Good Personnel Policy

by Ale Stone

Copyright© 1999 by Ale Stone

Sex Story: Sharing with the employees is always good policy

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I suffer, or rather is blessed with, insomnia. I usually sleeps between 4 and 8 at night. My insomnia gives me much time to read and surf on the net and I greatly enjoy the hours on my own because since I married Jane we are almost inseparable and at times it gets a little annoying to always have somebody around you. Once in about every second month I go into an sleep orgy and sleeps for eight to ten hours strait. When I do that nothing can wake me up. Luckily for me I'm self employed and have two guys working for me and they are great at covering for me at this occasions. I always repay them with a night on the town with lots of drinks and some strip-shows.

After such a time Jane asked if it wouldn't be nice to have the guys over, with their wives every second time. That way everybody would be happy. She couldn't imagine that the wives were happy about the men being out on the town without them. She trusted me enough to not mind, but as she said it would be good personnel-policy to involve the wives. I gave it a thought and spoke with the guys about it. They confessed that their wives wasn't too happy about the arrangement so they both agreed that it was a good idea.

The first time we had my employers with wives over went very well. We had a very nice evening together all six so the next day both Joe and Nick thanked me for a nice evening and told me how much their wives had enjoyed it. The tone on the workplace became even more familiar than it had been previous to the party, but that didn't effect the work.

Even the girls had found each others and they met a couple of times a week, going shopping or just for a cup of coffee.

The next time it was time for an evening on the town both Nick and Joe asked if we couldn't repeat the previous party instead. I had to ask Jane since it was she who had to do most of the work. She readily agreed and I told the guys the next day that the party was on.

The dinner went well and the wine flowed freely and we were all in high spirits when we went into the living-room for some coffee and brandy.

Jane put some music on the stereo and soon Joe asked my wife to dance. She looked over at me and I nodded my content. Nick asked Angela, Joe's wife, that left me with Sharon who of course was Nick's wife.

Sharon was almost the opposite to my wife. Sharon was short, her head rested on my chest rather than on my shoulder as my wife's did when I danced with her, her breasts pushed softly against my stomach where my wife's hardly were noticeable and the arm I had around her waist was outstretched and my hand was resting on her right side, barely. It wasn't unpleasant though. Only different. My taste in women have always been long and slim, like Jane, but my first girl-friend had been on the chubby side.

After a couple of songs we all sat down and finished our coffee and Jane asked the other wives for assistance while they brought in some more strong stuff.

The high spirits rose to even higher levels and soon we danced more or less constantly. Someone dimmed the lights and when I danced with Angela the next time I had a quick feel of her ass which she didn't seem to object to and soon my hand rested on her behind permanently. She tilted her head up and we kissed.

After the kiss I saw from the corner of my eyes that Sharon and Joe also were kissing and that Joe's hands were squeezing her rather big breasts.

I looked around for Jane and saw her in the darkest corner of the room engaged with Nick who had one hand on her breast and the other stroking her thighs causing her dress to rise and displaying her thighs to whoever looked at her.

To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. She had been a virgin when we married and as far as I knew not many men had ever felt her up. And now she was engaged in some groping with one of my employers! I didn't mind though. I had often fantasized about a scenario like this but never revealed my fantasy to Jane since she wasn't very adventurous in her sexlife.

I squeezed the asscheek I still had in my hand and let the other hand stray up and cup the small breast on Angela. She didn't object and I took that as a go ahead and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her shirt and slipped a hand inside and felt her soft little tit in my hand. The nipple on it almost exploded into hardness and she pressed herself tighter against me.

I 'danced' her closer to the corner in which my wife and Nick stood slowly swaying to the music.

While I kissed Angela again I had my eyes only half shut so I could observe my wife and Nick.

He had worked his hand up and under her skirt and was cupping her asscheek through her flimsy panties. While I looked his hand wormed its way toward the front. Towards her cunt! And my wife did nothing to stop him!

Inspired by this I started to work my own hand up along Angela's skirt, pushing her skirt up on the way and soon I too were feeling bare skin against my hand. And a pair of panties just as flimsy as my wife's.

I hooked my fingers under the waistband and traced it to the front. It was a little uncomfortable but I didn't mind. I could feel crisp pussyhair against my fingers!

For the first time Jane seemed to notice me being so close by and she stiffened for a short while but again fell into the mood and ground her hips against Nick's hand as it found its way down inside my wife's panties and groped her pussy in front of me and with her content!

