Friends and Lovers

by Sandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of two people who's lives cross briefly four times in their lifetime.


"It's so funny!," Kathy exclaimed as she poked lightly at Cal's erect cock. It bobbed away slightly at her touch before springing back into position like a pendulum.

"All right!" Cal protested. "You've seen it! You promised to show me yours."

"Just a minute." She said, sounding slightly annoyed as she stared at the strange protrusion with great intensity as if memorizing every last detail. She reached her hand around and grasp it, applying a light but firm pressure.

"Ohh!" Cal exclaimed, bending over slightly.

"Did it hurt?" Kathy asked worriedly as she withdrew her hand.

"No." Cal said. "It felt kinda good, but your hands are awful cold."

Kathy frowned and rubbed her hands together, blowing on them as well. The texture of his cock in her hands had been unique, hard yet somehow soft at the same time all while being very, very alive. She lowered her hand again to his penis and grasped it again. "Better?" She asked.

"Yea." Cal answered, his voice quivering slightly, his eyes wide as saucers.

Standing almost nose to nose with him, her hand wrapped around his cock, Kathy leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. If her hands had not been wrapped around his cock, if the feelings and sensations he was feeling for the very first time had not been completely overwhelming him, Cal would have protested strongly at the "mushy stuff". But the kiss was a new dimension to the new sensations and rather than pull back, he leaned forward, pursuing the touch, much to Kathy's surprise.

She had known Cal all her life, since he was her neighbor and all. They waited for the school bus almost every day. Sometimes she even joined in his silly games. As they had grown older she had often wondered what it would be like to kiss him, like the people she saw kissing in the movies. Kissing hadn't been on Cal's mind when she agreed to let him lure her into the woods, but it had been on hers.

She pulled back from the closed mouth kiss when Cal began to move in her hand "What are you doing?" She asked.

Cal blushed. "I don't know. I just started doing it. It feels really, really good!"

Kathy frowned again in thought and then moved her hand up and down a little. "Like that? That feels good?"

Cal gasped. "Yes!"

"Hmmm." Kathy hummed thoughtfully. "And the kiss? Did you like the kiss?"

"Yes." Cal admitted with another gasp since she had continued to move her hand up and down, dragging the foreskin up and around his swollen glans.

"Good." Kathy said sounding very pleased with herself. "I liked it too."

"Don't stop." Cal pleaded as she unwrapped her hand. The devastation on his face was so clear it was almost comical.

"Oh. I thought you wanted to see mine.", Kathy answered. It had been fun kissing him and holding his privates but she felt he would let her do that all day long and while the kiss was nice it wasn't as earth shattering to her as it apparently was to him.

Indecision rocked Cal's world. Kathy's touch had built pleasure on top of pleasure and it felt like it had all been leading somewhere. He desperately wanted that touch again. But at the same time he was curious to know just how boys differed from girls. It was the reason he had asked her out here in the first place. Finally his shoulders slumped and disappointment rang in his voice as he said "Oh OK."

She hitched her fingers into her pants and then paused, giving him a stern look. "Remember, you promised." She said reminding him that he had sworn to keep everything secret.

"I remember." Cal said slightly impatiently.

She pushed down, in one fell swoop lowering pants and panties. She looked cautiously up at Cal, and noted with a sense of rising panic the look of disbelieving amusement on his face. Cal scooted around behind her, circling once before standing in front of her again.

"It looks like a butt.", Cal declared.

Kathy blushed furiously, but anger also reared up it's head and she bent down to grab her pants, fully intending to pull them back up, storm back home and put an end to all this foolishness.

"You promised." Cal said quickly, reminding her that they had promised to let each other get a full measure of the differences. Kathy sighed and stood up straight again. "What do you pee with?" Cal asked.

She pulled back her outer lips, revealing a staggeringly complex pink landscape within. "Here." She said, her finger poised above the opening. Cal fell to his knees to get a close up view. There was something fascinating about what he was seeing that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Is touching it nice?" Cal asked. "Like when you touched me?"

