Earning Julie

by JS3729

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man who has a fear of getting close to women finds and earns the woman he loves.


This is still difficult for me to believe after all these years.

I never dreamed or hoped my life would end up the way it has, but I give thanks every day when I wake up and look at the woman next to me.

I guess I need to explain.

See I was a virgin until my early forties, and I was scared of women.

Terrified of the fact that somebody might actually have an interest in me other than work related. I still have that fear, but now I have help to conquer it. I may never do so, but it sure is fun trying.

As I look at her, I wonder for the thousandth time what she sees in me. I'm just a normal, fleshy, middle aged man who somehow managed to convince an angel to live with me every day.

Let me tell how it all happened...


I had just taken a new job at a new computer company in my hometown. My work consisted of running the equipment and making sure nothing went down or broke. I also was in charge of tracking systems within our department. My boss and I knew each other from school and he got me the job in the first place.

He was a good friend, and I envied his happy marriage. He married his childhood sweetheart right out of high school, and they were still in love with other after over twenty years together. She was one of my classmates too, and we were all good friends.

I, on the other hand, went absolutely to pieces when I was around women. My boss's wife was the only woman outside my family I felt comfortable around, and it worried me constantly. I was always trying to overcome this fear, but it was strong, and it's still strong today.

I was introduced to everybody in the company over the next few months. It was small enough that I could really see everyone who worked there with little effort on my part.

My boss, Elliott (or E as he liked to be called) was always trying to fix me up with any of the single woman in the company, but I resisted his efforts. His wife was doing the same thing with her circle of friends with the same results - nothing.

Two months after I started, a new finance manager was hired away from a large firm in the closest city. She was so busy; I had no chance to meet her. Looking back, that was probably a good thing.

I couldn't meet her, but I could look at her. And I wanted to look at her constantly. I don't know when I realized the depth of feelings I had for her, but I knew they were deep enough to make me want to make a fool of myself and ask her out.

E noticed my interest and unknown to me began to check up on her. He found out that she was divorced from a bad childless marriage and she was not overly fond of men at the present time. He also found out that she was not interested in men that made less than she did. She was a social climber. I still don't know how he found all this out, but I was glad he did. It saved me from extreme embarrassment.


Things didn't change for over a year. She was now entrenched in her work and had become friendlier. I found out her name was Ms. Greene, and she was seeing a man on a regular basis. Oh well, can't blame her for that, can I.

She usually worked quite late, as her predecessor was not very organized, and not very bright. She would come into the break area around my lunchtime to get some more coffee. We greeted each other, but that was the extent of it.

Things changed rapidly one night in September. She came in to get her coffee and I could tell she had been crying. I immediately asked her what was wrong.

"There's nothing wrong." She nearly sobbed.

"Look, I know I don't know you well, but I do know when someone has been crying, and I think of you as a friend. Want to tell a friend what happened?" This was the most I had spoken to a woman other than family in years, and I was scared she would get mad and not get coffee at this time any more.

She looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. "You hardly know me, yet you know something is wrong? How?"

I sighed. Might as well end this now. "I watch you when you come in here every day. We speak, and you're usually so upbeat and happy. Today you're not. It was easy to figure out."

She looked at me again and smiled. I was shocked beyond belief. It was the first time she had ever smiled at me, and I had no idea how to react. She walked over to me and sat down at the table. She put her cup down and stuck out her hand. "We have never been formally introduced, and I would like to know what my friend's name is."

After a few agonizing minutes, I regained the power of speech. "My name is Barney Kent, and I work in the computer department."

She smiled again and said. "My name is Julie Greene, and you know where I am." She laughed and took her hand back. Then her face clouded up again, and I knew she was remembering what had got her crying again. I waited for her to decide what to do next.

She finally took a deep breath (which did marvelous things to her chest) and looked me in the eye. "You have to promise not to say anything. I know enough about you to know you keep your mouth shut, and I don't want this common knowledge. She began trembling and she mumbled for a minute or two, and then she spoke.

"I just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and I can't understand why. We were even talking marriage, by God!" Her tears were gone, replaced by the start of a little anger.

I was at a lost how to react, so I went with gut instinct. She would tell me later that what I told her made her see things clearly for the first time in a long time. She also said that was when she began to see me differently.

