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Desc: Sex Story: Cyber Sex


At one time I was a cyber hound. My first chat experiences were with the old WOW. An internet provider from CompuServe. After a while the cyber got old and I was actually beginning to feel used. There are very few good people with enough imagination to make a great cyber lover.

Well I was always interested in getting into the lesbian chatrooms. Eventually, I made up a character named Cris_sy. I couldn't believe how many proposals for cyber sex and conversation I got while I was in character. Well, I'm not gay so I never would do the cyber thing with the males. I had done quite a bit of thought on the Cris_sy character before I actually used the nickname. In general, Cris_sy was a young girl about age 14. She was a virgin and had very little sexual experience. However, she could tell one hell of a good story! And she had several. Cris_sy was not bisexual in the strict sense. She had one small experience with her best friend. She was more "curious". This is a chatroom term for someone that likes to hang out in the lesbian rooms and maybe engage in cyber sex with a woman but not in real life. This was quite a while before I had even discovered the newsgroups or the great stories they contain. Cris_sy's main thrill was masturbation and swapping stories with people. This way, I could talk to men (I was mainly interested in women)and not worry about cyber. Nobody got hurt because we wouldn't have cyber sex.

I naturally told one of my brothers about my character and he got a big kick out of it. Later on he told me about a guy at his work that was having a really great time on the internet and having cyber with all kinds of women. When my brother told the poor bastard about me and my character named Cris_sy, the fool about shit his pants! The dumass hadn't even thought that someone could or even would pose as a female.

Some of these stories that I have read are really great. Others are quite badly written. However, I do appreciate that at least they gave a contribution to the stories lovers out there like me. A little while ago, I decided that I would stop my work on my novel, and write about Cris_sy.

If you what to give me feedback, on this first story, Email me at


Hi, My name is Crissy, I am 19 now and in college studying business and computer science. I am a small in stature but evenly proportioned for my size. At 4'10" and 90 lbs., my size has made me self-conscious and shy, until recently. I have light brown hair and a 32"-20" -28 figure. Even though I am a small person I became pubescent a trifle early. At 14, I already had a fairly decent start of a bush and breasts.

I am an only child, so I never had the experience of an older/younger sibling. My parents are pretty cool for the most part. My mother is a working professional along with my dad. They were in their early 40's when I came along. They love me a lot and I love them too. From early age I was told repeatedly that pregnancy could make it very difficult to have a professional career, and that abstinence was the best way to keep from things getting out of hand. I was not allowed to date without another couple or group for the most part until I reached the age of 18. There were a few exceptions. Actually, I was too shy to even get to know a boy close enough that he might ask me out. I understood, even at 14 when most girls my age were not as fully developed as I was. The boys were always looking at me with those cow eyes because I was one of the few girls that actually had "tits". Like I said before, I was very shy. My friends were mostly girls. Maybe a few boys at school. But in general, boys at that age are pretty immature, Their idea of a great time was popping a girls bra strap.

Then, one day my parents subscribed to the online service WOW from CompuServe. They were the first company that had the $19.95 a month for unlimited time on the Internet. I already had a computer in my room, and before long I was addicted to chat. I found that I could be a different person online. I could be 21 and nobody would even know the difference. I learned to be bold, assertive, and even sexy. A LOT of fun to be around. My nick of course was Cris_sy. For the sake of ease of typing, I'll shorten it to Crissy. How was I to know that the name would draw all the cyber people to me like flies on shit. I'm not kidding, sometimes they would drive me crazy with paging me and asking "Hey baby, wanna cyber?" The very first time I cybered with someone, they started pretty slowly, but then when they started with the OLE "Then I stick my nine inch cock up your ass" I nearly fainted! I was so grossed out that I cussed them out and left the room. The offending asshole kept on following me from room to room apologizing. I got scared. I mean really SCARED! Well that was the incident that drove me to BooBoo's Cave (a room name). The room was full of people having a great time. Naturally, Mr. Assfucker followed me to the room. I asked him to please leave me alone, but to no avail. Just then BooBoo, the op of the room intervened in my behalf. He told the jerk to leave me alone. When the jerk wouldn't stop, he booted him right out of the room. That made him a hero in my eyes. BooBoo asked if he could speak to me in the attic (cyber talk for in private). I agreed and pretty soon we became great friends. He was 43 and married. I confessed to him that I was only 14. Mr. Asshole thought I was 21 of course. BooBoo told me to hang on a minute and paged the asshole and told him my age. That did the trick. He never bothered me again. I told BooBoo that I had tried cyber with the guy and when he started in with the ass fuck idea, I freaked. Well, pretty soon his room emptied out. I found out later that he turned his "ignore knocks" on. That's the way that a person can prevent people from entering a room and not be interrupted. We were alone.

