Day at the Office

by Lilith Cherry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: I have a new job, and a gorgeous boss...

This morning I started a new job: I think I'm going to like this job very much...

I work for a temp agency, it's good money and I like variety but after today I have a permanent position: hopefully in my bosses heart!

When I arrived I was shown into the office of the most gorgeous man I've seen for years, Tall and broad and masculine to the core. He had, however, the fiercest expression on his face I've seen for years too... I really wanted to kiss that away forever.

"Come in Miss, I hope you are a little more efficient than the last girl - I cannot find any of my notes and memos for today's meeting and without the information I'm screwed!"

Looking at him, I thought I would love to arrange the screwing but I sat at my desk and retrieved the lost documents from the delete files of my predecessor's computer. "What else would you like, sir?" I purred at him, licking my lips as I leaned across his desk to put the files down. "Is there any way I can help to relax before your meeting?"

At these words his frown was replaced by an appreciative leer, "I can think of several if you're willing..." He clicked a desk switch, locking the office door. Boy, I love technology! "For the right boss anything is possible" I rubbed his tense shoulders for a while and, as I felt him relaxing under my fingers, thought maybe I should push my luck a little further. Sliding down in front of his chair, I slowly pulled down his zipper and let his now hard cock escape a little, pushing back his underwear and feeling his firm hardness with my soft fingers, disentangling him from his clothes and taking his cock into my willing mouth. "Well that's not helping me focus on business matters, but please don't stop..." he breathed heavily, as I sucked and licked his delicious prick.

Alas, right then came a knock upon the door and the voice of another exec. said "May I have a word in private before the meeting?" Damn! Still I didn't want to stop and was convinced my beautiful new colleague didn't either so I slid right under his desk. He pulled his chair close so I was hidden under there, still sucking and licking and caressing him as he unlocked the door to give entry to the intruder. Now he would have to act normally whatever he felt beneath his desk where I played my teasing game...I laved his pretty cock with my hot wet tongue, chewed delicately at the head and stroked his heavy sac of warm balls - I was in heaven. He must have had rigid control as he spoke to the visitor, answering questions and discussing business, but he was as anxious to be alone again as I was and despatched the man asap locking the door behind him.

He pushed back the chair and looked down at me "What a very helpful secretary you turned out be," he laughed. "Come up here and help me get to know you too!" He pulled me to my feet and lifted me to sit on his desk facing him. My skirt had ridden up past my stocking tops, showing my suspenders and practically non-existent tiny lace panties and I felt his warm strong hands on my knees gliding their way towards my pussy. His fingers hooked into my panties and pulled them off, dropping them under the desk.

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