"I've never tried before." Kathy answered. "Except to clean myself and I never noticed anything special about that."

Cal considered touching her, like she had touched him, but the daunting creases and folds confused him. Finally he stood up. "I don't see why it's such a big deal. Adults are weird."

Relieved Kathy pulled up her pants. "Yea. It was kinda nice actually." She admitted as Cal retrieved his shorts.

"Hey. Wanna go find Gary and see if he's up for a game of Robin Hood? You can be Maid Marian."

"Thanks but I've got some homework to do."

"Maybe tomorrow then."


"Hey Kathy." Cal said after they had stepped off the bus, his voice cracking in the first stages of puberty.

"Hey Cal.", Kathy goofed back at him.

"Remember that time in the woods where, well you know," Cal said hesitantly.

"What about it?" Kathy asked.

"Well I found this book and it had some ideas. I thought maybe it would be fun to try.", Cal fumbled.

Kathy thought a moment. "Why don't you bring me the book and if I like what it says maybe we'll try." She answered.

"I can't!" Cal exclaimed. Calming himself he explained, "It's in my parents room, I could only sneak a few looks at it. If it turned up missing they'd have my hide. You know how parents are."

"Well what did it say?", Kathy asked.

Cal sneaked a glance up and down the street to make sure no one was around. "A lot of things. Remember how I hang out and you have a hole?" Kathy nodded. "Well I'm supposed to put my thing in your hole." Kathy's face was a mixture of incredulity as Cal continued. "Really. It's supposed to be a real trip, but we can't do that cuz that's how babies are made."

"So what's to try?" Kathy asked, trying to find the point squeaky voiced friend was making.

"Well the book said a lot about sucking.", Cal said studying the ground quite intently.

"Sucking?" Kathy asked, almost with a laugh and louder than she had intended.

"Shhh!" Cal scolded. "Yea. Well the book says it's really intense if someone puts their mouth down there."

"Calvin Conner, if you expect me to put your thing in my mouth we'd better just cart you off to the loony bin right now. You PEE with that thing! That is SO gross!" Kathy said in a low voice but with a tone that definitely conveyed how grossed out she was.

"Look, you don't have to do anything to me." Cal said quickly trying to calm her down. "I'll try on you. If you don't like it we'll stop, but the book says you'll like it, a lot."

"I don't know." Kathy said, sounding a little unsure of herself.

"Com'on." Cal coaxed with a lopsided grin. "Last time we did it, it was fun."

"That was a year ago." She reminded him. "We were just kids then."

"So?", Cal asked, failing to see the relevance.

Kathy thought a moment. "Can we practice kissing first?" Kathy asked. "Lynn said she kissed a boy who used his tongue, she made it sound really fine!"

Cal smiled broadly. "Sure!" He agreed readily, the book which he had been reading whenever he could sneak it away had a whole chapter devoted to kissing.

They sat in a clearing in the woods behind Kathy's house. Leaning up against the base of a large oak tree, exploring the pleasures of the kiss. At first it had been but a gentle meeting of their lips. Then Cal had pressed his tongue forward, hesitantly parting her lips. When is tongue met hers and she hesitantly responded to the meeting it was intense beyond belief and his arms embraced her unconsciously, drawing her closer. She responded to this by wrapping her arms around him.

"Wow." Kathy said as she pulled back, gasping slightly for breath.

"Yea." Cal agreed with a weak smile on his face.

"You sure you want to do this?" Kathy asked uncertainly.

It took Cal a second to realize that she had moved on to the next reason for their being here. "Sure." Cal answered.

Kathy shrugged and pulled down her pants, wincing as she rested down into the dry scratch grasses. She was about to move to stand up when she saw Cal maneuvering between her legs, crawling towards her. Something in the way he moved, what he was about to do fired her imagination and she ignored the discomfort. Cal wasted no time and she suddenly felt his warm tongue run through her lips. The sensation was utterly pleasant, but was nothing compared to what she felt when his hands parted her and his tongue began to dance and stroke the most intimate parts of her.

