Planet Gykada
Chapter 1: Arrival

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Science Fiction, MaleDom, sci-fi sex story, space science fiction sex story, adult science fiction, adult sic-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Arrival - This long story involves female sex slaves, mind control, and staving off an imminent invasion.

I could hardly wait. It had taken five years to save up enough credits for the trip, but I would have taken ten for this trip. It was all I was thinking about since Jenny was killed.

Gykada. The planet every man wants to visit (and stay on). The planet of female sex slaves. It's known throughout the galaxy, and has a four year waiting list for visitation passes. The reason is the ruling council only allows 100 men down at a time. Also, it is forbidden to stay on the planet over a month. The council wants new blood all the time, and doesn't want any slave to form attachments to visitors.

The planet's men died off years ago of some plague that has since disappeared. The women were left with two choices - lesbianism or tourism. They chose tourism.

The planet has only two main laws while visiting. No man may have over four slaves apiece, and no slave may leave the planet.

The only forbidden acts on the planet are lesbianism and homosexuality. Lesbianism was outlawed because the women who took it up tried to overthrow the peaceful government. Now, if a slave shows any sign of lesbianism, she is immediately shipped off planet and never allowed to return. Since that usually means enforced slavery on some harsh and inhospitable world to a master that is equally harsh and unforgiving, the slaves do not fuck each other.

My ship was less than an hour away, and I could see the giant green globe in front of the ship. I looked at my fellow vacationer, Bart, and we both grinned. He was sporting a noticeable erection, and I was having a difficult time not doing the same thing. But navigation was tricky until we reached hailing range, and we both knew it.

Finally, we were hailed.

"Approaching ship, give call letters and identification." a very sexy female voice said.

I activated the mike. "We are the U.S.S. Roper XCY-2443. Barton Lewis and Larry Martin on board."

"Just a minute while I check our schedule." the voice was almost dripping sex with each word.

Bart looked at me with anticipation.

The voice came back and I almost came in my pants listening to it. "You have been approved, men. Follow my instructions to land. Units 337 and 245 will welcome you. Enjoy your stay. I hope you are well rested." and a chuckle was heard as the instructions took over.

We landed without incident and we were wondering who the women would be that would meet us. The slaves on the planet had long since stopped having names. They were all referred to by unit and number. The higher the number, the more seasoned a slave. The first digit of the number indicated their status, the second and third their individualilty. Since there were only 500 slaves available at any one time., the numbering scheme was sufficient. An off-duty or vacationing slave must leave the planet.

I stepped off the landing ramp followed by Bart. I shook his hand. It would be the last time I would see him for a month. We were assigned to different areas of the planet based on our desires. Bart wanted heavy bondage and discipline. I wanted loving and romantic sex slaves with a bit of master/slave thrown in for variety...

I got my first look at the slaves meeting us and like I expected was blown away. Unit 245 who was for Bart, was a tall, thin blonde with small breasts and long luscious legs. Bart was a leg man from way back. I, on the other hand, am a tit man.

My unit, 337, met all my desires and then some. Long thick, red hair flowing around the most beautiful face I have ever seen, continuing over tits that must have been at least an E cup on the old standard of measure, ending just above her bare bellybutton. Slaves are completely humanoid, and girls from Earth and other Class M planets are activily recruited for the planet. It is considered the highest honor in the galaxy to be chosen for Gykada. If a girl is chosen, she will have a life other women can only dream of. She will spend six months of the year fucking men, and six months spending the money she earns on herself. Girls on Gykada earn twice as much as a women could earn anywhere else.

She ran up to me and kissed me warmly. "Hello, master. I hope your flight was uneventful."

"Yes it was, slave. Do you have a name I can call you. I abhor the term, slave."

"Master may call me whatever he wishes and I will respond."

"Good, I'll call you Jenny after my late wife."

"Thank you master, that is a great honor. I hope to live up to your expectations."

She took my hand and led me to my home for the next month.


