Two in the Bush

by Hyper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: I find a girl masturbating in the bushes. She invites me to join her and we have a great time pleasuring each other.

This had to be one of the ugliest groups of people ever. Anna and her new groom hardly had any attractive female friends or family. There were a few of your average bar sluts dressed up in short backless dresses that made me hard, but they didn't seem all that interesting, and they all had big jock boyfriends with them.

I was not having a good time. Not only was I at a wedding surrounded by people I didn't know and had seemingly no chance for a good time, but I was pretty upset about this wedding in the first place. I had known Anna for about 5 years now, and had dreamed of making her my fuck buddy since the day I met her. Unfortunately she didn't share these feelings. She always said that she really liked me, just not in 'that way'. One time she even said that she kind of thought of me as a brother. Ouch!

Well, I finally thought that my luck for the evening might change a little, when just as supper was about to be served, another group of people came in. With them, there was one girl that caught my eye. She was an absolutely gorgeous blond who looked to be in her early twenties, 22 or 23 perhaps. I do like them a couple of years younger. Now, at least I'd have something to look at. She was with what looked like her parents and a younger brunette girl, probably her sister or cousin. This other girl was kind of awkward looking, a late bloomer to be polite. She had big glasses, braces and was wearing a big poofy pink dress. I was watching the table closely, and a few minutes later, I saw the awkward girl getting a few 16th birthday cards from what looked to be her grandparents and other relatives.

I hardly took my eyes off of the stunning petite blond all throughout the meal and the speeches. She was absolutely beautiful. She was about 5'5", had short blond hair, and a cute face with dazzling green eyes. She was wearing a grey knit ankle-length dress that clung tightly to every sweet curve, showing off her firm young body. The thin straps of the dress and the graceful swaying of her chest showed that she was not wearing a bra. Even without a bra though, her beautiful breasts, probably C cups, did not sag at all, sitting up perkily and proud. One time, when she went to the bar for a drink, she leaned over the icebox to flirt with the bartender. When she turned around and started to walk back to her table, I could see her nipples sticking out about half an inch, even under her dress. I just about fell off my chair. I guess she saw this, because she turned to me and smiled and winked as she walked past.

Sadly, I somehow lost track of her later in the evening and she and the younger girl were gone. A while later, the awkward girl came back spinning a set of car keys on her finger. I assumed she had given her cousin or sister or whatever a ride elsewhere. That's when I left the hall to get a breath of fresh air. As I came to accept that my beauty was gone and my night would be a complete loss, I started feeling pretty upset again about Anna getting married. I still carried a huge torch for her. I never even got to first base with Anna though, never mind fucking her brains out like I wanted to. And now, with the only bright spot of the evening gone, I was getting depressed.

I went and sat down on a bench in the park across from the hall and stared up at the clear night sky. There was no moon but the stars shone brightly. I had been there for a few minutes, when I started to hear some rustling in the bushes behind me. I perked up my ears, but didn't hear anything more for a few minutes. Then I heard some more sounds like someone moving in the bushes, and then what sounded like a quiet moan. I got up and walked around the bench. The noise grew a little louder so I parted the bushes where the sound was coming from. There in front of me, was a shocking, but beautiful sight.

There was the girl that my eyes had been stalking all night, on the grass in a small clearing in the thick bushes. She was laying flat on her back with her legs stretched straight out. Her eyes were closed. Sweat was dripping down her forehead. She had one arm folded behind her head and the other one inside her dress, moving up and down furiously on her pussy.

All I could do was stand there and watch in amazement as she writhed with passion there in the bushes. Her right arm was completely inside her dress, that hand pumping up and down on her cunt feverishly. I could just make our her thumb moving back and forth and in circles, probably rubbing her clit and she had at least two fingers working in and out of her hole. She threw her head back, and with the left hand and arm, started working her breasts over through her dress. She rubbed her elbow over her left tit while squeezing, rubbing, and pinching the other one. Every now and then a small gasp would escape her lips when she'd pinch her nipple really hard. My dick was immediately so stiff that I thought it was going to explode.

