Sneaky Love

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's not easy having a kid, especially when you want to...

Chapter 1

"I don't know," my wife said as soon as she had applied lipstick on her full lips. "It's a big step to take. Up till now it's only been you and me. What will happen when we get a third person into our lives?"

We were getting ready to receive our guests. There was to be nine. They were my staff with wives, except for Thomas, Tom, who wasn't more than eighteen and just out of school. We used to have them around a couple of times during the year partly to keep the feelings of the small business I had running smoothly but also because we both liked them all.

"Oh, darling. Of course you're a little scared. It's only natural. It is a big step. But I think the time is right. We are doing well. The house is big enough for at least two kids, and you stopped taking the pill last month."

"Yes. I know what we agreed to. But..."

"You know I don't feel the same making love to you with a rubber. It takes away the feeling of your pussy around my prick."

"It's not the same for me either. Oh. Darling, let's just wait another month or so. I just want to get used to the idea, the feeling of," she hesitated,

"of motherhood I guess."

"If that's what you want," I sighed. We had had this discussion a couple of months ago to. She was scared stiff of getting pregnant, of the responsibilities. She was an only child and wasn't used to getting any competition regarding love. I don't think she was envious of the love I had to share between her and the child but maybe that she didn't think that she could divide her love. I was the third child in our family and my parents never treated me and my brother and sister differently. They loved us all equally much and I knew that my feelings for Ella wouldn't change just because of a child.

She stood and turned to face me.

"I'm ready," she said and looked at me. "You know," she shrugged her shoulders, "you know if you were to take advantage of me tonight, if I had a little to much to drink that is, you could... Well you could make love to me without any rubber."

"Oh, I couldn't do that. I want you to be aware of it. Our first child."

"The option's there..."

We went downstairs and waited for our guests and nothing more was said about it.

The evening passed and Ella and Tom seemed to be the only ones who drank to much. Tom soon got so smashed that we had to put him in our guest-room and I forgot all about him and Ella excused herself just after midnight and went upstairs on wobbly legs. When I looked in at her half an hour later she was asleep in our bed and I went downstairs again.

Half past one all the guests were gone and I sat down with a final whisky and thought about Ella's suggestion. I could feel myself getting hard, but I didn't want it to happen that way.

I went upstairs and got ready for bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep and slept for about an hour when I woke and had to go to the bathroom. When I again lay down I saw that I had forgotten to turn off the light in the bathroom and that the light illuminated Ella and that she was clearly visible from my side, but left my side of the bed in the dark. I was to tired to get up again so I turned towards my wife and looked at her. She was laying on her back with the covers thrown away and just a bit of the duvet covering her stomach.

My eyes stayed for a while at her small perky tits. They were just visible over her chest, topped with little nipples in completely round aureoles. A flat stomach which sloped slightly down to her auburn-haired pussy. And in all that hair I knew that her rather fat labia was hidden. I doubled my pillow so I had a clear view of her pussy and could now see the beginning of her fat lips. I could feel my cock harden just looking at her.

I reached over and took her hand in mine and drifted back into light slumber as you sometimes do when you has been awake for a while in the middle of the night.

Suddenly I was awake.

Something wasn't right. Without any stirring I opened my eyes to look around and I saw a dark silhouette in the doorway. Tom! I had forgotten all about him. I saw that he looked at the bed and since I had forgotten to swhich off the bathroom light my wife's side of the bed was clearly visible to him while mine was more or less dark. I turned my eyes over to my wife. I could clearly see her, and she wasn't covered. During the night she had thrown off her blanket and since we always sleep in the nude she was laying naked before Tom! That was why he stood there.

Suddenly he took a step nearer the bed. And then another and soon he stood by it. I closed my eyes to hide that I was awake and looked at him through the slits. Why I didn't tell him to get the fuck out I don't know. I was a little turned on by the fact that another man was enjoying the beauty of my wife. That another man could enjoy her small breasts and wide hips. The hairy hill of her womanhood.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him reach out a hand and put it on my wife's tit. Her breathing stopped for a second and he was about to draw back his hand when she again started to breath the heavy breathing of a sleeping human.

