Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

by Sue NH

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story:

I want you to meet a few people. You've been such an exhilarating and unexpected part of my life these past few weeks, and it's time to introduce you.... Not to my folks, of course, or any of my other long-term relationships. But there are a few people I've gotten to know only slightly, yet I have a very keen sense that they are sexual adventurers, or that they have a lot of potential for that. I can't say how I know that about them; it's just a strong intuition, as if I could smell it on them whenever I have come in contact with them. Some of them I know from my business, some of them I have met socially. I've never spent more that an hour with any of them. None of them has met any of the others. Yet I understand something about them, something that connects us together, a secret society of libertines that has yet to have a meeting.

Until this evening. I have invited all of them (and you, so much you) over to my home for a dinner party. Despite the fact that they know me so little, all have accepted the invite. Perhaps they smell it on me, and can't stay away. It's an unspoken expectation of something thrilling, but no one really knows if the others feel the same thing. I have told only you what I have in mind, and we are the conspiratorial agents of what will to come this evening. We know, and they can only guess. Maybe it will only be idle chat about politics or the weather. Or perhaps their intuitions and fantasies, will be fulfilled tonight.

There are to be ten of us, and tonight there is a beautiful gentle snow falling through the velvet black sky. The guests arrive one at a time, and as they shed their coats, I am struck by how easily identifiable each one is. Of the men, one has a beard, one is bald, one has gray hair, one has a pony-tail, and of course you are there. The women are, variously, a blond, a redhead, a woman who is extra voluptuous, and a petite oriental. I announce that tonight we will not use our real names, only these nicknames: for the men-Viking.... Shiny.... Silver.... Tail.... You.... and for the women-Gold.... Fire.... Earth... Light... and Me. Then you explain that there will be no talk of our occupations, or of the weather. It is forbidden this evening. If anyone wants to talk, it must be about dreams and fantasies. "Not to worry, no one will be hurt in any way," I explain, "the purpose of the party is quite the opposite. Tonight, all of you will enjoy a grand feast for your senses. Follow our instructions and you will not be sorry, and you will not soon forget our feast

Presenting these people with new names, and stripping them of the sanctuary of their old personae and their normal, vacuous social habits is understandably disconcerting. And our ambiguous hints at what is to come are mysterious at the very least. In particular, I notice that Tail and Gold seem uptight, and I ask them if these rules are acceptable for tonight's party. Their reluctance is quite plain, but they agree to stay, and to trust us. On the other hand, Viking and Light have eagerness showing in their eyes, and Fire is silently talking with a body language that is almost imperceptible, but which I can translate without doubt. She is already getting sexually excited. Her thighs are clenching and unclenching, and her hands are clasped in front of her pubis, ever-so-lightly pressed onto her cunt as the insides of her upper arms press inward, lifting her amble breasts up slightly. I'm sure that this presses her nipples into the weave of her cashmere sweater. There is no doubt in my mind that her panties are already getting damp. Mine are.

Finally, having gained the ascent of all the guests, we all sit down on the cushions scattered around the living room. To get the ball rolling, I will describe a fantasy of mine. Lying on my back in the middle of the floor, I proceed to describe what happened to us that warm night in the Caribbean. I leave out no detail as I describe my tingling fears in the darkness that night, my total abandonment, my animal lust, and the unbelievable orgasm. And when I come to the point when the cloud cover breaks and I see you stroking yourself, my audience gasps in surprise. I've been telling the story with my eyes closed as I relive the moments, but now open my eyes and scan the faces of our guests. Almost everyone has a light sheen of perspiration on their brows, but that may be because I have turned up the thermostat to 75 degrees (I'm planning ahead for a lot of nudity). But the men all have tented pants, and the women's nipples point straight ahead through their blouses and sweaters. I am certainly aroused by my own story, and by the act of sharing it with these almost-strangers. And the warmth of the room is making me even hotter, so I simply pull off my turtleneck and expose my erect nipples and flushed breasts to the eager eyes of all. I feel proud to show off my body, and equally proud to display my arousal.

