Stepsister, Stepsister

by Thor4u

Copyright© 1999 by Thor4u

Sex Story: His stepsisters are the best stepsisters a man can hope for.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   InLaws   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Chapter 1: Intro

When my Mother passed away 6 years ago after a prolonged struggle with cancer, my Dad was crushed by the loss. I didn't think he would ever get over it. Eventually however, he did, and he ended up marrying a wonderful lady who lived in his condo in Miami Beach. My Dad was 62 at the time, and Eloise was 60.

I credit her with saving his life. In addition to a new step-mother, I also gained two step-sisters and their families, who I met for the first time at the wedding.

The two sisters could hardly be more different.

Kristi, the older stepsister, was married to a Madison Avenue marketing genius and lived outside New York City in a beautiful mansion on the Hudson River bluffs. Roger commuted to work by helicopter. Roger came from money and made several million a year from his marketing business and investments. Naturally, Kristi did not work. Kristi and Roger had two perfect children - Roger, Jr, who was 8, and Shira, who was 3. The children attended the finest private schools and were being raised by a nanny. Kristi was 32 and Roger was 44.

Helen, the younger stepsister, was married to a professor at the University of Colorado, and lived in Boulder. Ron made decent money as a professor and through part-time consulting, but Helen preferred to work. She was a computer consultant. She worked from her home and limited her work to the Boulder/Denver area. At 30, she was also the mother of two great kids - Ryan, 6 and Bobby, 4. Ryan and Bobby were hellions, full of energy and mischief, but they were great kids when they weren't destroying something. Ryan was in first grade at a public school, and Bobby was in Pre-K at the same school.

Kristi's real name was Christina Marie, but that was much too plain for her, so she used Kristi. Kristi was a spectacular white-blond bombshell, very petite (5'1", probably 90 pounds), with a tiny waist, slim hips, shoulder length perfectly-coifed hair and dazzling blue eyes. What nature did not provide, Roger's money did. Always small-breasted, Kristi had a $50,000 boob job for a wedding present, and sported a perfectly proportioned set of 34C's. On her small frame, these were big tits, but they looked very natural and appealing. Partly because of her small figure, but mostly because she could afford it, most of Kristi's clothes were custom-tailored. All of her business and dressy outfits were from top New York designers. Kristi was a flashy, sexy, beautiful woman.

She was also very image-conscious and aggressive, always dropping impressive names at any opportunity. When they came to Florida for the wedding, Roger and Kristi stayed in their winter home in "BOW-ka" (Boca Raton, an exclusive enclave 60 miles north of Miami). They wouldn't think of staying anywhere else, except possibly Palm Beach.

Helen, on the other hand, was almost exactly the opposite. Her real name was Helen and it suited her just fine. Helen was... well... plump. She wasn't really fat, she was just large. She was about 5'6" and 160 pounds. She had a big, round (but pretty) face, which always struggled to contain an expansive smile. She wore her brownish-blond hair long, usually in a simple ponytail. Helen had big, bulbous breasts, probably 40DD or larger, but they were saggy. (Real 40DD tits are saggy, dear reader) She had a meaty frame, big shoulders, wide hips, and a large ass. She did not really have an overly-large stomach, especially considering her plump figure, and the relatively small belly accentuated her big breasts and hips. Helen was a real, down-home, Earth Momma, kind of person. Warm, genuine, unassuming. Where Kristi was most comfortable in Versace gowns at the glitzy parties and posh salons of New York, Helen was most comfortable in cutoffs and a teeshirt from Wal-mart, hiking in the mountains with her two young sons.

My wife, Sherry, and I are also in the computer business. Sherry was a systems analyst, specializing in enterprise networking solutions, and worked for a Big Six accounting firm.

I was a programmer/systems analyst by training, employed by a major information systems consulting firm, primarily providing online troubleshooting assistance for our clients all over the US. I am 37 and Sherry is 36; we have no children.

We met and married in San Francisco, my favorite city in the whole world. Shortly after our marriage, Sherry had an opportunity for a promotion in Miami. I arranged a transfer, and we lived in that spectacular city for 4 years.

Then, my company closed its Miami operation, and we were forced to move to Austin, Texas.