At once he grew bolder and I could see how he tweaked the nipple between the thumb and forefinger and how it grew hard and the aureole crinkled. I didn't know that a woman could feel anything when she was asleep, but why not? If someone was about to squeeze my prick in my sleep it would grow hard, not that it needed that at the moment. It had sprung to hardness at the same time as Tom lay his hand on Ella's breast.

I could hear the faint sound of his zipper being lowered and saw how he scooped his hand inside his trousers and took out his hard prick. I felt a little superior when I saw it. It wasn't as big as mine but just as stiff. Maybe it was a little fatter it was hard to tell because his hand surrounded it and he pumped it slowly as he caressed my wife's breast.

He let go of his dick and the hand which had been wanking it drifted down to my wife's vagina. I realized that she lay with her legs slightly open and that he was able to see, and feel, the puffy, pinkish pussylips. If she was reacting anywhere like she did when I caressed it I knew that there would be little droplets of dew clinging to them, slowly drifting out and wetting the hair that almost covered her crotch.

Tom let go of my wife's breast, bent down and put his nose close to my wife's pussy and I could hear him sniff the air just above it. I knew that the musky smell from her would be noticeable. And if it had been me I would have had a hard time controlling my lust to sink either my tongue or my cock in that juicy cunt.

Tom wasn't different! I saw how his tongue extracted and took a tentative lick at my wife's pussy. And I saw her hips jerk a little and if I hadn't watched so closely I would have missed it.

Tom didn't miss it. He drove his tongue deeper in between the slick pussylips and faint squelching sounds could be heard when my wife's pussy got wetter and wetter.

Suddenly I could feel how her hand, that was holding mine, squeezed mine and I heard a faint moan escape her lips and I saw her hips shake. She had an orgasm!

Tom noticed it to and he stopped licking and lifted his head and looked up at us.

I pretended to be asleep because I was curious, and it was a situation I didn't know how to handle anymore. It was to late to stop him. He had already done more than I thought that I ever would have let any man do. And it was a hot situation. Watching your wife having an orgasm with another man! I was both jealous, angry and curious, but most of all I was horny. Hornier than I ever had been!

Why Ella pretended to be asleep I don't know. I was almost certain that she pretended. I couldn't be sure of course but her hand squeezing mine gave her away.

When Tom saw that my wife still seemed to be asleep he frowned his nose a little as if he considered what to do next.

I saw him unbutton his trousers and lower them.

What was he doing?

I didn't have to wait long for the answer. He climbed up between my wife's legs which had drifted further apart under his licking and gave him ample room between them. He climbed up over my wife and stood on straight arms while his cock was touching my wife's pussylips. He let it at that for a long time. Just feeling the softness of her vagina with the tip of his cock. I waited impatiently for his next move, I was sure there was going to be one. Was he going to cum like that? Was he going to jack of with his cock touching my wife's privates? I didn't think that he would dare doing that since that would leave some signs.

Suddenly his hips started to move. He was pushing his cock against my wife's crotch. She obviously liked it because I could see how her hips moved in small, small moves, just noticeable to me but I bet that he could feel it well enough! It seemed to spur him on and he pushed a little harder for each time and suddenly I could feel my wife squeeze my hand and gasp a little. She hid it with a very impressing little snoring sound.

Had he penetrated her?

I opened my eyes wide to be able to see better. Not caring if he saw me or not.


The head of his cock was between my wife's puffy lips and I could see that they were pushed aside by his wide mushroom and while I watched he sank deeper and deeper into my wife's fertile cunt! Soon he was buried ballsdeep in it and he started a slow, slow fucking with her. She sleeping, or so he thought, the deep alcohol-induced sleep and I likewise.

He got a little more careless and I could feel the bed rock slightly when he pushed in and out of my wife's pussy. I could see her pink pussylips cling to his hard shaft as it withdrew and follow it in when he pushed forwards.

