Sooo Sweet

by Vickie Tern

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, TransGender, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wife telling a story about her husband

Wonderful, Sally! Come back in two hours, and don't give it another thought. Everything'll be just the way you want it. Wash, style, set, perm, the whole hairdo, same as in the book. And everything else, too. A complete makeover. It'll look fantastic, you'll see! Trust me!.

You haven't been here before, have you hon? Sally's one of my regulars. My name's Janet, by the way. Just sit down over here, and let's see what we've got to work with.

You know, there's a terrific woman, Sally! I'm sure any husband of Sally's would have to count his lucky stars he's got her for a wife. Some people marry lucky, some don't, you know? It's so easy to make a mistake when you're young. You don't know anything. People change. It takes a lot of love, and caring, and lots of adjustments to keep a good marriage going. Lots of give and take, believe me! But I bet you already know that!

Now, take my darling hubby. He is soooo sweet, and soooo thoughtful, and soooo generous. I feel so lucky to be married to him. He stops by every evening when I'm closing up shop, to kiss me good night before he goes off to work, and I just burst with pride and happiness. He is such a dear! Last night I was cleaning up, and thinking about things, when he showed up, and he was getting himself ready to go to work when it just came over me, I felt so good about him,

and so thankful, that I just couldn't help it. I jumped up on him and wrapped my arms and legs around him and squeezed him for dear life, and just plastered his face with kisses. Lipstick smeared all over. But I didn't care -- I just wanted him to know how I felt. He is soooo sweet! And he didn't really mind at all. He just patted me on my behind and said, "Anything for you dear, anything. I mean it!" And off he went to work, and he blew me a kiss when he went out the door. Oooh! That wonderful man!

Sometimes he's a little embarrassed when I'm "demonstrative," as he calls it, especially when I hug him or kiss him in public. But I don't care who sees! He's my absolute angel! The things he's done for me! That's right dear, just lie back and let me work in the suds.

We've always been crazy about each other. We grew up together, right next door, and we played together, and we walked each other to school, and we gave each other the measles, and we played doctor and nurse...well, you know the way kids are. Then we got to be teenagers and for a while we didn't see each other. He played with boys and I played with girls. You know, at that age. Then we got together again.

Well, he's almost as short as I am, maybe 5'1" or 5'2", and you can see I'm barely 5' standing on my tippy toes. So people naturally paired us up in their minds. My sweetie was much too short for any of the other girls in the class. And he didn't play sports, and he was only OK in school, no real brain, so no one else was interested in him anyhow. I tried to date some other boys but I was a little chunky then, stocky I think they call it, so other boys never took me seriously. So we started to see each other again.

Now back to the chair honey. I'd better hold the towel so that pretty blouse doesn't get damp. You just step carefully. Are those five inch heels? Brand new, you're just breaking them in? Very sexy, my dear! You do have plans for tonight! Well, we'll make you beautiful, never fear.

Next comes your perm. That's what they call it, but nothing's permanent, you know that. It'll just give your hair more body, to hold the curls better when we get around to them.

Anyhow, summer nights we talked about all kinds of things, our folks, and the stars, and what I was going to wear when he took me to the prom. You know. We kissed each other, and we undressed each other, and one night we lay down in the

moonlight and made love, the very first time for both of us. He couldn't have been more considerate and gentle. I had just gone down on him, and he was sort of caressing me between the legs, and I had just managed to get all three inches

of him into my mouth, and he asked if we could do it now for real, and I was feeling, you know, passionate, so I told him, you know, yes. So we did. It felt so good. We decided that night we'd marry each other. And when we graduated high

school and I finished beautician school, and he got that terrific job as night dispatcher over at the produce market, that's what we did. We got married.

And we both worked for a few years and bought a house in that development just south of town -- we're still there -- and he got a raise, and we started saving up for kids. No, we don't have any. I think I couldn't, was the problem, the doctor told us. Anyhow, now he can't. In the end we took the money and bought this beauty parlor, and here's where I've been ever since.

