Found Out

by Troy

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Desc: Sex Story: Some cybersex

"I love to play with my pussy while I read you letters, Richard. Right now I'm sitting here on the edge of my chair, my legs spread as far apart as they can be and my left hand is caressing the inside of my thigh. God I wish it was your hand, or better still, your tongue touching me there. The thought of your tongue sets me on fire and I feel like my insides are burning with my need for you.

"My hand just found my pussy and I'm tracing the outline of my wet, swollen lips. My clit is burning and I know that if I touch it I won't be able to hold back any longer. I can feel my juices starting to escape from my slit, sliding down to my ass. Oh GOD, it feels so good.

"I'm rubbing the slippery liquid all over the area between my pussy and ass. I'm tasting it now, licking my fingers, imagining that I am tasting it from your tongue.

"Oh, YES! I can't stand it any longer. I have to cum!!! My fingers finally work their way to my clit, fully exposed and hard now. OH FUCK! FUCK, I'M CUMMING, RICHARD! LICK MY CLIT!

"Mmmm. That was delicious! I hope you enjoyed reading about my orgasm as much as I enjoyed having it!

"As much as I hate to end here, I must. Tomorrow is a busy day and I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get tonight. Now I can sleep satisfied, as satisfied as I CAN be with just my fingers to comfort me."

"Lust and Kisses, "Donna"

As always, Donna's letters make my cock throb, and as I've done more and more frequently since my wife's death, I find myself stroking my manhood.

My fingers caress my balls and I fantasize that it IS my tongue tracing around Donna's hot pussy, tasting the nectar flowing from her body.

As I finger MY ass, I imagine my tongue probing HER puckered little ass hole and tickling her clit. I glide across every ridge and wrinkle, tasting her, rising her to new heights.

Slowly my fingers curl around my shaft. It's so hard! My eyes close as I give in to the tight sensation of my hand sliding up and down the length, building speed to match my mental picture of Donna's building orgasm.

The pressure in my balls is almost too much to bear! I imagine her grabbing my head in her hands and pressing my face into her wetness as she screams in pleasure. Her legs clinching around my head.

"Ugh!" is all I manage to utter as I watch my cum shoot from me like I was putting out a fire. But then, in a way I am.

My fingers refuse to release my half hard cock. Their stroke made slippery by the cum still leaking out. I watch in fascination as it runs in thick rivers down my stomach and is caught in the red hair between my legs. The little scar on the inside of my thigh is quivering as though it too is satisfied and I rub some of my personal body lotion on it.

That scar! I got it as a teenager when I was showing off for the "girl next door". I jumped over a fence to impress her and caught a nail that cut me just below my nuts. Another inch and I'd have been in big trouble.

Donna laughed when I told her about the incident, because I told her that it worked out pretty well! The girl I was trying to impress was so concerned; she took me into her house and cleaned and bandaged the cut. Well, one thing lead to another and before long we were in her room torturing the bedsprings.

Having caught my breath now, I decided that there was time to write Donna a quick note before I went to bed at least partially satisfied.

I told her how much I loved to have her describe how she pleases herself and how it made my cock react like it did when I was a teenager.

I told her my fantasy about being with her, slowly removing her clothes and caressing her body with both my fingers and my tongue. How I wanted to massage her feet and run my tongue between her toes, then up her legs to her pussy. But I wouldn't let her cum, not just yet. I'd lick my way down her other leg and enjoy the rest of her first.

I'd kiss her lips and let our tongues dance together while my fingers explored the wet recesses of her womanhood. From time to time I'd bring my fingers to our mouths and flavor our kiss with her sweetness.

As she starts to moan, I'd break my lips away and leave a string of kisses to her neck. I'd run my fingers through her hair as I push it away from her ear. Sucking on her ear lobe; a tiny bite; a lick all the way around her ear and then my tongue glides down her body seeking new pleasure points.

The base of her neck draws me like a string was attached to my lips and they join in the pleasure again. Then, following the ridge of her collar bone with my kisses, I find the place where her two perfect breasts come together.

