In Your Mouth and Mine

by Tammy NG

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A letter from Tammy NG to Deirdre

Dear Deidre,

I am shocked, _shocked_ to hear that you are so knowlegable about men and anal stimulation. Not that you know so much, no. No, that you've held out on me for so long, that's the shocking thing. I'm sure you're right, though. The faintest little scratch with my fingernail gets him moaning. Maybe sometime right after I've broken one I'll file it all the way down and then suprise him with a little greased lightning. If he likes it I'll try your vibe suggestion.

I'll tread lightly in the past if you do, sister. Your boyfriend was quite familiar with blowjobs, if I recall correctly. When I walked in on you a week before, it was my bed he was leaning back on, while you gave it to him mouthwise. I didn't say a word except to ask you to change my sheets for me, that night before we went to sleep. What I saw in that second was a big part of my fantasy life until I screwed up the courage to take my own guy in the mouth. I had had my hands around his cock before then, but to see you kneeling in front of him, his cock all wet maybe halfway down...

I think I saw just one full stroke, one bob of your head down onto his tool and back, before I stepped back and shut the door again. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and sat down on the toilet, shaking.

Had I really seen you taking all that in? Had I really heard a little gurgle of pleasure slip from your throat? I thought about it over and over. I thought about it as I slipped my panties down around my ankles. I thought about it as I lifted my skirt. As I started to touch myself I thought that you were the luckiest girl on earth, because at that moment down the hall from me, you had a cock sliding almost down your throat and you were soon going to be tasting him like I had never dared to dream of.

I put my juice on my lips and ran my finger around my half open mouth, wishing I was smelling a cock under my nose. I wanted my mouth to stretch like yours around a man's shaft.

Most of all I wanted him to come in my mouth, to taste him suddenly. I licked two fingers and slid them over my clit, spreading my lips with my other hand. One finger on each side, hood pulling back a bit each time I stroked myself, wet, so wet, imagining a cock in my mouth.

I imagined you two kissing, standing, and you stroking the fabric of his jeans. You fumble with the zipper while your tongues dance, put your hand inside and squeeze him through his briefs. He undoes his belt and his jeans fall to the floor, you slide your hand under the elastic and work the briefs off him. His cock pops out and you take it in your hand. You stop kissing long enough to wet your hand, especially your thumb and index finger. You go back to kissing him, but now you're pumping his cock with your wet hand, wet tight circle of thumb and finger. Maybe he steps back and sits on the edge of my bed and pulls you down to kneel between his legs, and presses your head onto his cock. Maybe you push him back, and he lands on my bed suprised, because today a handful of cum just won't satisfy you.

The second possibility makes me hotter, my pussy twitches each time I imagine the first stroke of your head down his cock, his strangled moan. You stop and look up at him and put you finger to your lips, and then the sign for quiet dissolves as you lick your finger and slide it down the split in his cock head, down over the sensitive folds of skin beneath, and then take him again in your mouth. Up and down, sucking and licking, catch your breath and then take him again, hurrying now, you don't want to miss the moment he explodes in you. Circling my clit with two fingers, faster and faster, I thought about your boy friend coming in your mouth over and over until I came, sitting there on the toilet, down the hall from my sister and her boyfriend making love.

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