by Deirdre

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wife gives interesting coupons to her husband for his birthday...

I watched the confused look in his eyes. And the way understanding lit up in them as he read the pieces of paper once more. I was sure he was finding this hard to believe.

I was finding this hard to believe. It was my husband Bill's birthday, and I'd decided to come up with something wild. Really wild. And I did : five little tickets, neatly done up on the computer, each one with my own signature under the sentence: Give this ticket to Jeannie Greene and she will immediately and silently perform one oral sex act on her knees, any time, any place, no questions asked.

I watched him. What did he think of me? I knew he'd like this, but what would he think of me for coming up with this? I knew I'd surprised him this time--never in his wildest dreams...

"This is rather surprising," he said. He has his little way of talking, being careful not to reveal how he feels about something. But I knew. Even if he was a little shocked, I knew he loved it. And I knew I was grinning from ear to ear.

I was ready to ask "What do you think?" I was going to lean over and make him kiss me. I looked down. I realized he'd done it. One of the slips of paper was in my hand--I'd taken it without even thinking, much less considering the consequences.

I looked back at him. He was giving me a considering look. And waiting, obviously to see what I'd do. Would I do it? I felt so wicked, and wondered whether it showed on my face. What did he think of his prim-and- proper wife at this moment?

I had the zipper open, kneeling between his legs. Yes, his cock was a bit hard. Not a word. I slipped my mouth around it. No, we didn't do this all that often: I think I'd given him the impression I didn't like it much and he was always considerate about such things. But even after I'd gotten more used to it, he hadn't really picked up on that fact. But now he would, or else he'd think that this gift was costing me more than it truly was.

Yes, he grew hard quickly enough. I glanced up to see his eyes--I wanted to see his face while I did this. Yes, he watched me. He was happy--I could tell. No, it wasn't hard for me to do this any more. Especially not with him so happy.

When he kissed me when we were done, I definitely knew he was happy. And when he whispered "I love you," in my ear. No, we didn't talk about it, but he did declare me one-in-a-million, and we did do it that evening. And he was oh-so-nice to me.

Then came the torture. Sweet torture I suppose--the part I hadn't anticipated--the anticipation itself. When was he going to use another certificate? I wondered if he would save them for a long time: he can be that way sometimes. On the other hand, it didn't seem likely that he'd be able to resist temptation for long.

I knew it would be in some strange place. When we were together, off somewhere, I sometimes thought about it. And it made me hot, too--I was getting to be a little frisky in the evenings and I wondered if he knew why. We'd be out together and I'd be thinking about it. And theoretically he could give one to me right in front of someone. I knew he wouldn't--that's why I could risk that. But still, it all had me on edge.

And sure enough, I wasn't expecting it. We were watching a video right in our own home. True Lies. There was Jamie Lee Curtis in the hotel room, and suddenly there was the coupon in my hand as Bill watched.

No it didn't bother me about Jamie Lee--in fact, it was a relief to me that it was just Bill and me in our living room. He lay there on the couch with me leaning over his straight-up hard cock. He idly rubbed my hair as he watched the flick.

Yes, we made love that night. And I thought about myself: I hadn't thought I was worried about him demanding anything too strange, but the feeling of relief that came over me told me that deep down, I'd been braced for the worst. After that, I think I relaxed a little, feeling a little more fatalistic about it. It was as if subconsciously I now realized that any worry on my part could well be for nothing.

Then I was in for a shock. My sister's and brother-in-law's house, my niece and nephew running around. He managed to get me to a bathroom door with no one around, and then there it was, in his hand, being pushed into mine. I swear, I almost said something. I was immediately in a panic, not knowing what to do. But while I was in indecision, Bill had me pulled into the bathroom with the door shut.

Fast. I knew it had better be as fast as possible if no one was going to miss us. There was no more indecision on my part, just my best effort to get him off as quickly as I could. I know he knew what I was doing. He didn't say a thing, the bastard. But he must have been liking the danger: I got my wish and we were out of there in no time flat. As we walked out of the bathroom, I smacked him on the rear. I didn't know I could hit him that hard, but it didn't seem to faze him a bit. He turned around and gave me a knowing grin. Yes, we made love that night, and I nearly went crazy.

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