"Ms. Greene, if you want to stay with him, do so. But can you trust him? Its common knowledge that you have been divorced, and if he cheats on you now, what makes you think he won't when you're married. Besides, I can't understand a man cheating on someone like you. And it appears it's happened before." I knew somewhere in my heart that I had just made a colossal mistake, but at least I was honest.

She looked at me again with an expression I interpreted as disbelief. "First of all, call me Julie. Ms. Greene is much too formal for friends. Second of all, how did you know it happened before? My divorce was because my husband left me for somebody younger and more curvy."

"It just fit. You work all the time, and your social life must suffer. He probably thinks you're gonna work all the time, and he was horny. It's difficult to be patient when hormones are talking. I think that's why so many marriages break up these days."

She seemed to consider what I had said, and then she smiled and left for her office again.


Two weeks later, I got a bit of a shock. Julie had started up with a woman, and the gossip was that they were having sex. Since I had never had sex with anybody, it was not easy to think of the woman I lusted after fucking another woman. Especially when I wanted to be the one fucking her.

Her nightly forays into the break room stopped, and I saw very little of her. She would smile at me every once in a while, but it was just a friendly little smile that meant nothing. (Or at least I thought so).

We lost and gained several employees over the next several months, and Julie had to travel frequently. Her lover (?) began to pick her up at the office. She was a very pretty woman that had half the men in a state of excitement. She ignored it, though, and I was sure she was a lesbian, as I guess Julie was now.

Two weeks later, I went into the break room and Julie and the woman were in there talking. They were sitting real close together and I think they were making out a little. I turned about six shades of red and excused myself. I had not gotten four foot down the hall when Julie came up to me looking concerned.

"Where are you going?"

"You two want to be alone. I'll let you."

The look in her eyes spoke volumes. She was mortified. She didn't know we knew about the two of them, I thought. I was wrong, again.

She led me back into the break room, and introduced me to her SISTER, who had been living with her until she graduated college. Since I figured that the two sisters weren't also lovers, too, I took a good look at Julie's sister.

She was a tall, thin redhead. (Julie was a medium sized brunette) She was busty and she was a little heavy in the hips (So was Julie - must run in the family...) She smiled and asked me to sit down with them. I excused myself to fix my lunch, but they insisted I eat with them.

Julie looked at me with an unreadable expression, but I would find out later just what that expression meant. Her sister was Carolyn, and she was just about ready to graduate from medical school. She was going to be an intern in a local hospital and had moved from their hometown to set up residence. She was rooming with Julie until she had enough money for a place of her own. Julie saw my interest and got a smile that could only be interpreted as a matchmaker smile. Damn! The wrong girl was interested. And as I looked closely at Carolyn, I could see interest and it frightened the heck out of me. I needed to do something, anything to break this stare down up.

"Do you what they have been saying about you two?" I asked Julie with a smile.

"No, I don't The gossip seems hot and heavy, but I can't figure out why." The look on Carolyn's face mirrored her sister's.

"They think you are having a lesbian affair, and most of the men are sick about it. Carolyn has made a few guys hearts flutter." The last part was added to see her reaction, but it was also true.

The reactions surprised him. Julie looked angry, but Carolyn looked guilty. She hugged her sister and turned to me.

"I know I don't know you, Barney, but this makes me ill. You see, I fed that impression they had so I didn't get propositioned by men I didn't want. I've always been attractive to men, and I don't have the time for an involvement if I'm to graduate. So when I realized that the men thought I was gay and after Julie, I let them. It was easier than fending off the advances."

Julie looked at her sister in shock. "What do you mean, you let them believe we were having sex? You know how I feel about that!"

Carolyn sighed and looked at me. "Julie's roommate in college was gay. She tried everything she could think of short of kidnapping to get Julie to fuck her, but Julie wasn't interested. It caused Julie to have a very lonely college life because the guys assumed she was gay, too."

Julie looked daggers at her. "Yes, it's a wonder my husband ever got the courage to take me out. I hope that girl is happy, because she sure made me miserable."

Carolyn started to say something, but I held up my hand to stop her.

"Ladies, no harm has really been done. Carolyn, you didn't want attention, and you're not getting any. Julie, everybody here knows you well enough to not make any judgments about your sexuality, and even if they did, why should you care. You don't seem to care about anybody here anyway, and you just came out of a bad relationship. Take some time for yourself. Now, I'll leave the two of you alone to talk over sisterly things. I need to get back to work." I left before they could protest.

