Raw Talent

by Hyper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: I wake up in some bushes with a girl sleeping on top of me. We're both naked and just had the time of our lives. Then someone else joins us and the pleasure continues.

I woke up some time later to the sound of the bushes lightly rustling in the wind. Sarah was still sleeping soundly on top of me. I looked down and admired her beauty in awe. It was quite dark, but I could just make her out in the starlight. Her head was nuzzled against my chest, her shoulder length blond mane was a mess, plastered in places to her cheeks and forehead. I brushed it down with my hand and gently stroked her soft golden hair. I felt very close to this girl as her soft warm stomach rose and fell gently on my softened penis. Her hips were cocked slightly to the side for comfort, her still damp pussy pressed against my thigh. Though she was fairly petite, her beautiful silk covered legs looked as though they went on forever, lying on either side of my right leg. Her toes twitched a little in the grass through her stockings, reaching just a little beyond my own toes. Amazingly, the fabulous groin-high stockings she wore were still tightly wrapped around the tops of her thighs. They did have a few runs in them now though.

I noticed that she was covered in goose bumps. The night air had become cool, and our naked bodies were very exposed. The fact that she was still wet in areas didn't help matters. The grass under my ass and legs was soaked with our fuck juices, and the parts of my body exposed to the breeze were cold too. Where I was covered though, I was kept warm by the now seemingly delicate creature slumbering on top of me. Though she was chilled, she still radiated a lot of heat downward into me.

I reached over and grabbed my suit jacket. I laid it across her back and covered part of her head down to her upper thighs. Then I reached up beneath the jacket and gently rubbed her ass while tenderly kissing her forehead. I felt very at peace and was happy. Our experience had been so intense, that I had managed to forget all about Anna the whole time. Now though, I started to feel it again.

I thought about how wonderful this could have been if it had happened with her. Not that it wasn't great with Sarah, but it could have been even more meaningful with the woman I had dreamed about for so long. The image of Anna in her wedding dress came painfully into my mind. Her standing there at the front of the church, kissing that other man, shot pangs through my heart. He was a pretty nice guy, but boy did I want to hurt his ass!

Then the image in my mind changed to Anna the way I had seen her the other day. She was wearing a pair of form fitting dark-grey slacks and a black backless shirt that tied up around her neck and waist. The way the blouse displayed her curvaceous waist and her strong back made me exited just being around her. When I would catch he site of her nipples straining against the thin black material or the tight grey pants following her round ass cheeks into her beautiful crack, I became week in the knees.

I started to imagine Anna standing in front off me slowly removing the blouse. My dick was getting pretty uncomfortable against Sarah's ribcage, so I reached down and pulled it out from under her. It was already pretty stiff and when I let it go it sprang back against Sarah's side. I imagined the sound was Anna handling my raging hard-on after pulling it out of my pants. My god did I wish I could have had Anna to myself. My emotions were getting so high that I began to feel guilty about laying here under Sarah.

Just then, I was startled by a loud rustling of the bushes. Dawn was just starting to break, so it was still pretty dark, but I could just make out the shape of somebody walking around the bushes, looking for an entrance. My dick went instantly soft again and I didn't know what to do. Had this person seen us? Were they just trying to fulfill some voyeuristic tendencies, or did they have other reasons for trying to get to us?

Before I had a chance to think any more or react, the person found a suitable spot and stepped into our little clearing. I couldn't see much, but a touch of light glinted off of a pair of glasses. As my eyes adjusted further, I could tell that the person was fairly short and was wearing pink.

"So I see you met my cousin Sarah," said the voice. I just lay there squinting at the young girl. I knew then that it was the girl that Sarah was with at the wedding. I was panicked. I still had no idea what I was going to do or say. The girl came closer and sat down next to us. I just stared with my mouth hanging open, repositioning Sarah slightly and making sure we were covered up as much as possible.

"It's okay," she said, "I won't tell anyone. I promise. She's wanted to have sex with a real cock for long time now. Her showerhead and my mom's back massager weren't satisfying her anymore. By the way, my name's Wendy."

"Hi Wendy," I managed to creak out still not knowing what to do. I couldn't believe how this girl was talking and behaving. I relaxed slightly though, as she was completely calm and didn't seem to have any problems with the scene before her. I was really weirded out, but decided to try and make the situation as normal as possible by making some small talk. I didn't know what else to do. "So, I saw you getting some birthday cards tonight, happy birthday," I said, grasping at anything that popped into my mind.

