Here Cums Santa Claus

by Sue NH

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was just visiting the mall at christmas

It had been a terribly long and tiresome day of shopping at the mall, trying to take care of all of the Christmas presents that I had left 'til the last minute. Having just hauled all the packages out to my car, I decided impetuously that I too deserved a present for myself, so I headed back into the mall with only a half hour to go until closing time. As I walked from the car to the shopper's entrance, a few light snowflakes dusted my jacket and tickled my nose... it was the first snow of the year, just in time for the big day. Anyway, I decided to head straight for the Victoria's Secret shop, where I knew I'd find some seductive and slinky lingerie and nightgowns that would keep me warm in bed at night, one way or another (if you know what I mean).

With only a couple of days to go until the big event, the mall had been jam-packed with crazed consumers. But now, as the minutes ticked away toward the end of the day, the stores were emptying, and I had to fight my way against the stream of traffic funneling through the doors to the parking lot. When I made it to Victoria's, the last customers were paying for their purchases, and I headed straight for the silk nighties. I grabbed a bright red one and headed for the dressing room. As I stripped down out of my work-a-day clothes and pulled on the oily-smooth teddy, I felt the tension flow out of my body, and my libidinous side came out of hiding. I hadn't felt even a tiny tendril of sexiness all day, but suddenly, I was enveloped with a powerful rush of excitement, tingling through my skin. My hands took on a life of their own, rising up my flanks and massaging my breast through the slippery silk. My nipples instantly hardened into gumdrops, and I twisted them. I guess that I started daydreaming, since I sort of lost track of time as I got totally into the luxurious and sultry feeling of the sheer fabric on my flushed skin.

"Ma'am, I heard you moan in there. Is everything OK? I just wanted you to know that we are closing in five minutes, so if I can help you with anything, please let me know soon." That snapped me out of my reveries. So I told the anonymous voice that I was fine, and that if she would bring me a velvet body suit to try on, it would save me the time of changing into my clothes again. She said not to worry, that there was no one else in the store except her and another sales woman, so I could feel free to come on out to choose what I wanted to try. When I did come out into the display area, I felt somewhat embarrassed and self-conscious, for the teddy was really a size or two too small for me, and it was stretched across my breasts, showing my jutting nipples. When I walked over to the rack with the bodysuits, I could feel the strip of red silk pulling up into my crotch. Even though there were only two employees in the store, I felt exposed.

My embarrassment was tinged with a bit of exhibitionism, and quickly, my bashfulness transformed itself into brashness. Despite the fact that I knew that the teddy was way too small, I asked the women at the counter if they would tell me if it looked good on me. They both came over and made a great show of examining me. They complimented my figure and how the texture of the silk corresponded to my skin and long blond hair. They mentioned how the teddy "colored me beautiful," which is tired old sales jargon in women's clothing stores. One of the women asked me to turn around, and she stood behind me and adjusted the spaghetti straps on my shoulders (which momentarily pulled the crotch up higher!). The other smaller woman circled in front of me and kneeled down, saying that it did appear that the teddy might be too tight in the crotch. Then she reached forwards. With her dainty fingertips, boldly grasped with her dainty fingertips the lace edging right near cunt and pulled the fabric down, literally pulling it out from the damp folds of my labia. Something was cooking, both in these young ladies' minds, and also in the hot cauldron of my libido... I could actually smell the bittersweet scent arising from my crotch.

The woman behind me said "You know, I think you look great in this, and I'd bet anything that you wear this kind of thing a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. It makes me feel different, more free and sensuous," I replied.

"We both overheard you moaning and sighing while you were in the dressing room, and we know that you were beginning to enjoy yourself more that our average customer, if you know what I mean! So, we were wondering... I mean if we aren't being too forward.... would you be interested in joining us for a little after-closing party here in the store. We've already invited a special guest who deserves a special holiday treat. In fact, he should be here any minute, as soon as he gets off duty. You could be our present to him." And they both kind of giggled and winked at each other.

Well, what the hell, I thought.... all these Christmas obligations and the grinding effort of shopping had kind of worn me out. And after all, I did come back into the mall to treat myself to a little self-indulgence. Now I was going to get more than I bargained for.

No sooner than I had nodded my assent to their invitation than I heard a deep throated voice from the hallway outside the store. "HO, HO, HO. Are there some folks in there who wish to receive their presents?"