From now on I'll use dialogue to ease the writing and call BooBoo "Bob".

"So, Crissy, what made you decide to try cyber at such an early age?"

"Well, I dunno, It sounded like a good idea at the time, He seemed nice and I was horny. How was I to know that he would turn out to be a perv!"

"Crissy, can I be frank with you? I really don't want to sound like your parents, so please will you listen to me?"

"Well, okay, give me the royal ass chewing."

"No, not an ass chewing. Just some cyber survival facts."

"You don't need to worry Bob, I'm never gonna do that gross stuff again!"

"Don't let the one experience form your opinion of the subject Crissy. All you need is to learn who the good ones are. Believe me there are a few of them out there. Compared to most of them out there, very few good gentle cyber people. It takes creative people with creative imaginations. Here are a few good pointers."

  1. Never let anyone know where you live.

  2. Never use your real name.

  3. Anyone that just comes into a room and asks "Hey baby, wanna cyber?" has no imagination and is probably a dickhead. A good cyber person will just sorta naturally lead you into it. You'll realize at some point that you are in the middle of cyber and it'll be great.

  4. Never, I repeat NEVER meet anyone that you meet online. Especially alone. This is VERY important! Especially if they know your real age.

  5. Remember that you never really know just who a person really is. They could be a male pretending to be a female or vice versa. Or, it could be a predator who is looking for sex with kids while pretending to be a kid themselves. I know this from experience. "What do you mean experience Bob? Are you trying to get into my panties?"

"Lol Hmmm well discuss that at another time Crissy, What I mean by experience is that one time I discovered that I was cybering with a man. Boy was I pissed!"

"No shit? Lol, I never thought of that! I would be pissed too! What happened?"

"Well Crissy, it was when I first started chat and about a week after I discovered cyber. He just came out and told me that he was a bisexual male. Ever since then I would ask what their panty hose size was. If they didn't know that, the jig would be up. By the way Crissy, What size pantyhose do you wear?"

"Lol! I wear petite of course! I've already told you about my size."

"Lol you passed the test."

"So I take it that you are one of those men that are addicted to cyber Bob?"

"No Crissy, cyber got sorta old after a while, I rarely do it anymore. But when I was going strong, I was one of the best! What I like best now is true stories. Sex stories. Actual real life experiences. That way nobody gets hurt. It doesn't matter if they are male or female cause we're not having sex."

"Bob, Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Crissy, anything you like."

"Are sure you won't get mad?"

"Well you'll never know until you ask me will you?"

"Okay, here goes, I hope you don't get pissed cause I really like you so far."

"Likewise, Crissy."

"Well what would your wife say if she found out you were cheating on her with cyber?"

"Shit, Crissy she knows all about it. It's not cheating anyway. Just fun between two people. As long as it doesn't develop into the real thing. I love my wife too much to let that happen. I tell all my cyber lovers that I'm married and that we'll never mee t. I'm telling you the same thing too Crissy. I'll never ask where you live or try to meet you in real life. No matter what you and I might do online."

"Ah hah! I knew it! You are one of those pedo's that are looking for sex with minors!

"Okay Crissy that's it. You just insulted me.I think you should go now. I haven't asked you for sex. Have I? Good bye Crissy, It's too bad. You seem to have a good imagination. You could've learned a lot.

"I'm sorry Bob! I guess I got the wrong idea. Please give me another chance?"

There was a pause at this point.


Pause "Will you at least tell me what you meant by your last remark? Then if you want me to, I'll go and you won't have to put up with me anymore."

Short pause "What I meant Crissy was that you could trust me. Whatever happens, you don't need to worry about me. I'm safe. It takes just the right situation anymore for me to even think about cyber anymore. I know it may sound dumb coming from a man but I started to feel used. I was the one doing all the giving and very seldomly got anything in return "

"Please forgive me? I promise I'll be good."

"Okay Crissy, all is forgiven. But before we go on, remember what I said about stories? Nobody gets hurt?"


"Well That is what I'm into now."

"Shit Bob, I'm still a virgin! I don't have any experiences to share."

"Sure you do Crissy. Everyone has experiences. It all depends on their imagination."

"I thought you wanted true experiences."

"That's right."


"Okay Crissy, I'll risk it. Just don't get all pissed and start insulting me again okay?"

"Risk what Bob?"

"I'm gonna ask you a few questions okay? If you don't want to answer, we'll just stop okay?"