"Thanks. Actually my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. This is just the first time I've seen any family since then"

"Well, happy belated sweet sixteen anyway. Did you get any good gifts?" My mind was reeling with the surrealness of this situation.

"Yes, but the best part about turning sixteen, is that my mom started me on the pill last week! Now I can go out and get myself properly fucked, just like Sarah."

I just about jumped out of my skin, but I didn't move too much because I didn't want to wake Sarah. That still wasn't the kind of thing I was expecting to hear from this somewhat shy looking young girl. "I think at your age you can take your time and wait Wendy," I said gulping down my surprise.

"Naw, I'm tired of being a virgin. Once you're sixteen it's legal to get fucked by anyone as long as your parents let you. There's a lot of guys out there, and I want to start getting my share," she said confidently.

My dick was starting to get hard again, hearing this girl talk about fucking so frankly and openly. The tip of my pecker was beneath Sarah's chest, and it was now moving slowly forward up between her breasts. Sarah began to stir a little, but she just turned her head to the other side and remained asleep.

"I bet she was pretty good for a virgin, wasn't she?" Wendy whispered. "She's been practicing, humping her life-sized teddy bear, masturbating, and reading a lot of books. Well, we both have. We experimented on each other once, but that didn't work out too well. Either we did something wrong or neither of us are lesbians. I didn't like it." This started an uneasy feeling in my gut, and it was made worse by what she said next. "I can't believe Sarah fucked a guy before me. She hasn't even had her birthday party yet!"

I slammed my head down against the ground and stared at the sky in shock. My hands came quickly off of Sarah's ass and out of the jacket. "Oh my god... how old is your cousin anyway?" I said with a very shaky voice.

"It's her 16th birthday tomorrow. Well actually, it's way past midnight, so today. She looks pretty mature for her age doesn't she? You know, I don't think anybody else is going to give her a better present than you did," she giggled.

Every part of my body that wasn't in contact with Sarah was straining to get even further away. My mind was reeling. This beautiful girl wasn't just a couple of years younger than me. She wasn't even 18. Wendy was right about sex with a sixteen year old being legal with parental consent, but I was still freaked out. I thought she was at least 21! Strangely enough, though my mind and most of my body were in shock, my cock was still getting harder and longer. I was just thinking about moving Sarah off of me when it poked her in the chin. Still seemingly asleep, she moved her head down and wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick. Her forehead was now digging into my lower chest, as she sucked hard on my head. Her tongue started to swirl around it and then she started to tongue-fuck my piss-hole again.

The jacket still mostly covered Sarah's head, so Wendy couldn't see exactly what was happening, but she knew what was going on. I wanted to get up, but Sarah's mouth was making me feel so good, and I was getting really turned on. I whispered Sarah's name, but she didn't respond.

"Oh, she's probably still at least half asleep," said Wendy. "She's a total nymph that girl. I've seen her when she comes over to my house for sleepovers. You know how little kids sleep better with a soother in their mouth? Well Sarah's slept with a dildo in her mouth most nights since she was fifteen. Once, I saw her rub her cunt until she came, without even waking up. She must have the most awesome dreams."

I was still a little freaked out, but I decided to relax a little and enjoy the sensations running through my loins. Things couldn't get much crazier than they already were. "If Sarah is such a nymph and experiments so much, how is it that she still had a virgin vagina?" I asked, holding in a moan.

"Our moms are pretty cool about sex, but they're also very strict in some ways. They said they would explain things, answer all our questions and let us make all of our own decisions when it came to sex, as long as we waited until we were sixteen before having intercourse. Every month, Sarah's mom would check her pussy to make sure it hadn't been fully penetrated to make sure she was keeping her end of the bargain. We'd masturbate with our hands or massagers and play with our clits. We'd even fuck ourselves with small soft objects, but nothing too major. Besides, we both loved the thought of saving our hymens for a real live hot and throbbing cock. From the looks of your reach, she wasn't disappointed."

I was blown away. "Wow," I said, "my parents never even said a single word about sex to me when I was your age."

"Yeah, well our mothers grew up together with their aunt after my grandmother died. Great Aunty Kate had been a call girl in her younger days and so was pretty open about sex."

Meanwhile, Sarah was still sucking harder than ever on the tip my dick. "Here ya' go," said Wendy, and she reached over, grabbed Sarah's shoulders, and pushed her downward on me. This drove her mouth deeper around me and my cock hit the back of her mouth. She started to gag a bit and the jerking motion on the tip of my dick felt amazing. I started to blow my load and Sarah's gagging turned into choking as my cum flooded her mouth.