I guess there is a lot to be said for Austin, but I can't think of anything. After San Francisco and Miami, it just seemed like a hick town to us.

Sherry and I had been thinking about doing private consulting work (we were both tired of the transfers and the corporate rat-race), and once we saw Austin, we knew the time had come. We figured we could work from anywhere, so we began looking for a place to live first.

One day in mid-June, on a whim, I called Helen in Boulder to pick her brain on the private computer consulting business. Her immediate suggestion was the Denver/Golden/Boulder area. Big city, lots of high tech companies, great lifestyle, very good air connections, centrally located.

After some discussion, Sherry and I decided to go take a look. We made arrangements to fly to Denver the following Saturday and I made hotel reservations in Boulder, a couple of miles from Ron and Helen's home.

As luck would have it, Sherry got stuck with an emergency consulting engagement in Oklahoma City, and was not able to make the trip. We discussed re- scheduling, but with our schedules, something was always popping up and there was no guarantee that one of us wouldn't have to cancel another time. In the end, I decided to go alone.

When Helen picked me up at the airport, she was dressed in typical Helen fashion. Blue jeans, a white University of Colorado football jersey with gold- trimmed black numerals, and hiking boots. Her hair was in her typical ponytail, but was a little lighter than usual due to lots of time outdoors in the summer sun. She was tanned and looked prettier than when I had seen her last. She wore a huge smile and gave me a warm hug, nearly squashing me with those mammoth tits.

I was surprised to learn that Ron and the boys had just left on a week-long camping/archeological trip sponsored by the University. They were going to dig for dinosaur fossils at Dinosaur National Monument in western Colorado! Ron had been planning the trip for months, but hadn't told anyone, because he knew the boys loved surprises.

Ron pulled a surprise like this every summer.

With plenty of room now, Helen insisted that I cancel the reservations and stay at their house.

"It will be much more convenient for me to show you around, and besides, I get lonely when my men are gone," she explained.

We dropped my stuff off at their house and then Helen took me on a quick tour of Boulder. Following the tour, she said, "We have plenty of time. I want to show you something."

With that, she swung on to I-70 and headed west into the mountains. As we climbed from the foothills surrounding Boulder into the mountains, the landscape changed slowly. Helen excitedly pointed out bighorn sheep on the rock cliffs just west of the Eisenhower tunnel. After about an hour, she turned off at Frisco and headed south. Soon, we were rolling into Breckenridge, a beautiful ski town located in a breathtaking valley at almost 10,000 feet elevation. We cruised into Breckenridge just as the sun was setting over the ski mountains.

Helen drove to the Breckenridge Brewing Company, and we downed two large mugs of the best micro-brew I had ever tasted, accompanied by Buffalo Wings, celery and blue cheese. Unlike my wife, I am no health food nut, and neither is Helen. We were stuffed by the time we left.

"Let's walk," Helen suggested.

So we walked around the corner and ambled down Main Street. With the sun down, the temperature had dropped to the low 50's, so we locked arms and snuggled together for warmth as we walked. The farther we went, the more I noticed a strange sound. I couldn't be sure whether it was music from shops we were passing, or something else. One more block, and I was sure it was not stereo music. It was an orchestra tuning up.

"What's that?" I asked.

"That's what I wanted to show you," Helen replied. "That's the orchestra tuning for 'Bach, Beethoven and Breckenridge.'

Each summer here, they have a month- long classic music festival. I know you like good music and I thought you'd enjoy it. And... I can't ever get Ron to make the drive, so this is partly for me too."

We stopped at a liquor store and bought a Styrofoam cooler and a chilled bottle of Chardonnay and found a place to sit on the grass. For two hours, under clear skies filled with a billion stars, we listened to some of the finest music I had ever heard.

We sat close for warmth, chatted quietly during the performance, and killed the bottle of wine.

It was a beautiful evening.

As we got back into Helen's car, she said, "Michael, that was a beautiful concert. But now you are going to see why Ron won't bring me up here -- the drive back!"

She was right, the drive was difficult. Two hours down the mountain. Even though the road was all Interstate, it was a tiring drive. By the time we arrived, it was midnight.

"Well, Michael, I would love to sit up and talk all night, but I guess you are about ready for bed." Helen said. "Or can I tempt you with another glass of wine for a nightcap?"