"Ohhh." She moaned, arching her neck and back as she let the waves of pleasure roll through her.

Cal lifted his head and smiled. "You like?" he asked, knowing full well the answer. He had never heard a sound like that in his life, but something told him it was not a bad one.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "Don't stop!"

"You'll show me what it's like?" Cal asked slyly, sensing his favorable bargaining position.

"Yes." Kathy agreed, angry at him for stopping, angry at him for forcing her to agree.

Cal smiled smugly and then returned to his kisses. As Kathy grew more vocal he discovered the erect knob that seemed to be the focal point of her pleasures. The book had mentioned it, but there really weren't any illustrations so he discovered the clitoris by her reactions. After a while she started panting and moaning loudly and thrashed under him. He was a little worried about the noise she was making but the book had made quite a point that he should not stop at this point so he didn't.

When she had settled down and was fondly running her fingers through his hair he raised up. "How was it?"

"Perfect." She said distantly. The look on her face was completely unreadable.

"Payback time." Cal said.

"Payback time?" Kathy said. "You lift me up to touch heaven itself then spoil it all with one crass remark. Boys!" Cal was thrown completely off balance by the vehemence of her words. Seeing the confusion on his face Kathy's expression softened and she said softly. "Next time try to say something more gentle. And now I guess we can see if it's as good for you as it was for me."

Cal's face brightened considerably as he quickly pulled down his shorts and settled down onto the grass while Kathy dressed. Finally she knelt down beside him, noting how it had grown since the last time she had seen it. She grasped it as she had done before and heard his breath catch a slight tremble rippling through his body. Bracing herself, unable to really believe she was really doing this, she closed her eyes and lowered her head.

The taste that greeted her was just slightly salty and not strong or unpleasant. The texture of hard yet fleshy was also pleasant She could not take him all in, but she could take most of it. Remembering how he liked motion she began to move her head, drawing it in and out of her mouth. Letting it roll past her tongue. Calvin helped her by telling her when she did something he really liked, like letting her tongue play around his glans, and what he didn't like when her teeth fell to sharply against his cock.

She was disturbed when she felt his hands around her head, pulling her into him, sometimes to far. But when she resisted, his touch lightened and she allowed his lighter touch to set her pace, a pace which he seemed to need quickened more and more. Suddenly he gasped deeply and pulled her head hard into her causing her to gag as his cock pushed against the back of her throat. She felt something warm and sticky and pulled back hard. He resisted but she managed to pull free in time for a second spurt of his seed to land square on her cheek.

She stared at him, the warm bitter, salty taste in her mouth, the thick white goo sliding down her cheek. She watched his intense expression as his cock twitched and shot even more milky white liquid onto his shirt. Finally he exhaled deeply and looked up at her. Frowning when he saw the liquid on her cheek, remembering that in the throws of ecstasy he had felt something leave him.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry Kathy. I didn't know!", He said.

She wiped the liquid off her cheek and stared at it, rolling her tongue around her mouth to clear out the taste of the stuff he had shot inside her. "What is it?" She asked finally.

"I think it's sperm." Cal answered. "The book said that kids don't have it, but grown up men shoot it when they climax, that's what the book called it, shoot it. It goes into the woman and makes her pregnant."

"Did you like it?" Kathy asked.

"Oh man! It was fantastic!" Cal said enthusiastically. "It was kinda a letdown when you stopped, but it was great!"

"Well next time maybe you can warn me and I'll just use my hand." Kathy said.

Cal smiled broadly as he stood and pulled up his pants. He was already looking forward to the next time.

"Cal." Kathy said as they rested in each others arms under a hot August sun. "We're moving."

"Moving?" Cal asked, his mind swirling a thick knot of dread welling up in his stomach.

