Aunt Nancy

by Ghostwriter90

Caution: This Aunt/Nephew Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, nephew fucks aunt in the ass,aunt seduces nephew sex story.

Desc: Aunt/Nephew Incest Story: Mutual lust gets fulfilled as aunt seduces nephew

I have always wanted to make love to my aunt Nancy.

Many times I have seen her scantily dressed in panties and a T-shirt, a skimpy bathing suit, and even pantyhose and a bra.

One time I even caught her lying on the couch wearing a robe that was open in the front, exposing her large tits. They are c-cups, but they look much larger, and she has very dark nipples, almost maroon colored. She has long dark-brown hair and a fairly trim figure, too.

At the time this all took place I was about 16 and my aunt was about 30. My aunt did not live with my grandmother, but my grandmother had to go out of town for a week. So my aunt called me to tell me that no one would be at grandma's house, and she wanted me to go in every day at 9 am and make sure the house was OK until my grandmother returned. I saw no reason why I couldn't, so I agreed, knowing that since I lived closer to their house, I should be the one checking it. The first two days I stopped by to make sure everything was OK, and nothing happened. The house was cold and dark. On the third day, though, something happened that I will never forget...

I was checking the house, just as my aunt had wanted me to do. When I unlocked the door, I noticed that the living room light was on. I didn't remember turning it on, but I didn't think much about it. Then, as I got to about the middle of the room my aunt walked in, completely nude, drying her hair with a towel after just getting out of the shower. I was embarrassed and surprised, and my cock instantly became erect. Instead of trying to hide herself, she just smiled at me. As she towel-dried her hair her tits shook vigorously. Her nipples were hard and they stuck out from her soft, milk- filled melons. She removed the towel from her head and let her wet hair flow down her back.

She dried off the rest of her body right there in front of me, making sure to get her long legs, ass, and underneath her boobs. I thought my dick would explode as she continued to pat herself dry. Finally my aunt said, "I guess you're wondering what's going on here. Well, I've always wanted you as bad as you've wanted me. Since I knew you'd be here, I figured it was now or never.

If you still want to fuck me, now's your chance."

What could I say? I told her about all the times I lied in bed and made myself come, fantasizing about her gorgeous body, and wishing that I just had a chance to touch it. I told her of all the times I tried to see glimpses of her tits and pussy, and she told me that it was no accident that I got to. She had just been afraid to show me to much, for fear that I would tell someone. But now her passion had overcome her, and she just had to offer herself to me. She then pleaded, "Please, let's give each other pleasure. I need you so badly".

I answered her by getting out of my clothes as quickly as I could. When I was completely naked my aunt approached me. She stood in front of me and our lips met. We kissed lightly at first, then she opened her mouth and I pressed my tongue against hers. We hugged each other. My hands were on her back, then slowly I moved them down to her ass. She let out a moan as I spread her ass cheeks, opening her up.

Then I moved my hand to her sides and her hips. All this time she was exploring me in the same way.

She held my ass and pulled me closer to her, my cock pressed firmly against her pubic mound.

I pulled back from her and cupped one of her globes in each hand. then I went to work on her stiff nipples with my mouth. I sucked them hard. she moaned and said that if I kept sucking I would be in for a surprise. I sure was! As I sucked and sucked on her boobs milk started squirting into my mouth.

I pulled back and Nancy started massaging her tits and squeezing them. Then milk sprayed from the nipples onto my face. It was so wonderful. Her milk was warm, and it tasted so sweet. I lowered my face and sucked most of her tit into my mouth.

She reached down and caressed my cock, making it throb even harder.

We released each other and headed for the guest bedroom. I told her that I felt like I would come soon, so she told me she would take care of that. I laid back on the bed and Nancy sat down on my face, then she bent over and kissed the head of my dick. I licked up her thighs, up to her ass and along her crack. Her freshly showered skin smelled wonderful and it felt so smooth. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread her. My tongue went along her crack, stopping at her tight asshole. I licked around it, then I pressed my tongue into it. She didn't taste bad at all, and she whimpered as I tongue-fucked her ass. Nancy was still kissing my cock, teasing me. I pulled from her asshole and licked down to her spread pussy.

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