Of Pain and Pleasure

by Caesar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two strangers on a train.

Copyright© 1999-2003

There was a young man of Ostend
Who let a girl play with his end.
She took hold of Rover,
And felt it all over,
And it did what she didn't intend.

The blue-gray glow of the moon came through the wide window of the trains semi-private cabin and illuminated all within. I sat staring out, my thoughts lost in an ethereal plain with barely a thread of consciousness linking me to my berth.

So distant was I that it took the steward several tries till he was able to get a response. "Sir?" I turned my head, as I had been gazing directly at the bright moon, towards the older gentleman in the well manicured uniform. "Sir, Madam needs a quiet place for the remainder of the evening. Could she impose upon you sir?"

What? I shook my head to clear it and heard him ask the same question yet again. I was just about to grunt a negative response when a pale gentle face of the lady behind the steward was seen for the briefest of time. Instead of my prepared response, I nodded and turned back to the moon.

"Thank you sir." The steward was talking in a near mumble beyond the door and I only heard the final, "if you need anything Madam, please do no hesitate to ring for me."

"Thank you Bernard." Evidently the steward had a name, I could care less.

The door to my cabin closed and the lady sat across from me upon the other bench. I felt her eyes upon my face as I tried to return to my ethereal thoughts, unsuccessfully.

"Thank you sir, for sharing your cabin." I never even acknowledged her. "My brother and his family make their cabin unbearable." She chuckled slightly, "Bernard knew my predicament and took pity upon me."

The train was passing quick groomed orchards of trees, apple trees I believe, and every few seconds the moon was hidden as we passed. Far up a bird, hawk probably, few in lazy circles searching for prey. I felt as if I was the prey, here on earth waiting for the rapid descent of the hunter.

My thoughts, again devoid of my location and setting when I was again interrupted by the lady.

Her scent, it was delicious. Like spring, with the freshness of life and colours exploding. It irritated me.

All I wanted was to be alone with my thoughts and she chooses to interrupt me insistently. Of course I need not had agreed to share my semi-private cabin, though I only paid for one seat. What was it, that caused me to agree to this intrusion into my privacy?

With my eyes unblinking and never turning away from that glorious moon, I wondered what in that briefest of views caused me to allow the lady into my life. She was attractive, to be sure. With pale white skin, smooth and fresh looking even in the pale light of the train passageway. Nothing else I saw of her, to gain a better understanding why this woman was allowed to bother me in such a low point in my life. She was probably slightly older than I, in her thirties to be sure. Perhaps it was her eyes, they contained intelligence and compassion.

I realized that she had not turned down the bunk and lay upon the uncomfortable bed to sleep the rest of her night. Again I pulled my gaze from the comforting moon and turned to look upon her. I found her smiling gently, compassionately. With her eyes looking softly into my own.

I quickly pulled my eyes from hers and returned to the bright moon. Yet my thoughts were upon her rather than in the ether. I was getting heated and realized it was those eyes, I did not want her compassion. I did not need it.

Indeed, I wanted to wallow in my own grief and not allow some stranger to draw it out of me.

"I am a school teacher back at home." Her voice was low, almost raspy but had a seductive tone to it. I had guessed right, what else would a woman with intelligence do in this day and age? "And when I'm at home and wanted to be alone I would go out to this small stream that was completely surrounded by trees and just sit." Why was she talking to me? Whatever possessed me to allow her into my life?

I was no longer seeing the moon though I looked right at it, I turned back to her. She smiled as before, gently. She continued, "Once when I was just sitting and listening to the natural sounds around me, in my private spot, an acorn fell from the tree and hit me upon the head." Again that small feminine chuckle, she had a sense of humour this woman did, it fit her mischievous smile. "It did not hurt but it did startle me from my thoughts. I looked up and was surprised to see a small squirrel staring down at me."

