Woman Police Constable Dock Green

by Mad Gerald

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A female police officer is attacked by bad guys one duty time.

Part One

WPC Helen Green was a police woman with the Metropolitan police, she was stationed in central London, at the Ethnal green station.

It was a warm summer evening, WPC Green sat with the other coppers in the briefing room, It was the start of another night shift. She was a big girl 5'10" black hair, green eyes, a deliciously pouty wide mouth. Fair complexion. Large 40D tits crammed into her taut white blouse. She looked about at her collegues, Dave Brooks, fat sexist oaf. John Davies, stupid bastard, Tony Smith smarmy git, and Al Hoskins her sexist Sergeant. It was just after the racist murder of Steven Lawrence. In the local area there was an increase of tension and police hate. The others watched her shift restlessly in the plastic chair, they sat behind her. Her big firm arse filled the chair, tightly constrained by her service skirt. Her white crisp pressed uniform blouse pulled tight across her wide eppeleted shoulders. Dave made a fuck motion at her the others sniggered. She sighed and turned in the seat to give them a disapproving look. Her big tits shifted under her blouse drawing their gaze.

"What you up to smart arse?" She said in a threatening manner, looking directly at Dave.

"You've been lookin' again ain't yer" he replied.

She pulled her face at him "Fuck you!" She turned back.

They all grinned at each other. The door opened and the station officer came in. They all made an attempt to come to attention. He went to the dais deep in thought.

"Tonight, men, oh and ladies, we have a tip off that a major scam is going down on the deserted quay side at the docks. I plan to have an increased presence there as a deterrent. That deterant is you. We have two problems down there. The first is a gang of muggers operating in that area. And the second being this tip off. They may be connected they may not! So we go down there, patrol, stay in profile and hopefully achieve some good. Sergeant Hoskins you will be in charge of the operation. Any questions? Right have a good..."

"Sir, I have a question sir." Helen said,

He smiled at her"Well what is it constable?" He drank in the veiw of her tightly constrained tits, as they pressed against the edge of the desk and then rode over the top as she leant forward. Behind her the others glanced wantonly at her arse as she bowed forward.

"With the situation as it is, should we be in riot gear Sir?"

'You should be in a ball gag and handcuffs' he thought.

"NO No we would send the wrong signals to the public, you're uniform as it is will be adequate." He grinned and picked his papers up and left.

"Sir Sir!" Dave mimicked.

She scowled at him her face reddening. "I notice you don't ever ask any questions dork face, stringing words into each other a bit beyond your capabilities!"

"Just fuckin' watch it fat arse!" He stood up threateningly

"Cut it out Dave!, In the van in five OK" Al growled.

She put her hat on and strode from the room smiling winningly at the Sarge.

After she left Dave rounded on him "Why do you let the bitch act so fuckin' high an mighty, what's the deal? Huh!"

"Because, that way she trusts me, yeah?"

"Meaning?" Tony asked.

"Well she doesn't trust any of you lot, an you've all done your best to get a sniff ain't yer. This way WPC Big Jug's won't suspect anything untoward when she has a fall."

"What fall?" John asked.

"Put it this way, WPC Big Jugs is a big girl yeah. She can look after herself?"

Dave snorted "She fuckin' thinks so!"

"Exactly, so when we're out she's so fucked off with all of you, she patrols on her own, and then she hides and has a fag, Yeah (They all nod agreement) So the Officer neglected to mention a little something in his brief. Something I left out when I prepared it."

"Well tell us then!" Dave burst out.

"OK keep your hair on, The gang he mentioned are a bunch of Rapist bastards who'd fuck their own mothers given the chance. An of course when WPC Big Jugs comes across them they ain't gonna take fuckin' no for an answer. An then while she does her best to get 'em to fuck her to death. We get to watch, an maybe get a piece. Do I plan a good shift or what huh?" They all grinned broadly. Al produced a map of the quay side and put it on the table

"Tony I'll put her with you all you have to do is get her to stick with you until you get here (He points to a place on the map), Then let her do her own thing OK"

"What about the radio traffic she's bound to alarm. Every copper in London will pitch up" asked Tony.

"You all put your radios in to be routine checked with me last night didn't you? Well I made myself quite busy with 'em, we can only speak to each other now but only I can speak to HQ. You get the picture?"

" So only we hear her radio?" Asked Dave.

They laughed and clapped him on the back " Yes Dave wins a prize!" Said Al

"I'd best get the Cam-corder then" said Tony.

