Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

by Sue NH

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story:

I want you to meet a few people. You've been such an exhilarating and unexpected part of my life these past few weeks, and it's time to introduce you.... Not to my folks, of course, or any of my other long-term relationships. But there are a few people I've gotten to know only slightly, yet I have a very keen sense that they are sexual adventurers, or that they have a lot of potential for that. I can't say how I know that about them; it's just a strong intuition, as if I could smell it on them whenever I have come in contact with them. Some of them I know from my business, some of them I have met socially. I've never spent more that an hour with any of them. None of them has met any of the others. Yet I understand something about them, something that connects us together, a secret society of libertines that has yet to have a meeting.

Until this evening. I have invited all of them (and you, so much you) over to my home for a dinner party. Despite the fact that they know me so little, all have accepted the invite. Perhaps they smell it on me, and can't stay away. It's an unspoken expectation of something thrilling, but no one really knows if the others feel the same thing. I have told only you what I have in mind, and we are the conspiratorial agents of what will to come this evening. We know, and they can only guess. Maybe it will only be idle chat about politics or the weather. Or perhaps their intuitions and fantasies, will be fulfilled tonight.

There are to be ten of us, and tonight there is a beautiful gentle snow falling through the velvet black sky. The guests arrive one at a time, and as they shed their coats, I am struck by how easily identifiable each one is. Of the men, one has a beard, one is bald, one has gray hair, one has a pony-tail, and of course you are there. The women are, variously, a blond, a redhead, a woman who is extra voluptuous, and a petite oriental. I announce that tonight we will not use our real names, only these nicknames: for the men-Viking.... Shiny.... Silver.... Tail.... You.... and for the women-Gold.... Fire.... Earth... Light... and Me. Then you explain that there will be no talk of our occupations, or of the weather. It is forbidden this evening. If anyone wants to talk, it must be about dreams and fantasies. "Not to worry, no one will be hurt in any way," I explain, "the purpose of the party is quite the opposite. Tonight, all of you will enjoy a grand feast for your senses. Follow our instructions and you will not be sorry, and you will not soon forget our feast

Presenting these people with new names, and stripping them of the sanctuary of their old personae and their normal, vacuous social habits is understandably disconcerting. And our ambiguous hints at what is to come are mysterious at the very least. In particular, I notice that Tail and Gold seem uptight, and I ask them if these rules are acceptable for tonight's party. Their reluctance is quite plain, but they agree to stay, and to trust us. On the other hand, Viking and Light have eagerness showing in their eyes, and Fire is silently talking with a body language that is almost imperceptible, but which I can translate without doubt. She is already getting sexually excited. Her thighs are clenching and unclenching, and her hands are clasped in front of her pubis, ever-so-lightly pressed onto her cunt as the insides of her upper arms press inward, lifting her amble breasts up slightly. I'm sure that this presses her nipples into the weave of her cashmere sweater. There is no doubt in my mind that her panties are already getting damp. Mine are.

Finally, having gained the ascent of all the guests, we all sit down on the cushions scattered around the living room. To get the ball rolling, I will describe a fantasy of mine. Lying on my back in the middle of the floor, I proceed to describe what happened to us that warm night in the Caribbean. I leave out no detail as I describe my tingling fears in the darkness that night, my total abandonment, my animal lust, and the unbelievable orgasm. And when I come to the point when the cloud cover breaks and I see you stroking yourself, my audience gasps in surprise. I've been telling the story with my eyes closed as I relive the moments, but now open my eyes and scan the faces of our guests. Almost everyone has a light sheen of perspiration on their brows, but that may be because I have turned up the thermostat to 75 degrees (I'm planning ahead for a lot of nudity). But the men all have tented pants, and the women's nipples point straight ahead through their blouses and sweaters. I am certainly aroused by my own story, and by the act of sharing it with these almost-strangers. And the warmth of the room is making me even hotter, so I simply pull off my turtleneck and expose my erect nipples and flushed breasts to the eager eyes of all. I feel proud to show off my body, and equally proud to display my arousal.

As I begin to roll my nipples between my fingers, you announce that you would like to share an erotic tale. And with that, you push some buttons on a remote control. The 35" TV screen comes alive with the videotape that you recorded in Geneva. The scene of me being shaved by the black woman in the tub, and the scene of me being fucking the couple in room 5. There are other parts of the tape showing me and you doing all kinds of wild and kinky things. Some of these scenes I haven't viewed myself. I'm getting so turned on watching this tape, and as I push my pants and panties down off my legs, I look around to see that Fire has removed her sweater and is using it to rub all over her breasts and up to her face. All of the men look uncomfortable, which makes sense because their erections are trapped in their pants. "Please make yourselves as comfortable as I am," I request. And all follow this suggestion. Shirts, pants, and underwear all go flying into a big pile against the wall, and there is no doubt left in anyone's mind that this party will be an orgy.

