Crash Course

by Raven66990

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: After a car crash, he wakes up from his coma to find himself endowed with powers he never had before.

Chapter 1

Jake Carver thought his life was going pretty good. He was in his freshman year of college and had his own apartment. His uncle Tom had died about a year ago and he was sad about that. But there was a silver lining to that dark cloud.

His uncle had left him a little over 200,000 dollars and he was using that money to get through college. He also bought himself a brand new black corvette. It was the fastest thing he had ever owned. His mother had told him to be careful with it.

Even with all that money and brand new car he still did not get very many dates. It was not because of his looks though. He was 19 years old and stood about six foot tall. He was very lean with muscle do to the fact that he had taken martial arts since he was 10. He also had light blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

So looks were not the problem. It was his shyness that always got in his way. He had been shy around girls his entire life. He always cursed himself for this weakness. In fact that was what he wa thinking of on the night that would change his life forever.

It was a cold winter's night when it happened. He was coming back from a fast food joint, thinking of why he was so damned shy around girls. Especially Kristy Johnson. 'I would give my right arm to go out with her' He thought.

He was so deep in thought that he did not even notice that he was running a red light. What happened next seem to go in slow motion for him. He looked to the left of him to see a truck closing in. He even had time to read the word 'Ford' on the grill.

The truck hit him so hard that the car flipped. The air bag must have been defective because it did not go off. Jake remembered the car flipping but that was all. He had time enough to feel one bright moment of pain...

Jake woke up once to see florescent lights on a white tile ceiling. Then he slipped back into unconsciousness. The next time he awoke he thought he was dead because there was an angel standing over him. But then he noticed the uniform and knew it was a nurse.

His throat was so dry it was almost unbearable. "Water." He said but his voice was so raspy that it sounded like someone else. The nurse had a brief look of surprise on her face. She then grabbed a cup off the table and filled it with the pitcher of water that was there. She also put a straw in the little whit cup.

She put the straw to his lips and he drank greedily. He could not help but to admire this woman's beauty. 'She could pass for a supermodel' He thought. He smiled weakly at her. He felt so weak that it was hard to do any thing else.

'How long have I been here? ' He wondered. "I'm going to get the doctor." The nurse said. Then she walked quickly out of the room. A few minutes later the doctor arrived. The doctor was smiling ear to ear.

"So how are we feeling today?" The doctor asked. Jake thought that was a pretty stupid question. "How long have I been here?" Jake asked. The doctor lost his smile fairly quickly. "You have been here for about two months. Your lucky to be alive." Jake was stunned. Two months! The doctor seen the look on Jake's face. "When they brought you in you had several broken bones. But don't have to worry about that. they all healed quite nicely. It was your head injury we were worried about. You got a serious concussion." Jake did not know what to say. "Now you just get some rest and call the nurse if you need anything." Jake just nodded. Then the doctor left. Jake was by him self again. Or so he thought at that moment.

The TV on the wall suddenly clicked on. Jake looked to his right to find that he was not alone. He had a roommate that was probably in his 30's. The guy seen Jake was looking at him and said "Hi. My name is Bill. I guess we're gonna be roommates. Do you like tomatoes? I like to put them in my ears." Jake could tell by the way this guy talked and that strange glint in his eye that he was a six pack short of a case. In other words a fuckin' nut.

For a moment Jake thought he was going crazy himself. He could see strings of symbols floating around his head.

He had never seen symbols like these before. The strange part was that he knew what each strand of symbols meant. He could see that this guy really liked this room for some reason. Jake wanted so bad to change that symbol.

Then something happened that really scared Jake but not enough to make him stop. He felt an extension come from him and it headed for the bothersome roommate. It was in the form of a hand. It automatically grabbed hold the symbol that caused this preposterous man to like this room so much.

It twisted the symbol around to have the opposite effect. The strange man got a peculiar look on his face. This was when Jake thought it was time to end this weird escapade. Needless to say Jake was a little shook up by what he had seen.

At the moment he wanted it to end, The symbols just faded away but the change he made was still there. It just was not visible to Jake. Jake watch as the irritating man's face lit up with disgust as he looked over the room like it was the first time he seen it.

