Rich Man

by JS3729

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rich, lonely man searches for someone to love him, not his money. He finds it in the unlikeliest person.

Chapter One


I'm a rich man. VERY Rich. Last time I checked my worth was close to 3.7 million dollars. But that was yesterday. It's probably grown since then.

You might think I'm arrogant and bragging. No, I'm just telling you the facts. You need to understand that much about me before hearing my story.

I have been searching for nearly all of my twenty-seven years for someone who will love me, not my money. It should not be a difficult task, but I was married once and almost a second time. Neither relationship lasted a year. Both of the women tried to soak me for as much money as they could, but I was smart enough to insist on a pre-nuptual agreement with my wife and made no promises to the other woman, and they got just what they deserved, nothing more.

As proof that they only wanted my money, not me, neither of them will have anything more to do with me, and frankly, I like it that way.

I have women who are friends, and women who will bed me. But I don't have a woman who can do both without the dollar signs getting in the way.

I suppose I'm as much to blame as them. I expect certain things from the woman I'm with, and maybe they won't or can't do it. But if they would only tell me, I would listen, and probably asceed to their wishes. I'm not a difficult man to deal with.

My business is family owned (or rather was, I'm the last of the family). It makes enough money for me that I could live very comfortably with just it, but I also have my inheritance to add to my wealth.

Now, before you think I'm just pulling your leg, and I'm looking for a sex slave or something, I've already tried that. The woman and I still see each other, but I don't fuck her anymore. I just want a friend I can talk to without worrying about whether or not she will leave me broke.

I guess I should start my story when I got laid the first time. I was eleven, and it was very forgettable.

Chapter Two

I was the youngest of four boys. My parents were filthy rich. My dad had money before he married mom, and she was an heiress. They never really loved each other, it was more for convienence. Maybe that's why I want a loving marriage and family so much - I never had one growing up.

My oldest brother, Corneilus (or Neil as he preferred) was daddy's favorite. Neil was a carbon copy of dad, and he tried everything he could to please him. Because of this, all us younger brothers hated him. He was scrawy and sickly, but his mind was very sharp. He was free and loose with his allowance (which monthly was larger than some people's yearly salary) and he got all the women he wanted. We soon found out (but Dad didn't) that he got all the guys he wanted too.

Yep, good old Neil was bi, and Dad would have disinherited him if he knew. Because of this, Neil had to sneak his play boy toys into the house when the parents were away, which was often. I used to watch fascinated as Neil would bring some good-looking jock type home and stick his short thin dick up the big guy's ass. They both seemed to enjoy it. As far as I knew, Neil never did it the other way. Anyway, Neil fell for a guy he met in college and went away with him. It broke Dad's heart. He sadly turned to my next eldest brother, Carson, and instructed him in the business.

Carson was the playboy of the family. Big, strong, virile and insatiable, he was the girl's delight. So much so that it was his only interest. It was funny to come home with the parents gone and see Neil fucking some guy or gal in his room, and Carson and one of his harem in his. Of course, I never got to use any of those girls myself (I had no desire for any of Neil's boys - still don't), and Carson just laughed when I asked if I could have his discards. He told me to get my own chicks.

Dad was not happy about Carson's lifestyle, and even less happy when Carson decided he didn't need the home life anymore and left with some blonde bimbo he was screwing. I didn't see him again for years.

My other brother, Conrad (or Rad), was the family athlete. Football, Baseball, Golf, and other activities kept him busy most of the time. I don't think I ever saw him screw anybody while he was still living. Dad did not want to trust the business to him because Rad had absolutely no business sense at all, nor did he want anything to do with it. He was planning on a pro career in some sport, however it was not to be. Rad got sick in his junior year, and for a long time, none of the doctors knew what it was. He finally succumbed to the unknown disease in the middle of his senior year. By this time Neil had left, and Carson was never home, so that left me.

My name is Clayton, but I prefer Clay. I was and still am the protypical bookworm, complete with nerdly glasses, scrawy frame, and a very shy and scared personality. I never dated because girls scared me to death. It was one thing to watch Neil or Carson screw, but me actually doing it was another.

