My So-Called Sex Life

by David Kelly

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Desc: Sex Story:

Author's Foreword:

Ok, first and foremost I am a big fan of the show and am sorry to see it on hiatus. Since no one else has done this yet I figured I may as well.

I tried very hard to remain true to the show when writing this, including a similar narrative.

This story will chronicle Angela and her friends sexual awakening. The story as it goes on will include all of the main characters from the television show- except Danielle (sorry, just can't write that in, it would go from "nice/kinky" to "sick")

Part One: Friends

(Fade In: Angela awakening)

Angela Narrative:

"Ever notice how life is filled with all these choices? One day you're making decisions and the next day you are living with the consequences... and the next day, the cycle repeats."

Today was Saturday, a normal enough day for Angela Chase. Upon awakening she darted to the bathroom for the normal morning rituals, then downstairs for a light breakfast, things seemed relatively normal for the 15 year old girl.

Last night had been amazing, a date with Jordan Catalano. A perfect time of sitting, talking, and the pattern as of late - the make-out session. Something was different this time however, Angela had found herself wanting to go farther.

Sex had been on Angela's mind a lot lately. For starters her hormones had been kicking in, she had been masturbating almost every night. Plus everyone thought of her as a "good girl" and the idea of rebelling seemed very attractive. Not that she hadn't. Just hanging out with the likes of Rayanne Graff contrasted Angela's style and made her seem more "innocent." Black against white stands out more.

Aside from all that Jordan was working strange magic over Angela, she was utterly devoted. When it came to sex however she was unsure, well, not anymore.

"I am going to do it." She thought, "probably."

It was now twelve noon. All the obligatory Saturday rituals had been completed, straightening the house, feeding the cat, taking out the garbage, etc. Time for something to do. Angela's 10 year old sister, Danielle was pestering her play "dress up" and try on make-up and the what-not, and Angela had an urgent impulse to escape.

After grabbing her coat and deciding to head over to Sharon Cherski's house, all she had left to do was inform her parents - Graham and Patti.

They were both in their bedroom. Angela thought it was nice for both of them to be spending some quality time alone. Seeing as her father had been so busy lately with his new restaurant venture, he had being spending more time with his partner Hallie Lowenthal than with Patti.

"That's strange," Angela thought after knocking on the door, no answer. "Oh well, the tv is on." she thought.

Upon walking in Angela was shocked, there was her mom, on her knees sucking her dad's cock, apparently he had just climaxed - Patti had cum all over her face. On the television was an adult video. "Oh God!" Angela said, and ran out.

Patti was startled, she jumped up, looked at Graham who had that concerned look on his face, and then rushed to the bedroom door. "Angela!" she screamed, all she heard back was the downstairs down slamming.

"You have got to talk to her Patti," Graham said. As he buttoned his pants.

"What's on your face mom?" Danielle asked, walking to the door.

"Holy shit!" Angela thought, she had just seen her mom giving her dad head. Part of her laughed, part of her was in a state of shock. "That was, like, um, weird." She thought as she walked to Sharon's house, "At least they weren't using handcuffs." She smiled.

Not that Angela was unfamiliar with the act of oral sex. Well, ok, she was. She had given Jordan a hand job before, and she liked it. It didn't do much for her sexually, but it gave her a weird turn-on, to be in that position of power. Jordan had wanted her to go down on him but something stopped her. "Hmm, I wonder though..." This event had opened Angela's mind a tad, "something to think about."

She knocked on the door to Sharon's house, a door she had knocked on many times before. Angela had known Sharon most of her life and showing up unexpected was nothing new.

Sharon's mom answered the door, Sharon was over at Rayanne's. "What?" Angela thought, "Those two are so weird, they will hardly admit they like each other, but they spend so much time together."

Angela began the journey to Rayanne's house. This could be good actually, both Rayanne and Sharon were sexually experienced, this would be a good forum for Angela to discuss these new thoughts.

The music could be heard from Rayanne's driveway. Just like her to be blasting blaring guitar driven rock this loud. (REM's "Star Me Kitten" for all the MSCL music list keepers)

"Fuck knocking," Angela thought and just walked in, "Her mom must not be home for this to be going on."

