Aerobic Erotics

by John Doelman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She was hot and sweaty and wanted to get hotter and sweatier

"Okay, ladies, let's cool down with a couple of stretches." I hopped onto my tiptoes and reached for the sky, unconsciously thrusting my small but high-riding breasts forward. My nipples puckered in the cool breeze from the air conditioning vent which I had strategically aimed my way before starting the aerobics class. "Now bounce downwards until you touch the floor. That's right. Bounce, two, three, four, bounce, two..."

The spandex dug between my legs as I finished up the exercise session, massaging me in the most intimate places. A wave of red heat rippled through my body. Fortunately, the students would think it was just the flush from too much exercise.

"All right, ladies," I said. "That's it until Wednesday." The aerobics class broke up quickly as the women hurried to the locker room to fight over the showers.

An era-splitting wolf whistle sliced the air. I turned, ready to scold some insensitive husband or boyfriend. (A lot of guys get off on watching my work-out classes). Instead, I found myself looking at my nineteen-year old son, Danny. I'd forgotten that I'd asked him pick me up after class while my car was in the shop. "Looking good, Mom," he said. I couldn't scold him. I was pretty proud of what teaching aerobics had done for my body, and I was pleased that my son had noticed my firm new figure.

I didn't get a chance to shower before I left the studio. As I rode home in Danny's small car, I became increasingly aware of the smell of my own body. I could also feel a sticky spot forming in my crotch where the leotard cut into my pussy, sharply outlining the fleshy outer lips of my cunt. What was it about getting all hot and sweaty that made me want to get even hotter and sweatier? I fidgeted in my seat as quick fantasies flashed across the screen of my mind. When my husband died two years ago, I thought I'd never be interested in men again. For the last couple of months, however, I couldn't seem to think of anything except men.

"Penny for your thoughts," Danny said.

I glanced at my clean-cut college boy, an engineering major with clear blue eyes and short dark-blond hair. He was the spitting image of his father at that age, and I found myself wondering if he'd inherited the famous family schlong.

"Mom?" Danny said. "Earth to Mom."

"Oh, um, nothing," I said hastily. "My mind was a blank."

Just then, he pulled up in front of our house. Instead of getting out of the car, he turned to look me squarely in the eye. "Then how come you were looking at my crotch?" he asked.

"I wasn't... I... I..."

"I know you've had a lot on your mind since Dad died," he said.

"Why don't we talk about it inside?"

I bit my trembling lower lip as I stole another glance at the bulge packing his jeans. I knew what had me hot and bothered, but I'd figured that Danny had plenty of beautiful young girlfriends eager to explore his luscious body. Apparently, I'd figured wrong. As we shared a glass of wine, Danny told me how frustrating it was to major in a subject still dominated by nerds and Neanderthals. According to him, the only girls in his classes who didn't already have boyfriends were two outrageous sluts. "Cheryl and Lara are very social when it comes to disease," he explained.

Still hot and sweaty, I found myself peeling out of my leotards without really thinking about it. Dressed in nothing except a cotton sports bra and a pair of sweat-stained white panties, I quietly opened my arms to my son. He came to me eagerly, pulling me into a rough embrace. Closing my eyes, I inhaled his clean, masculine scent. I didn't know it, but I was already at the point of no return.

We kissed, our tongues entwining gently. Danny used his tongue to explore the interior of my mouth with the delicacy of a dedicated gourmet. I sucked lightly on the curled-up tip of his tongue, enjoying the crisp taste of his breath. A shiver of pleasure went through me as I rotated my hips against his cock-bulge in a quick bump-and-grind.

He reached behind me, skillfully unhooking my bra. When he dropped it to the floor, my tits tumbled free, the nipples standing up so hard that tiny goose bumps formed on my rosy areolae. Danny licked his lips, then bent to slather his tongue around my sensitive nips. I sighed with pleasure, arching my back to feed him my breasts. "Those college girls don't know what they're missing," I said.

Danny didn't answer. He was too busy inching down my cotton panties to expose my firm butt cheeks and the wispy blonde hair of my pussy mound. If he'd ever suspected that his mother dyed her hair, he now had evidence that it wasn't true. I undulated my hips, inviting him to take a closer look at my golden-furred muff.

He knelt, sticking out his tongue and flicking it across my flat belly like a snake. I began to sway like an erotic dancer, bouncing my pussy-bush softly against his lips. He licked the vee between my thighs with long, careful strokes calculated to tease me to the limit. I whimpered softly as he slurped up the blushing wattles of my labia so that he could nibble gently on my tender inner flesh. I grabbed his strong shoulders with both hands, squeezing his powerful young muscles, as I tried to maintain my balance.

"Ummmm," he said, tickling the inside of my thighs with his hot breath. Rolling up his agile tongue, he insinuated it between my pussy lips so that he could explore my private love canyon.

"Lick my cunt," I whispered. "Suck me dry!" It had been so long since I'd felt a man's tongue on my twat! And now it was my own son who was eating me out like a hot, stuffed taco.

He responded by thrusting his tongue into the wet, open hole of my long-denied pussy. A rainbow of sparkles flickered through my cunt as he slowly and sloppily began to slurp out my free-flowing juices. My hips moved faster and faster, as if Iwere playing with a hula hoop. It felt so good! Against my own will, I emitted a series of animal-like cries and grunts.

Suddenly, I went stiff all over. I gripped Danny's head with both hands, holding it in place with his tongue stuck high in my pussy. Then, with a real scream, I exploded in violent release. My knees wobbled dangerously as I came, forcing Danny to grip my butt hard so I wouldn't fall down. For over two minutes we were frozen in place, with my spasming pussy vibrating around my son's talented tongue.

I must have filled Danny's mouth with a gallon of fresh female oyster sauce. He sucked and slurped, making crude noises of obvious enjoyment. When he finally took his face from my pussy long enough to catch some air, I could see the streaks from my love juices smeared across his face. Before I could bend down to wipe them away, he stuck out his tongue and carefully licked himself off.

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