My first experiance was with a girl that wanted to get back at Carson for dumping her. She went after Rad, of course first, but he had little interest. She looked for Neil, but found him screwing a guy in his room, so she figured he was gay. I was her last choice. I really wanted nothing to do with her, and she wanted nothing to do with me. Not conducive to a good screw, I must say.

Her name was Sally (I've forgotten the last name). She was built good like all Carson's girls, but I could see why he dumped her. She was the clingy, possessive type. She even tried to possess me for a while, but I soon grew to hate it. We only screwed twice before she realized that Carson didn't care one way or the other and left to find other game.

Our nights happened this way...

Chapter Three

Sally had made in plain what she wanted and why she wanted it. I told her no, several times, but she finally convinced me by taking my little prick out of my trousers and giving me my first blowjob. Since I was only eleven, there wasn't much there for her to suck - just over four inches erect. (Its now just over seven [ I grew a bit <g>]). But it only took a few minutes of this to dump my first load of cum with another person in her throat. Sally patiently waited until I was drained then spat it up into the wash basin. So much for swallowing cum!

She then took her blouse off. Since she was 16, her breasts were quite noticeable. Not large, but just enough for an eleven year old to enjoy playing with. I was a little unsure what to do first - kiss her, suck her tits, or finish undressing her so I could see that cunt I wanted to see.

She got impatient and pulled me into a kiss. Ah! I decided she knew what she was doing and I didn't, so I let her lead the way. I have regretted this over the years. You see, Sally was the type who wanted to totally dominate the man she was screwing. She had to come first, she had to be eaten to at least a couple of orgasms before she would even remove her panties. Then she had to be really ready and wet before she would allow a cock in her. As I think back, I guess she was the first bondage freak I ever knew. Maybe thats why I hate bondage now.

She took her time with me. I noticed several things in the course of the foreplay. First her body was great looking to me, no matter what I was looking at. Second, she was evidently quite the slut because her pussy was soaked throughout the whole experiance, and I know it wasn't for desire for me. Third, the smell eminating from her crotch was not unpleasant, but was distracting to me. Finally, she almost left me hanging when I didn't get hard fast enough for her after her blowjob.

Her cunt was already sloppy loose at sixteen. Later she told me she had been fucking since she was my age, and couldn't get enough cock to satisfy her. I asked her why she wanted Carson so bad. She got a look of lust in her eyes. She said he was the only boy who could wait her out when it came to coming, and the feel of him shooting off in her during the middle of her orgasm was heavenly.

Sally and I screwed twice - one for her, and once for me. The second time she didn't really want to fuck me, and it showed in her actions. I was glad to get rid of her as Carson decided she was worth a couple of nights fucking. I think he just wanted to show little brother that he could take anything from me he wanted.

Chapter Four

It took until my junior year to get laid again. By this time Rad was very ill, and Carson decided he should get laid at least once before he died. He tried to bring Sally over, but Rad wanted nothing to do with that slut. He then began parading his girlfriends in front of Rad in various stages of undress. I enjoyed the hell out of the shows. Carson saw me and just grinned.

Rad finally chose a nice redhead named June. She was also a senior, and way off-limits for me. But she liked the athletes and had come on to Rad before. Now, it was a mercy fuck for her. It was not to happen, though. The date was made for a week from Friday. Rad passed away on Wednesday, still a virgin.

June came over anyway to see Carson, who actually refused a fuck for the first time since he started having sex. Rad's death hit him hard, and it was a full two weeks before he felt like fucking again.

I had no problems with it though. Rad and I were never close. He was the antithises of what I was, and I couldn't relate to him. His death was a very sad time, but I knew it would happen, and was prepared for it.

I decided maybe June's trip here wouldn't be a total loss after all. I followed her down the stairs and stopped her from leaving. She looked at me without really seeing me, and I realized she'd been crying. I wondered why.

Her story brought an ache to my heart.