Nothing could have prepared Angela for what she saw next. Upon entering Rayanne's bedroom Angela was startled by the sight of Rayanne and Sharon's heads buried in each other's crotches.

There was Rayanne, her slender naked body on top of Sharon. Her face was obscured by her braided hair while she feasted on Sharon's womanly orifice. Angela couldn't quite see clearly, but Sharon was doing the same to Rayanne. And from the noises they were both making, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Neither noticed Angela, and she was too enthralled in the show before her to say anything. She stood there and watched.

Rayanne was spreading Sharon's pink vaginal lips and licking away at Sharon's clit while gently patting down on Sharon's shaved pubic hair. Rayanne was doing this with an expert's touch, sliding her tongue up and down, and gently inserting it into her hole.

Angela was getting turned on, she slid her hand down the front of her pants to find her own arousal getting the to the point of being unbearable. She started to finger herself, overcome by the intensity that she saw before her. Masturbation was nothing new to Angela, she had been doing it since she was eleven. She was just amazed at how turned on she was by the sight of her two best friends going at in with wanton lesbian lust. She angled her head to get a better view.

She then saw Sharon going at Rayanne's hot box with a passion, inserting her tongue in and out of her dripping womanhood. Sharon's face was covered with Rayanne's womanly juices as she frantically buried her face in Rayanne's crotch.

What she did next surprised Angela, Sharon took two fingers, got them wet with Rayanne's fluid, then plunged them into Rayanne's asshole. Rayanne moaned deep and said "naughty girl" with a wicked smile on her face. Rayanne plunged three fingers into Sharon's cunt and started to spread her lips while spanking Sharon's clit. Rayanne was cumming hard and she started to go crazy moaning.

"Ooh, fuck my butthole while you eat my pussy, I'm cummming, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh." Rayanne cooed as she came. Then Sharon's orgasm took over while Rayanne kept working away.

"Yes, eat my cunt! Eat my cunt! Do it, do it! I'm cumming, yes, suck my cunt! Oh, oh!" Sharon screamed as she came. Angela was shocked to hear these words coming out of the mouth of a girl she was in Girl Scouts with.

"How funny." Angela thought.

At the same time, Angela's orgasm set in. It hit her hard. She was leaning up against the wall. She grunted and moaned, she climaxed harder than she ever had before, excited by what she had just witnessed.

Almost immediately, Rayanne and Sharon noticed Angela's presence. Rayanne laughed and said "Um, oh God!" Sharon giggled, then freaked out, and ran into the bathroom.

"Um, hi." Angela said. Rayanne got up and turned down the stereo.

"Knock much?" Rayanne said.

"The music was on," Angela said. "Um, so, what's up?"

"Come on Cherski! Get your ass out here, what are ya embarassed?" Rayanne barked. Sharon came out.

"Um, like, hi." Sharon said, her hair straightened up from the mess it was five minutes ago.

There was silence for three minutes or so, no one could think of what to say.

"That was weird," Angela thought. "I never would have guessed. Why didn't they ask me to join in before?"

"So, you two been doing this long?" Angela asked.

"Eh, about a month or so now, Sharon was complaining about being so horny but no wanting to do it with Kyle, I finally go the girl naked and it went downhill from there." Rayanne said in her 'matter of fact' tone.

"But I'm not like, a lesbian or anything." Sharon was quick to point out, "It's just, like, different."

"Oh you want it," Rayanne said jokingly. "Sit down Chase. What's up?"

"Well, oddly enough I was coming over here to talk to you two about sex." Angela said as the three girls sat there, Rayanne in a robe, Sharon with a blanket on her, and Angela clothed.

"What? Did Jordan slip you the baloney pony" Rayanne said laughing.

"Shut up." Angela said.

"Sorry," Rayanne said.

"No, we were out last night... and we were making out," Angela explained, "and when I came home, I was masturbating like crazy, I think I want to do it."

"You sure?" Said Sharon.

"Well, pretty sure, but after what I just saw here I know that if I saw him now, I would be all over him. Hell, if Brian Krakow was here now I would jump him, that turned me on a lot." Angela said.

"Thanks," Rayanne said, "what are friends for?"

"Thanks," Sharon said, "I think."

"So, did it like hurt your first times?" Angela asked.

"Not really," Rayanne said, "then again I was pretty fucked up at the time."

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