Arresting Officer

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: The weekly round up of local hookers was in full swing, when one lovely lady caught Lieutenant Cynthia O'Rourke's eye, making her deserving of personal attention.

"All right, round 'em up and move 'em out!" Sergeant Mike Murphy called out to the blue clad phalanx under his command.

"You got it, Sarge." Officer Herrity replied.

Both men grinned as their fellow officers led a parade of women across the open courtyard to where a large blue bus waited. Despite the cool early morning air, few of the women wore much in the way of clothing. Tank tops and shorts seemed to be the order of the day. The uniform of their profession you might say.

"God, I love posse duty." Murphy laughed as he pointed out two of the passing women to Herrity.

The early morning roundup of prostitutes had come on the heels of another of the Mayors reoccurring speeches on the immorality of the profession. Delivered at the Sunday meeting of the Society for a Moral City, the Mayor had concluded his speech with the solemn promise that no matter what you might hear about other politicians. You would never hear his good name connected with such a unsavory practice. Then, after spending a few minutes spreading good wishes among the more influential members of the Society, the Mayor begged their leave explaining that he had urgent and pressing business. Said business being an visit to the apartment of his personal secretary where less than five minutes after his arrival they were hotly engaged in the same sort of activity the Mayor had so recently condemned.

"Looks like the wagon is just about full up." Herrity remarked. "And we still have about a half dozen more to haul in."

"Well I guess we'll just have to load the last of them in the squad cars like we usually do." Murphy quipped. "Maybe help grease the wheels of justice a little."

Both men laughed at the inside joke.

"Only a couple left, any preference?" Herrity asked.

"Nah, just pick one." Murphy answered. "Its not like I'm going to spend a whole lot of quality time looking deep into her eyes."

Herrity motioned for the closest Officer to bring his charge over to the Sergeants car. She wasn't exactly a beauty, but what did you expect out here in the warehouse district.

"Wait a minute!" Murphy exclaimed. "Wait one fucking minute!"

Herrity whirled around to see the sudden cause of his superiors excitement. His eyes quickly fixed on the next to last girl in the line. He quickly called out to the escort officer to bring his charge over. Then with a hand motion, he dismissed his first choice to another car.

"Sweet mother," Murphy whistled as she came closer into view.

Standing 5'6" with dark hair pulled up into a topside ponytail, the 20 year old had a figure which could make a monk reconsider his vows. Her skin was a olive brown, the product of a mixed heritage. Clad in a yellow tank top that appeared several sizes too small, her 38D breasts pressed so tightly against the material that both her nipples and two inch wide aureoles were highly visible. Bright red and full lips crowned a flawless smile. One inch wide gold circles hung from her ears, a second small diamond stud above them.

Long smooth legs stretched out from beneath a pair of cut off blue jeans, cut so short as to have only a little over two inches of material at the sides. The young woman looked as out of place among the usual streetwalkers as one of them would look in a convent.

"And what would your name be, sweet thing?" Murphy asked.

"Jody." She simply answered. "Jody Austin."

"Well Jody, looks like you've run into your first piece of luck today." Murphy smirked. "Since the bus is already filled, you get to ride downtown with me. We can chat a little and maybe I can put in a good word for you." He added as he ran his eyes up and down her hot body, taking in the little that was left to the imagination.

Jody returned the stare with her baby blue eyes, taking note of the growing bulge in his uniform.

"Well, maybe something can be worked out." Jody smiled.

The smile was reflected threefold in Murphy's face as he pictured the beautiful young woman on her knees, his cock buried in her mouth. Then he'd show her how to really grease the wheels of justice.

"Is there a problem here, Sergeant?" Came an authoritative female voice from behind Murphy.

"Oh shit!" Murphy mentally exclaimed as he identified the voice even before he finished turning around.

"No problem, Lieutenant." He said as he came to a stop. "We were just a little too successful in implementing the Mayor's directive. The bus is already full so we were going to transport some of the stragglers in our cars. In fact, I was going to move this one myself."

"I see..." Lieutenant O'Rourke said as she stepped past the Sergeant and took a long hard look at his prisoner.

