Some Things Just Happen

by M1ke Hunt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: (#15) a chance encounter and a long lifelong longing

You should be 18 to read this. It is a MIKE HUNT story and there is sex here.

But I mostly write these ditties with you readers squarely in mind. And there's usually some decent rock-and-roll fucking or other weird shit going on. Not this time. I wrote this one for me. And for her. If you're looking for that heavy breathing funny bunny mambo action try someone else's. Or wait 'til next time. I'm not retiring or anything, I just wanted to put a personal one up on the board.

Some things just happen. People call it fate. Others think it's luck. Me? I think some things just happen. It's not like there has to be a reason for everything.

Like you're at your town's 4th of July celebration, and there are hundreds of people all sitting around on blankets. It's a warm night, maybe a little too muggy, but OK because there's a breeze. And you're walking around because you're there alone.

You stop at a corner to decide where to go and you look down and lo and behold you see a couple of girls talking to each other just to your left. As you look more closely, you notice that you have a perfect view right through the armhole of one of the girls' blouses and you can see her entire breast, right down to the nipple. Now what do you do? Of course. You stand there and get an erection.

Well first you put on your sunglasses so people can't tell exactly what you're staring at. Like you're fooling somebody. And then you try to arrange yourself inside your pants for maximum comfort and minimum display, even though you want to take your dick out and play with it. And you stare.

You understand that she doesn't know she's on display and would probably be mortified if she did, and that makes this chance encounter all the more exciting. And as you continue to look, you realize that she has a beautifully formed breast. Not big. The nicest ones aren't huge. They just have the right shape and definition, and are capped by a pretty pink tip. And this one is, and you know that you'll hold this memory and masturbate to it many times. It's a breast worth remembering.

And then the girl suddenly turns and looks directly into your face and you know you've been caught and you're embarrassed and you don't know what to do and then she says "Hi." You're so dumbfounded you can't think of a single thing to say and you stand there like a complete asshole and she overlooks your stupidity and she says "Hi" again.

Some things just happen.

Or like it's summer and you're hiking in the Adirondacks and you've been going for five hours including rest stops, but you're starting to get tired. You need a break and you walk off the trail a hundred yards or so to lean on a huge fallen tree and have a candy bar when you hear some sounds from the other side of the enormous log.

You look over and see two people lying on a blanket and you realize they're completely naked and they're making love. It's obvious that they're so engrossed with one another they'll never see you, and you have a perfect view through the entwined roots of the overturned tree. So you watch.

The man is on top of the woman, and her legs are spread and bent at the knee, and she is apparently just lying there getting slowly and gently banged and loving it. You can see her pelvis occasionally bounce to meet the guy's thrusts, but mostly she's just lying there with her eyes squinted closed and she's taking the pounding that he's giving her.

The guy is working hard. He has a nice sized erection and is sliding it into her, then withdrawing, then plunging forward again. You can't see everything, of course, but as luck would have it you have as close to a perfect view as possible given the circumstances. Some things just happen. As you watch your lovers' gentle fight you lower your zipper and pull yourself out and begin stroking, your own sexual feelings adding to the conflagration just around the corner, through the tree roots, on a blanket by your hiking trail.

And when you hear the couple's groans you know that one of them is about to have an orgasm and you reach your own peak, sprinkling the mountaintop ground cover, each spurt landing in a little different place as though you are helping nature fertilize the forest. And you wonder what chance encounter brought you to this place at this time and then you remember that some things just happen.

This is the story of one thing that happened to me. That's just what happens, sometimes.

I was sitting on a park bench reading a paperback. I love to read. Always have. It was a late summer evening, and the breeze from the Charles River was blowing gently, just enough to keep the muggy May air a little cool. The riverbanks weren't crowded, the occasional rollerblade couple, once in a while someone walking a dog. I was far enough down river to miss most of the kids; they tended to congregate up by the Hatch Shell, especially when there was no outdoor Pops concert going on, like tonight.

