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Desc: Sex Story: Living in close quarters with in-laws could have interesting effect on your life.

I am a very keen reader of Stories Online and would like to share a personal experience with you guys.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Anil Mishra and I am a resident of Bombay, India. I have a beautiful wife whose name is Anita. She is the owner of a very petite and slim body. Doesn't have a very attractive pair of knockers. She is just average size or may be a size too small than average. I have never ventured out of my marriage life because of some reasons. One, my wife is very hot in bed and she takes care of most of my sexual desires. Second, she is too aggressive for me and in case I get caught, there are 100% chances of ruining my marriage. So our life was just going as normal.

Recently it happened that on her persuasion I had separated from my parents and after I did it I realized that we had no other place to stay. Her mother offered whatever she could. That is, she had a one room house and said that we would all live in it until I got a decent place to stay. Myself and Anita had a very small room to ourselves, it was basically a store room cleaned out for us. We used to sleep in it at night. As it had no fan or air-conditioning in it, it used to become impossible for us to sleep after sunrise. It was May and really hot. We used to come back into the big room early in the morning.

My wife had one sister and one brother both younger than her. Her sister was hardly 17 and the brother was somewhere around 14. But there was a huge difference between my wife and her sister. She was well built with a breast size of somewhere around 36C or possibly D. I am basically a tit man. This is the only aspect, which my wife lacked.

As we started living in their house, I got more and more attracted towards Rita - my wife sister - whenever I used to stay at home I could see her working around the house and would get glimpses of her big white tits every now and then whenever she bent to do something. It was a sight, which would make my dick jump to attention. I normally would wear a Lungie in the house - A cloth which is tied around the waist with an open bottom - I used to feel comfortable in it and it would also hide my erection whenever it occurred.

One more thing, whenever we slept in the big room, it used to be next to one another. On one side I used to have my wife and on the other, Rita. My wife was a sleepy head, and whenever I wanted to get her hot in the wee hours of the day, she would just keep on sleeping and not respond at all. This continued for sometime.

Then the day came which changed my life. We had had an uneventful night; Anita had a headache and went early to bed. I had wanted to fuck her but no avail. She would not respond once she was asleep. I also went to sleep. In the morning as usual we changed our room and went inside to sleep. Again we all went to sleep. Me too.

In my sleep I started feeling horny. Very horny. I tried to slip my hands on Anita's tits and began massaging them - She doesn't wear her undergarments at night - I took one nipple between my fingers and began massaging it. Then pressing the whole tit in my palm in circular movements. All this time my eyes were closed and nor was I fully awake. Only my hands were doing the exploring. My cock was rock hard. I was quite well endowed and my nine-inch boner wanted to explode. But I knew there would not be any response from my wife. Her back was towards me and my dick nestled between her ass cheeks waiting for an opening.

My hands started wandering. Under the blanket, I moved her nightgown high enough to let my hand slip without hindrance. I reached the area between her thighs, after playing with her mound for sometime and rubbing it, I slowly inserted my middle finger and immediately heard a gasp. I was surprised, with both her response and the wetness that greeted me. She was so wet as if there was a flood inside. I thought it was my good luck today. She was responding.

I whispered in her ear saying "Anita I want to fuck you NOW". She just let out a moan and pushed her ass further towards my dick making it ache in agony. All this time my eyes were closed. Then I felt her slip downwards, towards my cock. I knew she was aroused and I was in for a very good time once she does that. The only hitch was we were sleeping with four other people around. But she didn't mind. She went down grabbing my hard on in her soft hands and again I heard a gasp of surprise. I didn't understand but I was too aroused to even think about these petty things.

She slipped my boner inside her mouth. First the head and the whole of it. I was in heaven; she was sucking like she had been possessed. Her head bobbing up and down. I was all this time her nipple with one hand while the other one was inside her cunt, with two of my fingers going in and out of it. There was one thing that I noticed today that she was unusually tight and I wondered what is the matter with her. May be she was practicing muscle control.

Soon, I felt the need to fuck her. I told her to get up and go to the kitchen and I will follow. She quickly obeyed and was gone within a second. I sneaked quietly rubbing my eyes. My boner in my hand. I was really hot and was planning to give her royal fuck today. When I entered the kitchen, I was taken aback!!

There I saw Rita, and she was nude to!!!

"Rita!" I called out, I couldn't shout because everyone was too near for me to shout.

"What the hell are you doing here? Anita was supposed to be here" she gave me a very wicked smile and then my mind started racing. My eyes were closed all the time!!!!! It was only a matter of wrong judgement. Both of them slept on either side of me and I would have put my hand on the wrong side.

"I am sorry Rita, I didn't mean to..."

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