I roll out a large sheet of heavy white paper on the floor and ask Fire and Silver to lie down on their backs with their heads along side each other's, and their bodies in opposite directions. Silver is a little uneasy about being the center of attention, but his erection doesn't diminish as he takes up his position. Fire is raring to go, and she is so turned on. I have to insist that she refrain from fondling her tits and you gently pull her hand away from her crotch. As you do, her wet finger slides out from her cunt lips, and you lick her juices from her finger.

As I pull out a few boxes from under the couch, I describe our first activity. GROUP ART. Out of one of the boxes come pastels crayons, and we proceed to trace around Fire and Silver's bodies and to smear the pastels into the paper. The men are circling Fire, and the women are around Silver. There is no avoiding touching their bodies as we gradually fill in the paper with swirls of color, and everyone becomes more and more daring, eventually using the pastels to draw on our "models'" bodies. That's when I pull out the finger paints, and before long, Fire and Silver are covered with glistening, vibrant colors. My hands are the first to reach Silvers upraised erection, and before I smear on the paint, I lean over and take the head of his cock into my mouth and very softly suck as my hand paints his balls with a mix of red and yellow paint. Then I let my lips rise off the tip of his cock, sucking in a few drops of precome, and my mouth is replaced by the fluttering hands of Light, who completely envelops Silvers throbbing cock with lavender paint. As she slowly jacks him off, Gold is kissing Silver, and Earth is rubbing her black paint into the gray hair on his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. No longer shy, Silver is moaning and writhing, spreading his legs apart and pushing his cock up into Light's small hands. She holds her hands flat and rolls his cock between them as if she was making a snake out of clay. The paint is a marvelous lubricant, and she kneads his cock, working particularly on the head. I sit between his legs and reach in between to work the paint into his large, hairy balls, and gently feel the filled eggs in his scrotum. From here, I can look up along his heaving body and the ministrations of the three women, and I can see Fires body being painted by Viking, Shiny, Tail and You. Fire's whole body is a blaze with red and yellow and purple colors, and two of you have securely trapped her hands between your thighs, in an attempt to keep her from helping with the paint job. She is in a trance, it appears, totally in the power of her rampant sexuality. Her breasts and nipples are being rigorously swabbed by the two of you who have her hands trapped, while the other two are massaging her inner thighs and brush the paint into the folds of her cunt with their fingers. Now Shiny accepts Fire's verbal demands and starts to rub the paint onto her clitoris with increasing speed. It is two slippery for him to try to tweak between his fingers, so he strums across her miniature clit-cock with his thumb as Viking' thigh massage moves up and under her cunt, rubbing the bright colors around the lips of her vagina and down around the puckered entrance to her asshole. He takes his pinky and inserts it into her asshole just up to the first knuckle and lets it vibrate.

It's hard for all you men to keep in contact with Fire since her body is squirming and heaving. I can clearly see that she is going to have her orgasm, and that reminds me to look down at Silver. His name is no longer applicable, for he is now a swirling rainbow of glossy colors. He too is about to come, and I let both of my hands rise up to the base of his cock and pump up and down as Light continues with her clay snake dance on the hugely swollen head of his cock.

Now they are both coming. Fire's hands finally pull free and she reaches down to her knees and pulls them out and back under her as she arches her body up. The men keep up their energetic manipulations of her breasts, clit, and asshole as she bucks and throbs through an intense climax. Simultaneously, Silver clenches his thighs in onto my hips and his whole body clenches and starts to flutter as his cock flexes rhythmically several times in the grasp of the four hands. Then several streams of his come shoot out of the multicolored tip of his cock and arc up onto his chest, mixing with the slimy paint that Earth is still smearing into his chest. Gold lifts her head up from Silver's lips and turns her head down toward his cock, catching one jet of come on her chin, and then correcting her position so that the last jet lands on her outstretched tongue. She eagerly swallows this, and then leans over to Earth, who licks the drooling come off her chin.

Silver and Fire are sent off to the showers.... separate showers, so that they won't be delayed too long. The rest of us roll up the paper and quickly clean ourselves at the sink with the pile of towels I have left out. Only two of the ten of us have had any part of our hunger satisfied, and the night is still young. Dinner is yet to be served. You and I have so many other "projects" planned for this group, and no one will leave here unsatisfied. I promise.

To be continued.