"Oh, sure. Wine sounds good. It will be good to unwind a little after that drive!"

Helen pulled a gallon jug of cheap white wine out of the refrigerator and poured two large goblets. "This is just table wine, but it's not that bad," she said. "And the company is good, so the wine doesn't matter."

Chapter 2

When we finished the first goblet of wine, Helen asked, "More, big brother?" She was getting a little tipsy, and was quite cute in that state. Her pixie- ish sense of humor came out, and I could see where Ryan and Bobby got their devilish mischief.

"Sure, I can't let my little step-sis drink me under the table. I'm game."

"Ha! There is not much 'little' about this step-sis! I think you're drunk and confusing me with Kristi! That doesn't happen very often.

We are very different."

"No, I wasn't confusing you. I meant 'little' in the sense of younger."

"So... your BIG 'little step-sis, ' then?" Helen was feigning irritation. Actually, she was teasing because she knew I liked her a lot better that her pompous sister.

"Now, don't put words in my mouth, sis!" I was trying to get out of this corner.

"Well, Michael, I am big..."

"Yes, sweetheart, but you are big in all the right places."

"Oh, you noticed, did you? For a while I thought you were just fixated on the numbers on this jersey."

"Well, they are very nice numbers, and you do wonders for the shirt."

Helen got serious. "Michael, do you know that is the first time a man has complimented my breasts in about 10 years?"

"I can't imagine that. You have beautiful breasts."

"You don't think I'm fat?"

"No, you're large." Helen laughed out loud.

"I mean it!" I countered, still defensive, but honest. "You are not fat. You have a large frame. Broad shoulders, broad hips, and large breasts. But you are not fat in the belly. You are just a big, beautiful woman."

"Well, that's sweet, Michael." Helen cooed. "But I'm not sexy, like my sister. Of course, I'm not a slut either; so on balance, I guess I'm ahead of the game." I was surprised at the negative remark about Kristi. The two sisters are very close.

"Sexy is a state of mind. I'm sure Ron thinks you are sexy. I'm sure you are very capable of being sexy when you're in the mood."

"Well, I feel sexy sometimes - especially when I drink wine. But I'm not sure about Ron. He never was very sexy. He loves me, but he really doesn't have a sexy side to his personality."

"And do you? I asked.

"Oh yeah! OH YEAH! I sure do. But I don't show that side often."

"Why not?"

"Ron doesn't like it. It scares him. He is very conservative sexually... in every way, actually."

"If Ron doesn't like you sexy, when do you show that side of your personality?"

"Oh sometimes, a bunch of us girls get together and get drunk when the men are out hunting, or out of town, or whatever. Then, I am comfortable, with people I trust, and I let it out."

"How do you let it out?" I asked, intrigued at the turn in the conversation.

"Oh, sometimes we talk about sex, about things we have tried, or would like to try. Sometimes we dance. I love to dance."

"What kind of dance?" Now Helen had my full attention. I was starting to visualize her full breasts bouncing as she danced.

"Oh, you know, sexy dances. Sometimes I do a strip tease. Other times, I just dance to rock music. It varies with my mood."

"Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. Do you ever dance for Ron?"

"No," she said dejectedly. "I tried once, but he stopped me."

"Why? What is he... nuts!?" I was amazed.

"No, as I said, Ron is just not comfortable with anything erotic. He is OK with regular sex, but he is strictly a plain vanilla kind of guy. Nothing but straight vaginal sex, and certainly no erotic foreplay."

"Ummm. Too bad. He's missing out on a real treat."

"Do you think so, Michael... really, do you?"

"Hell, yes!"

"Well, Michael... I'm half-drunk, and I'm in a sexy mood. Would you like to see me dance? Would you like me to dance for you?"

"Of course! Silly girl! Of course, I would like that."

"Okay, I'll do it. What kind of a dance would you like, Mikey?"

"Any kind. Surprise me."

"You got it, big brother! I'll be back in a few minutes."

Having said that, Helen downed the remainder of her wine. She selected two CD's from the collection and placed them in the carousel changer. She grabbed the remote and started Kenny G on the stereo to set the mood. She refilled my goblet and her own, and then departed to her bedroom, taking her wine and the remote with her. As she walked out of the living room, she looked over she shoulder and, with an excited giggle, swished her big ass at me provocatively.