One of the women grabbed something from one of the racks and shoved it into my hands, whispering to me to put it on in the dressing room and come on out when they called. I dashed back into the back rooms while hearing them invite the gentleman into the back portion of the store. I could hear the metal grate being pulled over the front entry to the store. I quickly skinned the teddy off of me, and looked myself over in the mirror. My skin was still rosy pink, and my nipples were still hard. My sparse golden pubic hair was tangled, and around my cunt, the moisture had matted the hair flat. I reached down and combed my fingertips through that hair to sort of fluff it up a bit, and I couldn't help but take a moment to tease my clitoris for just a couple of strokes. Then I picked up the package that I had been given. It was one of those almost-transparent body stockings that Victoria's is always advertising. I suppose that I had been tempted to buy it on occasion, but it seemed too frivolous. Now I made haste to get it on. Actually, it took a few minutes, for I had to bunch the whole thing up like an accordion, and gradually spread it up my legs, then over my hips, and finally up to my shoulders. When I stood up to check it out, I was amazed by the effect. It really didn't look very much like a piece of clothing-more like I had been painted with translucent paint, and tattooed with black floral designs. My areolae and nipples could be seen plainly, with the pink color and all the tiny bumps telegraphing though the nylon fabric. The bulge of my mons rose from the juncture at the top of my thighs, and the patch of hair was clearly visible, creating a crinkly texture on the surface. When I let my knees separate a little, I could see a brighter pink groove form in the material. The total effect was to make me appear (to my own subjective eyes) taller, more svelte, more mysterious, more wanton.... I felt like a vixen, a cunning libertine.

I was ready. I began to reenact the caresses that I had given myself when I tried on the teddy, and was not surprised to find my nipples still as big and rubbery as before. I dragged my fingernails over the nylon sheathing, and the texture of the material created a barely-discernible vibration in the flesh of my breasts. Looking down, I could see my chest heaving with the anticipation of what was to come. My fat nipples were encircled by the embroidered lace floral patterns.

When I let one hand slide down the slippery and insubstantial fabric, my fingers homed in automatically on my cunt, and I could feel the heat and moisture exuding into the dark nylon. If the two women hadn't called for me at that moment, I might have lost all self-restraint and started to masturbate right there in the dressing room.... but I responded to their beckoning and walked back into the display floor. There in the room that was dedicated to bras, panties, bustiers, and so on, was a scene that I won't soon forget.

Next to an elaborately decorated Christmas tree, a Victorian-style armless side chair had been placed in an open area of the floor, and seated in it was the mall's Santa Claus impersonator. He still had on all of his regalia: hat, beard, bright red outfit, black belt, and black boots. Beside him was a canvas sack, bulging with box- like shapes. And he was still playing the part to the hilt, with a twinkling smile and deep-throated voice. You'd think he would have been sick of it after a long day of kids, whining and begging for all the latest expensive toys. But he seemed quite happy to continue his role playing for a while longer.

Of course he had some incentives, such as the two sales women, each sitting one of his widespread legs. Although they were each obviously in their mid-twenties, they were acting like cute little teenagers, giggling and bouncing up and down. And they had taken off their blouses and skirts, and were now clothed only in some of the sexiest and most revealing undergarments that Victoria's had to offer. The one with the long wavy red hair had on a black satin and lace merry widow, with a lace-up front closure that served to cinch in on her waist and push up on her large, soft breasts, creating a deep and dark cleavage. Her nipples were covered, but clearly showed through the lace. Her areolae were incredibly wide and red. Black net stockings covered her taut muscular legs, and were held up by garter belts that drew my attention to the fact that her ass cheeks were fully exposed by the itsy-bitsy strip of satin that formed her thong panties, which insinuated itself into the crease of her rear. One of Santa's hands was rubbing up and down her back, and occasionally following the arrow of the thong, tickling her rear.

The other sales lady had short black hair, fluffed up with gel into a spiky arrangement. She was wearing a dark purple two-piece lounging pajamas, made of semi-transparent satin. Where the loose fitting material actually made contact with her skin, the plum color was transmuted into a dusty rose. The filmy night shirt closed up the front with big wide- spaced buttons. The pants were boxer style, with really wide, fluttery hems that were short enough to reveal most of her thighs. Santa's other hand snaked around her back and under her armpit, so that he could cup and fondle her smaller, pert breast. Each of the women had an arm draped over Santa's shoulder, and they were holding hands behind his neck.

"Santa," said the thinner, black-haired woman, "we have a special present for you tonight, for surely you have been a very good boy all year, and you've been working so hard to take care of everyone else. This gorgeous lady here has agreed to be our gift to you...." (more giggling.)

"HO, HO, HO, its gonna be a VERY merry Christmas this year" laughed Santa.

"But before you open your present, we were hoping that you might grant us our wishes-ooops, I forgot, you aren't the Genie-that you might give us the presents we want so much."

"Oh, Santa knows what you want most of all," he said, and with that he reached behind the redhead into his bag, and pulled out two brightly wrapped boxes, covered with frilly little bows. Jiggling around on his knees, they tore open their packages and simultaneously held up their rewards. They both had received vibrators, in the shape of life-like cocks. But they were different. The one held by the redhead was 5 or 6 inches long, jet black and shiny smooth. When she turned it on, it emitted a high-pitched hum, and the end of the dildo twitched back and forth in a rapid wandering oscillation. The woman with the short black hair proudly held up an ivory colored vibrator that was huge. The working end of it was maybe 10 or 11 inches long, and it was fat around as my forearm. At the base was a wide flange from which protruded a rounded nub, clearly intended to stimulate someone's clitoris. When turned on, this vibrator pulsed in and out with a slow pumping rhythm that extended and shortened the length a couple of inches. The clitoral stimulator twirled around a pivot point in the same relentless and methodical pace.