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NOTE: This story is, of course, for adults only-so don't read it if you don't think you can be mature about it. Reading and writing these stories should be acts of fantasy, and I hope that you can keep your notions of real and fantasy life separate in your mind. I know I can. If you would like to let me know what you think, or if you have a follow-up fantasy (which is something that I REALLY like), you can reach me at but I can't promise to return your emails... I do have some other things to do in my real life!

I'm hungry, in at least a couple senses of the word. As we all adjourn to the dining room, everyone takes note of the way the table is set. Actually, it covered only with a large sheet of black glossy plastic that blankets a layer of two inch thick foam rubber, with no utensils or plates. In the center is bronze sculpture that is an exact reproduction (much smaller, of course) of the marble sculpture that supported our outrageous fuck session in the basement of the Louvre. You and I recount to our guests the lusty details of that encounter. Our listeners respond to our story with renewed erections of their cocks and nipples.

Our first course will be cream of mushroom soup, which I have been keeping warm, but not hot, in the kitchen. I ask Viking to lie on his back on the table, with his legs dangling over the edge. Fire and Silver, who have returned from their showers with dreamy looks on their faces, each grab one of the Viking's legs and support them in a widely spread vee. You instruct Gold to climb up on the table and impale herself on Vikings huge upthrust huge cock, facing away from Viking's head. Although she looks a little nervous about the size of his cock, she is also very eager to become more directly involved, so asks you to help he by loosening her up. As she stands up straight on the table, feet on each side of Viking's hips, you step up to her front side and nibble on her clit while you insert a finger into her cunt hole. As you massage her hot insides and flick at her clitoris, she starts to nod her head back and forth, and her long blond hair sweeps around her. All of the rest of us crowd around, and Viking sits up to squeeze and massage Gold's ass cheeks. You insert a second and then a third finger, and gradually, Gold relaxes her cunt muscles until you are sure that she is ready. I reach in to grasp Vikings cock and point it straight up as Gold's knees flex and she lowers herself down until the fat, blunt tip of his cock nestles in the crimson folds of her steaming hot cunt. By putting my free hand up under her ass, I stop Gold from plunging down further, and I take the head of Viking's cock and brush it back and forth across her clitoris. Her head tips back and her hands fall to the table nestled inside of Viking's moist armpits, supporting her weight. You rub and pinch her bullet-shaped nipples, and I bring her close to an orgasm with Vikings's cock.

But I won't let her come yet. Instead, I stop the clitoral massage, and let her drop slowly down the rest of the way onto Viking's cock. Light seems mesmerized by this display of such a huge cock being swallowed up in a tight cunt, and since she is so wonderfully petite, it's easy to imagine how small her cunt must be. She leans in close to watch the cock-sword being sheathed in the cunt-scabbard.

So I pick Light to be the first to get her appetizer. As she gets into the vee of Viking's legs, I ladle the warm soup onto Gold's belly, into her belly button. The thick and milky tan liquid drips and streams down into her cunt hair and through the spread folds of her cunt. Before any reaches Viking's huge, hairy balls, I tell Light to have a taste of the soup. She eagerly pushes her face down to the intersection of cock and cunt, and laps up the soup in long tongue strokes, starting at Vikings's balls, up the small amount of his cock that is exposed, and then up through the cleft of the swollen inner lips of Gold's cunt. Light's tongue curls up as it flicks over Gold's clitoris, which is totally exposed in this position. Again and again, Light traces her tongue up through the open vortex of passion as she laps up the cream soup. One of her hands reaches under Viking's balls and forms a flat cup that catches what little soup that escapes her hungry mouth, and when I stop my ladling for a moment, she sucks up the soup in her hand and simultaneously gives Viking's balls a lip massage. Light's other hand is down between her legs, where we can all guess what it is doing to her excited clitoris.

Viking and Gold are having trouble keeping still, but I pace the experience to keep them from going over the top. Soon, I have Light step back and then Shiny steps in. I expect him to be uncomfortable with the idea of touching Viking's balls, but within a minute, he matches the action that Light has demonstrated, and eagerly quenches his hunger. After Shiny, I give a turn to each of the other guests. One after another, Earth, Tail, Silver, Fire and you have your fair share of the soup, as I keep the pace of things just at the point where gold and Viking think that they might come..., but I never let it happen. When Gold tries to lift herself up and then back down onto the hard-as-wood cock deep inside her, you reach down from her tits and grab her hips and keep them from moving.

When it is my turn at the "soup fountain," Tail takes the ladle and drools the soup into Gold's cunt, and I energetically lap at their balls and cunt, reaching under further to tickle Vikings asshole with my soup-lubricated index finger. When I am satisfied that I have gotten enough soup, I implore you to release Gold's waist, and she immediately starts to piston up and down on Viking's cock. As his cock is revealed each time, I lick up and down on the underside, massaging the long ridge that appears. Just before she drops down I am able to get a quick lick into the inverted vee just under the ridge of the head.