Just as I started to wake up a bit and move closer, she started to moan quietly and her hips started bucking up and down wildly. For almost a whole minute, her entire body convulsed madly. If she wasn't so obviously masturbating, I would have thought she was having a seizure. Then suddenly she went stiff as a board, her back arched high above the ground with her ass sticking down, and her body supported only by her feet and her shoulders. She let out a few moans and gasps and kept up the pumping and squeezing. After a few moments, she stopped the pumping and crashed down to the ground in a heap, still with her eyes closed and her arm rubbing her breasts.

I took in the amazing sight a little longer and then turned to leave. I figured she was finished and would just rest for a while before coming in. Then, still not having opened an eye, she said quietly, "Was it good for you?" I couldn't believe my ears! Her eyes had been closed the whole time, but somehow she new I was there.

She licked her lips seductively then whispered, "Come join me and I'll give you a hell of a better time".

Well, she didn't have to twist my arm. The bulge in my pants was killing me and needed some relief. As I stepped through the bushes, she slowly pulled her arm out of her dress. When I got within a few feet of her, she opened one eye and said, "I was hoping it was you, but I'm so horny I'd fuck a dog right now".

She stood up and came closer. As I reached out to touch her, she said, "No. Just stand still and I'll take care of you". Sure, whatever she wants.

She went around behind me and helped me off with my jacket. Then she came in front of me and put her lips to mine while she started to unbutton my shirt. Her lips were soft and wet, and so hot it felt like they were burning. I felt her push her tongue through our lips and it was like heaven. She started swirling it all over, licking my teeth, sucking my tongue, and just basically tongue fucking my mouth.

Without breaking the bond between our mouths, she took off my shirt and pressed her body against mine. Oh god, she felt wonderful. Her firm breasts dug into my stomach, and I could feel her nipples poking me. She wrapped her arms around me pulling us together tighter. Even through her dress, I could feel the heat radiating from her flesh. I thought my legs were going to give out right there. I reached around her and grabbed a globe of her sweet ass in each hand. She started moaning and grinding her cunt against my thigh and her stomach against my bulge. All the while, her tongue in my mouth was still blowing my mind.

She started giggling a bit and pulled away, looking down at me. "Your pretty excited aren't you big boy". I wasn't wearing a belt, and the head of my cock had managed to partially escape the confines of my pants, sticking out a couple of inches. Without another word she leaned over and started to lick it. It was all I could do to stop myself from cumming right then. She kept licking the end of my cock, applying saliva liberally. Then she started to alternate between licking and gently kissing it. She slowly undid my zipper and without unbuttoning my pants, reached in and started massaging my balls through my underwear. Then she started to play in my piss hole with her tongue. Now she was tongue-fucking my penis.

I was in absolute heaven and I could feel my balls start to churn. "I'm going to come baby, I can't take much more." I said, " it comes!" Just then, as I was about to spurt, she lifted her mouth off, slid the hand in my pants upwards, grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard. My orgasm subsided, and my legs buckled. It was the most amount of pleasure that I'd ever felt without having an actual orgasm.

I was now lying on my back. She bent over and took off my shoes, undid my pants button, rubbing against my semi-hard dick a few times, then pulled my pants off, leaving me in just my socks and briefs.

She then laid herself face down on top of me. She started to kiss my neck with soft wet kisses and started grinding her hips again. Her right tit was crushed against my chest, her hard nipple digging into mine. I pulled down the left strap of her dress and reached in to grab the free breast. It was fantastic. Her skin was the silky smooth and the breast was very firm but still amazingly soft. I started squeezing and messaging it, while pressing and rubbing her stiff nipple. The light pink areola was pretty small, and it kind of dipped in around the nipple as if it couldn't support the weight. The nipple itself was about three quarters of an inch long and stood straight out.

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