I wanted to deny it, but Carolyn was getting to me, and Julie was still on my mind. I was afraid I'd do something extremely stupid, and lose one of the few friends I did have.

Little did I realize what that conversation would lead to.


Carolyn continued to come around to see Julie, and now she also stopped to see me. She graduated with honors that May and Julie and her both asked me to come to the ceremony. I was honored and dressed up for the occasion. There were several people graduating, and I was in awe of some of the accomplishments. Carolyn, however was receiving the highest scholastic honor for that year, and was therefore towards the end of the ceremony. I had sat near the back of the room, and Julie was in the relative's area. When she saw where I was sitting she came back and sat next to me. I told her to go back, but she smiled and said the company was better back here. My breathing began to skip, and I was in danger of passing out from being so close to a dream. Julie never noticed.

After the ceremony, I got the first surprise of the night. I expected Julie and Carolyn to go somewhere to celebrate together and I prepared to make myself scarce. I figured the invitation to the ceremony was enough of a friendly gesture and I waved goodbye to them, intending to go home and jack off imaging the two girls naked with me on my bed. Ah, fantasies. They were my life.

I got a knock on my door about a half-hour later. Who could that be? The only people who knew where I lived were E and his wife, my family, and Julie. I told Julie my address in case she needed a friend to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. I also made sure she knew I was just there as a friend, nothing else, even though I wanted nothing more than having her with me in the world.

I answered the door puzzled at who it could be. I opened the door and saw Carolyn smiling at me with a look of happiness. Julie was nowhere to be found.

"Did I forget something at the school?" I was worried that I left something there that she was returning. I half expected to see a car full of drunken students waiting for her, but she was alone.

"Yes, you did. You forgot your date, and is she ever steamed!!" She looked at me with a huge grin.

"Mmmmyyy Dddaatte..." I sputtered, not believing what I just heard.

She came in and shut the door behind her. She looked at me and reached up to kiss me for the first time. I was near to a faint. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I had a chance at Carolyn. Truth be told, no matter how desirable she was, I still wanted Julie.

She waited for my reaction to her kiss, but I think it was not what she expected.

"Carolyn, why? We hardly know each other, and I can't be your idea of a good looking man." I was genuinely puzzled and apprehensive.

Carolyn took me in her arms, kissed me again and spoke while running her hand through what was left of my hair. "Barney, in the short time I've known you, you've been the most caring wonderful person I've ever known. Julie has told me how you are always there if she needed a friend, and you made me see just how much I was hurting her by my little gay act. And if you must know, I've always preferred older men. They take it slow and gentle, and I want that instead of fast and uncaring which is the type I usually attract."

Now I was in a dilemma. I didn't want to hurt Carolyn, but I didn't want to fuck her either. I wanted my first time with a woman to be with someone I loved. How can I tell this without destroying her, and killing any small chance I may have with Julie? The truth hurts, they say, but not half as much as a lie would.

"Carolyn, sit down, please. I need to tell you something, something I've kept hidden my entire life, and maybe you'll understand me better afterwards."

She looked as though I had hit her. She sat down trying not to cry. She probably never had a man turn her down before. As I gazed at her oh so desirable body, my cock was telling me what a fool I was being, but my mind and my heart were telling me I was doing the right thing.

"I'm just over forty years old, and I'm still a virgin (the shock on her face was unsettling). Because of my total ineptness around women, I never had the chance for sex, and I want my first time to be with someone I love. Now, unfortunately, I love someone who has no idea that I do, but I can't make love to anyone until I can work up the courage to try to have a relationship with her. You are the second most beautiful woman I have ever seen, but I'm in love with the first, and it's not fair to you to do this just for the sex. I can't live that way - I won't. Please understand - I'm not rejecting you, I just want someone else more." I waited for her reaction. I was not sure what that would be, but I was prepared for anything, except what I got.

Carolyn went over to the phone and dialed a number. She was crying, and trying to stop the tears. I figured she was calling Julie to pick her up, and seeing Julie right now was the last thing I wanted to do. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I could hear bits and pieces of the conversation, but not enough to make any sense. Finally I heard a car drive up, a door open, and it pulled away again. I sighed and opened the bathroom door. Another night alone after refusing the most beautiful girl I had ever kissed and the ONLY girl I had ever kissed.