"The little beasties seemed to be smiling at me and I knew he had dropped it on purpose. At first I was very angry, to be interrupted. But as I sat cursing up at that tiny beast I realized how ridicules it all seemed and began to laugh most heartedly." She set aside her hand bag and pulled her arms from her fall jacket. I caught a glint of gold and saw the band wrapped about her third finger on her left hand. "The reasons that drove me to my private spot were all insignificant to that squirrel as I realized the little monster was preparing another acorn to drop down upon me. I jumped up and thanked the wise little animal and returned home."

Her mouth stopped moving, and it was a rather sensuous mouth, it was her eyes that spoke to me. As if they wondered if I understood the story or if it had been lost upon me.

I smiled, none too successfully I may add, and tried to turn back to gaze out the window. For some reason I couldn't, and my face turned back to the woman across from me. "Thank you Madam." Though I was sure she be half-crazed especially after a story like that.

She smiled softly, "Your very welcome sir."

I understood her words but did not really understand her meaning. I was also in no mood to be preached. Instead I stood and folded down my bench and then crawled upon it to feign sleep, anxious to again be alone with my thoughts. Instead I replayed the lady's story over and over while my minds eye studied the story teller in minute detail.

It had been days since I had slept and though I should not have been surprised, I was when I came awake and realized that I had slept. My eyes opened to the still dark room with the moonlight illuminating all. A hand was brushing my brow and cheek and I felt a breath upon the other. The scent of her was stronger, overpowering in its attractiveness. I suddenly realized she was seated upon the floor next to me, rubbing my face with her warm elf-like hands.

I bolted up and away from her.

She looked sad, anxious and even desperate. Almost as if this was a different woman than the one whom had told me the story earlier. She made no apologies nor a sound as she ascended upon her knees before me.

I watched stunned and violated as her bright eyes came towards my own and those full red lips closer to me. I suddenly wanted her with a passion that I had not felt for many a moon. Seductress or simply a woman as desperate as I, I knew not. When my face moved forwards and tilted to the side, she did the same and we met in the middle.

It wasn't the most perfect of kisses. In fact it was awkward and misplaced. Yet it was warm, hungry and with the promise of much more beneath it.

I reached out and took her small face in both my hands and held her steady as my lips again moved in. I tilted her as my mouth came into contact, this kiss much better than the last. The next kiss I opened my mouth and she followed suit, a groan of need from her echoed my own desire.

She pressed her hips against the edge of the bunk and her upper torso against my body, I felt her small breasts point into my chest and that brought a new heat to my loins. My mouth began to attack her own and as my tongue began to violate her. She not only allowed me to do this, when I paused for breath, her tongue came out of her mouth and slide passed my lips.

Definitely not a spinster unknown to the ways of men, yet a woman with a hurt probably as deep as my own. One that she was able to hide better than I, I may add. Beyond all this, a desire for love, both physical and emotional as we had both been starving for far too long.

I felt her tiny hands between us and realized she was attempting to withdraw my manhood. The hunger of the woman again surprised me, I had not ever been with one so aggressive with her passion, though I found no fault in it to be sure.

Gently I pushed her away from me and she sat back upon her heels and watched me with doe-like eyes. My hands came up and grasped both her small breasts firmly, the small nipples throbbing into my palms, as she allowed her head to fall back and groaned loudly and with a firm need.

I turned towards the door and found it locked, the little mink had locked us in our own world. Our privacy was now assured while we stayed in this small cabin.

She had a thin long neck without blemish, and I lunged forwards to bite it gently. A girlish giggle escaped from her. I sat back and stared into her eyes.

We shared much in that brief look. I understood that she was in pain, possibly as much as I, and needed this... this communion of like-souls. In that short time something overtook me and I felt more love and desire for this unknown woman than I had ever felt in my life. I felt the need to protect her from the savage world, if only for the time we shared upon the train. I also felt a heated passion that had never ever been felt in such intensity before. I wanted this stranger, I needed her with a longing that was physical in its strength.

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