by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Letters from wives to their husbands

My Dearest Husband,

I love you my dearest husband. I love you and only you and I always will. All that has happened hasn't changed that in any way. I just hope you can believe that and understand all that I have to tell you.

I hope you have opened this my sweet Jim and are now reading it. I desperately hope you didn't just tear it to shreds unopened. I have to tell you my side of the story before you make up your mind about what to do.

I know I have hurt you and for that I am deeply sorry. I wish things could be different but I know there is no turning back. One can't simply undo things, can one? I'm sure you are wondering what led up to this point, how did it happen?

The thing with your boss Dan started after you had been at your new job for just a few months.

Our life had settled into a comfortable monotony, everything pretty secure and very predictable, including our sex life. I'm not complaining. I love sex with you honey. Your big cock pleases me in so many ways. And I know you enjoy me as well. Nothing was wrong, just sort of routine.

Do you remember how it was at college before we graduated and you took your current job? You used to meet me at the apartment a couple of times a day for sex. Then at night we always had sex again... a couple of times. We did it in strange places just for the thrill of possibly getting caught.

You wanted me to dress sexy so you could show off my body to the other guys. You always told me how bad they wanted to fuck me. I never mentioned it before but I used to fantasize about your buddies fucking me, even several of them at once. It was my favorite fantasy. I often thought about making it happen. I wanted to make it happen but never did. I was afraid you might find out and wouldn't approve. But then there was that time when you had to go home that weekend without me. Your buddy Hank came over and practically raped me. He wouldn't take no for an answer. OK so I was teasing him and leading him on and to tell the truth I wanted it so I didn't resist to much when he pulled me into our bedroom and fucked me... all week end. After you returned it only happened a couple of moire times. Though if Hank had tried more often I don't think I could have said no.

After graduation we became a settled couple and you had to concentrate on work. I understand that... I just missed what we used to do. Then we went to the company party. I remember you asking me to dress a little sexy. I did, just a short skirt, low cut little dress, and no bra. You said I looked perfect. sweet but sexy. I was glad you were proud of me.

That night we met your big boss, Dan, the owner of the company. His eyes were all over me just like your buddies used to be. I thought that was good, that you would be pleased like you used to be. I made sure Dan got an eyeful of my tits like I used to do with your chums. He smiled at me really warmly. Several times that night he asked me to dance while you were off doing something. I don't know if you were even aware of it. As he held me close and we moved slowly around the floor I enjoyed the attention. He really poured it on about how attractive I was and what a lucky guy you were. I loved it and didn't object when his hand dropped down on my ass and squeezed briefly a few times.

Then later as we were dancing again, this time you were shooting pool with the guys, he started whispering in my ear. You know how that turns me on honey. And I could feel his hard cock against me. I wasn't sure what I should do. I sure didn't want to make your boss mad. Then he whispered in my ear about what an asset I was to you. About how I could really help your career if I were willing to. I told him I wanted to help you any way I could. I was so excited by his attention and the way he touched me and talked to me. And the idea of being able to help you was great.

When that song broke he walked me off the floor and said that he would like to talk to me more about helping you, would it be OK if he dropped by our apartment sometime to go into it further. I told him of course. Anything to help.

He walked away then and soon you came up and we went home. I didn't mention it to you. I didn't want you to worry.

It was the very next morning, you had been gone to work about an hour. I was cleaning up the kitchen, still in my robe, with nothing on under it as usual. The doorbell rang and I answered it. Dan stood there in his business suit. He looked really nice and handsome. I thought he was quite a hunk. I asked him to come in and offered him a cup of coffee. His eyes were all over me and I sort of knew he would be looking at my ass when I walked into the kitchen to get the coffee so I twisted it a little extra. I wasn't dressed very sexy like you would have wanted me to be so I did that to make up for it.

When I got back he had taken off his coat and tie and as I sat the coffee down his eyes were looking down the front of my robe at my tits. You always liked it when I let the guys do that so I didn't try to block his view for a few seconds. I could tell he liked what he saw cause his cock started to grow, pushing his pants out.

I sat down beside him on the couch and he again told me how much I could help your career. I looked up at him and asked him how could I do that?

He sat his coffee down and turned to face me, his leg touched mine. Then he dropped his hand on my leg about half way up on top of my thin robe as his other arm went behind me on the couch. He looked at my big tits for a moment, their nipples shoe\wed clearly through the material and he couled tell they were hard and swollen from excitement. He looked up into my eyes and started to tell me how competitive the business world was, and how there were lots of guys just as sharp and hard working as you. That the guys that got ahead were the ones that had wives willing to do what it took to help their hubby's.

I just looked up at him I had thought about moving his hand off my leg but then I didn't want to piss him off. He was your boss. He was also handsome and I could see his big cock so hard making his pants stand out. I was sort of tempted to see what he wanted me to do, though I had a good idea.

I just looked at him and without another word he dropped his hand under the hem of my robe on my bare thigh. He stroked me lightly for a few seconds and then he said that I could help you right away with your next raise. We sure needed the money and his hand felt good between my legs. I didn't say anything but I let my legs open up a little. His hand slid higher until it was stopped by my upper thighs. He smiled and told me that so many of the wives were selfish and not willing to help their hubbys. That the few that were willing really saw bigger raises more often. If they really cooperated they got promotions too.

I was hot as hell already from his hand on my bare thigh, I couldn't keep my eyes off of his huge cock through his pants. I wondered what one that big would feel like. And I knew you were eager to be promoted. I relaxed my legs and spread them to give him more room knowing what he would do. His hand slid higher, on top of my pussy immediately. I gasped and sighed as his finger entered me and his thumb found my clit. His lips met mine and his arm pulled me into him.

I was delirious with pleasure. His finger was going in and out of me slowly as his thumb teased my rigid clit. You know how that drives me up the wall and over into an enormous orgasm. I came hard and he pushed me higher and higher before he stopped. Then I sort of collapsed as it ended. He didn't take his fingers, now two, out of my pussy but kissed me again. I moaned and told him I really wanted to help you get ahead. That I would do anything he wanted me to.

He stood up and stripped his clothes off. I thought I should do the same so I did. He kneeled in front of me on the floor and pushed my legs wide apart as he dropped his face into my pussy. I went wild... he was very good at eating pussy and I came and came. His hands were on my big bare tits and it felt soooo good. I knew I was helping you get ahead so I would have been happy to do it even if it hadn't felt so good.

After a while he told me to get on the floor on all fours. I did gladly knowing what was coming. He got behind me and I felt his huge dick enter me. He spread me and stretched me even more than you do and it felt so great. I moaned and started to push back to get more of it in me. Shortly I felt the head of it press into my cervix and I came again. He started stroking into me hard and I pushed back each time to meet him. He kept telling me how nice and tight my pussy was, what a hot fuck I was. I was delighted he liked me. I told him how good his cock felt, stretching my pussy. I lost count of how many times I came and then he finally blasted his load in me.

When he pulled out of me he asked me to suck his cock. I moved and took him in my mouth and sucked him clean He was still limp when I released him and he got up and started to dress. I left my robe off and just posed sexily for him. When he was dressed he took me in his arms and kissed me again as he played with my bare ass and tits. Then he said he would be back frequently to talk more about how to help you get ahead.

The next day you came home so proud of your first raise. I was proud of you and I felt like part of the team. Dan came by two or three times a week after that. Each time he showed me in our bed how I could help you get ahead. Soon you came home with a promotion, then later you got your own private office. Then right after I let him fuck my ass you got your own secretary.

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