As I begin to roll my nipples between my fingers, you announce that you would like to share an erotic tale. And with that, you push some buttons on a remote control. The 35" TV screen comes alive with the videotape that you recorded in Geneva. The scene of me being shaved by the black woman in the tub, and the scene of me being fucking the couple in room 5. There are other parts of the tape showing me and you doing all kinds of wild and kinky things. Some of these scenes I haven't viewed myself. I'm getting so turned on watching this tape, and as I push my pants and panties down off my legs, I look around to see that Fire has removed her sweater and is using it to rub all over her breasts and up to her face. All of the men look uncomfortable, which makes sense because their erections are trapped in their pants. "Please make yourselves as comfortable as I am," I request. And all follow this suggestion. Shirts, pants, and underwear all go flying into a big pile against the wall, and there is no doubt left in anyone's mind that this party will be an orgy.

I roll out a large sheet of heavy white paper on the floor and ask Fire and Silver to lie down on their backs with their heads along side each other's, and their bodies in opposite directions. Silver is a little uneasy about being the center of attention, but his erection doesn't diminish as he takes up his position. Fire is raring to go, and she is so turned on. I have to insist that she refrain from fondling her tits and you gently pull her hand away from her crotch. As you do, her wet finger slides out from her cunt lips, and you lick her juices from her finger.

As I pull out a few boxes from under the couch, I describe our first activity. GROUP ART. Out of one of the boxes come pastels crayons, and we proceed to trace around Fire and Silver's bodies and to smear the pastels into the paper. The men are circling Fire, and the women are around Silver. There is no avoiding touching their bodies as we gradually fill in the paper with swirls of color, and everyone becomes more and more daring, eventually using the pastels to draw on our "models'" bodies. That's when I pull out the finger paints, and before long, Fire and Silver are covered with glistening, vibrant colors. My hands are the first to reach Silvers upraised erection, and before I smear on the paint, I lean over and take the head of his cock into my mouth and very softly suck as my hand paints his balls with a mix of red and yellow paint. Then I let my lips rise off the tip of his cock, sucking in a few drops of precome, and my mouth is replaced by the fluttering hands of Light, who completely envelops Silvers throbbing cock with lavender paint. As she slowly jacks him off, Gold is kissing Silver, and Earth is rubbing her black paint into the gray hair on his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. No longer shy, Silver is moaning and writhing, spreading his legs apart and pushing his cock up into Light's small hands. She holds her hands flat and rolls his cock between them as if she was making a snake out of clay. The paint is a marvelous lubricant, and she kneads his cock, working particularly on the head. I sit between his legs and reach in between to work the paint into his large, hairy balls, and gently feel the filled eggs in his scrotum. From here, I can look up along his heaving body and the ministrations of the three women, and I can see Fires body being painted by Viking, Shiny, Tail and You. Fire's whole body is a blaze with red and yellow and purple colors, and two of you have securely trapped her hands between your thighs, in an attempt to keep her from helping with the paint job. She is in a trance, it appears, totally in the power of her rampant sexuality. Her breasts and nipples are being rigorously swabbed by the two of you who have her hands trapped, while the other two are massaging her inner thighs and brush the paint into the folds of her cunt with their fingers. Now Shiny accepts Fire's verbal demands and starts to rub the paint onto her clitoris with increasing speed. It is two slippery for him to try to tweak between his fingers, so he strums across her miniature clit-cock with his thumb as Viking' thigh massage moves up and under her cunt, rubbing the bright colors around the lips of her vagina and down around the puckered entrance to her asshole. He takes his pinky and inserts it into her asshole just up to the first knuckle and lets it vibrate.

It's hard for all you men to keep in contact with Fire since her body is squirming and heaving. I can clearly see that she is going to have her orgasm, and that reminds me to look down at Silver. His name is no longer applicable, for he is now a swirling rainbow of glossy colors. He too is about to come, and I let both of my hands rise up to the base of his cock and pump up and down as Light continues with her clay snake dance on the hugely swollen head of his cock.

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