Bill promptly pressed the nurses call button and within a few minutes a male nurse arrived. "Get me the hell out of here! This room is terrible! I can't stay here!" Bill was shouting so loud that to other male nurses came in. "Bill, now just calm down. There are no other rooms. Unless you want to go back to the psychiatric ward." One of the nurses said calmly.

"Yes! Take me back there! Anywhere is better than here!" He slowly got out of bed and the nurse helped him out the door. "Sorry about the loudness, Bill is a little over the deep end. The poor guy suffers from cancer." One of the other nurses said. "It's quite alright, but maybe it's for the better that he's in psychiatric ward." The nurse just nodded and left. 'Finally, maybe I can get some rest. ' Jake thought. But he was to get no peaceful rest his thoughts seen to that. He kept telling himself that it had to have been his imagination. That it couldn't be real.

Over the next few days he would not even attempt to try and make the symbols come back. The hospital had him going through physical therapy and he slept mostly after them tiring sessions. But a night finally came were he decided to do some experiments.

What prompted him to do these experiments was a little brunette called Alice. She worked on the night shift and she was gorgeous. She had one of those hour glass figures that screamed "Fuck Me!" Her breasts had to be at least 36 DD's. If Jake had to guess, he would say she was around the age of 26.

She came in to change his sheets she said, so Jake got out of bed and sat in a small chair that was against the wall. He found that making the symbols come back was remarkably easy. He saw them floating in strands around her head. Hundreds of them. He saw one strand that caught his attention immediately.

It was the one for arousal but it was deactivated. Jake guessed this was because there was no reason for her to be aroused. He also noticed there were notches in the strand that effected different parts of the body.

Jake also noted that there were different levels to how aroused she could get. There was low arousal, moderate arousal and very high arousal. Jake decided to shoot for the moon. He was curious to see what would happen if he turned on the "High Arousal".

He let that mental extension reach out and flip her arousal symbol into over drive! All at once she dropped the sheet and let out a soft "ooohhhh". Shy turned to look at Jake and he could see her neck and face was flushed.

She headed for the door and Jake thought that she was leaving but she merely shut it. Alice turned towards Jake and looked at him with lustful eyes. Jake then knew he had one horny nurse on his hands.

Just seeing her flushed face and her labored breathing gave Jake a raging erection. She slowly walked to where Jake was sitting. When she reached him, she bent down and gave Jake one of the best French kisses he had ever had.

As they were kissing Jake slowly let his hand slide up her leg to her panty covered crotch. He found that they were almost soaked through. He be began to tenderly rub her mound through her panties making her moan in his mouth. She then abruptly broke the kiss and took a couple of steps back. Alice then hiked up her skirt to reveal a pair of black lace panties.

She then slid them down and said with a ragged breath "I had better leave my uniform on because if we get caught, I'll get fired." Jake could live with that. Hell, at this point he would agree with any thing she said! He got up and started to walk back to the bed. He discarded his hospital gown on the way.

He laid on the bed completely naked as she strolled towards him. Alice then laid down beside him and they locked in a passionate kiss. He broke away from her kiss to edge his way down her body until he reached her warm juicy pussy.

He started by darting his tongue in and out of the love cave and then he sucked and nibbled her clit. This sent Alice into wild convulsions. She had to bite her hand to stop herself from screaming from the power of the orgasm.

Jake then climbed his way back up her body until his rock hard cock was touching the entrance of her beautiful cunt. He inserted himself slowly at first, hearing little whimpers of pleasure come from Alice. Then he could take no more. He rammed all eight inches of his rock hard cock deep inside her.

He covered her mouth with his to block the loud moans coming from her. He pumped her with every bit of speed he had and he could feel his climax nearing. When it finally hit every muscle in his body stiffened and he let out a small groan.

Spent and exhausted he rolled off of her. "That was incredible. I would say I'm sorry for coming onto you like that but I think you enjoyed as much as I did." She said with a little chuckle. "I think you're right." Jake said with a smile.