As my fingers reach that small spot inside her that will ignite her passion, a thin sheen of perspiration covers her like morning dew. She shudders at the contact, but I refuse to back away.

My tongue tastes the salty moisture as it leaves its trail under each breast. They quiver in response to her nearing orgasm and I take one of her hard nipples in my mouth and nurse like an infant.

She moans again as my teeth gently scrape her nipple and my tongue flicks lightly over the tip.

I sense her orgasm getting nearer and slow my fingers. Her moan now is one of frustration for she desperately wants release. I too want to experience her orgasm, so I lick my way down her tummy, around her navel, and finally reach the center of her pleasure.

I remove my fingers from her pussy and use the slippery fluids to ease a digit into her ass. One knuckle deep, I pause while my tongue makes a circuit of her freshly barbered pussy. It's like gliding over red hot ice, frictionless and I can feel every bump and crease.

My finger continues in and out of her ass, getting deeper with each stroke. I synchronize my finger and tongue to her thrusting hips. My mouth closes around her clit and my tongue tickles it even further out of it's satin sheath.

I can tell that she is about to erupt and I give her clit one last lick and thrust my finger and my tongue into her as far as I can. She gasps, and it is all I can do to stay with her through the peak.

Before I closed, I told her how my cock was trying to force it's way through the silk boxer shorts I had on and if I didn't stop now, I'd be stroking it all night. I told her good night and signed off the net.

Lying in bed, I wondered for the hundredth time what Donna looks like, what she sounds like, what she smells like, what she tastes like. We've been writing each other for about a year now and as each letter grows more intense, so does my need for her.

We "met" when the loneliness of my wife's death really started getting to me. One of the "soccer moms" I met at my son's games suggested I look into an "encounter" group on the internet. Her husband had abandoned her and their son Todd three years ago and Janet said that "chatting" with others had helped her a lot. Even though she didn't have the courage to get involved with any of the discussions, just reading the messages from others was enough.

It took a while to actually do it, but now I'm glad I did. It DID help to talk to others and through one of the groups, I met Donna (I knew it wasn't her real name, but hell, I wasn't using my real name either).

At first, our letters simply talked about the loneliness and how we coped. I'm not sure how or even who started the erotic letters, but they've helped most of all.

As Todd and my son, Tony became best friends, Janet and I ran into each other frequently and became good friends ourselves. Neither of us were ready to "date" anyone yet and having a friend to talk to appealed to both of us. Sure, we've been places together, mostly taking our sons to the movies, field trips or a quick trip to a hamburger joint; but always as a friend.

While we were watching the boys play soccer one Saturday morning, she asked if I had looked into the internet groups. I was embarrassed to tell her too much, so I said simply that I had and she was right, reading about how other people were dealing with THEIR problems helped me with mine.

I drifted of to sleep thinking of Donna. Hoping I'd dream about her again.

The next morning, Tony and I picked up Janet and Todd for a school field trip. As usual the boys quickly got lost in their own world and when we got to the school, ran for the bus so that they could be sure to get seats together.

Janet and I checked in with the teacher, Miss Martin, and she thanked us for volunteering to help keep an eye on the kids. When we got on the bus, there was a seat in the back that was empty and we sat together.

"You look like you've been up all night, Mark." she told me with a smile.

"Most of it, I guess. I had a letter that I wanted to finish while things were fresh. What's your excuse," I said with a wink to be sure she new I was teasing, "hot date last night?"

I was rewarded with that little pinch that all women seem to learn somewhere. "In a way!" she replied with a sly smile. "No, I was doing some reading in bed and before I knew it, it was pretty late."

We chatted throughout the trip to the museum and I found myself just staring at her from time to time. I've always thought of her as an attractive woman, but lately she seemed even more so.

Once inside the museum we had little time to talk, Janet was with one group and I was bringing up the rear with mine.

Speaking of rears, I don't know what it was about Janet's that made me keep watching her. I figured it was some left over horniness from last night. After all, Janet was a friend and in spite of what I tell Donna, I had no real desire for a physical relationship just yet.

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