Gykada had a strict rule about new tourists. They were only allowed to meet one new slave per week of their stay for a maximum of four slaves. Therefore, I would have "Jenny" for four weeks. I was nearly drooling.

As soon as I was settled into the mansion assigned to me, Jenny introduced me to my staff. Staff on the planet usually consisted of older women who no longer had the appeal of the younger girls. They were allowed to remain on the planet in exchange for staff duties. Staff girls were always available for sex anytime, anywhere. Refusal would mean instant transfer off-planet. Staff positions were much coveted as a result.

Jenny looked to be around 27 years of age. She was well tanned and she had a wholesome, almost virginal look to her. The only thing that wasn't part of that look were the massive tits she sported. Another law of the planet was that each girl's body must be totally natural. No enhancing was allowed.

Jenny came over to me and kissed me hotly pulling me towards the bed. I hardly resisted. I had restrained myself from sex since the death of my wife five years ago. To say I was horny would be a massive understatement. The slaves seemed to have a sixth sense about when they were needed for sex and instantly prepared themselves wherever they were.

Jenny seemed to sense I would be the most comfortable in the bed, so that's where she led me. Standing alongside with various sexual aids were two staff members. Jenny introduced them as units 528 and 559. Five numbers meant they had been on the planet the longest.

I guess maybe I should explain the number system. It will become important later.


girls in training. These girls are not considered part of the 500. They are not available, and they must train for six months before they will be accepted or rejected.


new girls. These girls are freshly accepted, but are not allowed to have intercourse with guests yet. They have on the job training in oral and mental pleasures. A girl will retain this category for six more months.


speciality girls. These are girls that are assigned a specific area of sex, and are not allowed to deviate from it. These are the most skillful girls on the planet and are therefore rare and highly coveted. They are also very expensive. There are no more than twenty of these girls on planet at any one time.


normal slaves. These are the girls that each visitor is greeted with and spends all month of his visit with. There are 100 of these girls on planet at all times. Each girl is practiced in all areas of sex and can accomodate any fantasy.


senior slaves. Each visitor is allowed one of these slaves for his visit. These girls are not human, they are native planet women. Each girl has the ability to metamorphisize into any woman desired in any manner desired. They also can adopt the memory of the desired woman. There are fifty of these on planet at any time.


staff Older and less pretty girls who choose to remain on planet to serve the other guests and slaves. These girls do not count on the 500 slave restriction ruling council Not slaves, and not allowed for sex. These women are married mostly and just rule the planet. Visitors are not allowed to see or meet them unless the council demands it. That normally only happens when a planet rule has been broken. There are only ten members of the ruling council.


(rare) marriagable slaves - these women are the most coveted and desirable women on the planet. Each girl is available for marriage provided the price is met and both parties agree to it. The price is woman dependant. A 7 girl usually comes from one of the other areas when she finds a man she wants to spend her life with. Each slave is allowed to request a change to this class once in their service on the planet. Most do not, preferring to stay slaves with different men. The number of these women changes frequently. Once per month, an auction of any unclaimed slaves from any class is held with the top bidder expected to marry and provide for the chosen woman. Each party can back down from the agreement, but once agreed is binding. Most of the truly successful men in the galaxy boast a 7 class wife.


disgraced or dismissed slaves. These are women who have broke the rules and are waiting for transport off planet. An 8 class slave is available for marriage or even simple slave status off-planet for no charge, but they are never allowed to return to the planet. The number of these slaves is unknown, of course.


deceased slaves. Normally a slave who passes away is given a small ceremony and then is allowed to be buried on her homeworld. A small handful of slaves are so special and loved that they are given 9 status. This is equivalent to the Hall of Fame of slaves. A shrine to the 9 class is built in the middle of each city and is a favorite place for tourists to visit. Currently there are sixteen 9 class slaves.

During my visit I wanted to arrange to attend the classes auction. Jenny had assured me it was already arranged.