I wondered where the Hell this was going.

About 15 minutes later, the music suddenly changed to Janet Jackson and Helen returned. But it was a very different Helen.

Helen was wearing a sheer, very pale pink, two-piece negligee. The top hung loosely over her beautiful tits, reaching halfway to her waist. The bottoms were see-through harem pants. The negligee hid nothing.

Under the negligee, she was wearing white lace stockings with pink garters and a white lace half- bra. The bra must have been reinforced with industrial steel cables. It cupped and supported her massive tits, causing them to jut straight out, but leaving them free to sway and jiggle, which they did delightfully as she walked. Her nipples rested just on the top of the bra.

Helen was wearing no panties, and her beautiful pussy was completely clean- shaven! I thought I could see something glisten when the light struck her pussy lips in a certain way, but I wasn't sure. Helen's hair was no longer in a casual pony tail.

It was twisted on top of her head to show off her pretty face. She wore a rhinestone tiara in her hair, as well as full make-up. I had never seen her with makeup before - she usually wore none. Helen was a vision. She reeked sex!

My jaw must have dropped open, because she smiled and asked, "You like, big brother?"

"Oh my God, yes! Helen, you are beautiful!" She really was.

Helen laughed, cranked up the volume on the Janet Jackson song, and began to dance.

At first, there was nothing sexy about her dancing, just swaying to the rhythms. Despite her size, Helen was a very good dancer. She loved to dance, that much was obvious.

And I loved to watch. My cock began to swell eagerly in my slacks. I fidgeted on the couch.

Helen noticed and smiled, but did not comment.

She continued to sway to the music through the end of the song.

The next cut was a slower song. I had this CD and knew it well, so I knew that this song was out of order. Helen had used the remote to program in certain songs for her dance routine, rather than just dance to whatever happened to come up next. She was carefully setting the mood.

During the slow song, Helen removed the top portion of her negligee. She did it very slowly, taking almost the whole song to remove it. She swayed suggestively closer, bending over to give me a cock-hardening view right between the two largest tits I had ever seen.

"Like my titties, Big Brother?" She teased.

"Oh yeah!" I responded eloquently.

"They are really restricted by this top, Bubbie. Can you help me? Can you unhook my bra and release them for me... pleeeeeeese?"

By now I was about to cum in my pants!

The massive bra looked like the suspension cables of the Golden Gate Bridge. I noticed that it hooked in front, so I gingerly reached forward and unhooked it. It was not easy. The bra was holding a lot of weight and that made the hooks very tight. Finally, as I got it unhooked, Helen grasped each side of the bra underneath the cups to keep the bra from just exploding open. Then she shuffled a few steps away from me, gradually letting the two halves of the bra open and releasing her enormous tits.

Helen licked her lips, and cooed, "Oh Bubbie... thank you! That feels SO much better."

She continued to sway suggestively to the slow tempo, her massive tits heaving and swaying to the beat. "Do you like Sissy's big titties, Bubbie?" Helen was quickly making up an entire vocabulary of nicknames for us.

"Oh Yeah, Sissy! Those are beautiful titties!"

"Wanna see them closer, honey?"

"Oh yeah!"

Helen rocked and glided sensuously to the music, moving enticingly about one foot closer. She was just out of reach.

Helen's breath was a little labored by now. (So was mine, and I wasn't even dancing!). Sweat moistened her skin. Perhaps teased by the bra, her nipples were rock hard. She danced slowly closer... closer... closer.

"That bra is pretty, but it hurt my titties, Bubbie. Would you like to kiss them for Sissy, and make them better."

"Oh yeah!" I was in a rut... severely conversationally challenged.

I leaned forward to kiss Helen's right breast, but she was swaying, and I just missed it. She slid sexily closer, and I kissed, then sucked her nipple.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!" Helen jumped like she had been jolted by electricity. "Uhhhhhh!!!!"

"Oooooo, Bubbie... not so fast." Helen danced away. "Ooooooo, Bubbie, that felt so good. Would you like to suck Sissy's titties again?"

