Rocking my Canoe

by Rachel Taylor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: On the beach taning, with the hands of a stranger roaming...

What a gorgeous day! Indian Summer was at its peak. Most of the cottagers had gone back to work, our kids were in school and we were having a grand time paddling through the lake system not too far from home. We had set out around nine that late-September morning, me in the front of the rented canoe, my husband Brian commanding ship from the stern. Our good friends, Tom and Amanda were paddling along beside us in their own fiberglass 16-footer. We had just gone past the point of land where the last cottages were, when our lunch destination came into view about a mile and half down the lake -- a small island near the far shore.

Mandy announced that she wasn't about to waste the last chance to touch up her tan. She laid her paddle across the gunwales and whipped off her sweatshirt. Our canoe slowed at the same time as my husband paused to admire her naked breasts. They were impressive -- smaller than mine but well preserved for a lady in her mid-thirties. Tom didn't seem to mind his wife's display other than to complain he wasn't getting much of a view. I looked back questioningly at Brian and when I saw a smile on his face I decided to go for it. I had unzipped my jacket in the warm weather so I shrugged it off my shoulders and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I felt like a tease so I left my bra on and picked up my paddle to resume our trip when I felt a splash from behind me. "Come on, Rachel. Off with it!" my husband jeered.

I unhooked the strap and dropped the bra on top of my shirt and jacket. I'm a well-endowed blonde and soon heard enthusiastic comments from the nearby canoe (to be honest, the blonde hair is not real but the endowment is all mine). The warm fall air felt wonderful on my skin as we continued to paddle along. The air and my thoughts were combining to produce a nice tingling in my nipples which became more erect as our journey progressed. I've always fantasized about exhibitionism and my pussy began to react as I wondered about other erections I might be causing. I was quite wet and horny by the time we got to downwind side of the island. Nevertheless, I put my T-shirt back on and helped unpack the picnic lunch and lay out the blankets. It occurred to me later that the thin material of the T-shit tightly stretched across my chest likely got to the men as much or more than my earlier nudity.

Lunch tasted as good as you might imagine. There's nothing like eating outdoors with a healthy appetite. The wine we brought along was still nicely chilled. I was thirsty from the morning's long paddle and no doubt drank more than I should. That explained my lack of reserve when Mandy suggested nude sunbathing while we digested lunch. No one objected and we peeled out of our clothing once again. The men were eyeing both of us without much pretense, and I'll confess to sneaking a glance at Tom as he stepped out of his underwear. His body type was much the same as Brian's but he was displaying the early stages of an erection. I was just beginning to satisfy my curiosity when he quickly lay face down beside his wife. This was the only man, other than my husband, that I had seen naked since my college days. The image of his half-hard cock stayed with me as I lay face down and felt the sun and the slight breeze wash over my entire body.

I find the sun's heat very relaxing. Despite the thoughts of sex running through my mind, the wine exerted it's influence and I felt myself drift into slumber. The last sound I can remember was the splash of waves among the rocky shoreline of the island.

I'm not sure how much time passed before I began to awaken. Before opening my eyes, I became aware of what had disturbed me. A warm lotion was being applied to my back and shoulders. How sweet, I thought -- Brian had the sense to bring the sun screen. I decided to pretend to remain asleep as I enjoyed the sensation of this back rub. Brian was behind me so I took a chance and peeked over to where Mandy and Tom had been but they were no longer there. I did hear the sounds of a couple splashing in the water and decided they must have felt the need to cool down.

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