She had been infatuated with Rad since the first game he played in. But she was very shy by nature, and she knew Carson's brother would want an experianced girl. So she seduced Carson and asked him to take her virginity. She hated it, and it was very painful, but Carson was nice and gentle, and she ended up doing it twice more with him. Rad still ignored her which was like a knife in her heart when he told her he wanted nothing to do with Carson's discards. She was miserable until Carson asked her for the mercy fuck to the boy she had wanted for so long. Now he was dead, and she wanted Carson one last time as a memory she could keep of the family. But Carson refused her. She was a mess.

I still wanted to fuck her. She was nothing special for a redhead. Short thin hair, small pockmarked face, short stubby legs, and no breasts to speak of. Probably an A cup at best. Normally, I would have not looked at her twice, and she would have ignored me. That day was the best sex I have had in my life. And it was the only time I had it with her. She was gentle, caring and loving and she seemed to enjoy it. I couldn't though. I knew I was a stand-in for my dead brother, and the second choice. She tried to make me feel like she wanted to fuck me for me, but I wasn't buying it. Finally after she came a couple of time, she gave up on me doing the same. My heart just wasn't in it.

She gave me a warm goodbye kiss telling me that she thanked me for helping her hold on to Rad's memory a little more. She left and I was sad myself.

She left for college two months later. I didn't see her for years.

Chapter Five

The sex I had with June had to last me until college, as I never had the chance again. Dad was trying to teach me the business, having given up on Carson. Neil was diagnosed with AIDS shortly after the end of my freshman year, and we knew it was only a matter of time before he too died. Dad visited him on the west coast and tried to make amends, but neither of them really accepted the other. Mom refused to go - no child of hers could have that GAY disease! Carson also didn't go because he was too busy fucking to pay attention to his brother. I waited until everybody had visited and then I went to see him. I took Sally with me. She had begged me to take her. She told me that Neil had taken her cherry so long ago, and she needed to see him one last time.

They met, and Neil was too weak to fuck, so she just sucked him off. It would be the last sex he would have. Sally must not have been thinking or she would not have done it.

You guessed it, she contracted AIDS from that one session with Neil. She refused to believe it, though and she tried to continue to fuck, but the word had got around, and nobody would touch her. She retreated into a shell and became almost living dead. When Neil died, she lost any reason to live and she was gone in less than a week.

After that much pain, I resolved to throw myself into school and forget about relationships. The resolve lasted for about three months until I met Roxanne.

Roxanne was a girl who knew what she wanted and she got it using whatever she could... In my case it was unlimited sex whenever I wanted it. She was a enthusiatistic lover, and she was nearly insatiatable. Or she was until I married her, then she turned frigid. Later I found out she was screwing anybody BUT me. It was like she got what she wanted, and she didn't need it anymore.

Our first date was arranged by Carson, of all people. He wanted me to date her because she was brave enough to turn him down for sex. (Later, she admitted it was because she knew I would be easier to control). In a very short time she was sucking my cock without me even begging. I did not fuck her that night even though I knew she would. I was a little frightened about how fast things moved, and I wanted to go slow. I found out later she was so turned on she fucked her roommate for a couple of hours before going to bed. That was another thing she never told me - she was bisexual, but leaned more towards lesbianism. Most of her lovers when we were married were female, but she never let me have a threeway.

Our first sex was the best I had ever had except for June, but June was a special case, and I thought it was only special because of how it happened.

Let me describe Roxanne for you - short blonde hair, thin, long legs, 33A breasts, wide kissable lips and a shaved pussy. All in all, not bad, but not what I really wanted. But Roxanne could sense that and she tried to change my tastes. She loved to suck me off in public places. I enjoyed eating her out but she never seemed to get much out of it (of course not, I was a rank amatuer and she was getting oral sex from professional lesbians!)

Our second date was supposed to be dinner and a movie. It was - my dinner was her juicy cunt and our movie was two or three pornos we watched while resting up between bouts. Roxanne had perfected the technique of delaying her orgasm until the man had come. She was real good at it... I also found out that she could fake orgasms like a whore too.