"Yes, Sissy... I would love to kiss your sweet titties, lick them, suck them... whatever you want. Whatever you have been missing."

"I've been missing a lot, Bubbie. Are you sure you can give me what I've been missing?"

"I'll try, Sis, I'll try. Whatever you've been missing, I'll try."

"Well, for now, let's concentrate on my titties. Suck them hard, Bubbie! Don't play around... suck them hard!" She swayed up next to me and thrust both of her huge tits in my face. I grabbed her left tit and sucked the nipple pretty hard.

"Ah! Ahhhhh! Oooooo, that's good, baby, more!" she cried.

I sucked harder, really hard. I was afraid I was going to hurt her now.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Aaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!!!! Suck baby, suck! Suck my nipple off, Mike!"

I tried. Helen had stopped dancing now. Failing to suck her nipple off, I bit it. She shrieked with pleasure. I bit it again. Hard. She jumped and gyrated, but kept her tit in my mouth.

I sucked it again as hard as I could.

Helen purred, "Ohhhhhh... so good... soooooooo goooooooooood..."

Then, the song was over and she pulled away, rocking now to the beat of a much faster tune. She was bouncing and weaving excitedly now, rocking hard. She swung her torso around wildly to throw her huge tits around. Then, in syncopated rhythm with the song, she stepped right in front of me again as I sat on the couch. Helen was standing tall, feet together. Her sexy pussy was right in front of my face, obstructed only by the sheer harem pants.

Helen began to buck her pelvis straight forward and straight back, in perfect time to the driving beat. She looked like she was fucking an imaginary point about an inch in front of my mouth, which by now was hanging wide open. As she fucked the air, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the harem pants, and slowly, tantalizingly, began to lower them.

Lower, halfway to the knees. Lower... lower... below the knees. Finally, she let them drop to the floor.

Helen stepped to the side, out of the harem pants, and then stepped right back to her original position... right in front of my gaping mouth. She never lost the beat, never stopped humping.

"Do you like my shaved pussy, Bubbie?" she teased. It was right in front of me. And it was sopping wet with lubricant. That must have been the glistening I spotted earlier.

"I shaved it just for you a few minutes ago, Michael, but I got all excited and sloppy from thinking about you licking my pussy. That's why she's so wet now. Sorry."

"That's OK Sis, want me to clean her up a little?"

"Oh yes, Michael. I want you to lick her clean. I want you to take your time and do a really good job. No need to rush like you did with my titties... but not yet, Michael. Not yet."

"Why, baby?"

"Well, Michael... here I stand, with just my lace stockings on... but you are fully clothed. That's not fair, Michael. You need to get more comfortable. Take off your shirt... and don't be so shy, come dance with me."

As I quickly struggled to get out of my shirt, Helen spun away, all the way to the other side of the room, swaying provocatively to the beat. I removed the shirt and danced over to her.

Helen danced closely to me now, still maintaining the rocking beat. She rubbed her enormous tits against my chest. As we swayed together, I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Helen was thinking the same thing.

"Oh Michael... this is so sexy. If we did this long enough, I think I could cum. You are so sexy, Big Brother!"

"Me? You're the hot one, Sis. You are amazing!"

Helen pressed her massive breasts into my chest and we swayed side to side with the music. Then she deftly undid my belt and unhooked and unzipped my slacks. She lowered them to the floor, leaving me dancing only in my Calvin Klein briefs.

The bulge in my pants was very evident by now. "Oh, Michael... you have a big dick! Let me see it!" Helen was beaming with excitement.

I do have a pretty good sized dick. Although it is average size when soft, it gets to about 7 - inches when erect, sometimes a little more. But my cock is more thick than long, and it is the girth that gives women so much pleasure. My big cock was fully erect now, and Helen was salivating over it.

Helen stopped dancing and knelt in front of me in the middle of the living room "dance floor." She continued to sway back and forth, wagging her great tits back and forth as she slowly pulled my briefs off. When my cock was fully exposed, she squealed with delight.

"Oh Michael! That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen! So big and so hard! Did Sissy do that to you, hon?"

"You sure did, Sis."

Then, my big beautiful stepsister stopped moving to the music, reached forward, and took my swollen cock into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet. She was drooling in anticipation. She took my dick deeper and deeper. As she did so, she softly licked the underside of my cock with her tongue. It felt wonderful.