It only takes a few strokes like that and both of them are ready to come. I pull Viking's cock forward and out and pull the entire bulbous head into my mouth, while you encourage Gold to rub her own clitoris up and down on the rest of Viking's cock. It is plenty long enough for both my mouth and Gold's clit, and immediately, she begins an intense orgasm. She's been waiting almost a half hour for this as each guest teased her and had his or her fill of the soup. Now she releases her pent-up orgasm. Her whole body starts to shimmy and buck as a couple of people on each side of her support her weight. Her mouth is wide open and her skin is covered with perspiration. My powerful suction on the head of Viking's cock has had its desired effect, as has my fingertip, which has now entered an inch or so into his asshole. I feel his asshole rhythmically clenching onto my finger His hips start to bounce up and down as his bountiful semen shoots up against the roof of his mouth. Non-dairy cream to top off my cream soup! His motion saws the veined upper surface of his cock against Gold's fully exposed clitoris. His hands reach up to cradle Gold's head, and one of his finger's slips into her open mouth, and she starts to suck on it hungrily. Incrementally, over several minutes, their orgasms eventually abate, and Gold lets her body fall back onto Vikings chest. They are both still out of breath and their chests heave to take in air. Many hands wander all over their bodies, rubbing the abundant sweat into the skin.

Things have settled down, I ladle streams of the still-warm soup into their open mouths to slake their other hunger, and when they are satisfied, they go off to shower while the rest of us clean up the dining table. Remarkably, hardly a drop of the soup has reached the black plastic table cloth.

Everyone is thirsty, and only four of our guests have had the opportunity to relieve the sexual suspense that has been at a high pitch for the rest of us. So we're going to take care of all that now. Earth and Light sit up on the edge of the table, and the men take turns lapping up wine that they dribble down through their cunts. Light provided a dry white Chardonnay, and Earth poured a hearty red burgundy..., perfect matches to their personalities. And they each are so aroused to begin with. Shiny, Tail, Silver, and Viking take turns imbibing the wine and the free-flowing cunt juices, and the rest of us drink directly from the bottles. Within just a few minutes, Light and Earth are brought to the throes of their orgasms. The contrast between their climaxes is startling. The big, voluptuous Earth lets go with a series of hearty grunts and her large breasts swing wildly. She grasps her wide flat nipples and pinches and rolls them so heard that it makes me wince. She looks wild, like a queen of the jungle, or an Amazon queen. At the peak of her orgasm, she grabs Shiny's head, who happens to be drinking from her cunt at the moment, and twists his head down so that she can rub his bald pate into the entire areas of her huge cunt. Clear cunt juices, streaked with wisps of the red wine, coat his entire scalp.

On the other hand, Light appears to be so much in control. Her eyes close and her thin lips purse tight. She becomes completely still, except for the tiny fluttering vibrations that course through her muscles. She has stopped breathing. As Tail lightly tickles her clitoris with the tip of his pointy tongue, her orgasm continues for a long time. Thin whimpers escape from her throat. My own climaxes are over in just a few seconds. I swear that Light has been tensed and trembling from her orgasm for more than a minute. Then finally she opens her eyes and takes in a long even breath of air, and she pulls Tail up into a standing position. She leans forward and gives him an incredibly passionate kiss as she bounces her tiny body up into his arms, knees hooked over his hips. She must weigh only 80 or 90 pounds, and Tail can support her easily. His cock curves up from his groin. It is very, very thin, but amazingly long, maybe ten inches, and the curvature is also very extreme. The head of his cock is also longer and pointier than I have seen before. Now that tip is poised just beneath Lights cunt, and she tells Tail to hold still while she tries to fit him into her tiny cunt. Her position astride his standing body leaves her cunt fully open, and she lowers it down so that Tails cock touches the dark vaginal opening. Its shape reminds me so much of a spear, and slowly, Light impales herself on this cock that is perfectly sized for her. Every other cock at this party would simply be too wide. But certainly Tail's cock is too long. We watch as Light continues her descent onto his cock. She moves absolutely evenly, never jerking or bumping as she swallows up a millimeter at a time. Then she stops her slow-motion drop. Perhaps six inches are inside her. Again, her eyes close and her body becomes tense, and I assume that she has taken in as much as she can. I can see her ass cheeks flexing, and we all know that she is deliberately churning her well-trained inner cunt muscles all around Tail's iron-hard cock. His face exhibits a blissful demeanor.

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