Inside of two months, she was pushing me towards marriage. I resisted because Dad and Carson had both told me that she was only after my money. I decided to marry her but on my terms. Unknown to her, I inserted a clause that if I found a reason to file for divorce, she would only get what she came into the marriage with. I also stipulated any children would be well provided for.

I found I had no worries about children. Roxanne was too busy screwing women and men whenever possible to slow down for kids. Besides, she insisted on me wearing a condom when we fucked.

I should have known I made a major mistake when she only fucked me once and rolled over and went to sleep. I had to beg her for sex after that. I know now she wanted me so frustrated that I would seek out a mistress and she could take me for big bucks. I just bided my time. I knew she would screw up. She did about six months later with Carson of all people.

Carson was visiting while his girlfriend of the month was job hunting (and later we found our cunt fucking with Roxanne). Carson accepted almost any kind of sex except lesbian or homosexual sex because of Neil's death. He felt guilty about not going to see him. He vowed to me if he ever caught one of his girlfriends with another girl, he would drop her immediately.

Two days later, I came home early because our office was being fumigated. I heard the sounds of sex in my bedroom, but there were no deep male sounds. I knew Roxanne was home, but I wondered who the other guy was. No matter, I needed evidence, so I got the video camera we had used for our wedding, and took some very revealing shots. I grabbed the phone and called Carson at his office and asked him to come over immediately. By the looks of the two girls, they would still be at it when he arrived. He came in with a questioning look. I pointed upstairs, while I was talking to my lawyer asking her to send me divorce documents. I heard yelling and screaming upstairs, and saw a furious Carson run out in tears. Two minutes later two very naked and beautiful lesbians appeared at the top of the stairs. Roxanne saw my grin and went white.

"You saw?" she said in a tiny voice.

I waved the videocassette. "Sure did, 'honey'" sarcasm dripping off that last statement. "I just called Jenna - she'll be sending the divorce papers tomorrow. I wouldn't advise contesting it, you'll lose. Besides, I want a wife that would actually like to have sex with her husband, not everybody in town but."

The girl looked at Roxanne in astonishment. "You don't fuck Clay? Why? He's such a hunk, I can't believe you wouldn't jump him all the time."

I give Roxanne credit, she knew when she was beat. She didn't lie. "I got what I wanted from him when he married me, there was no reason to fuck him anymore. Besides, I don't really like men all that well." and she put her hand into the other girls dripping pussy. "See, isn't it better between girls, anyway?"

Carson's girl (I couldn't remember her name) shied away from Roxanne and went to dress. She came back down, gave me a friendly kiss, and turned to Roxanne. "I never want to see you again. You make me sick. I hope you get nothing in the divorce - you don't deserve it." and then she asked where Carson was. I told her Carson left and he told me to tell you that it was over. He doesn't want a lesbian for a girlfriend. She looked at Roxanne. "What did you tell him? You know I only did this because you begged me too. You said Clay was too busy to fuck you and a woman wouldn't seem like cheating as much as a man would." She looked at me with a strange expression. "Normally, I want men. I only do women for variety, not as a main choice. But seeing her and what she did, my interest in women is disappearing fast. Tell Carson I understand, and I won't try to pursue it. Besides, he was not the one anyway. It was just sex." She hugged me and left. I would see her again, though.

Roxanne came over to me and tried to kiss me and put my hand on her breasts. I took it in my hand and squeezed it as hard as I could, then I rammed my whole hand into her pussy, and then I left. When I came back an hour later, she had moved into the spare bedroom. I looked in on her, and she had a smile on her face, murmuring 'Finally, I'm free' over and over." I barely made it into the bathroom before throwing up.

The divorce was an eye-opener for Roxanne. She still expected to get a sizable chunk of my money - she got none of it. She looked at me with hate all through the proceedings. I was grinning widely, especially when the jurors were shown the video of that night. I noticed the girl was watching the proceedings with a lot of interest.