I opened the door to see a happy looking Julie sitting at my kitchen table staring back at me. Why was she still here? I looked for Carolyn but it was just the two of us.

She motioned me to the table and took a deep breath.

"Barney, what you did tonight was unbelievable. How somebody hasn't caught you yet is beyond me. Is what she told me true?" My look of fear answered her question. "Yes it is. You poor, poor man. I thought my life was shit, now I feel blessed by comparison. Who is this woman you are hung up on? Do I know her, can I help?"

I had no idea how to answer her, so I kept silent. She looked at me and asked me again.

I sighed. "Yes, you know her, and no you can't help. It's up to me, and my fear won't let me. I love her, and I have for a long time, but she has no idea, and I wish you'd leave. I'm breaking apart here, and I don't want a friend to see me this way." She looked truly hurt. She hugged me and left. I broke down and cried.

For the next few days, things were close to normal, but I was avoiding both Carolyn and Julie as much as I could. E noticed and asked me what happened. I told him and he looked at me with pity.

"Barney, you have to tell her. She needs to know. You're killing yourself and you're killing me too. Carolyn is every man's dream, yet you have the ability to let her down easy, but you don't have the ability to tell the woman you love that you love her. I don't know how to help you."

I realized he was right, but I still couldn't do it. Friday of that week was an in-house company function, and I was expected to attend. I was trying to find a way out of it because both Julie and Carolyn (as her guest) would be there. I decided to make an appearance and leave as soon as I could. I could lose myself in the computer room, and suffer in private.

I walked in looking for where Julie and Carolyn were, but I didn't see them. I grabbed some grub, shoved it down, said hello to the right people so they knew I was there, and I rushed back to my private little hell. Waiting for me in front of the door was Julie and Carolyn and they grabbed me. They opened the door with Julie's passkey and came in.

Carolyn sat down, as did Julie. Carolyn smiled and began speaking.

"Barney, I've had some time to think about what you said to me that night. I first thought I had been dumped, but I realized that you were telling the truth. I wished I knew who the woman was, because I wanted to help you any way I could. But you never told me. Then I began thinking and something came to me that I had always missed. You're so shy and withdrawn with women, yet you can be friends with Julie with no trouble at all, in fact you seem to enjoy it. Why the paradox, and why Julie?"

Julie smiled and took over now. "At the time I talked to you about Carolyn and you asked me to leave, I was furious with you. You were the closest thing I ever had to a best friend, and I shared my secrets with you, but you couldn't tell me this one."

Carolyn came over to me and took my hand. "I told Julie about what I was seeing and then it hit me. You were in love with somebody who didn't know it. You, the man who freezes up around women, the man who is so kind and considerate that he wouldn't fuck a lady who almost raped him because he was a virgin and wanted his first time to be for love."

Julie had a look of profound sadness and embarrassment on her face. "When Carolyn told me that, it hit me too. Now I knew why you asked me to leave, and why you've been avoiding me. Well, I'm not the swiftest woman when it comes to relationships, and I've been accused of being a social climber (I shivered at that and she caught it), but I'm not. I don't look at other people much because we have little in common. But on the other hand, looking at people like that got me the heartache I've had for most of my adult life. A driven ambitious person makes for a lousy mate. Somebody who is already loving and caring will remain loving and caring. You can't teach someone to care, if they never have." She came over to me and hugged me.

"Barney, its taken me way too long to see what had been in front of me for these many months and years. How could I ignore the one person in my life who didn't want anything out of me other than me and who I was? I know I'm the one you want to be with, and I am furious." Her eyes were blazing and I was thinking of where I could find another job after I quit this one. I couldn't stand to be with an angry Julie.

Julie caught my reaction and motioned to Carolyn. She nodded and left.

"You idiot! I'm furious with me, not you. I began to sort out my feelings towards you. Did I feel the same way?" The look of disbelief on my face must have done something to the last of her resolve because she started crying softly and shaking her head. I got up to leave.

She moved faster than I thought a woman could move. She was in my arms and was kissing me with a passion I'd only read about. She pulled back and looked at me as if to say 'there's your answer'.

My next statement was so incredibly stupid; it caused us both to go into hysterics. "Could we have lunch together sometime?"

