -it seemed to fill the whole room with an aura of contentment, and all the man was doing was kissing her long legs. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed an occasional "Ahhhh."

Suddenly she gave a sharp intake of breath, and her face tightened. Her hands folded into fists on the table. I looked down sharply., Bruce's tongue had reached out to touch Amy's clitoris, which was protruding ever so slightly from her moistened pussy lips. I saw his tongue lash out again, and a few more times, and suddenly Amy was holding him by the back of the head and pulling him into her. Her head dropped to her chest and she began to pant alarmingly, her eyes still closed. I watched as her bare bottom, moving hypnotically, edged one of the coffee mugs along the table top until it fell to the floor with a crash.

That snapped Celeste out of her reverie. "All right, enough," she said cheerfully. "Amy. Amy?" Bruce's eyes were open now and he had stopped sucking, but Amy was holding his head so tightly he couldn't go anywhere.

Gradually she released him. With a sheepish look at me and Celeste, she patted her hair back into place, sort of, and began to climb down off the table.

"No, stay there," Celeste ordered. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, but why did you stop him? I was just about to, uh, you know..." Amy faltered.

"Oh, there'll be time for that," Celeste replied. "For now, tell me this: can you describe what Bruce was doing to you?"

"Well, you saw. He was, you know... licking my pussy," Amy admitted.

"No, I mean the feeling. How would you describe it?"

Amy remembered. "Oh yeah. Writing lesson. Well, now that I think about it, his tongue is a little bumpy, too. It was almost like a kitty licking me. And the way he worked his way up my legs so slowly, that was just heavenly."

"Hmm," Celeste said, scribbling on Amy's manuscript. "Kitty... heavenly... OK. We're getting at some stronger descriptive terms here, aren't we?" Amy nodded.

"Now can we --"

Celeste held up a finger. "Ted, will you have a seat?" she asked me.

I think Amy and I both figured out what was next at the same moment. We looked at each other, and she quickly slipped off the table and wriggled her hips. Her long skirt dropped to the floor, and she was nude from the waist down. Then she tossed her buttocks back up on the table, placed a foot on each of the two chairs, and gave me an expectant half-smile.

I sat down between Amy's legs and looked my gift-horse in the mouth, so to speak. Then I changed my mind. Maybe I was a guest of Celeste (or whoever this remarkable woman was), but that didn't mean I had to follow her every direction to the letter. I got up again. I offered Amy my hand. With a doubtful look, she took it and rose. I guided her onto her hands and knees on the tabletop, then took my assigned position again. My lips grazed the cleft of her ass, then I let my tongue flick out and lick deep between her cheeks. I heard a gasp, but it might have been Celeste.

I tried to keep caressing her inner thighs with my hands, but it was hard to keep my mind on it with these lovely upturned haunches squirming in my face. So I just took a firm hold on her legs and let my tongue do its thing, up and down her crease. Sometimes it seems to go into automatic, and I've learned to just let it go.

After a few moments of that, I sat down. Amy's pussy hovered before me, wet and inviting. I took a tentative lick or two, savoring the salty, faintly metallic effect on my tongue, and then I delved in, seeking to taste her as deeply as I could. Amy's body began to shake and I heard her moaning, "uhhh, uhhhmmm..." I was losing myself in her multiple flavors.

I don't know how long this went on, but suddenly Celeste was pulling me back by the shoulders. "That's all we need for now, kids," she said. "Let's try to get back on track here."

Amy fell to her tummy on the table and cradled her head in her arms. "Ohhh, so close," she sighed. Celeste, pen in hand, sat down at the end of the table where Amy's head lay. "Anything different there?" she asked.

"Well..." Amy mused. "His tongue is smoother, silkier. It may be longer, too -- I felt him deeper inside me than Bruce." I felt myself blushing at the compliment. "I felt almost like there was a light coming toward me in a tunnel," Amy continued. "You know? Like an orgasm was just starting to appear..." She fell silent as Celeste wrote on the manuscript.

"Well, there was something in a tunnel, but it wasn't a light," Bruce chortled. Amy shot him a wounded look. Celeste laughed. "Now now, Bruce. Nobody likes a pun war, so hold your tongue. Oops." Now everyone was laughing.

Celeste finally got up. "Look at the time," she said brightly. "Better move on to the next phase in our studies, lest we be late for lunch." Amy, still only half-dressed, looked at her pitifully. "But..." she began.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Celeste laughed. "A little too far along to stop now, are you, my dear?" Amy nodded. "Well, we started a little out of order," Celeste said. "No harm in being flexible. Bruce, would you like to help Amy out?" Bruce nodded eagerly and moved to the foot of the table as Amy, eyes bright, sat down in front of him. Bruce began his leisurely attention to Amy's calves again, but she wasn't having it. "Oh, skip that," she groaned. "Just eat me, will you?"

Bruce looked up and smiled, then nudged Amy's knees aside with his shoulders and dived into her vulva like it was a hearty entree. Amy's thighs immediately clamped themselves around Bruce's head. After a few seconds she let herself fall back slowly onto the table, where she lay with her eyes closed, letting out little cries and moans.