I wanted to pump my cock but my wife held tightly to my hand and the other was tucked under my head and I couldn't move it without letting both of them know that I was awake. Awake and aware of the fact that my wife was letting another man fuck her while she was at the peek of fertility. I didn't want that to happen. I loved her so and I couldn't know what would happen if she knew, maybe she suspected but she couldn't know. Not as I knew that she was awake. Her breathing and her undulating hips told me so.

He couldn't have been fucking her for more than five minutes when she moaned a little and her hips jerked up and stayed turned upwards while she had another orgasm. Tom must have felt her pussymuscles contract since he stayed still with his cock deep in my wife while her orgasm lasted. Soon he started his pumping movements again and this time my wife to got a little careless and her hips met his in a more obvious way and her breathing became more labored.

The fuck built up and soon I heard Tom groan a deep stifled groan and stayed still while his asscheeks clenched while he pumped his potent seed into my wife's womb!

Ella held my hand tight as he pumped in her and she seemed to squeeze it in the same rhythm as his cock pumped is load.

Finally he sighed, withdrew, stood by the bed and buttoned up his trousers. Before he left he patted my wife's pussy one last time and I could see that he tried to close her gaping pussylips as if he knew that if he could make her keep the sperm inside her it would have a great chance to impregnate her.

Soon I could hear the front door softly close behind him.

Chapter 2

I lay perfectly still and tried to control my breathing though it was hard. I was horny, and mad, and curious. And horny!

Why hadn't she stopped him? She knew she was at the peak of her fertile cycle. I glanced over at my wife who still lay with her legs parted. As I watched her her hand crept down to her sex. I watched as she patted it and stroked it as if it was a kitten and not a pussy. I saw her middle-finger stroke lightly over the protruding clit and she shivered.

Ella rolled over on her side with her back against me.

What now?

Was the show over?

Should I sneak out in the bathroom and masturbate?

Before I could make any decision I felt how she put her bottom out so it touched me. She could feel my hardon poke her ass cheeks. She froze for a moment when she felt it, afraid that I would be awake. That I knew. But then again, it wasn't that unusual for me to get a hardon in my sleep. She used to chide me for my "naughty dreams" so she knew that.

Her hand stretched between her legs and steered my cock against her wet cunt and since her fingers were wet from her manipulating her wet sex she didn't feel the precum that had oozed out of me during the ordeal.

I groaned a satisfied groan as her wetness surrounded my cock. At last! I was going to have an orgasm at last.

When she heard my groan she let my cock slip out and before I had any time to protest she turned towards me.

"Did I wake you," she whispered.

Did she ever!


"Sorry, but I felt that... that it would be the right time and all..."

I bet, I thought. To cover up.

She climbed over me and steered once again my hardon towards her waiting love-tunnel.

"Oh, so nice. So big. Oh it's the best," she mumbled as she sank down on me.

"How do you know?" I whispered in her ear.

She lay still for a fraction of a second. Then she giggled a bit.

"Because it's mine, silly. All mine," she panted as her hips pumped up and down. "Give me a baby, yes give it to me. I want it!"

She rode me with long, slow strokes, pushing Tom's potent load deeper and deeper up against the egg waiting in her womb.

I was on fire. Just thinking about helping another man impregnate my wife made my cock twhich in her wet tunnel. As my cock expanded, ready to shoot my load chasing after Tom's, her pussy clamped down around giving me a mindblowing orgasm. Stronger than I ever felt, and Ella's was a real screamer. For the first time in our marriage she screamed while she came.

She fell down over me. Her pussy gave an involuntarily occasional squeeze while she calmed down.

"Oh, you are the best," she breathed in my ear. "Oh, darling I love you so much!"

She slid down from me, with my cock still in her pussy like a cork, preventing anything to leak out of her and we fell asleep like that.