Wendy reached over, threw the jacket off and pulled Sarah's head up. Sarah rolled off of me, most of the thick sticky cum leaked out, and she stopped choking. Wendy grabbed my still twitching pecker with both hands and pumped out my remaining fluid.

I was staring at Sarah who was now laying on her back on top of my jacket with her neck over my left arm. The entire front of her body was still slightly damp and shiny with sweat and sex juices. The tiny little hairs on her stomach and hips were standing straight up. Her tits hung slightly to each side, and her big long nipples were hard as stones. She had her head turned to towards me and coughed a few times. Her eyes were still closed and I didn't know if she had ever woken up. If not, she must have had another awesome dream. She licked her lips a few times, rolled onto her side facing me, and threw her left arm across the top of my chest. I still could not believe that this girl was sixteen. She looked so mature. She could easily have passed for 22.

It wasn't until Sarah had seemed to settle back into a solid slumber again that I fully noticed what Wendy was doing. She had taken off her glasses and was cleaning my cock, balls, and chest off with her tongue. I was completely washed off. When I looked down at her, she flashed me a metallic smile and then went back to work on my balls. She gently sucked my right testicle into her mouth, licking the bottom of it the whole time. She rolled it in her mouth for while then spit it out. Geese, good thing the braces are on the outside of her teeth. She sucked the other one into her mouth and did the same thing. She alternated from ball to ball for a while, until I started to get hard again. Then she undid the clasp at the back of her head and let her hair fall down around her. She had very long brown hair and it was very soft. The feeling of it brushing lightly across my stomach and hard-on was very arousing. Once it was clear that I was fully erect, she stuck out her tongue and started licking her way up my shaft. Her tongue was soft, and very hot. It was thin, and looked like it stuck out of her mouth by 3 inches. I've seen full-grown dicks in the locker room that weren't as long as this girl's tongue.

When she reached the end, she swirled her tongue around the head once and then stood up. The sun was starting to rise, and I could see her more clearly now. She was actually quite pretty with her hair down, her glasses off, and her mouth closed. She had soft rounded features, darker skin than her cousin and piercing brown eyes. While Wendy wasn't quite as physically mature as Sarah, she was still quite attractive after all. In her present state, she no longer looked her age either. The only thing that still gave her away was the awful pink dress.

She stood at my feet, looking down at me. "I think you're exactly what we've wanted ever since we were thirteen, a really nice guy with a really nice cock. How would you like to give me a sweet sixteen present too?"

"I don't know Wendy. I didn't know that Sarah was only sixteen. I'm twenty-four for god's sake. I think maybe we should stop now and you two should get ready to go home."

As I finished my excuse, she turned around and zipped the back of her dress down to her waist. Then she grabbed the bottom of it on either side and pulled it up straight over her head. She threw it onto a branch of a tree and started to shake her little ass at me. It was just as perfectly formed and round as Sarah's, only this one was smaller and had tan lines showing around her skimpy little cotton panties. My eyes swept up and took in the whole view. Although her hips weren't very wide, her waist still curved inwards. I think I could have wrapped my hands all the way around that waist. Her back was very toned and defined and her spine stood out slightly. She was not wearing a bra and she clearly did not have any tan lines up there. Her legs were also very toned and somewhat muscular. On them, she whore a pair of sheer white silk stockings that reached up to the middle of her things, topped off in lace. Though she was quite petite and defined, she was not overly skinny, and it was clear that she was athletic.

When she turned around, still dancing, I changed my mind about her being awkward looking. Her tits were well tanned and firm. They were about Champaign glass sized, A or B cups, and perfectly shaped. They curved upwards into the air. Her small hard nipples pointed up to the sky and were surrounded by rather large areolas. The deep red circles puffed out slightly from the rest of the breasts and were covered with little bumps.

Below her ribs, she had a beautiful flat stomach, and the slight impression of a six-pack. It was clear that she was pretty horny, because the front of her panties were soaked through. The dark colour of her bush was clearly visible and I could make out the outline of her swollen pussy lips as they seemed to be straining for release. She turned around again, and sat down with her soft cotton covered crack over my cock. She started gyrating her hips and said, "This little bitch is in heat. Are you sure about stopping, or are you going to make me really happy and break me in."

I was so fucking horny at that point that I couldn't think straight. "Oh what the hell," I said, "Happy birthday you little slut."

With that, she stood up, turned around, and planted a foot on either side of my waist. She bent her knees, hanging her soaked cunt over my dick. She grabbed the crotch of her panties and yanked on them until they ripped and she was able to hike them up out of the way. "Go for it big guy."

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