Celeste, facing me across the table over Amy's head, reached over and took hold of me by the back of the neck. Gently she pressed me downward until my cheek rested on Amy's sweater. I got the idea. My hand reached out and lifted the hem of her sweater toward me, until it was bunched around her chest. Under the sweater she was wearing a white shorty T-shirt, the kind that have been so popular lately. I slowly raised that too. Her apple-sized breasts were heaving as I took an experimental lick at one nipple, and she gasped and reached out to hold my face against her. "Ohhh... that's it," she breathed. "Lick me right th--"

She was cut off in mid-sentence. Without moving, I glanced to my right. Celeste had covered Amy's mouth with her own and locked her in a deep kiss. I watched, hypnotized, as the two women's tongues grappled in each other's mouth.

Celeste was the first to come up for air. She gently pushed Amy's head to the side and began tonguing her ear and nibbling at the lobe. "Is that what you like, girl? Is that it?" She whispered urgently. "Mmmm. Mmmm. Uhhhh!" was all Amy could say. Her hips were writhing so hard now I worried for the health of Bruce's spine. Now Celeste was planting little kisses and nibbles all over Amy's face and neck, and I just kept licking and kissing her nipples and the soft, sensitive undersides of her breasts, and let my left hand play with her belly button and brush through the curly wisps of hair below, near Bruce's rapt face.

I don't need to tell you that after all this buildup, it would have been a letdown if Amy hadn't proceeded to come like a train wreck. She did. Without warning, her whole body went tense. She grabbed my neck and pulled me into her chest, while with her other arm she held onto Celeste for dear life. Her hips took a jump off the table that sent a wave along her body like a whip. It happened again. And again. I saw her knuckles go white where she was gripping the edge of the table. Then she drew a deep, quick breath through her mouth and let out a yell that I immediately realized I would never be able to transcribe. It was like the "Awwwoooo" that a wolf makes in the wild, but thicker, full of exultation. It started in a low alto range and went up until she was a coloratura soprano, and held there, and held -then broke and skittered downward in a series of moaning yelps, each softer than the last.

Celeste and I just sat there for a few moments, sort of paying homage to the event, I guess, as Amy caught her breath. She was whimpering weakly, eyes still closed, mouth hanging open, and her hand, which had been hanging limp off the table, came up to wipe the sweat off her forehead. "Are you with us, Amy?" Celeste murmured. Amy nodded. She reached down to push away Bruce, who had been busy licking up the last of the evidence off her inner thighs.

Gradually Amy pulled herself upright and climbed down off the table. I got up to get a glass of water at the sink. Celeste rose and gave Amy a quick hug. "Can you handle one more lesson before lunch, dear?" she asked. "Or shall we call it a morning?"

Amy looked at me, then she looked at Bruce. I tried to look noncommittal, but it was hard to ignore the boner that the previous "lessons" had left me with. It was cantilevered out before me like the arrow of a compass, pointing at what I knew I wanted.

Amy gave me a slow grin, then reached down to pull her sweater over her head. Her T-shirt followed, and as her breasts bounced free, her bare body seemed to gather an aura in the bright sunlight from the window. Oh, great, I thought. Now my erection was in complete control of me. It was one of those you only have a few times in a year -- the kind that feels like it's pulling all the blood from your body into it, like it's stretching your skin so hard your toes curl upwards and your chin drops.

Amy padded across the floor to me and laid a hand on my chest. Taking my cock in her other hand, she looked at Celeste. "Does it involve more audio-visual aids?" she asked shyly. Celeste nodded.

"If you boys will sit up the table again, we'll just get going," Celeste instructed. Bruce and I took our places next to each other, and Celeste helped Amy into a chair in front of Bruce.

"One of the weakest areas of most people's stories comes when they describe this part," Celeste said. "Amy, let's see if you can get a response from Bruce first."

Amy licked her lips and dipped her head to Bruce's lap. His cock disappeared into her mouth like an animal entering its lair, and I watched her cheeks begin to work him as her hand came up to stroke his balls and the base of his thick rod. Celeste stood behind Amy with her hands on the younger woman's shoulders. "Not too enthusiastically, dear," she cautioned. "Let's not make him come yet." I have to say I liked hearing the word "yet." My balls were so tight they were almost in pain, and the head of my dick seemed to be straining toward Amy's face of its own accord.

At a nudge from Celeste, Amy pulled back. A thick drop of pre-come appeared at the end of Bruce's dick. Amy looked up at Celeste, who nodded approvingly. She leaned back in and licked it up, and did the same with the next drop.

"Well, any words come to mind?" Celeste asked. Amy nodded thoughtfully. "A little tangy," she allowed. "A touch of sweatiness, but I think that was there before. And the texture is very... clear. Like a bottled water, compared with tap water, let's say." Celeste reached out to scribble more notes.

Amy, without waiting for Celeste's prompting, shifted over my way. With a smiling glance into my eyes, she bent to take my cock into her mouth once again. There was nothing exploratory about her this time. Her lips clamped my shaft in place while her tongue attacked the underside of the head like a jackhammer.

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