In the morning I woke with my cock still in her sloppy cunt and it was still hard! I slowly rolled her over on her side and pushed my cock deeper into her.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she felt me start to move in and out. "Mmmm, that's nice. Mmmm."

Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me with a little panic in her eyes.

"Oh, my god! We are doing it, aren't we? Making a baby I mean. I didn't dream it after all."

If she meant our fuck or hers and Tom's I don't know, but in either case she hadn't dreamt it. And this was the closest she came to a confession, I genuinely think she wanted to tell me all at that time, but she didn't.

"Funny," she whispered, "I don't feel any different. Shouldn't I? I mean if I had... what do you say, catched it?"

"Well, you did, don't you remember?"

She looked at me, again that little shimmer of panic in her eyes.

"Yes, just now, I don't think you ever had such a strong orgasm before. You really squeezed me, I thought you were trying to strangle him."

Still we didn't call our privates for "cock, dick, prick, pussy, cunt etc." It was "him" and "her"; extensions of our persons.

She playfully hit me on the shoulder and giggled.

"Silly. Why don't you shower and I make coffee, than you can fix some breakfast while I shower?"


The rest of the week and the next we fucked at least two times a day but then she had her period and our lovemaking subsided again to once a day and some time later to once every second day.

Chapter 3

The months passed and we continued to make love without any protection but Ella didn't get pregnant. We didn't worry though, not yet anyway, there were plenty of time for her to have a child or preferably two. Nothing like what happened the night when we had my employees over happened again.

I was scheduled to visit a big customer a Thursday and he asked me to bring my wife so we could meet as couples and after consulting with Ella I accepted. We would spend the weekend by ourselves and have a mini- vacation.

We checked in at our hotel early in the morning and after a shower I went to meet my client. Ella would rest for a while and then she would go shopping and we would meet with Carl and his wife later in the evening at their place.

The meeting went well and when I came back to our hotel-room Ella had laid out her 'trophies' on all the chairs and the bed and she happily picked them up one by one and showed them to me.

There were everything from sheer lingerie to a new ashtray, why I don't know since neither of us smoke but my wife was happy and I didn't want to spoil anything so I just sat and admired all she showed me.

When she at last had showed me everything she came over and sat in my lap.

"I'm looking forward for tonight," she said and kissed me.

"Oh, why is that?" I teased.

"All this shopping have got me... hot," she whispered and nibbled my ear.

"Good. Than I haven't thrown all this money away for nothing."

"Shall we have something to eat now or shall we wait?" she said and slapped me playfully on the arm.

"Why not wait and take a drink in the bar before we go to Carl's."

"OK. I think I'll just take a soak in the tub while you take a little nap or something."

I did that and when Ella woke me up about an hour later I felt refreshed and ready for a night of socializing.

"Why don't you get ready first and then you can wait for me in the bar," Ella suggested and since I saw that she wanted to be by her own as she prepared herself I agreed.

I had been in the bar for about forty, forty-five minutes when she came down. She looked good. Hot. Not provocatively hot but head-turning hot and when she approached I had to have another look. Something was different about her. Oh yes! Her little tits pushed against the silky fabric of her dress without any hindrance and her nipples was clearly showing.

"Well?" she asked when she sat by my side.

"Yes! I think Carl is in for a treat, I only hope his wife plays in the same league as you do!"

She gave me a smile and a little kiss on the cheek and when she withdrew she reached out her hand and wiped of some lipstick that stuck to my skin.

"Do you want anything before we go?" I asked her.

"Sure. A whisky would be nice."

I ordered two more drinks and we sat chatting about her day mostly and a little about mine till the bartender came over to us to tell us that our taxi had arrived.

Carl's wife, Joan, stood as we entered the room and my fears that she would take offense when she saw Ella wasn't fulfilled. She too was a very beautiful lady and it was obvious that she didn't wear a bra either you could tell by the way her breast jiggled when she again sat down after greeting us, they where big compared to my wife's but she too had a smaller bust than normal and I had a hard time keeping my eyes on safe ground while she sat in front of me by her husbands side.