Alice got out of bed and put her panties back on. Then pulled her skirt down. He also got out of bed a put his hospital gown back on. "You know we can't do this again right? I could get fired." Jake nodded his agreement but all the while thinking that they could... And would do this again.

He looked at her and noticed that she had a look in her eyes that only a well fucked woman gets. She blew him a kiss before she walked out the door. Jake crawled back into bed and felt pretty proud of himself. Guilt never entered his mind.

The next day Jake decided he wanted to go home. He told the doctor this and the doctor replied "Coma patients are not strong enough until they have had at least three weeks of physical therapy." Jake took all this in and jumped out of bed like a sleek cat. Then he ran from one side of the room to the other.

The doctor had a look of surprise on his face. "In all my 20 years of medical practice I have never seen a coma patient recover in a few days." "So can I go home doc?"Jake asked. Jake asked and looked at the symbols floating around his head.

'This man is really stunned.' Jake thought. The doctor told him he could leave and Jake was happy about this. Jake was also wondering why he recuperated so quickly. For the next 30 minutes Jake gathered his clothes and signed papers.

Then Jake thought how in the hell was he going to get home. He decided to call his friend Michael. Jake walked to the pay phone in the lobby stuck a quarter in. Michael answered the phone in a few rings. "Hello" he said "Michael, it's me Jake."

"Jake! You're awake! Jesus did you know I was at your bed side for two weeks!" Jake was a little touched. Michael was his roommate.

"Do you think you could come pick me up? I'm ready for some real food." Jake chuckled.

"Sure thing man. I'll be there in 10 minutes." He said and hung up. Jake decided to wait on a bench outside. When he got outside he got this weird feeling, someone was watching him. He looked around and seen no one was there and passed it off to an over active imagination Jake looked at his watch and saw that Michael was 10 minutes late. He would not mind so much if that feeling of someone was watching him would go away. Michael finally pulled up in a blue Mercury. Michael got out of his car and gave Jake the a hug that was so tight that it was cutting his air off.

"OK, OK. How ya been doing Mike?" Mike grinned at the question. "You're the one who was in a coma and you're asking how am I doing?" Mike just laughed at the question. "I'm doing great. I got married yesterday. I hope you don't mind but she moved into our place. She said she would help with the bills." Jake was a little stunned.

"Is she at the house now?" "Yes, her and her sister is unpacking her stuff." Mike replied. 'This could be interesting' Jake thought. "What's her name?" Jake asked. "Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Liz." Jake looked at the symbols around his friends head and he found out that Mike thought she was beautiful. He also found out that her sister was just as pretty. "Let's get out of here so I can meet them." Jake said with a smile.

They got into the car and drove off. Jake was glad that the feeling of being watched was dissipating. Jake could not help but feel a little uneasy in a car now. After that wreck he was definetly not going to drive again. That was a promise he made to himself.

They pulled up in front of their apartment building and got out. Before they went in Mike said "They don't know you're coming because I dropped every thing and came without telling them." "I love surprising people Mike. I get a kick out of it.!" Jake said with a laugh. Jake thought that was weird because before the wreck he was very shy around people.

So they made their way to the door of the building and went in. When they got to the apartment and opened the door, His first thought was vandalism. The place looked trashed. "Sorry about the mess the girls just dumped their stuff in the middle of the floor." Mike said and Jake told him it was all right.

"Liz honey, I think there is someone here you should meet!" Jake yelled out and two beautiful women stepped through Mike's bedroom door. They both walked up to Mike and Jake. "Liz, this is Jake Carver. Liz stuck out her hand and Jake took hold of her hand and shook it very gently.

"I thought you were in a coma." She said politely and Jake replied "No... I just took a two months nap." They all laughed at that little joke. 'He has got taste' Jake thought. Mike's wife was about five foot six and was wearing tight blue jeans. She also had brown hair and puppy dog eyes.

"I'm Elizabeth's sister, Melissa Thomas. Jake has told us a lot about you." "It's all lies." Jake said jokingly. Jake thought Liz was cute but she paled in comparison to her sister. Her sister was rearing blue cut of jeans, that were cut a little to high and a tank top that barely covered her breasts.