She stopped momentarily and slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. "Do you like that Michael? Do you like me to lick your dick?"

"Oh Yeah! I love it, are you kidding?"

"I'm glad you like it, Michael. I'm afraid I'm not very good at it. I don't get much practice. Ron would have stopped me by now; he just likes enough licking to get hard. Or what passes for hard for him.

Ron has a little skinny dick -- a little boy dick that never grew up. But you have the most beautiful man cock I have ever seen! And it tastes so sweet! I wish I could do you better."

"You're doing fine, Sis, but you talk to much. Suck me, Helen. Suck my big man-cock!"

Helen did. She was right, she was not very adept at sucking cock. And, she had never had almost eight inches in her mouth (Ron, it turned out, was only about four inches in his most excited state) Most of what Helen knew about cocksucking she had learned from her girlfriends in their tipsy "girls night" laughfests.

But what she lacked in experience and skill, Helen made up in enthusiasm. She really loved sucking cock! It was a rare treat for her, and she was savoring every second of it. She sucked and slurped happily. She tried to deep-throat me, but gagged. Too much too soon. We would have to work on her cocksucking.

Finally, Helen could stand the anticipation no more. She released my throbbing cock, and danced away from me. Then, she danced back, rubbing my chest again with her massive tits. She caressed my swollen cock with her hands as she danced.

Gradually, she pulled away again and danced a few feet in front of me.

She did a slow pirouette, until she was facing away from me. Then she bent over and wagged her big ass in front of me. As she danced, her feet were apart, her legs spread invitingly, and her swollen pussy lips were plainly visible. They were dripping with Helen's sweet juices.

Helen slowly backed up, still dancing.

She bent lower as she backed, and still swaying to the music, presented her sloppy cunt to me like a dog in heat. She reached back, softly grabbed my enormous hardon, and gently guided it into her sopping pussy.

Helen's pussy was hot and slick with excitement. She slowly worked my cock, squeezing it with her vaginal muscles. She humped slowly.

"Oh God, Michael! What a huge cock!" She gasped. "Ooooooooo, baby, your big dick feels soooo good in my hot pussy! Fuck me, Big Brother! Fuck me all night! Fuck me easy, fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me again. I want you every way, and everywhere, you big horsecock step-brother of mine!"

I began to fuck her more earnestly now. I pushed her down on her hands and knees and fucked her hard doggy style. Because of her size, doggy-style was one of Helen's favorites, and she loved every thrust of my big, rampaging cock. When she came, which didn't take long, I was afraid she was going to wake the neighbors.


"AHAAAA!!! AHHHH... HAAAAAAAA!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!! Oh, Michael, you are a sweet, sweet fuck... oh... oh... Oh My God, Michael!

And that is pretty much how the rest of the night went. We fucked first on the living room floor.

Helen came four times, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly. I came once.

Then, we adjourned to the bedroom and fucked until morning.

I don't know how many times my precious step-sister came, but it was a lot more than she was used to. We used several positions, but her favorite was riding on top of me.

At her urging (begging really), I fucked her ass once, very gently. She had never been assfucked before, but her girlfriends had fed her curiosity with their tales of daring. It was a little painful at first, but when I came in her ass, she melted into a long, soothing orgasm.

"Oh, Michael... that was the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. That was just beautiful. So soft and sweet... your cum shooting up my ass is SOOOOOOOOOO exciting! Oh God... I love that!"

And then suddenly, she jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom, her bowels exploding from the stimulation of the wine, the sex, and her first assfucking. Helen made so much noise I became concerned and went to the bathroom to see if she was okay. The sight was incredible.

As she shit, she frantically rubbed her clit, moaning and sobbing. Her hands (both of them!), raced at a machinegun-like pace - rat-tat-tat-tat-tat. She squealed with ecstasy, she shrieked with excitement. Her face switched back and forth from an angelic smile to a contorted, determined grimace as she stared deeply into my eyes. Finally, she exploded in an orgasm so violent it almost propelled this big beautiful woman off the toilet and onto the floor.

