Ask and you shall be given

by Ale Stone

Copyright© 1999 by Ale Stone

Sex Story: He thought he was getting away with something, but he was getting into the best thing of his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Pregnancy   .

I'm a 37 year old. Single and have a, what I would like to call, free job. That is; I work from home, on my own hours. I'm the typical blond Scandinavian type with one exception, my eyes are not blue, they are light gray. A tall gangly type with few friends but the few I have are really good and close. And best of the good are Karl and his wife Margareta. They live within walking distance from me and when I'm out on my, not jogging, but walking tour I often pass by their house and if I see any of them in the garden I stop by, have a cup of coffee or something.

This day was one such.

When I passed Karl's house and didn't see anybody in the front-garden I decided to check out the back if there was anybody there. As I rounded the corner I saw Margareta on a deck-chair, sunning. I called her name so I wouldn't startle her, but she didn't show any response, so I stepped closer and again called her name. Still no response so I went over and stood by her side, called her name and finally lightly shook her shoulder without any response from her. I got a little worried and bent forwards to se if she was breathing and could detect why she didn't respond. Her breath stenched of alcohol. She was drunk. I knew that Margareta and Karl could be rather heavy on the booze at times and this must be one of these days.

I placed my hand on her bare skin just to check-out that she hadn't been in the sun to long but I felt only a slight warmth emanating from her and left her in the deck-chair and went to the open door and called for Karl. There was no response so I went in and checked the house to make sure that an accident hadn't happened.

I found Karl in the bedroom, sleeping like a baby and a stench of alcohol came from him to. I shook him but he didn't respond so I left him sleeping and went down to check on Margareta once more before I left.

She hadn't moved since I left her and now I took a closer look at her and I noticed something I hadn't seen earlier. Her bikini-top wasn't fastened in the back but was just draped over her breasts.

I pride myself of being a man with high morals but now these morals went down the drain as I bent forwards, took the string of the bikini-top which was closest to me and slowly lifted it and raised the cup up and freed her right breast.

I almost drooled as I saw her small breast. It wasn't bigger than an upside down saucer and the aureoles was almost as wide as the brim which the saucer stands on and topping it all was a nipple the size and form of a raspberry, including the wrinkles but lacking the hair.

I just had to taste it. Slowly I dipped me head down till my lips touched the nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and I almost tasted the raspberry-juice in it. It grew even bigger and harder between my sucking lips and I felt a slight tremor pass Margareta's body as my sucking became to hard and I let the nipple go from my mouth.

I wasn't satisfied now. The one who have wants more they say. And I wanted more! I wanted to exploit the situation as much as I could. This may well be the last time I ever had the opportunity to look at my friend's wife.

I looked at her bikini-panties and saw that they were tied together at the sides with two loose knots. My hand trembled slightly when I reached for the strings and pulled them, very cautiously and I watched her face as they became un-done to make sure she didn't wake up.

My hand trembled visibly when I lifted the cloth free from Margareta's flesh. I was very disappointed when all I could see was the brownish hair, it looked thick and curly but I wanted more. I wanted to feast my eyes on the REAL thing.

I bent over the chair to reach for the other knot and undid that as well and now it was all clear! I lifted the front of the panties away and now I could see her vagina! The lips were wrinkled and pushed against the entrance of her love-canal but I could see that if they hadn't been pushed inwards by her panties they would have hung down at least a centimeter.

I didn't dare to touch her but I could look. And smell!

I bent down and placed my nose as close as I could to her pussy without touching it. Ah! What a wonderful smell! It wasn't the heavy, almost stuffy smell many women emanate. Hers was a fresh but musky smell, not heavy but almost perfume like, a fragrance more than a smell.

I looked up at Margareta to see if she had noticed my manipulating of her body but nothing had changed. Maybe I could spot a few drops of sweat on her upper lip but that was all.

At this moment I couldn't think to clearly so I decided to risk it all.

Slowly I let my middle finger (I'm a middle finger man when it comes to the female privates, I've heard some of my friends say that the use the index-finger but I myself have found the index-finger more suitable for the task) and let it slowly trail it's way along my friend's slit. It was soft. And wet! My finger barely touched her and her pussylips sort of parted by themselves as my finger trailed their length.