They all set off to go out. When they got out to the van she was sat in the passenger seat as normal, she had her hat on her knee, night-stick in the other hand. They all got in Dave drove. The evening was well into dusk and the shadows were spreading into night by the time they reached the dock lands. They passed through the security gate and drove through the bustling London dock to the area at the far end which was inhabited by the cheaper companies that sat on the outskirts of the deserted older quay sides. As usual they drove along listening to Al laying out how he wanted the patrol to go.

"Dave you patrol along the waterside with John. Tony you patrol the loading bays with Helen. I'll stay with the van and patrol the roadways." Al paused.

"Do I have to patrol with Tony, Sarge?" Helen pleaded

"You know the rules, we patrol in twos, It's safer that way." He replied.

She scowled and accepted it without argument. Al nodded knowing she'd fuck off on her own anyway.

Al parked the van on a deserted siding and they all got out. WPC Green climbed out and pulled her skirt straight. She noticed her black lycra tights were twisted and she dragged her skirt up to mid thigh to straighten them.

Dave watched enjoying the veiw. She noticed.

"Dream on Flub!" She said pulling her skirt down. He turned away biting his tongue. She put her night-stick in its belt loop and tapped her helmet straight on her head. They stood around Al.

"Right we patrol for two sweeps, then pop for supper and back again OK" he told them.

They set off. Tony walked in silence through the first wide roadway. As usual WPC Green lagged behind him. It was dark now the street lighting casting long shadows. Deserted boarded up wherehouses lined the road. Gantries and fire escapes hanging half illuminated above them. Traffic noise was a low hum in the distance. They got to the first junction.

"Tony, you carry on I'm just going to catch a smoke OK?" She said.

"I don't think so, the Sarge will see from here anyway, You gonna do the usual again eh?" Tony turned to her.

"What do you mean?!" She said curtly.

"Oh nothing, we'll get down the next one yeah an then I'll leave you there and come back for you OK" He smiled.

"Your a honey Tony, cheers" they set off again.

"Don't mention it, C'mon lets get on, all right". They carried on.

They got to the next junction, and went a short distance down it, to the side was a deep Cul-de-sac partially lit.

"I'm going to wait here OK Tony" Tony couldn't believe it, it was the place Al had shown him on the map.

"OK I'll get you on the way back, see you later." He strode off.

WPC Green walked to the wall opposite and leant against it, She lit a cigarette 'Sucka' she thought.

Tony went around the corner and legged it around the next building. He found the stair way he'd been told of and lightly made his way to the top. At the end of a walkway a door met him he opened it and entered. The others were in the deserted load control office. Al turned from the shuttered window, in the darkness.

"WPC Green's where we arranged then." He said.

"Worked like a charm" Tony replied. Dave sniggered.

"She should have some company soon" he looked at his watch and twisted his hand mic. to his mouth.

"Mike Echo four one to Mike Echo four four, everything normal? Over"

Down below they watched WPC Green reach for her mic. Blowing smoke from her lips. "Mike Echo Four Four to Four One, Confirm patrolling, nothing to report out."

They grinned at each other. "Mike Echo Four One Copied out".

"Crafty cow" said john. Then they settled down to watch. After five minutes. She got on the radio again.

"Mike Echo Four Four, Mike Echo Four One message over" she sounded hushed.

"Mike Echo Four Four Pass message over" They could hear voices further down the road.

"Mike Echo Four One, group of approximately twelve youths, black approaching this location, over" a hint of fear sounded in her voice.

"Mike Echo Four Four, barely readable, repeat over"

Dave sniggered "Ha! you bastard"

"Mike Echo Four One, repeat, group of approximately twelve youths, black approaching this location, over" outside they watched as she crouched behind a crate. They were real close now.

"Mike Echo Four Four, You and Four Three approach and investigate, backup soonest" he replied

Tony's radio crackled as she changed channels, "Mike Echo Four Three, Mike Echo Four Four, message over" Al shook his head Tony made no move to reply.

"Mike Echo Four Three, Mike Echo Four Four, message over" she sounded really panicked now.

Helen looked around in desperation she was trapped in this Cul-de-sac the gang members were heading toward her, between her and the only route back to the van. 'Why didn't Tony answer?' She'd have to brave it, they'd see her soon anyway. 'Fuck, fuck' she cursed, pulling her night stick out, she quickly did up the chin strap on her helmet. And stood up stepping into the street light. One of them saw her immediately.

"Hey a Fuckin' Copper!!" They all looked around quickly expecting more. They were all between 16 an about 25 she estimated. Dressed in normal gang attire. A couple of them had crow bars, which they brandished menacingly.

