House Keeper

by Drifter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: He finds the perfect house keeper and nanny.

Jack Campbell sat in first class on the plane heading to LA. He had to spend most of a week there to smooze this well paying customer set. A lot was riding on the presentations and entertaining for this customer. Jack was pretty comfortable about it actually. The LA crew was excellent, the company had a product that was outstanding. They just had to show them the product in it's best light, take them around to dinner at the best places like Chasens, Jimmy's, and a few others, and to Disneyland and Magic Mountain, then take the orders and put them on a plane home. Should be an uneventful week.

He was actually glad to get away from home for a little while. His beautiful 26 year old bride of 4 years had just had their first baby 6 weeks before, and he was climbing the walls for sex, First the reason had been it was just before the baby came and Carol was afraid it would hurt the baby the way they usually got so wild when they had sex. Then she was sore after little Jack had arrived, then she had been ashamed of her body until she got it back into the firm 36d, 23, 35 shape it had been when they got married. When she was fresh out of Law School.

Jack was glad to be away. Sleeping with Carol but not enjoying the sex they both loved drove him crazy. She looked great to him. She had assured him she would be ready for him when he got back.

The customer presentations went great as expected, the entertainment was handled very well by his staff. All he had to do was show up and close the deal, which he did on the third afternoon, Tuesday, three days earlier than expected. The customer was happy and he was happy when he told them goodby at the airport. The 30 year old wonder boy had pulled another big deal through for the company. That meant his bonus would be sizeable.

He asked Chuck, the local office chief to accompany him to dinner that night. As they sat there after a very nice dinner Jack handed him a bonus check for $10,000. One tenth of what Jack's was. Chuck was very appreciative. His loyalty assured again.

As he was thanking Jack an argument between the couple at the table next to them broke out. They were arguing and the words cheating and unfaithful and worse kept flying. She finally told him, "Just go, I don't want to ever see you again. You will never understand me or be able to keep up with me."

The guy got up and left embarrassed. The lovely brunette sat there and fumed as Jack noticed what a knockout she was. Body and face like a dream. He turned back to Chuck and they said goodnight. The bill had already been taken care of. Chuck walked out and Jack stood to go also when he noticed the waiter talking angrily at the lovely black haired woman. Jack was easily tempted so he walked over and as he approached he heard the woman say, "I'm sorry, I have no money with me. I will be happy to go get it and return." The waiter was saying, "That would not do."

Jack stepped up and said, "Henry what is the problem?"

The waiter turned and his demeanor changed as he saw a regular customer who spent a great deal of money entertaining customers at the restaurant. "Sorry to disturb you Mr Campbell, nothing for you to be bothered with."

Jack looked at the beautiful lady, dressed nicely in a very short skirt showing a great deal of her delightful long legs and a low cut blouse that displayed a marvelous cleavage. Jack smiled and she returned it. Then she spoke in a low sexy voice. Not affected, just naturally sexy. "My ex fiance left without paying the bill and I have no money to pay but I told him..."

Jack turned to the waiter and said, "Put it on my tab. I am sure the lady is good for it." The waiter was effusive in his groveling and left with what he wanted. She stood up and Jack loved what he saw. It was a nicely finished package, especially the black panties he caught a flash of as she uncrossed her legs... She held out her hand, "Linda Thomas, Mr Campbell. If you will let me know where to send the money I will get it to you promptly I promise."

Jack smiled at her and said, "But how are you going to get home Linda? And call me Jack please."

She realized she did have that problem too. She looked perplexed and Jack said, "If you would allow me I would be happy to drive you home."

She perked up and replied, "And I could repay you. Thank you Jack, I think you have rescued me like a real knight." She noticed the subtle way he had scanned her lush figure and she liked that. He was a good looking guy, she thought. He did have a wedding ring on his finger but that had never bothered Linda.

In his rental car they chatted and Jack couldn't keep his eyes off of her great legs. She smiled as she realized where he was looking. When she knew he wasn't looking she pulled her skirt another couple of inches higher. Jack certainly noticed the difference.