After the divorce was finalized, Roxanne came over and slapped me hard, telling me she was pissed at me ruining her plans. She then left. Unfortunately, I would see her again years later. The girl whose name I had learned was Shari, followed me out of the courtroom. When I noticed she was behind me, I turned around. She kissed me on the lips and slipped me a little tongue.

Chapter Six

To say I was astonished, would be putting it mildly. As I looked at her for really the first time, I liked what I saw. She was about my height - tall for a woman, extremely large breasts pushing out her blouse, long legs, and beautiful dark brown hair that was long and tied in a ponytail. Even with all that beauty in front of me, I remember what she had done - she had fucked both Carson and Roxanne, yet here she was coming on to me. I knew what I had to do. I pushed her away, and shook my head no. She looked surprised I would refuse, and I turned and walked away.

Two years later, I was cursing myself for that scene. I was thinking about her all the time. Carson had actually found a woman he wanted to marry and was engaged. His fiance made it her goal to marry me off too. I just rolled with the punches with her. Most of her ladies were OK, but did nothing for me. Oh sure, I fucked them when I could, but there was no danger of anything serious forming.

Then I ran into Roxanne again. She had a ring on. I wondered what poor soul she had snagged this time. I got a bit of a shock. She was with another woman! And in an even bigger shock, was civil to me. She told me she finally stopped trying to be what she wasn't, and let herself be a lesbian. Her companion and her had been together for over a year and were committed to each other. She actually apologized for treating me the way she did. Her companion made seductive eyes at me when Roxanne couldn't see. I looked a look of disgust on her. She just shrugged as if to say -'Your loss'. No, it was Roxanne's loss, not mine.

Finally, Carson's fiancee found me somebody I could actually tolerate - June. Yes, the SAME June. She had evidently moved back here when school ended. She was a vet now, and Carson had kept in touch with her. She was divorced like me, and she remembered me fondly. Inside of two dates, I was reacquainting myself with her nice tight cunt, and she seemed just as happy. I was still a little concerned about Carson, but he seemed very happy with his fiance.

June had learned quite a few things since the only time we had fucked, and was not shy about showing them to me. I just enjoyed her efforts on my cock as she gave me the first true blowjob I had ever had. (Roxanne hated doing it - not really surprising), and then she showed me the proper way to drive a woman crazy with oral sex. I began to understand Roxanne a little better when I tasted her sweet juices as she came. She looked at me with a happy look as she pulled me up and asked me if I was ready. I just pointed to the steel pole that was my cock and moved towards her pussy. She smiled and shook her head. What? Was she just a tease?

June laughed and pointed to her ass. What? No girls I had ever fucked would ever let me in the ass, but June was asking for it? Well, don'tr want to disappoint a lady now, do I? I aimed for the target and missed sinking into her soft pussy. It was torture to pull out of there, but I did. By now, my cock had a good coat of pussy cream on it for lubrication, but when I finally did sink in, I discovered that she must really enjoy anal sex. Her asshole was well used and it was like fucking a virginal cunt, but not as tight as I expected an ass to be. When I came in her, she made a long sigh of contentment and looked back at me gratefully. I pulled out and snuggled up next to her, and then I asked her why.

"Simple, Clay. I knew you had never done that, and I wanted to show you how nice that could be."

"How did you know I had never done that before?"

"You never looked at my ass, as though you knew I'd never let you there. Besides, I know Roxanne and I know she would never let a man in her ass. A woman with a strap-on, maybe."

"You know Roxanne? How?"

"Shari was my roommate at college. How did you think she met Carson, anyway? Roxanne and Shari would fuck quite often. Of course I was always invited in, but I refused. Then I met my husband, and they held no interest anymore. Roxanne was always a manipulative bitch, and it saddened me when I heard she had trapped you into marrying her. I knew she only was after your money. I would be willing to bet she never fucked you after the wedding."

"You're right. I had to beg to even get a blowjob or even a handjob."

"That's because Roxanne was gay, and hated cocks. She would never admit it to herself, but her dates always complained. Shari loved it because she'd get the leftovers. Before I met Rod (her husband), I took some of the leftovers, too.