"S...Stay where you are. State you're business?" She tried to sound unafraid.

One of the eldest ones a bald guy, big and muscle bound came to the front.

"We could ask the same, Bitch!" He growled.

"I'm a police officer, you don't speak to me like that, you understand".

They all found that amusing. "Oooooh are you now, well as your only one stuck up cop bitch. Surrounded by Niggers! I'll talk how I like. Do you understand Cunt!". Howls of laughter. She swallowed her face reddening, she tried to keep all of them in view. Three leapt past her, she turned, to keep them off her back. She stepped back.


"Fuck you!" One of them taunted. She reached for the mic.

"Michael Echo Four Four code Red,Red. require immediate assistance!" There was no reply. Up in the control room the other officers looked on with mounting excitement. She was back to the wall now with the youths in a tight ring around her. She let go of the mic. And swung her night-stick up under her arm to protect herself.

"NOW BACK OFF!!" She shouted.

(Up in the control room "They won't fuckin' kill her will they?" Tony asked concerned.

"With tits like that, they may be black but their not stupid" Al replied.)

WPC Green glanced about, they were too deep between her and the road her only hope was to hurt some and then go for the door at the far end of the cul-de-sac, and hope its open. Sweat was forming on her brow, some of them had knives and chains, she poised on the balls of her feet. Ready to run

"You wanna be careful with that stick bitch it could hurt up your arse!"

"NOW LOOK JUST LEAVE!" She ordered.

"No you leave" the bald guy said.

"Arrhh what's up? No where to go!" He signalled with his hand.

One of the ones with a crow bar launched forward, Helen swung the stick and it slammed across his face he yelled and sank to his knees. Another went for her his arms out to grab her while her stick was occupied, She kicked him hard in the mid drift suprising them all. He doubled up. Another jumped at her from the side she hit him with the stick on the arms. As the stick came back full of momentum the guy on his knees struck her elbow with the crow bar WPC Green screamed as her arm rang with pain her limp fingers dropping the stick to it's wristband. Another from the side dived in and brought his foot around behind her legs and up. Her legs were swept from under her and she crashed to the floor. One launched himself at her and she kicked him away twisting and rolling she leapt to her feet again. Her hand caught hold of the stick again as one of them grabbed her around the waist, she struck him in the head and he fell away. She swung the stick around as a sword keeping them at a distance. She sprinted for the door. A second of hesitation and they were after her. She hit the door at a run, grabbing the handle, it didn't give she rattled it helplessly and turned back against it as they slid to a halt. ( now she was directly under the load control window. Her colleagues had an excellent view. Tony trained the Cam-corder on the scene unfolding below.) She brandished the stick, they came at her again. She kicked one and struck another. As she swept the stick down leant forward. One darted in from the side his crowbar stuck her helmeted head hard. She yelped in pain pitching forward her legs buckling she landed on her knees her vision blurring. The one she'd struck on the arms earlier kicked her in the belly she doubled over and crashed forward on her face groaning. Another kicked her in the side and then she was grabbed and hauled over on her back. WPC Green's mind swam, the noise around her was a cacophony of laughter and hissed voices.

"Get her arms"

"just stand on the fuckers"

She felt pain through her arms as someone did, on either side.

"You fucked her head good an proper, Leon!" Laughter.

Her vision was tunnelled as she tried to remember what was happening.


"Get her legs, lift em,"

" YOU TWO! Go stay lookout you get your turn later, now go"

She felt her legs being dragged and lifted, she tried to lift her head but it swam. She felt her skirt being dragged up.

"AAHH Fuck she wearin' tights, I am disappointed" (Giggles)She managed to lift her head and see their hands gripping the material of her black tights around her groin, stretching it up so another could cut them with a knife. They tore them then wrenching them open, apart and then down her thick legs.

"C'mon man I wanna piece! Fuckin' hurry!"

They all stood around her watching as Joe patted her white panty clad pussy, he pulled the leg edge up and slid his finger underneath, lifting the material. The other guy cut them with a blade, on both sides. They yanked them off her and Joe put them to his face.

"UUUUUMMM White pussy! Smells fuckin good!" He handed them round.

Then she had them stuffed in her mouth. Hands gripped her thighs and held them wide open.

"Whose first boss!" She heard asked.

"Joe you're there, you do the cunt! No one have her ass though, that's mine!"

Joe leant forward undoing his jeans with his other hand. He slapped her face rousing her. WPC Green blinked at him her vision clearing. She felt strength returning to her legs.

"Wake up Copper it's time to get fucked!" He grinned at her wanking his substantial hard on.

