June's First

by M1ke Hunt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: (#07) the wife's first sexcapade and story

by JUNE HUNT as told to Mike Hunt

Bad news, dirty story fans.

The Smut Writers Guild (SWG) is holding a job action, and I can't write for you this week. If I did they could pull my card, and then where would I be? Seems they're protesting the exploitation of immigrant women, or something.

Shit, I've never exploited immigrant women. I've never even fucked one that I know of. Well, maybe that Latina broad in Chicago, but she had legs that went up to her neck and an ass that looked like two pumpkins in October. How are you going to pass THAT up? Anyway, I don't know if she was an immigrant or not. I never got her name, in fact. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.

I'm enclosing one I wrote a while ago. It's called "June's First". It's been in my drawer, cause it came up a little shorter than usual. I thought I'd pump it up later, so to speak.

But these are special circumstances. And I don't think the Guild can get me for just posting. I'm not actually writing it, after all. I don't know why I have to suffer because of some stupid immigrant women. What can I do about it, anyway? Maybe I'll go see the Selena movie. Maybe that will help.

To read it you should be over the age of 18. Including immigrants. I'm an equal-opportunity but not for the kiddies (EEO-BNFTK) purveyor.

The story's still a little short. To fill the posting, I'm including an interview I had a couple weeks ago. It didn't go too well, but I thought you might find it interesting. At least it fills some space better than this boring intro. It follows the story.


Fucking idiots.

Everybody wants to get in on the act.

I mean, you write a couple of dirty stories, and the next thing you know, you're famous. Well, semi-famous. OK, you get e-mail notes from a few dozen people who appreciate your effort. Of course, some schmucks get on the list and never write again. They probably don't call their Mother, either. You know who you are.

It's a lot of effort, these little stories. Each one has to be meticulously researched. I have to go back into my memory banks and reconstruct the scenes, remember old girlfriends, recall unimaginably sexy memories. During every single one I get horny. I always play with myself and that leads to other things. You understand. At least once. Usually twice, and sometimes more. That all takes time.

Then I have to go back a couple of days later and proofread. I always get another hard-on, and have to jerk off again. I'm telling you, this pornography stuff isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be. But I do it anyway, because I'm an artist, trying to bring a little pleasure into the world.

My wife, June, thinks I'm crazy. Or at least she used to think so. After the first few stories, I asked her to help me with the proofreading part. I would print the stories out and bring them to her, and watch her as she read them. Now I know on my own personal Peter Meter that each story has to have a rating of 9.3 or better before I'll let it out the door. But I never had any way of knowing how they rated with the ladies. Now I do.

After the first couple, June decided she would do her proofreading in bed. And now I can always tell how the story is going by how long it takes her to get her hand inside her pajamas and to start playing with herself. If she's there within the first three pages, I figure the story's a winner. If she has an orgasm by page 7, I feel victorious.

It was last week, I think, when she suggested that she help me write a story. Now, if you have spent any time in MIKE HUNT's archives, you know that my stories are true (well mostly), and are told in first person, as they happened to me. That's why this is the third time I'm trying to write this. The first two times I tried to write in the third person as they happened to her. I failed. Hey, I'm just learning this writing stuff! This time I'll pretend I'm her, and write in the first person, as I'm used to doing.

You and I, dear reader, will share the secret. When it's me talking, it's really her. I've always wanted to be a woman for a day anyway. Maybe this is the ticket.

To convince me to tell her story, June promised to blow me under the table as I wrote. We often trade little sexual favors for other things. You know, "I'll let you fuck me in the ass if you'll unload the dishwasher, hon." Things like that. You probably have those same kinds of deals in your house.

Anyway, she's under the table, and is playing with my dick. I'm sure she'll be able to communicate the essence of the story to me between licks and sucks. My job is to get it down on paper. Well at least on the hard drive. Art is not easy, believe me.

I was just a kid when I had my first real sexual experience. I mean an experience with another person, as opposed to just rubbing myself as I lay in bed in the morning. (This is June talking, remember? I'm just the writer.) It happened quite by accident, but I suppose those things often do at that age.