When she reached over and placed a drink in front of me her breasts pushed against the dress in the most delightful way and I could feel a twitch in my groin when I saw that they were full enough to push her dress away a little and allow me a quick glimpse of a bit of the cone-formed flesh.

Dinner was delicious as was the whine that accompanied it and the cognac after was nectar and I couldn't recline a second or a third nor could Ella. Joan and Carl drank as much as we did and the evening soon turned into early night and long-drinks were served and by now Joan sat by my side and Ella by Carl's. I listened a little to Ella's and Carl's conversation while Joan went for some more ice and could hear that they discussed art and since they just discussed an artist I didn't like I just sat there waiting for Joan to come back.

"Darling I'm going to show Ella our Andreé (the artist they had been discussing) in the library."

With that they disappeared and Joan and I continued our conversation for a while.

"Oh I'm sorry but I think I have to leave you on your own for a while I must powder my nose," she smiled and left me.

When she wasn't back after ten minutes I thought I just had to see were everyone was and I went the same way as the three of them had disappeared. There was a very soft carpet on the floor so when I turned a corner and saw Joan standing silently by a door she didn't hear me and she didn't react when I came closer a little curious of what she was doing when I suddenly realized that there was something strange about the way she stood there. Her dress was sort of crumpled and it was as if she peeked into the other room.

I got a little suspicious and sneaked up on Joan and peeked over her shoulder and what I saw sent shivers down my spine. My wife and Carl was engaged in some heavy petting and Ella had Carl's cock out and was stroking it while Carl had my wife's dress bunched up around her hips and her panties lay by her feet while Carl fingered her cunt!

By my sharp intake Joan jumped a little and jerked her hand up making it obvious that it had been deep down in her panties and she turned and faced me and her lips formed a silent 'Oh' when she saw me and she half-turned towards me. I took her by her hips and turned her back, facing into the room again and she obediently did as I suggested but didn't remove my hands from her hips.

Of course my hands strayed. To begin with upwards. I wanted to feel those little tits in my hands. They were just as firm as I had imagined and sensitive as well judging by the choked moan that escaped Joan's lips when I pinched her protruding nipples and she sort of leaned into my hands, wanting more attention to them.

I obliged but only with my left hand the right one was already traveling down her slender side, past the hip and almost all the way to the hem of her dress but didn't quite make it so I had to take a hand-full of the dress in my hand and pull it up so my hand could sneak in under it.

My hand touched nylon for a while but only a few centimeters later my hand met the bare skin and nothing else. I understood that she wore that kind of stockings that stay up by them selves and without any resistance my hand soon found its way to a panty-clad crotch already damp from her earlier ministrations.

"Nooo," she whimpered as my hand sneaked inside her panties and cupped her hairy mounds but she didn't put action to her words and soon my finger slipped inside a wet pussy.

"Ooh," she breathed silently and her hips shook, meeting my finger.

I pressed the wrist down so the waist-elastic slipped down a bit and when I took my left hand and pushed her panties down on her left side she soon stood as naked as my wife was in the other room.

When I looked at Carl and my wife again I saw that he let his pants down and I could see his tight ass as he eased my wife down on the floor and I understood that he was about to fuck her there on the library-floor. Of course I knew that she wasn't protected. She hadn't been for months since we tried to get a family started but at the moment it didn't bother me. On the contrary it heightened my own horniness.

I drew down the zipper in my pants and let them fall down to the floor and with a little struggle I managed to get my boxers down as well. Joan shuddered a little when she heard the sound of the zipper but she didn't make anything that could be taken for an objection.

"Noo, please, noo. I don't have anything in. I'm-I'm in the middle... Ooooh," she sighed as my cock made it's way into her tight little cunt hole. "Not... no-o-t protected," she whispered as I pushed my cock deeper into her. "In the... Cycle... Just now... Oooooh."

I understood that she meant to say that she wasn't protected and that she was just between in her menstruation cycles.