After the laughing spell ended, she shook her head no. "No, we won't have lunch sometime, we'll have lunch all the time." and she kissed me again. I finally tore myself off her and looked into her eyes deeply for the first time. Somebody once said the eyes were the mirrors to the soul. If that was the truth, I was looking into a very happy soul at that moment.

We went back to the function.


I knew Julie knew my feelings now, but I was still unsure of hers. She was a woman that had been hurt, and I wanted to make sure she wouldn't get hurt again. I told her that we needed to take it slow and let what developed develop naturally, not forced. Surprisingly, she agreed with me. She even made it a point to let me know where her other relationships had gone bad.

Six weeks after our first formal date, I had lunch with Carolyn. She was now a full doctor and very busy. She also still had no time for a social life. We both looked forward to these lunches, especially when Julie was away on business as she was this week.

I talked with Carolyn for a while and the subject came around to Julie and I. She was fishing for details, but there weren't many yet. We were still in slow motion, and things hadn't heated up much.

Carolyn just gave me a pitiful look. "How are you ever going to rid yourself of that virginity if you don't try? Are you saving it for a wedding that may never happen?"

"Yeah, I kinda was."

She looked at me with great interest. "Yes, you would, wouldn't you" and then she did something that I wondered about for months.

"You know, if she ever decides that she doesn't want you, I do." and she took my hand and put it in-between her legs up against her panties. They were soaking wet.

"You mean..."

"Yes, my sister isn't the only one in love with you."

"How, you could have anybody you wanted? Why me?"

"Simple. Of course, I could have anyone, and I would be miserable, because I would know they were there for these (pointing to her boobs with now very erect nipples) or where your hand is now. If I was with you, it would be because of what is in here (and she pointed to my heart.) I've had enough of the other to wait for the chance to get the heart, and I know that somehow I will."

She got up hugged me (giving me good look at her cleavage) and left. I went home and jacked off immediately.

I proposed to Julie when she came back that week, and she refused me. When I heard that I went to pieces. She just looked at me and told me that she had found someone else, and she wanted to let me know before we went any further. She also said that she was profoundly sorry, but she had to follow her heart.

I took three days off from work, only to come back to Julie showing off her engagement ring which was like a dagger in my heart. E naturally assumed it was my ring, but I shook my head no telling him she found somebody else. He went over to Julie and just shook his head. She stood there stunned.

I took a week's vacation and left for a cabin my folks owned. I hadn't been there for years, and it was a mess. I stayed and cleaned it up. When I returned, E had a message for me. Julie had transferred to another branch to be closer to her new fiancée, and they had a new manager. This one was male.

It was back to my hands and my fantasies. It would have probably stayed that way, except Carolyn found out what her sister had done and promptly came to visit. She arrived in an outfit clearly meant to seduce, but I was not in any shape to respond. I still didn't believe her, and I still loved Julie, even though she was gone now. Carolyn was not about to give up, and she began to wear me down. She received a wedding invitation to her sister's wedding, which she promptly turned down. I insisted she go because Julie WAS her sister, after all. She finally went but only because I wanted her to.

By the time she returned, I was ready for the next step. She came back with boyfriend in tow, however and I was left out again. Back to the hands and memories.


My luck had all been bad, so I was due for some good luck. It happened six months later. I got a call from a very distraught Julie who was at the airport asking me to come pick her up. I said I would and I hung up wondering.

When she saw me she ran into my arms and began hugging and kissing me. I pulled her away. After all, she was a married woman now (damn I wish it were to me). Then it hit me. Maybe the reason she married the other guy was that I was going too slowly, and that was why I lost Carolyn too. Another revelation too late.

I asked her what was wrong. She showed me her ring finger by way of an answer. It was bare!

"Yes, Barney, it was the biggest mistake of my life marrying that snake. We hadn't even got back from the honeymoon when he began cheating. I couldn't prove it, but he soon slipped up. He was fucking his secretary and two of his fellow workers on a regular basis. I even asked him why he bothered to marry me when he already had all the pussy he needed. He said he wanted a wife that would show off good - a trophy wife. The pussy was just for sex; he didn't need the sex from me. In fact, we only fucked once or twice a week after we came back from the honeymoon, and I found out something about myself that I had not known before. The only way I could come with him was to imagine you on me and in me. It's stupid, I know. We never had sex, and that's why I went looking. I was so horny I couldn't stand it and he filled my need, but that only lasted for a while. You were the only one to fill all my other needs, and I want to come back. Boy, how I want to come back! Is there still a chance?"

