Rich Man

by JS3729

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rich, lonely man searches for someone to love him, not his money. He finds it in the unlikeliest person.

Chapter One


I'm a rich man. VERY Rich. Last time I checked my worth was close to 3.7 million dollars. But that was yesterday. It's probably grown since then.

You might think I'm arrogant and bragging. No, I'm just telling you the facts. You need to understand that much about me before hearing my story.

I have been searching for nearly all of my twenty-seven years for someone who will love me, not my money. It should not be a difficult task, but I was married once and almost a second time. Neither relationship lasted a year. Both of the women tried to soak me for as much money as they could, but I was smart enough to insist on a pre-nuptual agreement with my wife and made no promises to the other woman, and they got just what they deserved, nothing more.

As proof that they only wanted my money, not me, neither of them will have anything more to do with me, and frankly, I like it that way.

I have women who are friends, and women who will bed me. But I don't have a woman who can do both without the dollar signs getting in the way.

I suppose I'm as much to blame as them. I expect certain things from the woman I'm with, and maybe they won't or can't do it. But if they would only tell me, I would listen, and probably asceed to their wishes. I'm not a difficult man to deal with.

My business is family owned (or rather was, I'm the last of the family). It makes enough money for me that I could live very comfortably with just it, but I also have my inheritance to add to my wealth.

Now, before you think I'm just pulling your leg, and I'm looking for a sex slave or something, I've already tried that. The woman and I still see each other, but I don't fuck her anymore. I just want a friend I can talk to without worrying about whether or not she will leave me broke.

I guess I should start my story when I got laid the first time. I was eleven, and it was very forgettable.

Chapter Two

I was the youngest of four boys. My parents were filthy rich. My dad had money before he married mom, and she was an heiress. They never really loved each other, it was more for convienence. Maybe that's why I want a loving marriage and family so much - I never had one growing up.

My oldest brother, Corneilus (or Neil as he preferred) was daddy's favorite. Neil was a carbon copy of dad, and he tried everything he could to please him. Because of this, all us younger brothers hated him. He was scrawy and sickly, but his mind was very sharp. He was free and loose with his allowance (which monthly was larger than some people's yearly salary) and he got all the women he wanted. We soon found out (but Dad didn't) that he got all the guys he wanted too.

Yep, good old Neil was bi, and Dad would have disinherited him if he knew. Because of this, Neil had to sneak his play boy toys into the house when the parents were away, which was often. I used to watch fascinated as Neil would bring some good-looking jock type home and stick his short thin dick up the big guy's ass. They both seemed to enjoy it. As far as I knew, Neil never did it the other way. Anyway, Neil fell for a guy he met in college and went away with him. It broke Dad's heart. He sadly turned to my next eldest brother, Carson, and instructed him in the business.

Carson was the playboy of the family. Big, strong, virile and insatiable, he was the girl's delight. So much so that it was his only interest. It was funny to come home with the parents gone and see Neil fucking some guy or gal in his room, and Carson and one of his harem in his. Of course, I never got to use any of those girls myself (I had no desire for any of Neil's boys - still don't), and Carson just laughed when I asked if I could have his discards. He told me to get my own chicks.

Dad was not happy about Carson's lifestyle, and even less happy when Carson decided he didn't need the home life anymore and left with some blonde bimbo he was screwing. I didn't see him again for years.

My other brother, Conrad (or Rad), was the family athlete. Football, Baseball, Golf, and other activities kept him busy most of the time. I don't think I ever saw him screw anybody while he was still living. Dad did not want to trust the business to him because Rad had absolutely no business sense at all, nor did he want anything to do with it. He was planning on a pro career in some sport, however it was not to be. Rad got sick in his junior year, and for a long time, none of the doctors knew what it was. He finally succumbed to the unknown disease in the middle of his senior year. By this time Neil had left, and Carson was never home, so that left me.