"Good," I whispered in her ear. "My wife's just the same." I gave her a furious thrust making my cock bottom out in her.

"Oh?" the information acted as oil on flames and her hips moved more eagerly in rhythm with my thrusts and she gave herself up and fucked me as much as I fucked her.

"Oh, I hope... I hope... Oh yes... I want it... Oh my god... I can't... take it... I want it! Want it! Yessssssssss!" she hissed biting her own arm when orgasm after orgasm overtook her and when I heard my wife give a whimper I tried to look inside the room where she was fucking Carl but I couldn't see anything, Joan and I had moved away from the door opening. My own cum was triggered by my wife's apparent orgasm and I started to spew my sperm inside Joan's milking cunt and she had to put her fist in her mouth not to cry out loud. My knees buckled as my orgasm continued to send wonders of sensation through my hole body and the milking spasms in the cunt in which I was hilt deep in made it even more sensational.

When my orgasm subsided my cock shrunk into limpness at once. It was exhausted but I felt fresh and triumphant. Maybe had I impregnated my client's wife and the possibility of him doing likewise to my wife didn't bother me. It would be an act worthy of Salomon if that was the case, the only drawback would be that I knew that he was the father of my child, but he would live in the belief that he was father of my child.

Joan stooped when my cock slipped out of her pussy with a little slurping sound and withdrew her panties, drew them along her pussy, folded them neatly and stuffed them in the inside pocket of my jacket, of course on the left side, with a little naughty smile and a wink and then she planted a soft kiss on my lips. Took my hand and steered me back to the living-room where we sat with our glasses in our hands, talking when Carl returned.

"Ella had to go to the bathroom," he explained when Joan looked questioningly at him.

'I bet, ' I thought. 'If he deposited as much sperm in my wife's cunt as I had done in his wife's she will be leaking for hours.'

Before the evening ended Joan and I got just a couple of minutes alone.

"That was nice," she said in a low tone and a little blush on her cheeks. "I want you to know that I've..."

I put a finger on her lips.

"Shh. It was the first time form me too. And I think it was wonderful."

"Me to. I hope there is a consequence though. It would serve him right!"

I smiled and gave her just as light a kiss as she had given me before we again were joined by Ella and shortly thereafter Carl.

When we were alone in our hotel-room Ella was just as eager for me to fuck her as she had been the previous time she had another cock shooting potent sperm into her unprotected vagina and I played along. Pretending that I didn't know anything this time either. I don't complain though. I was just as hot as she was.

Two weeks later Ella's menstruation began and a couple of days later I got a phone call from Joan telling me the good news, she was pregnant! She was certain that it was my child because Carl had fallen asleep that night and been out of town for another four days before they made love and she had her diaphragm in all times up till now. The only thing that bothered me was that she wanted to see me, alone. I had to agree but it was with some nervousness that I awaited her arrival to our town.

Chapter 4

I got the phone-call from Joan the next Friday announcing that she was in town and we set up a time for our meeting. We should meet at a bar near my office at lunch-time.

I was nervous the whole morning after all this woman could destroy my marriage, even if I had a little advantage over Ella on this I doubted that she would be forgiving when she learned that I had made a woman pregnant even if it seemed that she was very eager to get pregnant by any man, no not any man, she had after all only fucked two men and I had been in the position to stop it at both occasions but had chosen not to mainly because it had given me great pleasure as well.

Finally I left for the bar and the meeting with Joan. Hesitantly I walk towards her but when she saw me her face lit up in a big smile.

"Oh, hi," she said as I sat down in the chair opposite her.

"Hi," I smiled a little more weakly.

She looked at me with a frown on her brows and suddenly they lifted and she laughed a musical laughter.

"Oh Paul! For heavens sake! Why do you look so gloomy? You should be glad. I'm pregnant with your first child, I take it that it is. Your first child I mean."

All I could do was nod my head in agreement.

