Dog Clinic

by Martina2023

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Desc: Sex Story: A woman in charge of an animal clinic has sex with modified male dogs and eventually becomes pregnant.

Hello, my name is Freya and I work in a Veterinary Clinic in a small village in Holland. My job is to assist the veterinary surgeons in their research work with animals. They deal mainly with dogs and I care for the animals when the clinic closes in the evening and at weekends.

I love all the animals and would do anything for them, but my favourites are the dogs. The current research involves dosing the animals with human genes to try and help with human reproductive problems. What this means, in reality, is that they are using the dogs to substitute for humans by giving them hormones and gene therapy to make their bodies emulate human bodies. It's much easier to get a licence to experiment on animals rather than humans. One of the research experts explained that the male dogs are now capable of fertilising a human egg and the female bitches are capable of conceiving and bearing human babies after they have gone through the program to 'culture' them. They are soon to try and create the first baby to be born to a female dog in the whole world, although the scientist who confided in me said they have already proved it works in the kennels and aborted the foetus after 4 months due to ethical problems.

Apart from my real love of animals, I have another reason why I devote my life to them... I have sex with the male dogs and would do this job for nothing just to enjoy the orgasms they give me.

I find that the best time to have good sex with my dogs is dependent on my menstrual cycle. The odour from my vagina always excites the male dogs, I suppose it reminds them of the smell of a bitch. If I'm having a period my vagina gives out an especially strong odour and the male dogs see that as a signal to fuck me. When a dog bitch is in heat her genitals become blood-filled, swollen and give out a higher amount of odour. The bitch will then, when given a chance, turn her back to the dog, to show the dog that she is ready to be mounted. The male dog will then often sniff at her vagina and lick at it for some time. After some time he will mount her. This procedure works the same with women. When a dog smells my scent he will approach me and start to sniff, after that he will try to lick me.

I always get a large dog with a good size penis as a thick penis provides more friction on my clitoris. I love the bone that a dog's penis has running through it. When it hits my clit or my cervix it never fails to excite me. Because when it comes to dogs, the size of the penis is irrelevant compared to the way it's built. A dog's penis looks completely different when compared to a humans. Instead of having a foreskin like the human, its entire shape is like the tip of the human male, that means reddish, and very sensitive to touches. The lack of foreskin, means instead that they have a 'coat' in which the entire penis withdraws when it's not erected. This coat is furry, and hides the penis which is much larger than the sheath is, and when erected it draws back, and allows the penis to push out and enlarge. Instead of having the familiar and sensitive 'mushroom', like the human, it is pointy at the tip, then growing larger after 2-3 cm. The entire penis is as sensitive as the human's tip. When a dog gets aroused his penis erects and leaves the protective sheath. Unlike a human the dog creates the sperm while his penis is erected, and he is aroused. Another thing that differs is that the dog's penis will ejaculate during the entire sex act, from the first moments of erection to the end of the intercourse, this makes the intercourse more pleasurable. But the most important feature, is the one that makes the sex act most exciting, the dog's KNOT... When a dog enters the bitch and starts his humping motion in her vagina, he also starts coming instantly. But after some time, when the male dog reaches 'real orgasm' then the base of his penis will swell. The male dog will then try to push this knot inside the bitch's vagina. Once inside he will not move any longer, instead he will keep a constant pressure to assure that the knot is really inside. During these seconds the knot will start swelling even more inside the vagina to such a size that it won't be able to extract. During this time the dog will start to ejaculate even more intensely inside the vagina. The knot's function will then be to keep the mating couple together for some time. The reason is to ensure that the sperm is deposited deep inside the vagina and to increase the chance for insemination. Many women only have sex with dogs because of this feature.

Making love to a dog can be very simple, as they are always ready for you. However I have these items handy when the itch starts, just to make my pleasure even greater and to make it good and safe for me. I put socks, on my lover's paws to prevent them from scratching me. But, most importantly, with these dogs, I wear my Contraceptive cap and spermicide, to prevent inadvertent pregnancy!

The dog starts coming almost instantly when his penis erects. At the beginning the spurts are very slow and the amount of liquid is very small, but the more aroused he gets the more liquid will he produce. When I'm prepared to let him enter me, I find it's wise to have a big towel under me so that his semen wont stain the carpet or sheets. I should add that these dog's sperm CAN get you pregnant! Therefore I take my usual precautions to prevent that problem. I can't take the Pill so I have to use a contraceptive cap which I fill with spermicide and have to leave in position for at least 6 hours after love making has finished.

There are several positions in which I can make love to my dogs. Each position has an advantage, but it's good if you know something about all positions, that is which one gives the most pleasure, which one is where the penis enters you the deepest, or which one where my clitoris is mostly stimulated and the most important, in which position I am likely to end up in a 'tie' with the dog.

The missionary position is probably the most used position through time. In the missionary position the woman lies on her back and the man is above. The missionary position can also be used when making love to a dog, it gives the woman a chance to supervise the entire session and to see the entire process. The missionary position can be performed in bed or on the floor. If the dog is a big one, it's good if you have 1 or more pillows, the big 'hard' model is preferable, which can be placed under my body. By placing them under my buttocks, the lower part of my body will be in such an angle that the penis can be inserted easily into my vagina. When in position you guide my lover's penis, to make it easier for him to enter you, and when he is inside you I just try to relax. The lubricating semen of his will make it extremely easy, and within a few seconds he will start to make the so familiar 'humping' motions. What is interesting and enjoyable is that the rhythm is pretty fast and the session is very wet. During the entire session the dog will come inside me, lubricating the walls of my vagina. But when a dog approaches 'real' orgasm his penis will start to swell even more, especially the base of his erection. This is the moment to decide whether I should let him get in a tie with me or not. If I don't want to then I try to push him away by grabbing gently around the base of his penis, however it's the tie that makes it extremely pleasurable, and by not engaging in a tie with my lover, I wont get the ultimate feeling. If I let him keep humping me his penis will swell even more, and suddenly he will stop with his entire shaft inside me, and at the same time I feel the warm semen spurting inside me, his penis pulsing. The amount of semen in each jet increases, and the watery and transparent appearance of it is changed into a more whitish liquid which reminds me of human sperm. In a few seconds his penis reaches such a size that the base of it will be up to 3 times the diameter. The base of the penis that has swollen to such a size is located just inside my vagina. The knot will be in my vagina and I feel my body is completely filled. A dog's body temperature is very much higher than a human's, therefore I can feel the heat of his warm seed spurting deep inside my me, and due to the pressure caused by his enlarged penis, it will soon spread in my entire abdomen. The knot means that nothing will leak out. After a minute or two I will feel his penis swell even more, and I sometimes panic at some point when I think that he will swell to such a size he will split my vagina. The enlargement comes slowly and the vagina accommodates to the size easily.

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