I looked at Jenny who was waiting patiently on the bed looking at me with a look of genuine love. I wished I knew how they trained their slaves so well. It was like I was returning home to my wife after a long absence. I decided to make her know just how much I appreciated her.

Slaves like Jenny expect no attention to their needs. They are there for their visitors in whatever way desired. I wanted to change the impression Jenny had probably already formed.

Instead of having her blow me like I was sure she expected, or just spread her legs to welcome me, I decided I would eat her out. From what I had been told, this was so rare to the slaves that it made them almost fall in love with you on the spot.

Jenny's cunt was a mass of thick red hair just waiting to cushion my face. As I dived in with my head, I could hear her say "Master, what are you doing, that is not necessary."

"Jenny, let me show you my appreciation" and I started licking. She was already wet as I expected, but inside of two minutes she was drenching me. This was no act, I was sure, and I chanced a look up. Slaves have a practiced look of contentment and joy to show the masters. Jenny's look was one of delighted surprise. She had not expected this. I continued my meal of her tasty, juicy cunt until she gently pushed me away. She immediately moved down to return the favor.

Now, I was never a saint when it came to women, and until I met and married my Jenny, I was always fucking women when I could. I have had many a blowjob in my life, some of them quite good, and some, like my wife, almost as good as actual fucking. This Jenny put them all to shame. I believe she was determined to give me a little extra for my unexpected surprise earlier. Her best effort was put into making me feel as good as I could. I noticed her hands didn't stray to her pussy while she was doing this which I was surprised at. I pulled her up and her look of disappointment was quickly banished and her smile returned. I relished the break in the mask for a moment, and I determined to let her know that while she might be my sex slave for the next month, she didn''t have to act like one. I kissed her softly and was rewarded by a contented purr much like a kitten. Then I rolled over and pulled her over on top of me. This was also evidently something that rarely happened as her mask went away with her joy for a moment. I was beginning to think maybe I was making a real friend here.

She knew what to do, but I stopped her. I asked her to wait until I told her to. I wanted to rub my dick along her pussy walls for a few minutes. I loved the feel of the wet opening to her furnace. I could feel the heat coming in waves on my dick and I knew she was nearly insane with desire. That was what I was looking for. I wanted her to enjoy this as much or more than I did. I wanted my slaves to remember me when I had to leave.

Finally, I pushed in. Jenny must have been a good pupil because her cunt muscles grabbed at my cock like a newly deflowered virgin. Now it was my turn to be really pleased. I looked at her face, and the mask was gone again. She was nearly mad with the sensations flowing through her. I knew I wouldn't last long in her massaging muscles, but then I didn't really want to. I knew it was just round one. I came a gusher that was matched by her gusher at nearly the same time. I knew the slaves on the planet were trained well in faking orgasms, but I was sure that this was no fake.

I rolled her off from me and drifted off to peaceful sleep. I awoke about four hours later. Jenny was still beside me looking at me in amusement. Then she realized I was awake and the slave mask returned.

"Hello, master. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did, how about you?"

"It is not necessary for you to inquire about me, master. I will prepare for your meal."

She left but as she did, she turned and smiled at me. What did that mean?

Suspicions and a new slave appears

Jenny and I continued our fun for the remainder of the week. Try as I might to keep it from happening, I was falling in love with my slave. It was the way she was always caring, and loving no matter what I would ask her to do. She always made sure my fun and contentment came before hers, and it was a pure joy making love to her. I was not fucking her after that first time, I was sharing the love I was beginning to feel for her. My problem was that I had no way of knowing if any of the love was being returned.

Saturday approached and I was a little apprehensive. My second slave would be arriving that afternoon, and Jenny had gone to meet her. I no longer thought of her as Unit 337, but as Jenny, a woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

With little to do until they returned,. I wandered the grounds of my mansion. The staff offered me a tour, but I wanted to go on my own. Besides, I needed a break from all the fucking and Unit 559 was very appealing to me. I had both staff several times at Jenny's insistance (telling me it was the only time they could have sex). As I reached the edge of the southern most point of the grounds, I heard soft feminine voices.