Inspired I let my hand sneak further down Angela's panties and soon I found her slit. It was cover with a pair of thick pussylips which I with some trouble managed to work apart and inside them I found a freely flowing tight little pussy. Angela humped her hips to greet my fingers. I let one glide along the slit and the lips parted, allowing my finger to reach the bump on the top of her slit. It was protruding, big as a pea and easily found. Angela moaned a little when my finger danced over the little bump and her hips shook.

I sneaked a glance over at my wife and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head rested on Nick's shoulder but her hips undulated as Nick's finger played her pussy. A movement on the other side of Jane's side caught my attention. It was Nick's other hand trying to slide my wife's panties down! She either didn't notice or she didn't mind!

I decided to copy whatever Nick did with my wife only a little later to see how far Jane was going to allow Nick to proceed... and me.

Suddenly I felt Angela lift her head from my shoulder and stand on tiptoes looking over my shoulder. Obviously she was looking at her husband and Sharon. I had forgotten all about them. What Angela saw must have put her mind to rest because she again let her head rest on my shoulder.

When I again looked over at my wife I saw that her panties were on the glide down! I hardly believed what I saw. My un-adventurous wife letting a man she hardly knew slide her panties down and finger her pussy without any objections!

It was a little harder to get Angela's panties to accept the force of gravity than what my wife's seemed to have but finally I succeeded and they disappeared from her hips and floated all the way down to the floor. I could feel how she tried to step out of them and with a little struggle she managed and I noticed that she kicked them away, out towards the middle of the floor! Jane must have seen it because just a little bit later I saw how her panties too flew in that direction!

Just then I could feel Angela's hands reaching for the front of my trousers and soon I heard a zipping sound. She had unzipped my pants and her fingers sneaked in and took hold of my cock!

My wife must have been looking in our direction because at almost the same time I heard an unzipping sound from her and Nick too. I glanced over at her. She hadn't stopped at that. She had Nick's cock out and was stroking it in long caressing movements!

I don't know if there was a telepathic communication going on between Angela and my wife but Angela copied my wife's action and I could feel how my stiff cock sprang out in freedom and her soft hands caressed it just as lovingly as my wife caressed Nick's cock!

We groped each other for a couple of minutes when I noticed how Nick bowed his legs and straightened up again. I looked over at them and saw how he held my wife's skirt up over her hips and how both their hips moved against each other. They actually fucked! In front of everybody. My innocent wife had another man's cock in her cunt!

I didn't have time to look at them for long because just then Angela bent my cock down and tried to place it against her pussy and I too had to bow my legs to accommodate her search for a cock to put in her pussy! And when I again stood I could feel my cock just slide deep inside my employer's wife's hot and oh so tight pussy! Jane's pussy was a tight fit around my cock but Angela's were if possible even snugger! But wetter and that made it possible for me to start moving my cock in her.

She groaned in my ear and nibbled my earlobe, not with her teeth but with her soft lips and that sent shivers down my spine!

I looked over at Jane and Nick and looked straight into my wife's eyes! She had her cheek resting on Nick's shoulder and with a little smile swung her hips meeting his intruding motions. As I looked her in the eyes her eyes started to glide down and looked at my cock appear and disappear in Angela's cunt and she smiled a little broader and I could see her chest rise and fall a little heavier as she sighed.

I let go of Angela's skirt and started to unbutton her blouse. I wanted to kiss those tits. I reached behind her and unsnapped the hooks in her bra and pushed it up over her breasts. I wasn't able to reach them with my mouth though but had to be satisfied with having my hands full of them. Tweaking her nipples between my fingers forcing her breath to become even more labored.

This Nick and Jane didn't imitate. And when I glanced over at them I could see why.

Nick's knees buckled as he with a hoarse groan started to pump my wife's pussy in short fast strokes and suddenly just slam into her and with convulsing hips stood leaning against her. I understood that he came in her!

Came in her! My god! I hoped that she had been foreseeing enough to put her diaphragm in earlier!

As the thought went through my mind I noticed that Jane flung her head back and a muffled shriek escaped her throat as she too came.

This triggered my own orgasm and I pushed as hard as I could into Angela's milking pussy and she bit my shoulder to prevent a loud cry to escape her lips as she came with me.

My knees felt so weak that I almost sat down on the floor. I could feel how Angela too started to buckle but with combined efforts we made it to the couch were we sank down, still holding each other tight.

Jane and Nick soon followed us and sat beside us.

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