My answer was to take her into my arms, kiss her and whisper "How would you like to make a virgin very happy tonight?"

Her look of amazement was matched by a look of determination. "No, I won't. You waited over forty years to have sex with the one you love, and I'll be damned if I'm going to spoil that for you. I screwed up again, but no more. If that proposal is still good, I accept like I should have before. You'll lose your virginity on our wedding night and we will both be happy and complete."

I led her back to my apartment and we slept - her on the bed and me on my couch. Her idea.

We were married the weekend her divorce became final, but we had a new problem - Carolyn. She found out her new boyfriend was more interested in guys than in her pussy, and she dumped him. She knocked on my door and was met by Julie. She was stunned, but recovered quickly. She began crying. I was at work, so I knew nothing of this until later.

By the time I got back, I had two lovely and teary sisters waiting for me. I was puzzled again, but this time, a solution was worked out.

Carolyn and Julie moved into an apartment close to mine, and we continued to see each other daily. I began to realize that something was up, but was clueless as to what it was.

I found out on Julie and my wedding night. Julie was standing looking at me with an expression of longing and lust. She undressed and I finally looked at what I had been fantasizing about. She was even better than the fantasy. After she took my virginity slowly and lovingly, we caressed for several minutes. Then she got out of bed to my puzzled look. She motioned with her hand, and Carolyn walked in stark naked. She looked at me with the same expression Julie had earlier, and I was totally confounded.

Julie smiled and explained it to me.

"Carolyn and I both love you. It took us both a long time to see it, but we do. She can't bear the thought of being without you, and neither can I. For right now, it's the three of us. I will never leave you, and Carolyn says the same thing, but we can't predict what will happen. Now, make love to your other wife while I help. Besides, I need to know if my roommate was right all those years ago."

This had to be a dream!


As I said at the beginning, I wake up to an angel every morning, what I didn't tell you is that I have one on each side of me, and it looks as though I'll have them until one of us dies.

Carolyn is making money faster than we can spend it. She is a top doctor and very much in demand. She is also in demand for sex from any man that sees her. The only man who gets her is I. And I get her often.

Julie took a job with a large company in the city and she is gone quite a bit. That's why Carolyn is so good for me. It's hard to miss your wife when you have your other wife to replace her.

I'm almost worn out, but very, very happy. We have no children as I found out I'm sterile. Maybe my cum expired from disuse or something?

Anyway, someday, I know Carolyn will leave us, but I have no doubts about Julie. She told me the next morning of our honeymoon night that she had not felt as good as she did then in her entire life, which was parroted by a very happy Carolyn.

Two years later, I began to have doubts again. Julie was gone more and more often. I tried not to think anything was going on, but she was rarely home anymore. Carolyn noticed and was as mystified as I was.

But the thing that really was strange was the feelings I was having for Carolyn. Originally I thought she just wanted me because I wanted her sister and it was some kind of sexual sibling rivalry. But as the months and years went by and there was no lessening of love for me from her, my thoughts changed. And unknown to my conscious mind, I began to fall deeply in love with Carolyn. More than I was with Julie.

One night in May, my life changed again. Carolyn and I took a Friday off together intending to spend it surprising Julie at her meeting in the large town about three hours away. It was the closest she had been to being home in three weeks. She was supposed to be home for the weekend and then had to fly to the other coast for a week. I wanted another day with my wife, and Carolyn insisted on coming along. As I think back, I wonder if she knew something even then.

We arrived a little before 2pm and we checked in at the hotel Julie was staying at. The desk clerk seemed a little worried when I signed my name with the same last name as Julie. I explained I wanted to surprise my wife. He got even more worried. That told me something was not right. Carolyn decided to pull me away before I could ask anything else. She looked at my worried face and began to cry softly. We went upstairs.

Julie's meeting was supposed to be over at 4 and we had an hour or so to get ready. We changed into casual clothes, and waited in the suite living room. About 4:15 I heard the key in the lock. Carolyn and I moved to the bedroom. I couldn't believe what I saw next.

Julie walked in with a man I didn't know. She kissed him warmly and he responded. She looked at him like she used to look at me when we were first married, and I knew. She had found someone else, and my heart broke. Or at least it did until the wonderful, caring arms of Carolyn surrounded me and hugged me, her tears flowing on to my back. I looked at her and the hurt I felt was reflected there at me.