Yes. It's grown out long enough now, hon, and with this little bit of clipping it's shaped up beautifully. No problem. I'm going to put in so many curls you wouldn't believe it. But first we'll color it. Honey blond it'll be. It'll look just stunning with your dark eyebrows. You'll hardly ever need to use an eyebrow pencil, just the natural color. A little plucking of course. Now lean back some more, and we'll start the ball rolling.

Anyhow, there was this darling couple moved in right next door to us, and I brought over some cake and coffee near the end of the afternoon when they were pretty well unpacked, though nothing had been put away yet of course, and we began to get to know them. They were different from us. I mean, a lot different.

We're both little people, and we're used to looking across at each other and looking up to everyone else, and we always have each other to share things, and we always will. So we think the same about things. The couple next door, they were wonderful but they were... different. I couldn't figure it. They were...strange. They were both very tall. They looked down on everybody. I mean, even each other. He'd been an athlete or a dancer or something, way back, and he'd had so many girls I don't know for certain that he respected any. And she was very tall and thin, and wore lots of leather, and she'd gone with a lot of guys, and they'd both lived in the city for a few years, before they started dating. And I think they'd each lived in Europe for a while, too, though not at the same time. So they acted superior, you know, smooth, aloof, like they were slow dancing all the time, even with each other. They'd hardly talk. Just glance

and then sort of smile privately. Maybe they had hand signals. I don't know. Maybe they just lived together and didn't love each other. I never did figure what they did for a living, but there were always people coming and going from their house, and it was a real expensive crowd to judge by the cars they drove.

There's the timer. Back to the sink for just a moment, then back to the chair.

They argued a lot when they were alone, we could hear them, and they slammed things. Once, after they'd been shouting for hours, she came stomping out of the house dressed to the nines, in a leather skirt, with real heavy eye makeup and high, high heels, like yours, but with boots up to her thighs, and straps criss-crossing all over her, and she bounced over the curb backing out of the driveway, and she didn't come back till the middle of the next morning. Then you could really hear shouting. Well, the short of it is they got divorced soon after. He got the house. She took a place in town. But they still saw a lot of each other. They were business partners, it turned out. They "referred" clients to each other he once said.

Isn't this a gorgeous color? Wait'll we put it on your hair. It'll brighten and soften your whole face. Let me get the cotton rolls in now, and we'll be on our way. Pale pink nail polish and lipstick only with this hair color dear, or else bright red. Throw away all your dark reds. You'll be a dream boat. Just wait.

Well, my dear little hubby and I invited him over to dinner, our neighbor, because he had no one to cook for him. Not that she ever cooked

I think they always went out. But we felt sorry for him. And you know what? Around dessert, we were still at the table, and we told him that, and he said it

was the other way around, that he felt sorry for us. So we ask him, why in the world? And he answered because we seemed to be leading such dull lives. So we asked him, how, we have church work, and bowling, and I have my garden and my lovely hubby has his workbench.

And he said, "Well, you never go out, do you?" And we both said together, "What for?"

And he smiled and said, "And when you're home together, what's the most exciting

thing you do?" And we sort of smiled at each other and didn't answer him.

So he came out with it as bold as you please, and he said, "You have sex together, right?" And we glanced at each other quickly and then back at him, and looked embarrassed and a little pleased, I guess.

But then he said, "But I'll bet you never do anything really exciting or daring with each other. You ever have sex with other people? Or you ever do anything really kinky?"

Well, I wasn't sure I should follow where this conversation was going. I thought

maybe he'd been drinking, had a few before he came over, but my hubby asked him just then, "What do you mean?"

And then our neighbor, his name is George, George said, "Well let me put it this

way. What's your favorite flavor ice cream?"

And my sweet hubby answered, "I don't have a favorite. I like lots of different flavors."

And George said then, "But not in a wife, right? In a wife you only like vanilla, right?"

And I popped up then and said, "Wait a minute, why do you say I'm vanilla?"

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