"Oh, Michael... sweet Michael! Hold me, darling... hold me close." I walked forward and hugged her tightly as she sat on the toilet, wringing wet with sweat and sobbing uncontrollably with happiness and love. We stayed like that a long time.

Finally, we separated and Helen cleaned up. We took a shower together, kissing softly and deeply, gently exploring and caressing each others bodies, and then went to bed.

"Oh, Michael... you are incredible!" Helen whispered as she cuddled up next to me, sweetly kissing my neck. "That cum enema was the most exciting thing I have ever felt in my life! I can't begin to explain how that felt. I don't know why your cum affected me like that, but it is soooooo hot! I love your cum squirting up my shithole, Bubbie, and I love what it does to me! Promise me you will fuck my ass whenever I ask you to... pleeeeeeze, Bubbie."

I reluctantly (Yeah, right!) agreed.

After a little small talk, we both fell off into a blissful, well-fucked sleep.

Chapter 3

I awoke with the sun streaming into the bedroom and a strange, delightful feeling in my cock. I didn't open my eyes, but I could feel the warmth of the sunlight. I could also feel the warmth and wetness of Helen's mouth on my rising cock, as she gently woke me with her first real blowjob.

As always, Helen was eager. Once I reached full hardness, she licked and sucked enthusiastically. However, there was no strategy to her cocksucking. She would try one thing, then something else, then something else. I loved it, but she was getting frustrated. Finally, she asked me to talk her through it, which I did.

The result was a good blowjob.

Certainly not the best I have ever had (My wife is a genius cocksucker!), but adequate. I gently explained to Helen that I was going to cum in her mouth, and that she could either direct it onto her face or tits, or she could swallow it. She tried to swallow, but the strength of the blast surprised her and she gagged. She got some down, but had to spit most of it out.

As I rubbed the cum onto her enormous tits, Helen smiled happily, "I know that wasn't perfect, Michael, but I loved every second of it. That's the first time a man has ever cum in my mouth. You taste so sweet... gimme some more!"

And she took my now-flaccid cock back into her mouth and gently sucked it clean.

We had a little critique of Helen's cocksucking skills, and both eagerly agreed to additional practice sessions. Helen was determined to have a lot more sex in the future, to enjoy everything she felt comfortable with, to encourage Ron to be more open-minded and sexy, and to get good at it.

As the week wore on, a pattern emerged.

Helen woke me up at about 8:30 each morning with a blowjob. As the week progressed, so did Helen, and by the time I left on Friday, she was a pretty proficient cocksucker. Not world class like my wife, but quite good. Then, we got up and Helen cooked us an enormous (and delicious - the woman is a master cook) "skiers breakfast." Then we went back to bed and fucked to exhaustion.

About 1-2 PM, we would get up, dress and go house-hunting and touring for three to four hours. Then, back home for a late lunch and more fucking. Around midnight, we would have a heavy snack, and then fuck ourselves to sleep.

We fucked in every imaginable position and tempo. Then, the next day would begin with sunlight and sucking.

Helen danced one more time for me, doing an absolutely slutty bump and grind, sucking on a banana and sticking it up her cunt. The dance ended when she tried to slide it up her ass. The banana just mushed into her asshole, and she couldn't get it out with her fingers. I had to do the dirty deed, first with my fingers and tongue, and finally with suction. Then I fucked her ass hard, and the enema effect sent her racing to the bathroom to complete her slutty ritual.

Helen got buttfucked (as she delighted in calling it) four times in the six nights I spent with her. We used a lot of lubrication, but her rectum was still very sore. Only two of the assfuckings had the enema effect, and we never were able to figure out what made that happen sometimes, but not others. Taking a cue from her husband's research background, Helen suggested that we continue this important study at any opportunity in the future. Again, I "reluctantly" agreed. I had never seen anyone respond that way, and I felt it was important to get to the bottom of it. The happiness of future generations might well depend on us solving this exciting riddle.

Needless to say, I decided that Denver was the place for Sherry and I to settle. And, the sooner the better! I called her in Oklahoma City on the third night, and spent 45 minutes gushing over the many fascinations of Denver (or at least those I could tell her about). There actually was a damn good story to tell about the Denver area, and Sherry was impressed. We agreed to try to fit in a joint trip within a month.