Cynthia O'Rourke stood 6' tall and presented a most formidable figure. Countless long hours in the gym had left her with a lean muscular form, the envy of even the male officers. Her short hair was a bright red, providing a complimentary contrast to her very light skin. Her features were rather ordinary, no one would ever call her beautiful. Yet when she removed the dark sunglasses she wore, her bright green eyes brought a sparkle to her face. The only jewelry she wore were the shining Lieutenant's bars and the 21th Precinct insignias on her collar.

Unlike the off the rack uniform worn by most of her fellows, Cynthia's were tailor made. The cut of her blouse accented her small 34 inch bust. They were the only suggestion of the 36 year old's gender.

Turning her attention away from the scantily clad prostitute and back to Murphy, Cynthia couldn't help but notice the swelling in his trousers.

"Such devotion to your duty is to be commended." Cynthia said with just a trace of sarcasm in her voice. "But, I'm afraid the Captain wants to be able to give the Mayor a full report on the sweep at their breakfast meeting this morning. You're not going to be able to give your new friend here your special attention."

Murphy's only answer was a small, barely audible groan. That and a sudden reduction in the size of his bulge.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure cutie-pie here finds her way to where she's supposed to be." The Lieutenant added, a look of satisfaction on her face.

The opposite look filled Murphy's face as he reluctantly opened the door to his cruiser and entered it alone. Just before he gunned the engine and tore out of the lot, Cynthia heard him mutter...

"Damned Bitch!"

The Sergeant's car was follow by the prisoner bus and two other cruisers, leaving only two cars behind.

"Nothing else to keep us here." Cynthia said.

Officer Herrity produced a pair of handcuffs and proceeded to put them on the prisoner, pinning her arms behind her back. Regulations clearly called for them when transporting someone by squad car. Then he called out to the driver of the other car that he would meet him back at the station.

"I don't think I'll be needing an escort, Herrity." Cynthia said. "I don't think this young lady is going to give me any trouble. Are you honey?"

"No." She meekly answered.

"Good." Cynthia smiled.

Herrity hesitated for a moment. It was clearly against regulations to let O'Rourke transport the prisoner by herself. But then again, she was a Lieutenant. Unless there was another higher ranking officer to overrule her, her orders were set in stone. Besides, she was somewhat of a hard ass. He would love to see her taken down a peg or two if she got chewed out by the Captain over this. It would be so easy just to casually mention the incident within earshot of the right person. With a broad grin, Herrity turned and entered the other cruiser.

"Jody was it?" Cynthia said as she eased her into the car.

The hooker nodded in acknowledgment.

"Well Jody, maybe we'll just take a little ride downtown. But I'm afraid that it won't be the one you were expecting from Murphy."

The ride to the Precinct was both quick and quiet. Neither Cynthia or Jody said a word to each other. When they pulled into the Station's parking lot, Jody finally broke the silence.

"You're actually taking me to jail?" She asked in wide eyed astonishment.

"Well that's what usually happens when you get arrested, Peaches." Cynthia said with a grin. "Where did you think I was taking you?"

"I thought... I mean I..." Jody stammered, then became very quiet.

Parking the car, Cynthia removed her prisoner and led her through the parking lot and into the station house. Immediately they were immersed in a sea of dark and light blue uniforms. The Lieutenant acknowledged the greeting of the desk sergeant with a wave of her hand. Her first order of business was to check in her firearm. Weapons weren't allowed in the booking area. With a firm grip on the younger woman's shoulder, Cynthia guided her through a maze of corridors.

Stepping down a final hallway, Jody could see a small crowd of fellow hookers waiting to be booked. It appeared to be a long line.

"Afraid we have a full house this morning, Lieutenant." A sandy haired officer said as he approached Cynthia with a clipboard in hand. "Might be an hour or more before we can even begin to process your paperwork."

"It seems like it gets longer and longer, Pete" Cynthia observed.

"Yeh," The officer replied with a nod of his head. "But it should ease up a little when they open the annex at the end of the month. At least we'll have those new holding cells."

"On a morning like this we could use them." Cynthia said. "I sure hope the Mayor is enjoying his Sunday morning breakfast plans, because mine just got shot to hell."

"If you like, Lieutenant, I'll be happy to take her off your hands. So you can get out of here and make your date." Pete Willis said with a smile.

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