I had been growing breasts for about a year. Up until I was 13, I had an inferiority complex the size of Wyoming as I saw other girls in my class begin to bud. I was flat. Nearly concave, actually. Now that can really hurt a girl's ego, because she knows that to grow up to be a woman, you are supposed to get tits. And when you finally start to get them, your father teases you, and then they get big and you don't know what to do with them, and then all the boys want to grab you. And when your 'friend' comes to visit you bleed all over your underpants in school. It's very confusing, believe me.

I was already a B cup, and I was showing no signs of stopping. My tits looked a little funny on my body, which had not yet added the smoothness or the curves which would come later. So I was more or less "tits on a string" if you know what I mean. Still, it was nice to have breasts. Especially when I remembered that Becky Thompson was 17 and still didn't have enough to fill a training bra.

My friend Riley was over at the house.

**** "Riley?" I asked June under the table. "How do you spell that?"

**** "R-I-L-E-Y," she answered. "The family was the "O'Reilly's. Can you imagine? Riley O'Reilly. Some parents are cruel."

**** "Yeah," I agreed. Poor fella. What a name to stick a kid with! He'd take a lot of shit at school, that's for sure. Big kids probably beat him up every Tuesday and Friday.

**** "Can we get back to the story?" she asked.

**** "Sure. Sorry."

It was a Saturday afternoon, and my folks were gone for the day, and I had the house to myself. I thought Riley and I might go swimming or something, or just hang out. Instead we got into a conversation about the differences between boys and girls and stuff like that. One of the things we talked about was why girls like to dance and most boys don't.

At some point I turned on some music and said "Come on, let's try a few new steps." Riley reluctantly agreed, and we searched for a station that was playing some dance music. I found one. We danced fast dances for maybe 15 minutes and worked up quite a sweat. Then a slow number came on, and Riley said dreamily "This is the kind of dancing I like to do."

Our arms sort of melted together, and we moved in closer, until there was body contact all along the front of our young, firm bodies. We were both damp from our earlier, more vigorous exercise, and our bodies clung together from the wetness.

"I'll show you something I like, if you don't mind," Riley said.

I said "I don't mind at all."

The next thing I knew, I felt lips nuzzling against the slope of my neck, kissing, licking, tenderly biting my skin. "Wow!" I had never felt anything like it. My neck was all tingly and I felt these sensations running up and down my body. You know, the kind of sensations I usually only got when I wore my "too tight" shorts, or when I had the shower massage pointed directly at my vagina, accidentally on purpose.

I didn't want to stop, but Riley said, "Now you do it to me."

"Of course," I thought. "How selfish of me." I bent my head and started returning the favor. It felt just as good to give as to receive, and my own tingling sensation increased. I could feel my tits pressing against Riley's chest, and I became aware of my nipples growing, poking through the thin material of my T-shirt. I didn't care. I was feeling something new and strange and different as we stood there, swaying to the music, nuzzling each other.

Without warning, I felt hands begin to walk up my sides, and before I could protest, I felt one of my breasts being fondled. A thumb flicked back and forth across the nipple; the T-shirt material did nothing to mask the gently hardening tip. Then another hand came up to cup my other breast, and I leaned back and softly moaned. The hands squeezed, and I made no protest.

It felt too good. Too natural. The music, the sweat, the sex. I was so young and inexperienced I didn't know where this would lead. I didn't care. This was an experiment too good to pass up.

One of Riley's hands released my tit and began to slide slowly across my belly. It found the button on my shorts and tugged. The button gave way, followed quickly by the zipper below. Then I felt a foreign hand slide into my shorts, and shove its way roughly between my legs. Fingers were dancing on my panties, searching for the target which lay beneath. Riley stepped away, then moved back in and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.

It lasted several seconds, and our tongues were dancing. In spite of our inexperience, we were doing quite well for a couple of kids. Now it was my turn to touch and feel. I slid my hand off of Riley's hip and around to the front. Up. Up. Until I made contact with her breast...

HER breast?