But what caught Jake's eyes the most was her bright red hair and her eyes. Her eyes where such a sparkling green that they were almost hypnotic. "Sorry about how we messed up your house Jake." Melissa said and Jake assured them it was OK again.

"Maybe if me and Mike help we could get it done faster." Jake said. They all agreed on it and started to work. It took almost two hours of working to get it all done. The whole time jake was reading Melissa's symbol's. He found out that she was attracted to him but a bit nervous to act on it.

'Well, I can change that' Jake thought. But he did not touch the strand of symbols that was for arousal. He merely manipulated the nervous symbols. He also found the strand of symbols for trust. he manipulated them as well. By the time he was finished, Melissa trusted him completely. No "Nervousness".

They talked most of the day after they were through putting everything away. Melissa had told Jake that she was about to start the same college as he was going to and that brought a thought that Jake did not much care for. "I have missed too weeks worth of classes!" Jake accidentally said out loud

"Don't worry about that, I took care of it. I got a doctors slip while you were in the hospital. They said you would be able to make up the work." Mike said with a grin. Then it suddenly came to him that with this new power of his he would not need college.

Then he got a plan all at once that he would set into motion tomorrow. But for now he had his eyes set on Melissa. It was getting close to dark by now. Melissa stood up and said "Well, I better go find a motel and get some sleep." Jake immediately said "Nonsense you can sleep in my bed and I will take the couch." Then he manipulated a few symbols so she would agree.

"All right I guess I could do that." She said. They all nodded their agreement. Although Jake had no intention of sleeping on the couch. Jake just wanted her their long enough to fuck her. It was a little past 12 when everyone decided to turn in for the night.

Everyone went to their rooms and Jake laid on the couch. Jake wanted to try something new. He wanted to see if the "Extension" would work even if he was not in the same room with the person. So he closed his eyes.

Jake felt the extension come out of him but what surprised him was that he could see through the extension with his eyes closed! The extension made it to the door of his room. Then it just slipped through it like water. He seen Melissa there and the symbols that were floating around her head. He twisted them around so that she wanted him to come to bed with her. He then pulled the extension back.

About thirty seconds later the door opened and she was standing there wearing a teddy her sister had gave her. "I know this is a little forward but would you come to bed with me?" Jake put on his best surprised look and stood up. She could see the tent that his erection made through his boxers. Melissa giggled a little.

She went back to Jake's room and Jake followed. She got rid of the teddy in record time and they both locked in a passionate kiss. Then they fell to the bed together. He ran his hand over her soft breast and tweaked the nipple. Melissa mewled with pleasure. His other hand ran down her belly with sweet ease.

He found her clit and he slowly rolled it back and forth making her squirm and moan aloud. Jake then licked her nipples making her moan louder. Then he felt her body go rigid and she let out an "AAAAHHHH!" The orgasm must have lasted at least 30 seconds.

Jake then flipped her over because he wanted to do it doggie style. She was wet enough for him to plow in as hard as he could. He pumped as fast as he could and as he was doing this he made the symbols come back around her head. Jake saw a new symbol. It was the orgasm symbol... it was fading though.

Jake's extension grabbed it before it could disappear and he made it the strongest it had ever been. That's when she started bucking like a bull. He could barely hold on and she started screaming his name at the top of her lungs. "OOOHHH JJJJAAAKKKE"

Jake could take no more. He let out a loud groan and shot off his load. After that he released the orgasm symbol off of her and she just fell into unconsciousness. Jake laid down very tired himself and went to sleep. He had dreams of people chasing him in black masks telling him they were just going to do some experiments on him. But he knew they were bad news and he also knew that he could not use his power on them.

Jake awoke with a cold sweat and noticed Liz was standing in his door way. It was sort of funny the way her face looked. Her eyes were as big as silver dollars and her mouth was a perfect O. When she noticed he'd seen her she quickly shut the door.

Jake got out of bed and got dressed. He walked out of the room to see Mike and Liz sitting on the couch. "So did you have a good time last night Jake?" Michael asked smiling. "Yes... I had a great time. Did you have a good time last night?" "The best." Mike said making Liz blush.

