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Desc: Sex Story: A first story of a series of this couple with a mountain lodge...

As I sat there enjoying watching my wife being fucked by two other men at the same time, men we had only met the day before, I thought back to how this had all started and evolved so rapidly after we moved to Colorado.

Carol and I had just recently moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We are both artists and decided that it was where we wanted to live and work. We love the snow, skiing and especially cuddling and making mad passionate love in front of a big roaring fireplace in the harsh winters. Harsh to others but great to us. You could easily describe us as sex addicts. We love it and most of its variations.

We had great success with our art and sold our work all over the US through our agent. At 30 we both felt very fortunate and reasonably secure financially.

We had bought a large old home in a fairly hidden valley just outside of town and converted it for our use. Only a few times did the weather get bad enough that we had to use our snowmobile to get in and out. One of the nicest parts about our place is we are within easy walking distance of a ski lift in the winter and our very own trout stream in the summer. These and other advantages have proven to be real benefits and occasionally a pain in the butt - both because we have visitors frequently. Carol and I enjoy visitors a great deal and we are set up to handle several, optimally four, six will work. Our experiences with all of our visitors have been unusual I think. Carol and I have decided to document some of these experiences. We have documented them in random order except for this first one (presented here) and have changed the names etc. We hope you enjoy.

Visitors #1 - Friends of Friends

When the phone rang that night we had no idea it would change our lives so drastically. It was from old college friends, Paul and Patty Norton. We had been very close with this couple all through college. It was good to hear from them and after we had caught up on old times, they asked us if we would extend our hospitality to another couple who were also very close friends of theirs. We of course said yes. They said that they thought we would find them unusually charming. That they wanted to hear from us as soon as they had left. We thought it a bit strange but what the hell.

The next day we got a call from the friends. They introduced themselves as Jane and Dick and they sounded very nice. We arranged for a date for their visit with us... for three days... for them to visit and ski and, they said, for us to get to know each other. When we hung up Carol looked at me with this strange smile and said, "This would be a great set up for a erotic story. Can't you just imagine what would happen if this was one of those stories?"

Carol and I had become big fans of really erotic, very pornographic stories. We frequently would read them to each other and then when we went to bed we would talk about them and what fun it might be to act some of them out. We had a big collection of porn movies we loved to watch also. Our collection had moved more and more to mate swapping tapes. They always led to great sex between us and some wild fantasies for Carol and I to talk about. Carol was one sexy lady with a great body and face, who loved sex more than any woman I have ever known. She loved to talk about sex, fantasize about sex, and have sex. She loved to fuck and suck and do everything her devious little mind could come up with. I felt damned lucky to have a great looking lady who was as eager for sex as I was. A lot of those stories could easily have been about us if we just ever had the opportunity.

But I had to admit she was right. A strange couple coming to stay with us in our remote 'cabin' for several days and nights, it was fraught with all sorts of possibilities. Carol and I had great fun making up fantasy stories about what might happen while they were here. Carol teased me a lot by saying that maybe she would sneak a quicky with our guests.

When the time for their arrival finally came we had hyped ourselves up a great deal with our private stories. We drove to our small airport and waited for their plane to arrive. It was on time and as each couple walked toward the terminal where we waited we wondered which one it would be. Then we both saw this great looking pair and we looked at each other and Carol said, "Hmm I hope so."

We watched as they entered the terminal. They stood there looking around as if waiting for someone. Carol grinned and we walked up to them and said, "Jane and Dick?"

"Yes... are you Carol and Dave?"

We welcomed them gladly with big hugs. They were both beautiful, at least of face, and very friendly. In the cold we were all so bundled up that it was hard to say much else about them. After chatting briefly we got their bags and headed for home. It was a short drive, everything in the 'Springs' is a short drive. We got there quickly and both Dick and Jane were blown away with the view of the house as we drove up the long snow covered drive. It was straight from a picture post card.

Inside they were equally impressed at the cozy feeling in such a big house. We all stripped out of our heavy coats and Carol and I learned that our guests were as great to look at in body as in face. Jane was a breath taker, what a body! She was built as well as Carol but a little taller maybe a bit heavier. Dick was handsome and tall and fit. I noticed Carol taking inventory of both our guests. We gave them the tour and dropped their luggage in their room as we passed through it. In all we have four big bedrooms each with it's own bathroom, a game room with pool table, both an indoor and outdoor hot tub, living room, den, study, kitchen and a studio Carol and I share plus a couple of utility rooms. Then there is a large basement for our supplies and finished art work.

We ended back in the kitchen where I fixed everyone a hot rum drink. As we sipped them and talked and refilled our glasses and talked, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jane. I took note of the fact she obviously wore no bra or panties. Her breasts were free, swaying nicely under her sweater, and her nipples showed clearly. Her pants fit her trim ass tightly with no panty line. She caught me looking a couple of times and smiled warmly in response. I noticed Carol was pretty taken with Dick. We talked about our mutual friends, Patty and Paul. Several times they made comments that made me think they knew our friends on a more intimate plane than we had.

It was late and they wanted to get up early the next morning to ski. We all went upstairs and each to our own room. I have to admit I wanted to follow Jane into her bed. Not instead of Carol but with Carol. I love Carol dearly. She is the woman for me I know. But damn Jane looked like an E ticket.

