Building a Home

by Ale Stone

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Desc: Sex Story: My wife with a construction worker

We had been married for about five years and the whole time living in an old farmhouse that we had intended to repair and renew as time went, but time never seemed to be there to do anything by our own. Finally we agreed to let a pro do the job.

I asked around and one name came up, a man who was injured during some construction-work and suffered from severe pain in his back. He did some part-time renovation and stuff if he could take the time. I decided to call him and arrange a meeting.

Walter showed up, a younger man, in his thirties, like Mona and I and I immediately felt sympathy towards him and engaged him after consulting with Mona.

The only condition he had was that he could come and work early in the morning since his pain was at the lowest then. We agreed even if it meant some disadvantage for Mona who worked late evenings and nights at the local hospital. I didn't mind since I work from home and could work whenever I felt like it.

The first week was a bit annoying though. It was hard to get used to the sounds of someone banging away with a hammer or a saw at half past five in the morning. Especially Mona suffered since she was the one who had to sleep during the ordeal. Soon she began to take sleeping-pills to block out everything so she could get some sleep. And being a doctor herself she could freely experiment with the drugs till she found one that literally knocked her out.

That it really worked I could see a couple of days later when there was a loud crash when Walter dropped the old toilet-stool while removing it. I rushed up to check on Mona but she was out and it seemed that she hadn't even stirred.

Walter had been working at our house for about a month when we started to see the benefit of his work.

The bathroom was in top shape. The water stayed warm during the whole shower. The toilet flushed every time and the hot water could be mixed with the cold in the washbasin.

The kitchen took shape and we could install a new stove and I had fun preparing our meals with all the new equipment.

After Walter was finished with the kitchen and the bathroom he consulted us what to do next. He suggested that we did the second floor first, the bedroom and the upstairs bathroom, so that way we would avoid messing up the big room downstairs since that would be the last to be repaired.

We agreed to all he said since he had done a good job thus far.

Both Mona and I had forgotten all about him coming in first thing Monday morning to start with the bedroom and had a little party of our own Saturday and Sunday. The party Sunday being mostly spent in the bedroom and was awakened by Walter knocking on the door.

Mona grasped the sheet to cover herself as I yelled a 'Come in'.

"Sorry to wake you. I'm about to start here now," he said in an apologetic voice.

"It's OK. We just forgot. Give us five minutes and we'll be out of here."

We hurriedly put clothes on and went downstairs leaving Walter on his own.

I could clearly hear Walter move around in our bedroom when I sat at my desk working. I hadn't noticed that there wasn't anything to prevent the noises from our bedroom to be heard in this room before, but now I became aware of it. Before Walter left that day he came to my work-room.

"I don't know how to continue in the bedroom," he said. "I was thinking about getting the wallpaper down first and then do the windows and the floor after that. Do you have a spare room to sleep in while I do that, or should I make the noisy work while you're awake and the windows while you sleep? There's no point in waking you up if it's just some light work. That is if you don't mind..."

"No as you know we decided on your advice, it never crossed my mind that... You do what you think is best. Mona takes a sleeping-pill so she'll be all right and I can as well get up and do some work of my own."

I forgot to tell Mona about Walter's arrangement and just mentally shrugged my shoulders when he came into the bedroom the next morning. I took my clothes in my hands and left the room.

While I cooked my morning-coffee I decided to invite Walter to join me since I didn't have anything pressing to do. I went upstairs and was about to enter the bedroom when something made me stop and just peek inside the half-open door. Maybe it was the lack of sounds that made me do it.

What I saw made my cock jump up and stand rock-hard in my trousers. Walter was standing by the side of the bed looking down at one of my wife's exposed breast! Mona hadn't put on anything when she went to sleep but slept in the nude as usual.

I stood there mesmerized and looked at Walter as he looked at my wife.

Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders, hesitantly stretch a hand forward and carefully let a finger slide from the bottom-part of my wife's little hill up towards the pink nipple, lying lazy and almost flat in the surrounding ring of her aureolae, ready to spring into an hard little bud ready to burst into a sensitive tool to get her juices flowing. Mona has the most sensitive breasts I've ever heard of. She can get mini-orgasms just being stimulated on her breasts.

My heart pounded in my chest and my cock strained against the harsh cloth in my trousers as I watched Walter caress my sleeping wife's breast. I saw how the nipple popped up in attention by the caress. Even in her deep drug-induced sleep her breasts were just as sensitive as they were if she was aware of them being manipulated!

Walter licked his lips when he saw the stiffening nipple, taking the shape of a small raspberry, just as wrinkled and bumpy.

He let go of her tit and reached for the blanket. He was going to lift it and take a look at her completely naked body!

I could feel how precum wetted the front of my trousers as I watched this.

Walter folded the blanket neatly in the midriff of Mona's sleeping form. Now he had full access to both her breasts. The nipples thickened and popped up from the dormant form in the middle of her aureolaes due to the chilling effect the air had to them, I thought. He just stood there looking down at the beautiful shape of my wife's torso. I understood him. I was just as taken by her beauty as he seemed to be and I was used to seeing it.

Again he carefully put his hand on my wife's breast and pinch the stiff nipple and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. This made it stand up even harder and a little sigh could be heard from Mona in spite of her sleep. Maybe she had a wet-dream. I made a mental note to ask her if girls had wet-dreams. I didn't know. Of course I knew that all humans have erotic dreams, but can a woman have an orgasm while she sleeps?

Again Walter stood back and looked at my half-naked wife. And again he took hold of the blanket and lifted it off her! He folded it by her side and now she lay totally naked in front of him. He unzipped his pants and bent out his stiff cock and started stroking it while he looked at my sleeping wife. I couldn't see any harm in that so I just did the same myself hidden from his view. It was so hot to see another man look at my wife.

Suddenly Walter groaned a little and he aimed his cock at the side of the bed and shot his come on the floor beside it.

I did the same in the hallway, but I catched my cum in my hand, I didn't want to leave any traces and after I saw him put his cock back in and zip up I sneaked downstairs again, thankful that the stairs didn't squeak.

I took the coffee and my mug into my office as I usually does every day and sat by my desk thinking about the situation. And again I got a hard-on and had to masturbate, but in my fantasy Walter didn't stop at wanking over my drugged wife. He fucked her! 'Oh my god,' I thought as the sperm shot out of my cock into a paper-tissue, 'I must really be sick! Wanting another man to fuck my wife! Without any protection!'

Nevertheless the thought followed me the whole day and when Mona came home I didn't mention anything about Walter coming into the bedroom the next morning and continue whatever he had been doing in there, I couldn't see anything newly repaired or demolished.

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