"I'm happy. Very happy. And so is Carl. And in a strange way I am happy that it is your child I'm having. But one thing you can be certain of. Legally it's Carl's and no matter what I'll stick to that. So if the worried look on your face have something to do with the prospect that I'm here to break up your marriage let me assure you that I'm not. I saw when I met you that you and Ella are in love with each other. I don't know why she... well, fucked Carl but that is not any of my... I..." she hesitated a little. "To tell the truth I don't know why I didn't jump straight in and broke it all off when I could have and instead peeked on them... Hm. Could it be that I wanted you to come and take revenge on Carl by screwing his wife? And making her pregnant? Hm, intriguing isn't it?"

Although she had used some 'dirty' words they didn't sound dirty when she spoke them, the came out so absolutely natural and with no underlying meaning that they just passed as 'ordinary' words.

"So, why... why did you want to meet me then?" I asked.

"Oh it's obvious isn't it? After all you are the father of my and my husbands child and I wanted to learn more about you. We haven't met for more than five or six hours. I wanted to know how our child will turn out. Not by looks, we both are reasonably good looking people," that was an understatement regarding Joan, she was a very, very beautiful woman, "no more what kind of personality I can expect. I had a little fright though, you being blond and me a brunette and Carl dark but there are a few blondes on each side of our families, not many but enough to explain it if our child turns out to be blond. What do you want? A girl or a boy?"

Suddenly time just flew and when I looked at my watch I saw that I was already late for work and after a hasty bye and a new time for a date later that evening I left her.

I couldn't concentrate on my business that afternoon and decided to make it a short workday.

I went home and told Ella that I had to meet a client later and I wanted to take a nap before that. It was a lie but I wanted to be alone so I could digest all Joan had talked about. Yes it had been her doing most of the talking I had just sat there listening and looking at this remarkable woman.

Her face shifted with the subject. With a very serious, almost stern look, when she talked about something important, a little smile curving her lips when she talked about her life with Carl, a bigger smile when she talked about the unborn baby she was carrying.

I must admit that my mind drifted once in a while when I looked at her. I just had to admire her looks. She was a brunette with just shoulder-long hair and accordingly her eyes were brown. Her mouth, with a faint shadow of lipstick, was rather large and her teeth white and even. Her nose was straight, cheekbones high and a sharp little chin that could turn nasty if she wasn't careful. Broad shoulders for a woman, small breasts hindered with no bra, a slim waist and a cute little ass, long legs and round thighs. The latter I had to recall from the previous meeting with her because she sat almost all the time we spent together in the bar except when I had to leave, then she stood and gave me the softest kiss on my lips.

I had offered to take her out for dinner later that evening and made reservations in a restaurant, that Ella and I never frequented, for seven o'clock and I left three quarters before that to pick Joan up.

Chapter 5

I picked Joan up at her hotel and she looked even more stunning tonight than she had done the first time I saw her. She radiated beauty. It wasn't a cock-twitching beauty but the old fashioned, romantic beauty. The female beauty that urges any man to flex his muscles, pump his testosterone and protect this innocent female.

I don't know if she could read my thoughts as she walked towards me but she smiled a smile of shy knowledge the eternal female knowledge. She reached up and planted a soft kiss on my lips. A kiss with no promises. No underlying meaning. Just a kiss of affection and I didn't know whatever I had done to deserve it but whatever I had done I was proud of.

She made the usual woman's small-talk while I drove to the restaurant where we spent a very pleasant evening together and made plans to go away on our own for the next week-end. She made it clear that she would reserve rooms and she put an emphasis on the word 'rooms' which made it perfectly clear to me that she didn't have anything else in mind besides getting to know her child's father.

I warned Ella that I might have to spend the upcoming week-end away and informed her on Tuesday that it was all arranged. It wasn't that unusual for me to have to spend some time away from home while I had meetings with clients. Or possible client's and there had been times when nothing had come out of this meetings so there wouldn't bee anything suspicious with me coming home empty-handed.

On Wednesday Joan called and said that she had made all the arrangements and that she should meet me at the hotel on Saturday evening.