"Dad got a promotion. My parents have a nice house picked out, but it's all the way across town. We won't even be in the same school!"

"No." Cal said futilely. "There's got to be a way."

"There isn't. They're putting up the For Sale sign tomorrow." Kathy said, the pain on her own face as deep and profound as on Cal's.


Cal stared at the pretty girl across the restaurant trying to figure out why she looked so familiar. There was something about the way her blue eyes flashed, something about the way she kept brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. She noticed his stares and would meet his gaze for a moment before turning back to laugh with her girl friend. The last few glances had been less friendly, as if she were trying to determine if she should be worried at his attention.

"Cal." David said, pushing Cal's shoulder to get his attention. "What's up? She's pretty yes, but I doubt Jenny will be thrilled to find you ogling other girls."

"Sorry." Cal said, turning back to his friend. "Something about her is familiar. I think I know her but I can't really put a name to her face."

"Well I suppose there's no harm in asking." David said.

"No." Cal said resolutely. "No harm at all." He walked over to the table and waited until she acknowledge him with a glance. "I'm sorry for staring, but I think I might know you. I'm Calvin Conner."

"Cal?", The girl said excitedly. "I'm Kathy! God! I didn't even recognize you! Last time I saw you, you were a squeaky voice little boy. And now look at you!" She said, the words coming in a rush as she bounded up to hug him.

He returned the hug and pushed her back at arms length to look at her. "Look at you!" He said. "You're absolutely beautiful!"

She blushed and smiled at him, basking in the happiness of finding a long lost friend. Suddenly she remembered her manners. "Cal this is Carol. Carol, this is Calvin Conner, a very old friend."

Carol smiled and shook his hand. "Take my seat Calvin." Carol insisted. "I have to be running along anyway and it looks like you two are going to reminisce a while."

"Thanks." Calvin said as he sat down.

Kathy leaned forward and said, "So tell me EVERYTHING." She insisted.

Cal laughed. "Not much to say really. I finished school and got accepted at State. I'm in my final year now, I'm just visiting friends and family for the holidays."

"What's your major?" Kathy asked, leering so he'd catch the oft used pickup line in the question.

Cal laughed again. "Business, with a minor in English. And what have you been doing since your parents so evilly thwarted our plans?"

"About the same. Finished school, I'm attending the city college now. I plan to be a teacher and get my certificate after I graduate.", she answered. "How's the love life?"

He winked. "If you mean have I found anyone like you, the answer is no. But I've looked. I've been going steady with a girl almost a year now. She's fun, exciting, interesting, and all that other mushy stuff. You?"

"I'm seeing a guy pretty regular, he's nice and cares for me but the sex is pretty boring. I usually have a private party the next day if he actually manages to get me off. I actually had two last month, I guess he's getting better."

The pause which followed was pregnant with anticipation as they stared at each other, memorizing the interesting new features of each others face. "You've really grown up to be quite a looker." Cal said.

Kathy smiled, the blush creeping back onto her cheeks. "And you the stud. Do you work out?"

"Intramural football. There's a little weight training on the side." Cal answered.

Kathy ran her finger around the rim of her glass, staring at the table as she asked. "You wouldn't be interested in maybe, well for old times sake, maybe..." She let the thought linger.

"Your condom or mine." Calvin grinned.

Kathy laughed. "Oh Cal! Didn't you remember ANYTHING I told you about the right words at the right time?"

"Ohh. That's right I should have said; I am a lowly slave to your radiant beauty. Ask and I shall move a mountain so that you may better see the sunset. Ask and I shall roll back the sea so that you may look for shells. Ask and I will plant my lips upon thee and count myself most fortunate among all men." It had started as a joke, but somewhere in the middle his voice grew serious and his eyes longing.

Kathy felt herself panting under the heat and intensity of his words and gaze. She had to shake herself free before replying. "Yes. Something exactly like that."

"David." Cal said.