**** "What!!??!!" I said to June under the table. "What the fuck is that? You mean Riley is a GIRL?"

**** "Of course she is. I told you this was my first sexual experience. Riley was my best girlfriend. We did everything together. Including, now, sex."

**** "Well this is, uh, crazy. How the hell am I supposed to write a story if I don't even know what sex the characters are?" I said, angrily. I was pissed.

**** June took my dick back in her hand and licked it, teasing me by holding the mushroom head between her teeth. "It's not a good idea to speak in anger to a woman who has your dick in her mouth." She had me there. And she had me there, if you know what I mean. I calmed down.

**** "Yeah, well, girl-girl. I can get into that. It would just help if I knew where the damn story was going, you know?" I said. I was still a little testy.

**** "I want it to be a surprise," she answered. "It won't be a surprise if you know how it ends."

**** "It doesn't have to be a surprise. Sometimes you can know the ending ahead of time. Like the one I wrote about my first blow job. Remember?" As if to tell me she remembered, June got up on her knees and pushed her head more firmly into my lap. That quieted me. She sucked my cock down deeply into her mouth. So deeply, in fact, that she banged her head on the bottom of the table as she moved forward to get more of my shaft between her lips. "Sorry," I said. "But don't stop. It feels great."

**** She moved her mouth back off my dick, increasing the pressure with her hand as she spoke. "OK, OK. But can we get back to my story, please?"

**** "Sure," I answered. I think I had my characters straight, now. June (in the story) is grabbing Riley's tit. Riley is fingering June's cunt. June (right now) is blowing me under the table as I write this. Got it.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I said. (I mean June said. I'm just writing for June, here, remember?)

"Probably not," Riley agreed. "But don't stop. I've never felt anything like this before."

I continued to squeeze her breast as I felt her struggling to get down inside my panties. But my shorts were so tight she couldn't get her hand in there, at least not in any way that left her any freedom to feel me comfortably.

"Wait," I suggested. I pushed at the shorts, and they fell to my knees. They lingered there for a moment, then continued their gravity powered flight to my ankles. I stepped out of them. Her hand immediately went for my bush. The feeling was overwhelming, and my knees buckled. I don't know if it was the sex, or the surprise, or what, but I felt my legs getting weak, and I stumbled over to the bed. It was a fortuitous decision.

As I collapsed, Riley slid off her shorts and panties, and positioned herself directly in front of my cunt. She was mesmerized as she stroked the lips of my pussy, and then very tentatively inserted a finger into me. I knew what it was to be wet, I had gotten that way when lying in bed experimenting with myself. But now my pussy was soaked, and it seemed to be getting even wetter. I wondered if this was normal.

I pushed Riley over backwards, until she assumed the lying down position. I performed a near carbon copy of her movements, staring at her cunt as I played with it. She, too, emitted the smell of sex from between her legs as the wetness slopped down from her cunt. I moved in for a closer look.

Nobody had ever told me to put my mouth on another person's sex, but when I was that close to hers, the smell, or the sight, or maybe just instinct told me to do it. I kissed her firmly on the cunt, and she shivered as though I had dropped a block of ice on her stomach. I knew it was a good shiver, and I continued the kiss.

To get a better angle, I raised up on my knees, and then began making a 180 degree turn with my torso. I was just trying to get somewhere where I could put my head between her legs to give her a better kiss.

Suddenly I was surprised to find her positioning her mouth directly under me, reaching up and pulling my butt toward her. I moved my knees apart, and lowered myself onto her. She was better at this than I was, I could tell, because within seconds I nearly lost consciousness as the waves of pleasure engulfed me.

"Oh do me. Do me," I ordered.

"Gmmft. Plivvm. Gravnntfz." she said, her mouth lips firmly attached to my nether lips as we held our 69 position. She licked and stroked me with her soft tongue. I felt it twiddling with my baby clitoris, driving me crazy. After several minutes she raised her head and said, "I want to try something. Turn around here."

She pulled me into position and spread my legs. I was on my back, with my legs pointing at her, my cunt totally exposed to her view. Then she turned around and became my mirror image. She snaked her legs between mine, and when moved toward me.

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