I shuddered to think of the time I spent in the hands of a bitch that wanted only my money. Then I looked at June who was smiling and running her fingers in and out of her pussy. "Tell you what, let me enjoy the front door this time."

She grabbed me and planted a whole lot of kisses on my face and then on my hardening cock. Looks like round two was just about to start.

I have often wondered what would have happened had I been able to marry June. But in one terrible day I lost her, Carson and his fiancee at the same time. They had went out on Dad's boat. I was supposed to go too, but a crisis had come up at work that I had to fix. The boat sprang a leak and sank taking my whole family including Dad and Mom with it. I was alone and I was miserable.

Chapter Seven

June was the one woman that never wanted something from me other than me, and I had lost her. I was determined not to let myself get caught again. That resolve lasted until I met Edie.

Edie was a secretary hired by one of the sales managers in the company. I think the reason she was hired was the way she filled out her dress. She was one of the best looking women I had ever seen, and she knew it. She dressed for sex, and from what I was told, never put out. She had been married at one time, and we all assumed it was a nasty divorce because she seemed to have an attitude to the married men who would come on to her. Her boss was a perfect example. He was married for many years to a frigid wife, and he relied on work to satisfy his sex drive. But Edie wouldn't put out. So he wanted to can her, but he couldn't. Her work was exceptional, and he had no justifiable reason, So he figured he would transfer her to me, and let me take the teasing and humiliation at the refusals.

Her old boss had no idea that becoming my secretary was part of Edie's overall plan to walk away with as much of my money as she could, as soon as she could.

Edie knew I had a thing about big breasts. Her friend, Brenda told me she had had her bust enlarged from 34C to 36DD so she could make an impression on me. She sure did.

With each day she worked her outfits got more and more revealing, and I was soon sporting hardons nearly all the time. She noticed and did everything she could to keep me hard.

Inside of a week, I had asked her out for Saturday. Instead of the biting bush-off I expected, I got a happy 'Yes' Wow!

Edie dressed on our date with one thing in mind - fucking me with her body and her mind. The body part was easy, it was all I could do not to jump her right at the table, which she gleefully noticed. I was so in lust with her I missed the obvious signs of a predator. She made sure every move she made brought her breasts out more or showed off her legs and she never missed a chance to touch legs or sides. I was determined to go slow and not make the same mistakes I had with Roxanne. Good sex does not make for a good relationship I learned the hard way.

Edie was a little peeved when I dropped her off at her apartment and refused her offer to come in. She made sure her ass wiggled as much as possible on the way to the door. I congratulated myself on my resolve as I went to sleep that night. Little did I know how much Edie was willing to do to get my money.

Monday morning, a new Edie was sitting there. She had a low cut blouse on that would have been perfect at an orgy. It just barely covered her nipples while leaving nearly half the breasts uncovered. In spite of my resolve, my cock was putting up a very good arguement for fucking the shit out of her. Luckily Roxanne called me out of the blue to ask me if I could watch her apartment for a couple of days. Her companion and her were taking a honeymoon of sorts overseas and they would be gone until Friday. For the first time since I knew her I was glad to talk to her. It made me think about what Edie was doing to me. I told Roxanne I would, and then as a bit of revenge, I told her what her companion had done with me the last time we met. She just laughed telling me I saved myself from a good case of blue balls. Her companion liked to tease men and leave them hanging with erect cocks. She was used by a few men before figuring out she was gay. Boy, am I glad I went with my instincts!

Edie must have been listening because she suddenly reverted back to the efficient non-sexual secretary. I wondered how long that would last.