"Come again?" Kathy asked confused.

"I forgot the friend I was with! I'll be right back." Cal said.

"Oh. The guy you were with. Go on, but don't keep me waiting to long. I might change my mind. We girls are fickle you know." Kathy said mischievously.

"Don't touch that dial!" Cal warned. "I'll be right back!"

"Let me guess." David said after Cal returned. "You don't need a ride home."

"That obvious huh?" Cal asked.

"You were fawning all over each other the moment the other girl left. You'd have to be blind not to see something between you. Go on, have fun." David said making a shooing motion with his hand.

"You're a real pal Dave." Cal said. "See ya tomorrow." Then glancing back at Kathy added, "Well maybe not tomorrow."

David leaned over and punched Cal in the arm. "Bud, with a girl like that, maybe not next year."

Calvin and Kathy made it as far as her Toyota before falling into a passionate embrace. The kiss didn't even start out tenderly, it went straight from passionate to aggressive as they rediscovered the comfortable road they had traveled that one magical summer so long ago. Cal lifted her up so she sat on the trunk of her car and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed. His hips ground against hers as they both responded to the naked desire that consumed them.

"Where are we going?" Calvin asked, his chest heaving.

"I've got an apartment, it's about twenty minutes away. I just drove down here to meet Carol on her lunch break. She works afternoons and evenings.", Kathy replied pulling him into another kiss.

"Hmmmm." Calvin hummed pulling back after a while. "Do you see that posh looking hotel over to your left? I'd be willing to bet they've got a really nice room somewhere. Unless you really want to wait a half hour or so before I ravish you."

She grinned wickedly. "You're doing all right so far."

"Yes." He said as he touched his forehead to hers. "But the elderly couple a few cars down have been staring at us like they wanted to go grab a hose or something."

Kathy turned her head and saw the a gray-haired couple staring at them indignantly a few cars down. "They're just jealous." She giggled. "If they watch, they deserve what they see."

"Still, the wind's a bit nippy." Cal said. "And just think of all the fun we could have in a nice big bed, maybe a nice bottle of champagne on ice." He rolled his head playfully from side to side.

She kicked her heels and squealed in delight. "You talked me into it. Your visa or mine."

"Mine of course silly." Calvin scolded. "Something's a guy's just gotta do."

"Oh." Kathy smiled. "A gentleman."

"My momma, my pappa and a very dear friend raised me proper." Cal agreed.

She slapped him on his butt playfully as she hopped down. On impulse she glanced back at the disapproving couple and stuck out her tongue impishly at them before sliding behind the wheel. Ten minutes latter they stepped into the honeymoon suite at the ritzy hotel.

"Wow." Kathy said as she took in the opulence of the room. "You musta won a lottery or something."

Cal smiled as he watched her explore the room, noting with pleasure how her hips swayed lightly as she walked. "Just a good job that's paying my way through school and gives me a little spending money on the side."

"Well it's just perfect. Perfect!" She said as she bounced on the bed.

"Yes it is.", Cal said admiring her by the door.

She stretched out her arms and smiled, "And what are you waiting for? I believe we started something in the parking lot."

There was a knock on the door as she finished. Cal smiled smoothly and opened the door. He spoke to someone in the hall and turned around as the door closed with a silver tray with a bucket of champagne with two crystal goblets. "Waiting for this." Cal said. "Wouldn't do to get all hot and bothered again and get interrupted." He set the tray on the night stand before setting down on the bed beside her. "Now where were we?" He asked.

"You were just about to fuck me for the very first time." Kathy said.

"Ah ah!" he replied, wagging his finger at her. "The right words remember?"

"You were about to sweep me off my feet and make mad passionate love to me.", she answered as she fell into his arms.

They broke the ensuing kiss only to hastily remove the layers of clothing that separated them from the union they both needed so much. Sweaters went flying, buttons were ripped, as bit by bit they got closer to that final moment existing only within the touch of each other.

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