WPC Green tried to kick with what strength she had. They held her fast two on each leg. Lifting them and forcing them apart. She started to shout into her pants as he fingered her dry cunt open and then spat on his fingers spread it on her cunt lips. He got his cock head to the entrance and began forcing in.

Helen screamed into the gag in outrage as she felt him enter her. She bucked and tried to squirm off it but they were too strong. He pressed deeper and then lay on top of her his face next to hers. All spotty and glazed with sweat. He started to rape her grinning into her anguished face. She looked away at the sea of faces watching her rape, she shut her eyes tight and hoped he wouldn't last long. She gasped as he rammed her hard and began pistoning into her tight cunt. She was right he only lasted a few more strokes and then he groaned. She swallowed in revulsion as she felt his seed throb into her unprotected cunt. He pulled out.

"OOH shit, she's tight for a white cunt" he moved away, another got between her legs. She strained to drag them closed. Her thigh muscles bulging around their tightly gripping fingers.

"Oh no you don't. You got plenty more black cock to cum yet bitch!" She struggled desperately as the next one helped force her thighs apart and then eased into her. He slid in and then on his knees started to unbutton her service blouse.

"Looks like you got pretty big udders. You like to have them milked?"

She tried to twist away as he undid it up to her chequered cravat and pulled it open. Her large 40D tits were bursting out of her tight lace bra. The white plump flesh bulging out of the cups. He grabbed the cups and dragged them inside out spilling her firm tits out. They were met with a cheer of appreciation. WPC Green's face flushed deep crimson as he started to pull and maul them. He brushed and pinched her nipples into hard studs. Her aureole were large and light coral her nipples, pink and fat.

"You are lucky whore, I like to eat while I Fuck"

He pulled them up into two big fleshy mounds and began to cruelly chew on her left nipple. She bucked and groaned as he started to get on with fucking her deep and fast. Her legs jerked and kicked as each hard thrust was forced home. He had his mouth locked around the base of her right teat sucking deeply on it. She shook her head, trying to spit out her pants, as he began to ram faster and more solidly up her moistening cunt. WPC Green strained against their grip pulling her arms and legs, desperate to be free. Suddenly her right arm came free and she started to pummel at her rapist's head. They quickly restrained her and forced it back so he could resume fucking her with vicious ferocity.

"You're gonna wish you ain't done that, CUNT!" He threatened He made her groan into her gag as he held himself deep in her cunt and kept stabbing it deep. As he did her legs danced and twitched, in pain. He let go of her breasts so they sat back on her chest as two heavy globes jiggling as he grabbed at her skirt pulling it higher so he could grip her wide hips as he grudge fucked her cunt. With a gasping sob he suddenly shot his load deep into her. The held WPC arched her back trying to be off the awful thing as his seed thumped hotly against her cervix. She let out a barrage of stifled abuse as he pulled out and shot the rest across her white belly and pubes.

"oooooh Fuck bitch, that's better!" He panted as he lifted off. She stared at him in hatred. She struggled as a young lad was encouraged to fuck her next.

"Yeah do it! Fuck her! C'mon give her it man" he grinned around at them shyly, and then clambered between her legs. He didn't look at her as he pushed his cock into her slippy twat. He got in and started to shaft her slowly his cock started to saw in and out she could feel him trembling as he set to fucking her then he groaned and shot his load. She shut her eyes tight as they began taking the piss. His cock slid out, she felt his semen follow it, and run down to her arse.

"Shit, I didn't know you were after the fuckin' landseed record man!"

"Aww look what you made him do bitch, your gonna have to have another go now, how could you do that to one of our brothers."

"Eddy your going to have to show him how it's done now."

The lad got shoved out of the way and another older guy pulled his hat off and knelt between her knees, he hurried to undo his half slung jeans. They lifted her head and forced her to watch as he pulled this monstrosity of a cock out of his pants. She couldn't believe her eyes as he wanked the thing, it was just a huge! Penis. His girth was greater than his fingers could fit around and it was a good ten to eleven inches. She shouted complaints into the gag helplessly as he got it to rise and thicken he tried to put it to her spunk dribbling cunt but she fought and kicked her legs free and twisted away. She couldn't go far with her arms stood on. And so after a hard fought struggle they settled for forcing her legs up to her shoulders and two on either side holding them. By twisting her feet out they forced her to give in. They watched panting with exertion as he got back to her snatch. Her cunt was more exposed now and they all watched intently as he spread her pussy lips with his fingers to display her pink slick inner lips he pushed the head to them nudging them apart.