Thursday was when she made her move. I learned later that she had known Roxanne and they had discussed how she could get to me. Roxanne evidently called her after talking to me, and gave her a key to my apartment that I had forgotten she had. I had a strange sensation in the middle of the night that night. It felt as though my cock was in a soft furnace. Not hot enough to hurt, but to feel good. I tried to wake up, but for some reason I couldn't open my eyes - it was like they were sealed shut. When I woke in the morning I found out why. I had a bandana tied around my head, and my cock had the residue of my cum and pussy juice. Now I am sure I would have remembered a woman being there with me. But I had been alone, yet the smell of pussy was unmistakable as was the red satin panties I found at the foot of bed and the note left on my refrigerator 'Next time, you'll be awake so we can both enjoy it'. It was not signed but I knew who it was. Edie had gotten tired of waiting.

I confronted her Friday morning intending to fire her and get rid of the tempation. She just smiled a sexy smile saying who would believe me, and I couldn't do anything about it anyway. I had news for her! When I left for lunch that day, I had the locks in my apartment changed, and had a security system installed. I also took off early to go home and nap. I wanted to be awake if she tried it again.

Sure enough, somehow none of the locks or the security system stopped her. About 2am I felt her enter the dark bedroom. I waited to see what she would do. I felt a blindfold being put on my eyes, I heard clothes being removed and my cock being put in something warm. From the sucking action, I was getting a blowjob - not a very good one either. I was tempted to stop her then, but I wanted to see how far she would go tonight. Soon I felt my now hard cock released from her mouth and I felt her shift to put my cock in her pussy. I had other ideas though. I carefully pulled the blindfold off and reached to turn the bedside lamp on. She was naked just above my cock. I moved out of her way and sat up and gave her a stare.

She just laughed and began to knead her huge tits and offered me one to suck. She said I would come around and she looked at my still hard cock. What she didn't know was I was taping all this, and my video camera was rolling as soon as I turned the light on. She stuck her boob in my mouth and waited for me to suck. I spit it out and got off the bed. I got a robe and walked into the living room. She followed with a puzzled look on her face.

"Why didn't you suck me? I know how you love big tits." She was holding it out to me again.

I laughed this time. "Don't you think I know what you're doing, slut? You just want to get your hands on my money and you are willing to do anything to get it, aren't you? Now, if you don't want me to call the cops, I would advise leaving. And by the way, don't bother coming into work Monday. You were just terminated."

She just looked at me in amazement. I got up and went back to my bedroom, closed the door and tried to sleep. Five minutes later, I was out like a light.

In the morning, I awoke to find another body in bed with me. She had not left. She was just lying next to me and she had been crying. I let her sleep, and called the police. When they came I explained what happened. Of course the police didn't believe me, so I got the video I taped last night. Without a word I popped it in the player. What followed blew my mind.

It showed Edie as she was when I turned the light on, and what happened, then it picked up the words spoken in the living room. I went to shut it off, when Edie appeared wearing a t-shirt of mine and crying begged me to let it run. What? Did she know I was taping her?

I let it run and all of a sudden I saw Edie come back in the room. She was crying and cursing herself. She was saying how she blew her chance with me, how she had come on too strong, and most of all how she had lost the man she loved. I looked at her with a look of disbelief on my face. She caught the look and nodded. I turned to the police and asked them to leave, and I would come down to the station later to pay any fine for any law I may have broken for calling them here. The older cop just grinned and told me to forget about it, and under his breath told me to screw her one time for him. They then left.

Edie was still sobbing.

"Did you mean that , or was that for the cops?"

She didn't answer, she just picked up her clothes from the floor and dressed all without saying a word. I was mystified at her actions. I wanted to talk to her on Monday.

Chapter Eight

Monday came and no Edie. Another woman was sitting in her chair. A redhead that was twice my age. Thank God, at least I don't have to worry about this one coming on to me.

Her name was Holly and she was in her late forties. She was a temp and Edie had quit. She was just until my replacement could come in on Wednesday.

Edie's quitting was somehow upsetting, but I eventually forgot about it. Especially when I saw who my new secretary was. It was Shari. And she seemed damned glad to see me. I tried to keep it business only, but I wanted more with her for some reason. I didn't know why, but I did. She was pleasant and efficient, and nothing was spoken about the time at the courtroom. Friday, another woman met her for lunch, and they kissed warmly. I guess that explained it. She had somebody and had forgotten me. I began to wonder about Edie, and if she had been serious. I questioned my feelings for her. But since I had no idea where she was, it was a moot point.