As Carol and I undressed and got in bed, nude as always, we cuddled and my hands went to her large breasts. She was even more responsive than usual and I knew Dick had stirred her up as much as Jane had me. I eased between my loves long trim legs and she guided my cock into her very wet pussy. As I started a slow easy stroke, Carol met me with her hips each thrust. After a few minutes of this Carol said in a husky voice, "I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off of Jane. She is a sexy thing huh?"

"Hmm she is... god those tits."

"Yes... and Dick is some hunk. You better watch me, I'll let him eat crackers in my bed anytime."

We laughed and Carol had her first orgasm...

When she came back I resumed my stroke deeper and harder. I couldn't help saying, "Dick really got you wet huh?"

"You noticed?"

Carol and I had been together for five years. Neither of us has had sex with anyone else since we met, though we had talked about it a lot. We both had been pretty active before that however. I drove deep into my love and lay there for a moment enjoying the feel of her tight cunt on my hard cock. I said, "If this were an erotic story Carol, we would have been in bed with each other's mates tonight."

"Yeah... I was thinking the same thing. In fact honey, I was fantasizing you were Dick fucking me."

We are open about our fantasies, share them and anything goes in our fantasies, frequently role playing. I started thrusting hard and fast then and Carol wrapped her legs around me. Carol was going wild and she said, "Oh, Yes, Dick... oh, yes, fuck me baby before my husband gets back."

"Yeah Carol, you are one hot piece of ass baby, Dave is a lucky guy. I wonder if he and Jane are getting it on too..."

Our word game soon sent me over the top and I flooded her cunt, pushing her over with me... It was sometime until our breathing got back to normal. We cuddled and settled in for the night. Then Carol said softly, "Have you thought about being with woman other than me?"

"Only about a dozen times a day."

"No Dave, I mean for real. If you had the opportunity for example, would you really fuck Jane?"

"Maybe... depends on how you felt about it."

"Well that's honest, you prick...! "

And she elbowed me in the ribs playfully as we laughed, "You asked, Carol. Besides. are you going to tell me you don't feel the same way about Dick?"

The pause was lengthy...Carol giggled and then said, "What do you mean it would depend on how I felt about it?"

"If it was OK with you."

"They are a hot couple aren't they Dave?"

"Yeah, damn hot. While we are talking about this, would you like to fuck Dick... for real?"

"If it was OK with you... yes...maybe both of them..."

I had forgotten Carol had a lot of bisexual experiences in college. After another pause Carol said, "Do you suppose that they are having the same conversation?"

"Could be honey. I sure noticed the looks Dick gave you. Maybe we ought to go to the Rabbit Ears Club tomorrow night and have a few drinks, dance a little and relax huh? Could loosen everyone up and who knows what might happen."

The Rabbit Ears Club was a pretty hot spot in town. Small intimate, dark dance floor. It was the best pick up spot and it got pretty wild at times. Just about anything happened there. Carol knew the place as well as I did and she replied, "That might be fun."

The next morning I was up and downstairs fixing coffee and I started cooking breakfast. After a few minutes I heard her clear her throat and I looked up at Jane. She had on a thin nightgown that was transparent. Her breasts, her nipples, her dark love patch were clearly visible through it. She let me look for a moment and then said, "Do I smell coffee? Can I have some Dave?"

I poured her a cup. My eyes dropped to her tits again and she smiled at me and said, "If it's OK I will take my coffee and the rest of me back upstairs and get dressed..."

"Well Jane if you insist... I have to admit I was enjoying the view."

She laughed softly and said, "I noticed... thanks... I'm sure there will be other opportunities if you are interested."

She smiled and turned and went back upstairs as I stared at her cute, almost bare ass. At the stairs she turned and smiled at me again. I thought, 'This could get real interesting'.

Carol came down shortly after that and she was flushed. I asked her what was wrong.

"When I walked by their bedroom door coming down here it was open. I glanced in and I saw Dick standing at the window looking out. He was completely nude, his cock was hard and huge and he was slowly stroking it as I watched... It must be 9 or 10 inches long Dave... and fat. (I am 8 1/2 so she has a pretty good reference). Then I met Jane coming back upstairs in her see through nightgown. Damn what a turn on..."

I told her about Janes too brief visit. We dropped the conversation when our guests came down and we all acted as if nothing unusual had happened. As we ate breakfast we told them about the Rabbit Ears Club. They both thought it was a great idea. I got up and started to clear the table. Jane got up to help and we worked in very close quarters in the kitchen... brushing past each other several times... nice. Soon they were off to ski and Carol pulled me back to bed where 'Dick' fucked her several times.

As we lay cuddled again, somewhat sated, Carol said, "Dave... we are treading on very thin ice... you know that. I think it would be real easy to step over the line with our guests and it would cease to be a fantasy. It could really turn into a wife swapping, foursome kind of thing. I think our guests are open to that."

"I think you are right do you feel about that... I get the idea you would love for it to happened?"

"Yes... maybe honey... I admit that huge cock of his turned me on. I keep wondering what it would feel like in me. Does that bother you?"

"No... Jane has me pretty turned on too... does that bother you?"

"No... but it's just talk now, what if it went farther. What if I actually let Dick fuck me with that monster cock of his? Would you still love me?"

"Of course I would... it is pretty obvious you really want it to happen. You will always wonder about it if you don't."

"Would you fuck Jane too?"

"If she is willing and I get the sense she is."

"Oh hell Dave they probably haven't even thought about it. Probably we are imagining too much into this... like in the dirty stories."

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