I Found My Sister Drunk

by Ale Stone

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Sister lures little brother into her bed

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Almost fifteen years old and no parents at home!

Dad was between jobs and he and mom had decided to do something that they always talked of doing, but never gotten around to doing, until now: riding around the country, seeing sites that they always wanted to see.

Two whole wonderful, weeks by myself. They had left the night before, leaving me on my own. Of course they made me promise not to have friends over and no partying in our apartment, but I still felt as if I owned the world and was free to do what I wanted, even if my older sister would be looking in on me.

Thus, on this first Saturday, I wandered around the apartment, just feeling and enjoying the empty space. Finally, about noontime, I wound up in my room with an old Mickey Spillane novel. Time passed quickly while reading and when I felt hungry, I checked the time and saw it was almost six o'clock. Just about the right time, to eat, shower and go down to the mall.

I showered, gave the prepared food a shot of electricity in the microwave, ate and changed into fresh clothes. I headed over to the mirror for a last look, and then I would be on my way.

Just as I looked one final time in the mirror, I heard a key in the lock. The door opened and my sister Kaisa entered; she had told my folks that she's stop in once a day.

"Hi," she said, surprisingly sounding down in the dumps, because she was always so cheery.


"Are you on your way out?"

"Yes. I'm going down to the mall. Did you want anything... ?"

"No. I just wanted to talk a little, but that can wait till you come back home... if I'm still here by then."

"Okay. I got nothing special going on. I don't think I'll be out that late."

She nodded, and held the door open for me. I started out, and then paused, almost changing my mind because she looked so sad, but then said, "Bye," and hurried out.

At the mall, I just talked to some friends for a couple of hours but nothing special seemed to be happening either there or at anyone's house, so I decided to go back home and finish my Spillane; I assumed that Kaisa would be gone when I got there.

As soon as I walked in the door at home, I saw that the light was on in the living room and the TV was on. On the table, there was a half-empty bottle of whiskey, but my sister was not in sight. Thinking it was strange that she would leave the house with the TV still on, I decided to see if she still might be there.

First, I checked my parents' bedroom, then my room, and finally, the kitchen. Not finding her, I was about to accept that she simply forgot to turn off the TV when I decided to check the bathroom. As I approached, I was pretty sure that she wasn't there either, because I could see that the door was open. Was I in for a surprise! There she was, sitting on the throne with her pantyhose by her ankles.

"What... ? Kay, what's going on? Why are you sitting here?"

My mind was already scrambling, because how many 14 year olds get to see their 18 year old sister in such a situation? I mean there she was, with her skirt pulled up at her waist, and she was naked from there down, save for the pantyhose at her ankles and the panties she was wearing, which I could partially see between her slightly parted thighs.

"Mm," she mumbled. "I think I need some help. I think I drank too much whiskey and my legs don't want to do what I tell them to do," she said in the typically slurred and thick voice of a drunken person.

Although I was excited at finding her like this, my initial reaction of surprise and fear for her hadn't quite left me, so I wasn't yet aroused. I was trying to get my wits about me.

"Okay. Okay. Get a grip on my shoulders and I'll help you in bed," I told her.

"I peed my panties. I couldn't get them down and they are all wet and sticky," she whispered conspiratorially.

The reality of the situation was fast hitting me, and my young mind was beginning to speculate. Kaisa had always been my main fantasy when I jerked off, although I would never have ever thought that I would really fulfill any of those thoughts. I don't know if all guys would immediately think of taking advantage of such a situation, but I know that I did.

"Do you want me to take them off?" I whispered, my mouth dry.

My sister just nodded in answer.

I moved in closer and bent down by her, so close to her bareness. First, I finished taking her pantyhose off, and then I instructed her, "Lets see. Lean against my shoulders and then..."

She took hold of my shoulders and I fumbled by her hips under the skirt to get a grip of her panties. With an effort, I got them off her and could feel that they were soaked. She must have pissed out everything in her bladder.

Now, the entire lower half of my sister's body was naked. I think it was about then that I felt my temples begin to pulsate.

I don't think that I was honestly thinking that she was messy at that point, I was just looking for an excuse to take advantage. I took some toilet-paper and drew it over her cunt and let it fall down in the bowl.

"I'll just check to see if you're dry," I said with a thick voice.

Slowly, I drew my hand over Kaisa's hairy pussy. My brain was no longer controlling me, my cock was!

This was more than I ever had expected to experience with my own sister and now it wasn't enough.

Before she moved out on her own, we used to share a room. Once I started jerking off, and became aware of sex, I couldn't help but want to do my sister. She may have been four years older but she was as hot looking as any girl that my friends masturbated about in the men's magazines. I was usually able to control myself but sometimes it was very hard, especially when, every once in a while, she accidentally showed me her sprouting tits. When that happened I used to become rock-hard, but that was nothing compared to what I was feeling now! At that moment, my cock was as stiff as an iron-bar!

"I think it's best if I wipe you one more time," I said, and my sister just nodded her agreement.

My concern for my sister's well-being had disappeared and, oh, god, this was sex now! I was going to eagerly touch my sister's cunt again.

The same procedure repeated itself but with more awareness this time, I once again drew my hand over my sister's hairy cunt. Now I could clearly feel her soft pussy-lips against my fingers before I withdrew my hand. She submitted without comment. My prick was throbbing.

"Come on, Kay. I'll help you to bed."

When my sister leaned against me, there was almost all 'dead-weight' and I realized that I'd never be able to take her as far as my parent's room, and that the best that I could do would be the nearest bed, the one in my room.

I half-carried/half-dragged her there and dumped her on the bed. She immediately fell back on the pillow. I took her feet and lifted her legs up on the bed.

I stood there and longingly looked down at Kaisa's helpless body. Her eyes were closed and I guessed that she had probably passed out as soon as her body hit the bed.

Should I dare? Should I lift her skirt and check out her pussy, which was something I had fantasized about, many times. Should I really see if it is as exciting as I imagined? I hesitated but not for long. My curiosity took over and the temptation took over my moral senses. Carefully, I lifted her skirt that had automatically covered her when I laid her down. I raised the hem until my sister's pussy lay exposed to my eyes. All I could see was the hairy mons veneris; the rest was hidden by her thighs, which were closed and I didn't dare to spread them.

"Take off my..." my sister mumbled, which brought me out of my stare, surprising me because I thought she was fully asleep. I interpreted her mumbling, just how I wanted to understand it.

I leaned over her, and slowly and carefully unbuttoned her blouse, and with an effort, I managed to get it of her. By then my heart was pounding within my chest and my hands were actually trembling. I didn't know how far this was going to go but by then I knew that I wanted this to go all the way, with my own sister.

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