Shari and her friend/lover returned from lunch and I could tell they had a fight. Her happy look was gone as was her composure. I wanted to ask what happened, but it wasn't my place. She was nothing more than my secretary, and the fact that I wanted to fuck the shit out of her had nothing to do with it.

Nothing happened for a couple more weeks. Any doubt I might have had that Shari and the other woman were lovers was dispelled by the smell of pussy juice I noticed after one of their luncheon meetings. I was kind of sad - that exquisite female flesh getting all hot and bothered with another female. I introduced myself to her lover one day while Shari was in the ladies room. Her name was Erin and she was not much to look at. Small in stature, barely noticeable breasts, and a little dumpy. But she had a happy personalilty. She was terrified when she discovered her attraction for women and fought it for years, before finally realizing that inability to enjoy sex with men had to mean something. She was still a little sad that she was gay. She told me growing up her fondest wish was to be a mother. I told her Shari and her could adopt if they wanted children. She looked at me in shock.

"Shari is my sister, not my lover. She was the one that convinced me that I was a lesbian and I've been seeing her to help me sort out my life and my feelings. Shari has offered to have sex with me, but she really prefers men. Her last woman pissed her off royally when she left her."

I took a chance. "Her name wouldn't have been Roxanne, wouldn't it?"

"Your're THAT Clay?"

"Shari's told you about me, huh?"

Erin got a sad look on her face. "She used to talk about you all the time, but not anymore. She seems so sad as though she lost something. But I can't figure out what it could be."

At this moment, Shari came back out of the ladies room and I noticed for the first time how sad she looked these days. She went over and hugged and kissed Erin who returned the hug and not the kiss. Shari's eyes went wide.

"You told him, sis? I asked you not to. Why?"

"It just slipped out. He doesn't seemed to be bothered by it though. He never made a pass or anything. He was a little surprised when he found out we were sisters. He thought we were lovers."

"That explains his attitude change. No wonder after what that bitch Roxanne put him through." She turned to me and the old Shari was back, as was her smile.

"No, Erin and I don't fuck. In fact I haven't been with a woman since Roxanne, and I doubt I ever will. Every time I think of a naked cunt, I see Roxanne's, and I get pissed."

"Glad to hear it, I guess. You did hear about Carson, didn't you."

"Yes, Roxanne wrote me. I have no idea how she found out. You don't have anything to do with her anymore?"

"Yes, in a way. I'll tell you later. You're missing your lunch, and Erin looks hungry." I smiled and got one in return from both Shari and Erin.

Chapter Nine.

Just when things were looking up with Shari, Edie reentered my life. Forcibly. She called me that afternoon and asked if I would meet her at a downtown restaurant. I said 'Yes' without really knowing why.

When Shari got back, alone, I noticed., I motioned her into my office. She said Erin had class so she left from the diner.

"Shari, I need to tell you something, and I'm not sure how you will react."

"Go ahead Mr. Young."

"This is informal, Shari. Call me Clay."

"Okay, Clay. What's up?"

I told her about both Roxanne and Edie. When I was finished, she was a mask of barely controlled rage. "How can she do that?" There was almost steam coming from her head.

"Money. Pure and simple. Money. It makes people do a lot of terrible things."

"Yes, it does. I've done a few myself. Maybe thats why I don't anymore."

"Would you like to help me find out how Edie really feels?"

"You bet, how?"

"Pose as my fiancee' If she goes to pieces, I'll know she was serious when she said she loved me. If not, she was just after my money. Besides, I want to see her face when we tell her. It will make those early morning breakins seem a little less bad. Will you do it?"

"Of course. I would like to see her face, too." I thought I detected a hint of sadness, but it disappeared when she saw me looking at her.

What's wrong now?"

"Nothing, just a little eye irritation. What are you going to do if she was telling the truth and she does love you?"

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