I suggested to the women that they must have received the wrong presents, for certainly the big redhead should have receive the larger instrument, and vice versa. But Santa interjected "Oh no, I know what I'm doing, I never make that kind of mistake. So why don't you two amuse yourselves while I open my present. Perhaps Sue will understand your gifts better in a little while."

I had only a moment to wonder how this Santa impersonator new my name, when my attention was drawn back to the scene before my eyes. Both women reached down, their hands colliding as they groped deep into the shadowy folds of Santa's crotch. With all the cushioning that was part of his costume, I thought they would have trouble finding their target. But they laughed some more, and the thinner woman said "Golly, Santa, what is this thing we have found in your pants? If I'm not mistaken, it looks like you brought along one of your tools from the workshop." Looking right at me and winking, she then said to me, "isn't that what YOU asked for this Christmas? Come and get it." And they hopped off his lap and stretched out on the carpet a couple of feet in front of Santa's boots.

Finally, I got my chance to be part of the action at this party. I strode over to stand between Santa's feet, and reached out to start unbuttoning his thick red chamois shirt. By the time I had unfastened him down to his tummy, I realized that this actor didn't need to be fitted with padding for this job. He was the perfect natural shape for playing Santa Claus. His chest was covered in a dense forest of snow-white curls, and his belly was broad and layered with fatty rolls. When I unbuckled his shiny black belt and unzipped his pants, he lifted his hips and allowed me to pull his pants down to his knees and over his boots. He wore no underwear at all. Compared with the immense size of the rest of his body, I expected that his cock would be comparatively much smaller, for that has been my past experience with the huskier men that I have been with. But Santa's cock was proportional to the rest of his physique- very big and broad and soft. It lay ponderously off to one side, rooted in a bouquet of more bushy white hair. He was not circumcised and his skin sheathed his cock in a pale, loose wrap of wrinkled skin. It was very natural looking and alluring, I was surprised by the aroma that was emanating from his crotch. I had prepared myself for his being sweaty and pungent, given that he had been wearing this heavy outfit all day while kids climbed over his lap... but instead, I smelled the delicate fragrance of apple blossoms and almonds, with maybe a hint of balsam fir!

Fascinated by this unexpected pleasure, I immediately dropped my face down into his crotch, and licked up the length of his flaccid penis, burying my fingers of one hand into the luxuriant pubic hair and finding his large testicles. What before I was perceiving through my nose, now I was tasting with my tongue, and it was deliciously sweet and fruity. Maybe all the sugar that made Santa so fat was seeping out through the bountiful flesh of his cock. I wanted to savor more of this wonderful flavor, so I brought my mouth up to the head of his cock and sucked the flesh into my mouth. I let the tip of my tongue insinuate itself into the opening of his foreskin, and here the sweet taste was so much stronger than before, a syrupy liqueur almost like amaretto. This was his precome! Amazing. I slurped this incredible elixir deep into my mouth, imbibing the savory essences, and the rotund cock which produced them.

Santa was only human, so my hungry mouth-massage was having a predictable effect on him. His cock was so large in its relaxed state. Now, I could feel it getting warmer as it became engorged with an extra flood of his blood. Within the sucking vacuum of my mouth, the head of his cock swelled and pushed out from the end of the foreskin. I had the image of a flower blossoming in time-lapse film. Even more appropriate to the season, I had the vision of his "sugar plum" dancing in my head. So, with some reluctance, I pulled my head back to view the effect of my licking and sucking. His pale flabby cock had become a hard tube of pink flesh, glistening with the intermingled secretions of my saliva and his precome. His penis had definitely gotten into the spirit of things. The flavors and smells were almost intoxicating, and I attempted to bring my mouth back to the feast.

But Santa prevented that by touching my chin and tipping my head back so that he could look into my eyes with a soulful, penetrating gaze that made me feel safe and strong. With the last hold on my rational mind, I knew that the twinkling in his eyes was caused by the flashing tree lights next to us, but I let myself believe that the twinkling came from deep inside his wise soul. I then let go of all remaining grasp of reality, and allowed the illusion of making love with a real Santa to take hold of me completely.

"HO, HO, HO, time to open my present," said Santa, and he laughed with a mirthful chortle that made the fatty rolls of his belly wobble and shake like the proverbial bowlful of jello. Then he put his hands gently on my sides and guided me back into a standing position. Then he turned me around so that I was facing away from him, and toward the two women who were entangled with each other on the floor before us.

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