It was almost after one before Melissa got up. She sat down beside Jake then smiled and winked at him. For some reason jake was feeling stronger than he has ever felt in life. He felt like he could run through a brick wall and that is no exaggeration.

He could also see more symbols sort of like symbols inside the symbols. And for the first time he saw what he thinks of as "Long Term Personality Symbols" They were the ones that made a person what they are. He also found a symbol that would put a person in a trance. 'That could come in handy' Jake thought.

The symbol that changes a persons morals is the one Jake was interested in though and he could not wait to try it out on that red hair green eyed vixen he slept with last night. So he messed with Mike's and Liz's symbols so they would think they needed to go to the store, that way he could be alone with Melissa.

"Me and Liz have to go to the store and pick up a few things. Do you want to come?" The question was for both Jake and Melissa. They both told them no. "See ya when we get back then." Mike said and walked out the door.

As soon as they were gone Jake hit the symbol for the trance. It made Melissa stare of into space. He could tell that she could not see or hear anything. He could tell by looking at the "Moral" symbols that they were very complicated. He also knew that if he messed up he could fuck her mind up bad. He did not know at the time he could fix it later.

He saw all the things she loved dearly and change them one by one. He left one exception... Her sister Liz. Other than that he changed all the things she loved into himself. She would now love him completely. She now understood that Jake was the master and she was the slave. She would worship him completely.

She would love her sister... But she would choose him over her if it came down to it. He also looked at what she did not like about sex. Melissa hated giving blow jobs. So Jake fixed to where she loved to give head. He also found out that she did not like anal sex. Jake himself had never thought of it himself. But he changed it just in case he wanted to try it.

He also did few other things:

1. She would never betray him under any circumstances.

2. She will only call him master in private. Unless otherwise instructed.

3. She would be very happy when her master said she done a good job.

4. She would always cum when he first entered her and in the middle of the fuck and when he came.

Jake thought he covered all the bases and released her from the trance. He also made the symbols disappear. He did not like looking at them all the time. The whole "operation" Probably took 20 minutes. The new smaller symbols were more complicated.

It took a few minutes for all these news morals to take affect on Melissa. She had a confused look on her face. Then it turned into a smile when she saw Jake. She scanned the room to make sure no one was there and then she walked over to Jake. She sat down on the floor and asked "is there anything I can do for you master?" This gave Jake an instant hard on. Then he said in a choked voice "Yes you can pull out my cock and suck it." He said this for two reasons. He wanted to see how strong his programming on her was and of course he wanted a blow job!

Her face was filled with glee as she unzipped his pants and took out his rock hard cock. At first she just licked the shaft, but then she started sucking on the nob of it. This was Jake's first blow job so he did not know if she was bad or good. All he knew was that it felt fucking great!

She started to deep throat him and that was about as much as he could take. He blew his load right down her throat. At the same time she started her own orgasm. It took her quite a while to recover. She looked up at him for approval.

"That was great, you have served your master well." Her face lit up like a child who got the present they wanted for Christmas. Jake did have a moment of guilt but that was erased as soon as he saw the buoyant look on Melissa's face.

Just as he was zipping up, there was a knock at the door. Jake walked towards the door and with every step he took he could feel the power that was standing behind the door. Jake really did not want to open the door but curiosity got the better of him.

When he opened the door he saw a man wearing an expensive black suit and wearing round mirror glasses that you could see your reflection in. He also had black hair with a mustache and goatee. Jake could feel power radiating from this man.

"My name is Shain Budroux. I have been sent here by people who have the same abilities as you do." Shain said with a little bit of French accent. Jake decided to play stupid. "I don't know what you're talking about Mister." The man only smiled and said "We know how you used your power over the nurse called Alice and I could feel you use your power again just a few minutes ago. I am not here to harm you... Or judge you. I just want to talk to you." Shain said calmly. So Jake agreed and let him in. They walked through the kitchen and into the living room were Melissa was sitting on the couch.

"Melissa, what ever you hear me and this man talk about, you are never to repeat it to anyone without my permission." Melissa smiled and said OK. "So what exactly do you want Mr. Budroux?" The man sat on the couch and folded his hands on his lap.

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