I must admit that I felt like a schoolboy waiting for his first date when I sat in the hotel-lobby waiting for her to come. I had checked in about an hour earlier and had gotten a message that Joan would be a little late for our meeting and to meet her in the bar an hour from now.

I did just that and she showed up just as she had promised and she looked just as beautiful as she had last week and as last week she greeted me with a soft kiss on my lips and a smile after that.

"Sorry I'm late," she stated when she sat in front of me.

"Oh, it's forgiven just looking at you," I said with a tint of teasing but with a deep true feeling behind it.

She just smiled and told me what she wanted to drink when the waiter at the same time stood by our table probably drawn there by her beauty.

We had another pleasant time together and time passed quickly.

"It's getting late," she observed as the restaurant became more and more empty.

"Yes. I haven't noticed. It's been a pleasure talking to you."

"And to you," she said as we started for our rooms.

We walked in silence, each of us engaged in our own thoughts till we reached her door. She pushed the key into the slot and then she turned to me.

"Maybe another drink before we... ?" she asked.

"Anything to stay in your company for a while longer," I said before I had any chance to think of what to say.

She laughed a little, not out off amusement, more out off... I don't know, just the way women tend to laugh when they have hooked us men, if you know what I mean. A little satisfaction, a little flattered, a little triumphant, a little motherly.

She opened the door and led the way inside and pointed me to a sofa while she fetched the drinks, then she came back and sat by my side.

We sipped our drinks in silence when she suddenly turned to me.

"I hope you don't fall in love with me," she said, concern in her voice.

"But I do, I am. Not that I don't love Ella. But I love you too," I confessed.

"Yes, I see what you mean. I think it's the same for me. There's a place in my heart that loves you very much, and another that loves Carl. I will not do anything to harm any of them but..."

"Me neither. I love my wife, not less now that I have met you but even more, deeper," I said as I lent forward and put my lips on hers and she responded by turning completely towards me.

Her arm encircled my neck while my hand automatically ended up on her waist and when she didn't do anything to break the kiss I let my hand stray up a little with my thumb pointing inward and soon made contact with the lower part of her little breast. She drew a deep breath through her nose as she felt my finger touch her but did nothing to stop it or remove it. She moved a little so there was even more contact and encouraged I let my whole hand cup the breast and she screwed it into the palm of my hand and the nipple, which was easy to feel through the thin material of her dress, hardened under my touch.

Her breath became more labored and a fragrance of musk crept into it, the fragrance of an arousing woman. Her kiss became more intense more demanding and I responded accordingly.

"Oh, this wasn't supposed to happen until the last night. I didn't want us to get too involved with each other," she whispered. "Well, now you may as well stay the night," she added with a happy smile. "Go and get your toothbrush and what else you need while I wash and get ready for bed."

I did and came back in a flash and I met her in the door to the bathroom. She had a silky dressing gown on and she didn't say anything as she passed me but I turned and followed her with my eyes.

She shed her gown and stood there naked, with her back turn towards me for a very short while and then she disappeared under the blanket. She saw me looking and gave me a quick smile.

"Hurry," she said.

When I came back into the room I was naked and walked toward her and her eyes was glued to my cock, dancing a little dance in rhythm with my steps in a way that made it a little stiffer for each step I took, she threw the blanket up, welcoming me in beside her and I got a flash of her nude body.

She turned towards me and wriggled into my arms and my hand immediately reached for her tight ass and got a grip on one of her cheeks. When I gently drew her closer to me she willingly followed and soon her body was pressed against mine. Our lips locked.

Her hard nipples bored into my chest and her hairy cunt tickled my abdomen and she rubbed herself against my hardening cock uttering a content little groan.

I reached down and lifted her leg up over my hip and with a little movement my erect cock pointed straight at her pussy. She ground it against the pointy head, causing her pussy-lips to spread and letting the outer part of my cock slip in between them and then she stopped. Once in a while she moved her hips in a little grinding motion, making my cock churn the entrance and she would moan into my mouth.

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