"Do think we can get away with this much longer, 388?"

"I hope so. My master is so enamored of my fellow slave, he ignores me. I have plenty of time to get him ready."

"It will be so nice to get off this planet and take over a world. With our powers of persuation, no man can resist us."

"Right, 298. How are you coming with your master? Have you given him the serum yet?"

"Tonight if I can get him to lick my cunt he will mix my serum and my juice. It'll be so nice to have my pussy licked again."

"You mean, you don't want me to do it for you anymore? I'm hurt! I mean all this time pretending to enjoy cocks, when we and our group are really lesbians is bad enough, but now I'm not good enough for you?"

"Come here you little tramp, I'll show you good."

The next sounds I heard were the sickening (to me) sounds of lesbian love. I noticed one of the staff approaching. Damn, it was 528. I did not find her appealing, and she knew it. I decided to let her hear what I was hearing. I motioned her over and let her listen. Her eyes went wide and her mouth got a very angry look to it. She swung an unseen gate open a little way up the line and motioned me in with her.

There on the ground were a short blonde with small delicious looking tits being ate out by a large Amazonian type dirty blonde with large boobs and a mean look. It looked as thought they were both in bliss. Unit 528 produced a camera from her tunic and began filming the forbidden act. Then she gave the camera to me and stepped forward.

The Amazon heard her approach and froze. The blonde underneath was evidently real close to coming, and she cursed her partner and sat up to see why she stopped. When she saw 528 she froze and immediately began blaming the Amazon.

I left then as I didn't want to see anymore. About a half hour later, the other staff came by and asked where 528 was. I looked at my timepiece and realized it had been nearly an hour since I left her with the other women. We both went back out there and now I heard three female voices in the throes of lesbian love. 559 simply turned around and called the planet security. Within fifteen minutes, the three lesbians were being led away sputtering and crying. 528 turned to 559 and pleaded with her. 559 gave her a look of disgust and followed me into the house. I decided to keep the other things I heard to myself for right now.

About an hour later, Jenny arrived with my second slave. Unit 429 was introduced. Her name was Hyyana, but she said to simply call her Anna. She was short, about 5'2" and she was very topheavy. One of the pecularities about the native women of the planet was that they were hermorphodites. Anna had a very nice soft pussy and a four inch clit that resembled a cock. One of the reasons the native women were limited was this extra. Most men wanted nothing to do with a woman with such a large clit or cock, but I didn't mind. It was one of my secret fantasies.

Anna was a brunette and her hair was shorter and fuller than Jenny's. She was a lot closer to what my wife had looked like, but she had much larger breasts. Anna was also quite aggressive and we were fucking each other within five minutes of our introduction, with Jenny allowing me to eat her pussy at the same time. As I came in Anna, something felt wrong. I felt a stabbing pain for a moment, and I shoved her away from me. Jenny saw and looked at me in astonishment.

Anna's cunt was dripping blood and she had a very evil look on her face. Jenny screamed which brought 559 and my new staff 594 running. They took one look at my bloody painful cock and went about cleaning it up. Anna was now laughing and got up. I saw what had cut me. She had morphed the interior of her cunt into a series of sharp razor knifes and she was nearing my face, intending to jam her cunt on my face.

Of all people, Jenny pushed her away. She then dropped her with a karate type move and Anna was out like a light. She then called the security. Anna woke up just as they were taking her away. She looked at Jenny with a look of hate.

"You will die for that 337. I'll see to it. And you, Master, you will be dead shortly too. All my sisters have finally decided that we will control this planet and then we will control the world with our sexual prowess. Enjoy your little cunts, they will be the last you will ever see!" and the security people knocked her out before they could continue.


I decided to call my buddy Bart and see if he was having problems. I dialed the number and his slave (I guess) picked up. I asked to speak to him and she gave an evil laugh.

"That will be hard to do, Master. Your friend is no longer living. I am surprised that you are still alive. But don't worry, one of your slaves will soon fix that little oversight." and she hung up with a mad laugh.