She was getting hot! Or had been hot when she lay down in the deckchair. Either way I didn't care. I just fingered her, very lightly at the entrance. After a while I just had to se how long her lips really was.

I took them between thumb and fore-finger and opened them up all the way.

The reached at least two centimeters and I didn't stretch them at all. Oh how I would like to have them around my stiff cock.

Oh yes. My cock. I had forgotten all about it, which never had happened when I was with a woman before, then I had been all to aware of it. Almost nervously conscious of it. Now I had forgotten all about it, maybe because of the suspense I felt, the fright of being caught. I don't know if what I did would be considered as rape or what, and I didn't care. Later I knew that I would get some awful guilt-feelings. I had to reach for my zipper open it and free my cock. As I reached for it I felt that it had leaked so much pre-cum that my underpants were soaking wet. I let it out in the open and returned my attention to Margareta.

Could I? Did I dare? No. Not to fuck her, but to taste her?

I reached up and pinched her nipple, not to hard, I remembered the tremble just before and didn't want to risk anything by being to rough. She didn't stir when my fingers closed around the nipple so I decided that she was out.

My problem now was; how to go about my task?

Maybe it was best to pull her feet down on the ground, by that I would gain two things.

First of all it would open her up more, secondly I would be able to kneel on the deck-chair.

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind before I went into action.

No trouble.

Now she lay before me, legs spread and the pussy at show!

Before I could change my mind I crept up on the chair between her legs with my knees in level with hers. This gave me access to her pussy with my tongue and I dove down and gave it a little lick. Ambrosia! So sweet, oily and tingling was the taste.

I forgot all about carefulness and pushed my tongue inside her as far as it could come, made it thick and fucked her slowly with it. Soon sloshing sounds told that she, unconsciously, was enjoying it. Do a woman have wet dreams to? I'm sure that Margareta had one because she started to pant a little and her hips gave some spasms indicating that she enjoyed my work.

I must have licked and tongue-fucked her for five minutes and she didn't move during this time more than a couple of tiny jerks with her hips but suddenly I could feel her pussy contract when I had my tongue deep inside her. She came!

When the contractions had stopped and her orgasm had subsided I looked up at her again. Not a sign of wakefulness. Should I? Did I dare?

My cock did the thinking for me and I did dare.

I sank down on her and the head of my cock pushed against the entrance of her pussy. Just as I was about to reach down and steer my prick right I felt how she opened up even more and my cock slunk into her without any effort from me.

It was heaven! Tight, wet, slippery and warm. Slowly I pumped out and in in her. I knew I couldn't keep it for long but I was determined to enjoy it as much as I could and my out and in thrusts were so slow and long that it took almost ten seconds for my cock to travel the whole way upwards till it knocked the head against her womb. Another ten seconds before it met with her clit and so on.

It took at least fifteen strokes for me to reach the brink of my orgasm and I didn't dare to stop it. At any time could she, or her husband, wake up and I wanted to finish this, savor it and be on my way before anything nasty happened.

I could barely withhold a loud grown when I started to pump my sperm into her. Never had I felt anything like this. I just kept pumping sperm from my cock. All the time was it buried to the hilt in my friend's cunt and that she appreciated my efforts was clear as I could feel her pussy-walls squeeze my cock as she to was having a second orgasm. She moaned when she came this time and her hips jerk the pussy up and down my cock a couple of times but she didn't open her eyes so I assumed that she still was out.

All too soon I had to rise, put my clothes in order and sneak away.

Two, maybe three weeks later there was a knock at my door just as I had turned my computer on for some work. I became a little irritated. I don't want to be disturbed at this time of the day and all my friends knew this so I ignored it but the person at the door kept knocking till I gave up and went and opened it. It was Margareta!

"Oh. Hi," I stammered. "I..."

"Hi. Sorry to interrupt you, I know how you hate to be interrupted at this time of the day but I just had to come over."

"Oh?" I said, as the idiot I felt.

"Yes. I... do you mind if I come in for a while?"

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