I looked back into the living room and Julie and the man had shed their clothes and he was positioned between her thighs eating her out. She would never let me do this to her, but she let a stranger! She was moaning more passionately than she did with me. I wanted to interrupt them, but I was riveted in place. I wanted to see the whole act. Carolyn started to move, but I held my finger to my lips telling her to wait.

Julie and the guy progressed from oral love to him plugging her in the ass. Now I was mad. She never let me in her ass, but I realized that Carolyn always would and she enjoyed it just as much as when I came in her pussy. I was listening to them. Julie was panting telling the guy (I guess his name was Stu) how good he was and how she couldn't get enough of him. She had wanted to be in the bed, but she had been so horny she couldn't wait.

They finally finished and she kissed him tenderly, and then began crying. Stu looked worried and asked what was wrong.

Julie spoke through her tears. "I don't know how to tell Barney, but I have to. I love you too much to keep these charades going on. I know I never loved him, but the thought that a man as old as him would save himself for his one right woman made me feel special. But it wasn't ever love. I never should have married him; I never loved him. I knew he loved me, but I can't change my feelings. I have to go home this weekend, I haven't seen him in three weeks, and I know he will want to fuck me. But I'll only be seeing you, honey, not him. Maybe we can work out some way for me to get enough courage, but I need to tell him. I hope Carolyn isn't there. I don't want to hurt her either, but she will probably leave when I do too. She doesn't really love him either. She can't. I mean he's not good looking, kind of dorky, and not nearly as good a lover as you are, and she can have any stud she wants. I don't see how this will work out without hurting Barney, but I have no choice. I have to tell him. Will you come with me?"

Stu looked astonished that she would ask. "Won't he beat me up or something? He'll think I took you away from him."

She smiled at him. "You didn't honey, he never had me. And he's such a wimp, he won't do anything but cry, and that's nothing to worry about. In fact, I'd love it if he could watch us knowing you turn me on, but he doesn't."

At that point, I was defeated. She was right. I would not have done anything but cry and retreat back into my shell again. But I was brushed away from the door by an angry flash of red heading into the living room.

Carolyn being a redhead, had the temper associated with the species, but I had never seen her furious until then. But she was livid.

She stormed out into the room and Stu saw her first. He saw the look she had and he cringed. Julie noticed and she turned around to be met by a hard slap from her enraged sister. I was watching crying, not having the strength to move.

"Carolyn, what are you doing here? Is Barney with you?" Julie asked with fear in her eyes.

"Yes, you two-timing little tramp. I hate that you said that about the man I love, but more I hate that you didn't have the guts to tell him, just string him along while you had your little boy toy here." She turned to Stu. "Get out of here, for a while. My sister and I need to talk, and I can't stand to see your face. Barney, come out here. We have something to do."

I came out and both Julie and Stu's eyes got very wide. I simply pointed to the door, and Stu, not being a dummy, left. Julie was looking at me with pity. It was that look that closed my heart to her. Carolyn saw it too, and she slapped Julie again, even harder this time.

"Look, you bitch! I can have any man I want, right?" Julie nodded. "Well, why would I? I already have him."

"But he's such a nerd. Hardly worth the body and passion you have. You need to find somebody better like I did. I know now that Stu and I were meant for each other. Barney was a nice diversion, but it would never have lasted. Thank God, he can't have kids. I would hate to have him for their father. The boys would be sissies, and the girls would probably be lezzies."

That did it for me. I went over to Julie and pulled her off the couch. I sat in one of the chairs, and Carolyn knew what I was going to do, and shoved Julie over my lap. Since Julie was nearly naked, my spanking was on her bare bottom, and was none too gentle. I was releasing a lifetime of hurt, pain, and denial in that spanking and to top it all off, Carolyn was standing in front of Julie slapping her silly. It was a revelation to me to realize that I was holding the nearly naked form of the woman that I had loved for years on my lap, and I had no erection. In fact the only feeling I had was rage.

The door opened and an angry Stu stood there. I got frightened because he was large enough to do considerable damage to me. However, he came over and grabbed a sobbing and cursing Julie away from me. Then, to both Carolyn's and my utter amazement, he sat down and resumed the spanking. He spoke for the first time.

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