"Okay. You can ask me anything."

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

'No, sorry. I'm an only child. Why do you ask that?"

"Well, sometimes siblings will explore, to find out about their own feelings."

"Oh! I have a girlfriend that has three horny brothers. She's told me a few things about them."

"See Crissy? That could be a possible story."

"Yeah maybe, but it's not my own experience."

"Okay, here's another question. Do you masturbate?"

Short pause, I turn very red.


"It's okay Crissy, really. Most people do. As a matter of fact, I still masturbate."

"Really? But you are married! "

"Yes, But masturbation is a personal experience Crissy, Sometimes it's nice not to worry about getting the other person off or sometimes my horns come out and nobody is around."

"I know what you mean, my horns seem to be out all the time lately."

"I tell you what Crissy, What about if I tell you about one of my experiences and then you can tell me one of yours. How does that sound?"

"Hmmm. Okay, but what do you want to hear about from me?"

"I'll leave it up to you, but if you remember your first orgasm, that'll make a good story."

"Boy, do I ever!"

"Lol. Good. What do you want to hear about from me, adult or young experience?"

"Oh, God that's easy. Young experience. Do you have brothers or sisters?"

"Oh yeah, Three sisters! I was the only boy."

"Tell me about an experience with one of your sisters then."

"Okay, This is about my first experiences with my sisters. Now just sit back and read. Just give me a letter now and then like "k" just so I'll know you are still there."

"Can't I ask questions as you go along?"

"Sure Crissy, But you don't need to."

"Okay, go ahead"

Chapter 2 - Bob's tale

"Well, My older sisters were 2 and 4 years older than me. My youngest sister was about 2 years younger. I was about 11 I think at the time so the oldest sister was about 15 and then 13 got it?"


"Katy, the youngest, was in the bathtub at the time. I went in to take a leak. This was fairly normal cause there were 4 of us kids and we had only one bathroom to share. Our parents had a bathroom but we couldn't use it unless we had a dire emergency. I w as sitting on the toilet and looking curiously at her. My body was just starting puberty and the OLE hormones were starting to take over. She saw me looking and just smiled at me and spread her legs a little more for a better view."

"Really? I'd have been too embarrassed to do that".

"Well remember, We grew up together. Seeing each other nude was no real biggie. Except for my older sisters. They were more mature than I was and weren't so free with the booty shots. Kids get that way when they start developing. Anyways I chuckled a little at Katy and said to her that boys were better than girls cause they have dicks and girls ain't got nothing but a little slit. The poor little girl face just clouded up and she started crying. I was quite proud of myself and got up and left the bathroom."

"Boys can be such twerps"

"Believe me Crissy, they got even. My mind was changed forever!"


"Well my mom called me downstairs a little later and made me apologize to Katy. She gave me the old lecture about in a few years I'd feel a whole lot different about girls. My older sisters glared at me and called me a little twerp.


Well a few days later, Mom and Dad went out and left Susan, my oldest sister in charge. All was forgiven by then, or so I thought. We were all watching TV and we were all in our jammies and had our baths. We started wrestling around. Now Susan was old enough to have a nightgown and all us others had regular jammies. We wound up with Susan on top of me, pinning me down. Her crotch had rubbed up against me a couple of times and I found myself with the embarrassment of a raging hard on. Susan was sitting on my belly, and I couldn't see the other two. All of a sudden I heard Beth, the 13-year-old say "Well, well, looks like Bobby's got a stiffie!"


"You're telling me!!!! I was so embarrassed! My face turned red, I tried to buck Susan off me but wasn't having much luck. I heard Katie say, "Let me see!" I could hear giggles. Susan had a smirk on her face. She said "So, looks like girls just might have something over boys huh?" I yelled, "Let me go!" Susan just smiled and leaned forward so her breasts were in my face. I noticed that there was a hand feeling my dick. The other two girls were giggling behind Susan, I couldn't see a thing. Before I knew it, The bottoms of my Pj's were jerked down to my knees. The elastic of the waistband had caught the head of my prick and when it cleared the waistband, it slapped against my stomach before it stopped."


"Getting good huh?"


"Lol, I thought you'd like it. Katy sucked in her breath audibly and Beth was giggling. Apparently, this was all planned out, because Susan straightened up and slid down till her pussy was on my prick. Yes she still had her panties on. Anyways my struggling stopped. Susan ground her crotch into me for a little bit. I could see the look of pleasure on her face. She slid back to my belly. I can still remember the feeling of her nightgown tickling my balls as she slid forward."


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