Sadly, Friday eventually rolled around and it was time to go. Helen and I fucked all night Thursday night, hardly sleeping. This would have to last us for quite a while, unless something unexpected happened. Ron and the boys were not due back until Sunday, and Helen lobbied hard for me to stay until Saturday night, but that was just impossible.

And so, with sadness in my heart (and cock), but with a contented smile on my face, I left on American Airlines flight 1329 for Austin. Helen and I said our passionate goodbyes at home and just exchanged a brother-sister hug at the airport. It had been quite a week.

Chapter 4

Sherry met me at the airport in Austin. She wore bright orange University of Texas nylon running shorts so tight they intruded far up the crack of her tight little ass. She had on a white running top over a gray sports bra, and looked like any of the hundreds of runners one sees all over Austin. Sherry looked like a million bucks, and she knew it.

She greeted me at the gate with a huge wet kiss with a lot of tongue. She sweetly (but loud enough for others in the area to hear) invited, "Let's go home and fuck, lover! Want to?" I was exhausted, really exhausted. But I wanted to. I really wanted to.

Sherry didn't wait until we got home. As I drove our Ford Explorer through the narrow surface streets of Austin (At Sherry's suggestion - "Don't take the expressway, honey.

Let's take the slow way home."), Sherry removed the sports bra, got down on the floor, opened my chinos and softly began to suck my exhausted dick. This woman is a truly world-class blowjob artist, and she can always turn me on, no matter what my state. Sherry once sucked me off (successfully!) while I was passed out drunk. "Dickey," as Sherry likes to refer to him, quickly showed hard and my beautiful, loving wife patiently gave me a wondrous blowjob as I drove.

I had a huge orgasm, nearly wrecking the Explorer. Sherry expertly deep-throated me and swallowed every drop.

It was good to be home.

Chapter 5

The week after my trip to Boulder, Sherry and I hurriedly began making real plans to start our own business. We met with lawyers and accountants, bankers and marketing consultants. We put together the outline of a real company. We had a lot of work to do, because we estimated we would need at least $150,000 for the start-up and move to Colorado. We only had about $50,000 in savings, so we would have to borrow the rest.

In addition, we both talked to Helen in Boulder and planned another trip together. Although it was too soon to buy a house, we wanted to take a thorough look at the area (more that the 3-4 hour a day tours I had between fucking the ravenous Helen).

We made the trip to Boulder and Sherry loved it. We especially liked the Lakewood area, about 35 miles from where Helen and Ron lived. We decided to make the big jump.

One day, about 4 days after our return to Austin, Helen called. She was alone, and so was I, and her tone was warm and sexy.

"Bubbie, I miss your big cock. When are you cumming to see me again?" The emphasis on "cumming" was hers, not mine.

We kidded and laughed, but we both knew that any trip would probably not give us a real opportunity to get together. Helen just wanted to feel the sexual excitement and closeness. Then she made a surprising announcement.

"Michael, I know you need to borrow some money. Have you thought about borrowing it from my family? I'm sure we could help. I talked to Sis about it. She is very encouraging, but she wants to talk directly to you, if you're interested. I told her you were a wonderful man." There was laughter in Helen's voice during the last part of that, and I wondered exactly what she had told her snooty sister.

"Well, Sissy, that may be something to explore. The bankers here are a little skeptical. Maybe this idea is a little too risky. Maybe we should start part- time first and build the business slowly before making a total plunge."


Helen was emphatic. "Besides, I have more work than I can keep up with, so I can give you some referrals. I know its not the real high-tech stuff you are used to, but it will pay the bills. I really have enough potential work to keep two people busy almost full-time."

"C'mon, Michael," Helen insisted, "Call Kristi. She's not the bitch you think she is. When you get to know her, she's really a sweet person. She just likes to put on a lot of airs, but down deep, she is just like me."

"Just like you????" I was joking now.

"Well, yeah. Much more, actually. Kristi may not look it, but she is a real gutter-slut. She's very discreet, but she is wild. I mean really wild! She always has been. She was always the one who got all the boys, and she did it the old-fashioned way - she fucked them silly. She still does."

I was amazed. I still couldn't imaging the pompous, haughty Kristi in bed. It was something I had always imagined the nanny would do for her.

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