My name is Clayton, but I prefer Clay. I was and still am the protypical bookworm, complete with nerdly glasses, scrawy frame, and a very shy and scared personality. I never dated because girls scared me to death. It was one thing to watch Neil or Carson screw, but me actually doing it was another.

My first experiance was with a girl that wanted to get back at Carson for dumping her. She went after Rad, of course first, but he had little interest. She looked for Neil, but found him screwing a guy in his room, so she figured he was gay. I was her last choice. I really wanted nothing to do with her, and she wanted nothing to do with me. Not conducive to a good screw, I must say.

Her name was Sally (I've forgotten the last name). She was built good like all Carson's girls, but I could see why he dumped her. She was the clingy, possessive type. She even tried to possess me for a while, but I soon grew to hate it. We only screwed twice before she realized that Carson didn't care one way or the other and left to find other game.

Our nights happened this way...

Chapter Three

Sally had made in plain what she wanted and why she wanted it. I told her no, several times, but she finally convinced me by taking my little prick out of my trousers and giving me my first blowjob. Since I was only eleven, there wasn't much there for her to suck - just over four inches erect. (Its now just over seven [ I grew a bit <g>]). But it only took a few minutes of this to dump my first load of cum with another person in her throat. Sally patiently waited until I was drained then spat it up into the wash basin. So much for swallowing cum!

She then took her blouse off. Since she was 16, her breasts were quite noticeable. Not large, but just enough for an eleven year old to enjoy playing with. I was a little unsure what to do first - kiss her, suck her tits, or finish undressing her so I could see that cunt I wanted to see.

She got impatient and pulled me into a kiss. Ah! I decided she knew what she was doing and I didn't, so I let her lead the way. I have regretted this over the years. You see, Sally was the type who wanted to totally dominate the man she was screwing. She had to come first, she had to be eaten to at least a couple of orgasms before she would even remove her panties. Then she had to be really ready and wet before she would allow a cock in her. As I think back, I guess she was the first bondage freak I ever knew. Maybe thats why I hate bondage now.

She took her time with me. I noticed several things in the course of the foreplay. First her body was great looking to me, no matter what I was looking at. Second, she was evidently quite the slut because her pussy was soaked throughout the whole experiance, and I know it wasn't for desire for me. Third, the smell eminating from her crotch was not unpleasant, but was distracting to me. Finally, she almost left me hanging when I didn't get hard fast enough for her after her blowjob.

Her cunt was already sloppy loose at sixteen. Later she told me she had been fucking since she was my age, and couldn't get enough cock to satisfy her. I asked her why she wanted Carson so bad. She got a look of lust in her eyes. She said he was the only boy who could wait her out when it came to coming, and the feel of him shooting off in her during the middle of her orgasm was heavenly.

Sally and I screwed twice - one for her, and once for me. The second time she didn't really want to fuck me, and it showed in her actions. I was glad to get rid of her as Carson decided she was worth a couple of nights fucking. I think he just wanted to show little brother that he could take anything from me he wanted.

Chapter Four

It took until my junior year to get laid again. By this time Rad was very ill, and Carson decided he should get laid at least once before he died. He tried to bring Sally over, but Rad wanted nothing to do with that slut. He then began parading his girlfriends in front of Rad in various stages of undress. I enjoyed the hell out of the shows. Carson saw me and just grinned.

Rad finally chose a nice redhead named June. She was also a senior, and way off-limits for me. But she liked the athletes and had come on to Rad before. Now, it was a mercy fuck for her. It was not to happen, though. The date was made for a week from Friday. Rad passed away on Wednesday, still a virgin.

June came over anyway to see Carson, who actually refused a fuck for the first time since he started having sex. Rad's death hit him hard, and it was a full two weeks before he felt like fucking again.

I had no problems with it though. Rad and I were never close. He was the antithises of what I was, and I couldn't relate to him. His death was a very sad time, but I knew it would happen, and was prepared for it.

I decided maybe June's trip here wouldn't be a total loss after all. I followed her down the stairs and stopped her from leaving. She looked at me without really seeing me, and I realized she'd been crying. I wondered why.

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