There was still plenty of light for reading. It was only 7:30 or so, and I had another hour, maybe more, before the onset of night. I studied my book, a light fiction romance that had been recommended to me by a girl friend. Not a girlfriend, just a friend who happened to be a girl.

I was enjoying the book, especially since I never would have picked it off the bookshelf on my own. My eyes were skipping along the author's words when I heard her.

"Mind if I share the bench with you?"

I looked up. I saw a female form standing several feet away, still on the tarmac of the walkway. I couldn't see her face as the late afternoon sun was almost directly behind her. It wasn't that she was shadowed by the light, rather that the glare from the sun shone directly into my eyes. I raised one hand and made it into a visor at the top of my forehead. It didn't help.

I guessed she was 5' 2" or so. Her figure was cute. Oh, maybe she could have used another inch at the bustline or maybe have lost an inch off her waist, but anyone who looks for such perfection in every woman he sees is just fooling himself. I'm not exactly Adonis myself and I think most all women are beautiful. They come in all sorts of interesting packages. Sometimes the discovery of the person inside is more fun than the package itself. Like Christmas morning, when the prettiest wrapping doesn't always conceal the best toy.

"Sure. Sit down," I offered. "But be careful. Somebody spilled a Coke or something at the far end. The seat is still sticky. I found out the hard way."

"Oh, thanks," she said. "Really. If you want to stretch out or something I'll just find another. It's OK."

"Don't be silly," I said. "If I hadn't meant for you to sit down I wouldn't have said so. I'm just reading this delightful book. You being here won't disturb me in the slightest."

"Thanks," she said, taking a couple steps toward the center of the wood seat. As she turned and sat down I saw her hair, naturally curly and brown as it twisted across her face. Newton's laws still held, and the hair finally caught up with the head spin, returning to its proper place, framing her head evenly on both sides. I still couldn't see her face very well because of the peculiar angle of the sun.

"What are you reading?" she asked.

"It's called 'Writer's Dream, '" I answered. "It's a light romance about a man and a woman who have a chance meeting on a computer bulletin board and go on to meet in person. I think they're about to get physical, but I don't know. I haven't read that far."

"Oh," she said. "Sounds kind of interesting. I've talked to people by computer, but none that I find interesting enough to follow through and meet. Anyway, that's the last thing I would need to do at the moment. I'm having enough trouble in my relationship right now to do something like that."

"Oh?" I echoed.

"Yeah, well, we're moving. So we have all those incredible pressures. Our first house. New mortgage. Hook up the phone. Call the gas company. Make sure the electric is on. Closing date. Fight with the bank. Calls from the realtor. The list goes forever, and it's all fallen on me because he works so hard."

"Lotta stress," I sympathized.

"Yeah, but somebody's got to do it and it can't be him. He's a lawyer. Just out of college, trying to get going. He works 14 hour days every day. So everything gets dumped on me. Some things just happen that way, you know?"

I nodded. I thought she looked young. Maybe 5 or 10 years younger than me. It was tough to tell in the light.

"Anyway, I don't mind. My job is pretty regular, and I like it, so at least that part of my life is good. I mean, not that the other part isn't. I don't mean to give the wrong impression. I love him and he loves me. I just wish we had more time together."

"Sure," I said. She didn't say anything. We sat in silence for a few moments.

"I'm Mike," I offered, trying to break the quiet.

"Huh?" she said, apparently lost in her own thoughts.

"I'm Mike," I repeated.

"Oh, sorry. Sure. Nice to meet you. I'm Penny."

"Hi Penny. Nice night, huh?"

"I suppose. Looks like there might be a storm brewing, though," she offered.

We were talking about the weather. Jeez, if I can't do better than that. I tried to figure out where to take the conversation.

"So you were saying? About your husband?"

"Oh yeah. Well, all the stress just built up and we had a big fight and started screaming at each other and I just needed some air, so here I am. A nice night for a walk. I needed the exercise and I needed the space, at least for a while."

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