Once at her apartment she showed him where to park and said, "Come in Jack and I will get you your money." He followed her up the steps and loved the way her cute round ass moved as she took the steps. He knew he was half hard already. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed sex with his wife. Unlocking the door, she led him in. The door closed behind them and she left to came back quickly handing him the money. He said, "Linda, I would appreciate it if you would allow me the pleasure of paying for you dinner. From the argument I overheard, I believe you have had enough grief tonight."

She dropped the money on the coffee table and said, "Thank you Jack. That bastard, it is clear that we are totally incompatible. I just didn't know it until this week end. He doesn't appreciate what he could have had. Fuck 'em and leave 'em when it gets interesting seemed to be his motto. How about you Jack is that your motto?"

He smiled at her, beautiful even when angry and he said, "No Linda, I am happily married, a new son and a great wife. Or at least I will be happy as soon as every thing heals again."

She laughed and her ample breasts jiggled nicely. It was clear she wore no bra. Then she said, "Would you like some coffee Jack? Take your coat off honey and relax while I fix it."

She headed to the kitchen and he dropped his coat and tie and followed her. He stood at the door and looked at her body hungrily as she moved here and there setting everything up. She turned and caught his watching her and she smiled, "Oh poor baby, how long has it been since you and your wife...?"

"Eight weeks, two days, four hours and seven minutes."

She laughed delightfully at his almost joke. It was too damn close to the truth to be funny to him. Then she said, "How can you stand it?. A week and I'm crazy. In fact I'm not sure what I'm going to do now that wonder boy is gone. He was good in the sack. But he just couldn't seem to deal with all of me."

Jack smiled and wanted to offer her a short term solution. At least until he had to catch his plane. That was scheduled three days away. He had thought about going back sooner but Carol had promised him by Saturday she would be ready for their favorite sport, it was Tuesday night. Jack stuttered as he said, "Linda, I think we better change the subject."

She smiled and knew what she was going to do. She liked this man. Usually that meant one thing. She sat the coffee down and moved the few steps between them. She slowly slid her arms around his neck as her body pressed into his and she covered his lips with her own. It was like a live wire. It had been so long. Jack's hands explored her body slowly as they continued the heated kiss. Somehow her top came off and she was nude from the waist up. Jack drank in the sight and said, "God you are beautiful every where." and his hands covered her perfect breasts and Linda gasped with pleasure as he teased her swollen nipples. She unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor leaving her in thigh high black hose and the briefest, sheerest black thong panties he had ever seen. His cock stood out hard and obvious as Linda grasped it through his trousers and led him to the bedroom.

After undressing him teasingly, kissing everything she uncovered, she settled into position and blew him first saying, "It has been so long hon you wont last a minute and I need it too." and he didn't last a minute. Being a gentleman he returned the favor and licked her tangy, musky, delicious labia and clit until she came and came and finally pushed him away. She kissed him and said, "Damn can I keep you. No one but an old girl friend has ever eaten me that good." As she kissed and loved on him, she straddled his renewed cock and eased down on it slowly as it stretched her so well. She smiled and said, "What was that bastard's name I was dating? I think you made me forget."

Jack had missed the taste and feel of a woman. As he fucked up to meet her deep strokes on his cock he groaned, "So fucking good Linda. God I love pussy."

She chuckled and kissed him rubbing her big tits over his chest. "And I adore cock sweet sweet Jack."

For the next three days they had fun together and spent most of that time in bed. The first day they had tried everything, vaginal, oral, anal, between her glorious tits. Then they did it all again after calling for pizza. On the second day they did it all again and talked too. She had explained to Jack that the real reason she had broken up with her fiance was he found her in bed fucking her boss at a party they had gone to. She made it clear to Jack that she would never be happy with just one man. Jack was thrilled at the idea of having a woman he could swing with. Carol, his wife had not completely rejected the idea when he had talked about "friends" who did that but she had seemed hesitant. Especially since they had been trying to get her pregnant.

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