I sat on the bed trying to think. This was turning into a nightmare. Slaves were not only turning on Masters, but were killing them too. I looked at my two staff persons. 559 was in her early fifties. She was a frail, small woman, and her sunny disposition left me no doubt that she could not ever kill anyone. The new staff, 594, was a beautiful woman in her late forties who looked increasingly familiar to me. Long red hair, large bust, happy and contented looking eyes. Almost an older version of Jenny... an older version of Jenny!!?!! I turned to her and asked her.

Unit 594, are you related to Jenny, here?"

"Jenny? You mean 337?"

"Yes, sorry. I've called her Jenny since I arrived. I forgot her name was 337."

Jenny smiled and kissed me warmly like a woman in love, not a slave. "Momma, if it can be arranged, I would like to stay as Jenny with him. I think I am in love with him."

Well that answered my question. 594 looked at her daughter in shock as did 559. Then she found her voice.

"My daughter, how can you be in love? You have only known the Master a week! He is just like any man, is he not?"

"No, Momma, he is not. The first time we were together, he tried to please me before pleasing himself. When was the last time a Master ever did that to any of us? And 559, you have spent time in his bed, what was it like for you?"

559's eyes started to tear up and it took her several minutes to find her voice. "It was the best and most satisfying love making I have ever had, and I will be extremely sad to see this month end."

594 looked as though a truck hit her. She turned to me and spoke softly.

"Master, may I hear your real name too. If my daughter can fall for you after all the men she has served, you are a special man. I wish to know that man's name."

"My name is Larry Bennett, 594, and I love your daughter too." When Jenny heard that she went to pieces. 559 came over to comfort her and share in her astonishment.

594 looked curious, then she went to the computer that controlled most everything on the planet.

"Computer, access priority."

The same sexy female voice we heard as we flew in came on. "State number and reason for access."

"Unit 594, former counsel, reason for access is possible promotion to 7 status. Request data on master Larry Bennett."

At that, Jenny's eyes went wide. "You mean that, Mamma? You'd do that for me?"

594 smiled at her daughter. "Yes, honey, I would. Now be quiet, the data is coming in now."

She read the data and her eyebrows did a great Mr. Spock imitation. Then her mouth dropped open, and then she started to tear up. And finally astonishment took over. She closed the computer link.

She came over to me and kissed me deeply with great feeling and then fell to her knees sobbing quietly. All of us were astonished at her reaction.

Jenny recovered first and spoke to her mother. "Momma, what's wrong?"

594 looked at me again and then to her daughter. "Honey, remember Jennifer Dyson?"

Jenny smiled and nodded happily. "Yes Momma, she was my dormmate in college. We were the best of friends. I've wondered for years what happened to her when we were approved for the planet. Does Larry have anything to do with her? Does he know where she is?"

Before I could answer, 594 held up her hand. "Honey, meet Jennifer's husband."

Jenny looked at me in astonishment. "How could you come here for a vacation and not bring her with you? I would have loved to see my old roommate again."

I started, but 594 waved me off again. "337, Jennifer was killed five years ago in a landing accident. She was five months pregnant with Larry's first child. He saved up all his credit and sold almost everything he owned on the hope he could take one vacation here and have some happiness for just a little while. When I read that, and then remembered he called you Jenny, I knew what kind of man we have here. Larry, I know you have no money to request a 7 promotion, and I have no idea how we can pull off this marriage, but I swear to you on Jennifer's grave that we will."

Jenny came over to me with her eyes full of tears and just sobbed like a baby. I felt something I had not felt since my Jenny had died. I felt grief. Grief over the loss of my wife again after all these years, and grief because there was no way I could marry Jenny with my depleted finances. It would have taken me years to save up enough money to buy a Gykada slave. The only way I could think of making the marriage a possibility would be if Jenny was disgraced and became a class 8 slave. But in order to do that, I would have to make the woman I loved into a lesbian. How could I do that?

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