Above in the load control room her colleagues watched as he prepared to spear her exposed cunt.

"She ain't going to walk away from that Sarge" said Dave

"Ten quid she cums with that up her" John breathed.

"I knew there was a reason why God gave her a fat arse, it's so she'd have room for that fucker!" They all fell about at Dave's remark.

Down below WPC Green's face contorted in pain as he started to force the thick head in. It dipped between her piss flaps, and found the tight opening of her cunt tube. She went frantic trying to stay off it. They held on forcing her to stay still by sheer weight of numbers. She let out a cry and then moaned as it found purchase and he started to force feed her aching cunt centimetre after centimetre.

"OOOOOH YEAH TAKE IT BITCH!!" He shouted excitedly as her cunt slowly accepted it.

WPC Green couldn't believe her eyes as it sank in, she felt as if she were being slowly torn in two. Her poor cunt lips were stretched tight around it, as he forced it in her she felt her insides spasm and ache around it. He rammed it deeper she winced in pain as he did, again and again she grunted in pain as he made it go in. Eventually he was home. She was overcome with the most amazing feeling of fullness, She jerked in shock as they started to frig her clit. They're fingers peeling back her cunt lips to find her button. She was so filled with his girth it was pulled in to touch the girth of his cock. She tried to plead with them not too as they flicked and pinched it making her groan and flex her hips in shock as bolts of pain and pleasure shot up through her poor impaled cunt. They laughed and did it more. She was almost instantly sent into a state of excruciating ecstasy. Her hips inadvertently starting to fuck his meat as he held still enjoying the spectacle.

"OH Fuck man she digs that!"

"Yeah c'mon fuck him bitch!"

WPC Green was oblivious now as she felt his cock head seem to impossibly expand against her cervix. She was heaving up and back with short sharp jerking strokes.

"Fuck man her clits up like some midgets dick!" One burst out causing more hilarity.

Eddy started to fuck into her feeling her cunt spasm and suck on him as he met her with hard pushes. They started to frig her again. She let out a guttural moan and began to twitch up on it. She couldn't believe the heat in her belly as she felt pressure build, her uterus slowly building toward release. It was easier now and his cock was shafting in and out of her trembling cunt.

"UHH UHH UHH UHH UHH UUHH UUHHH!!" She started to sound off each thrust into her panty gagged mouth. One of them started to spank her exposed arse in time with each cunt stretching impalement. Suddenly she went rigid, releasing an awful anguished cry. Her belly began to let loose a flurry of small contractions which quickly became a torrent. She arched her back, her legs kicking and stamping as hot cunt juice forced out of the sides of his pumping cock.

"YEAH! YEAH! FUCKIN' YEAH! That's it that's it oh oh Yeah!!" He announced as he viciously fucked his meat into her convulsing twat.

WPC Green was thrashing about under them as she orgasmed over and over, she was totally lost in it. Then he came. She stamped the floor with each hot thick jet that shot into her still ejaculating cunt.

He pulled out and shot the rest in a great spurt up her belly and chest. They held her as he backed off. Pulling her legs up and back so they could frig her helpless gaping open cunt. She jerked and shuddered as her cunt released again. Hot juice spurting from her, time and time again as they teased and rattled her rigid clit. They fought to taste and lick it up, fingers dipping in and out. As she groaned in humiliation. And defeat. She'd never cum like that before. She lay there in shocked aftermath. Her legs stretched wider so they could take it in turns to taste her delicious cream.

"WOW!" Breathed Dave in the control room above.

"All this time we were working with a secret squirter" grinned Al.

The big bald guy came back, They had just finished each having a taste. He looked down on the Exhausted WPC.

"Let the whore up!" She was released. She looked about defiant but humiliated by her overwhelming orgasm. She stared up at them.

"Get up on your knees cunt!" He growled.

She struggled up to her knees. The floor cold to her bare legs, her large breasts bobbed about invitingly inside her gaping blouse. She pulled her panties from her mouth. Gasping for air. One of them went to stop her and he waved him away.

She watched him warily, he was framed on either side by the rest of them.

"They wanna kill you, you Pig bitch. They wanna fuck you to death. I'm a reasonable man though. I think... If you can be a good whore, an do as your told. We can have lots of fun, and we'll let you live. What d'yer say?"

"F... Fuck off!" She spat defiantly. She was startled as one from the side stuck a knife under her chin.

He grinned at her "OH dear... Now that ain't the attitude is it?"

"Lets slit her fuckin' throat an fuck her up the arse anyway!" The one with the knife said.

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