Duty Medic

by Mad Gerald

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Anal Sex, Lactation, Enema, .

Desc: Sex Story: An army medic takes advantage of a woman ordeal to satisfy his twisted fantasies

I'm a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, at one of the larger bases, I'm a medic at the medical centre. Part of my duties are to roster the nurses and other medic's for duty medical cover. For ages now every now and again I roster myself to make it fair. I'm such a nice guy you see. So anyway I used to try it on with the female staff to get some on the side over the duty period. It's all over weekends and nights you see. Only trouble is they're all to stuck-up to put it out so it occurred to me one day as I did the stock in the medicine store, they don't have to. With some stealthy planning I could just have it. I started to read up on the drugs we had and within three weeks I was ready for my first trial. I selected carefully, and came up with Flight lieutenant Lucy hughes, a nursing sister, a bit plain, full of herself, always a pain in the arse. Chances of her saying "give it to me big boy" less odds than a tin of dog meat winning the derby. And as she would always complain about anything, ideal as if I drug her and she doesn't make a scene then game on.

She was on this Wednesday and then over the bank holiday weekend. I arranged it so I was on as well. On the Wednesday night at about 1030 I offered to make her a hot chocolate drink. She accepted. She was sat all cosy in the staff room, watching the late news when I came back I had coffee she had the chocolate, about ten minutes later she was nodding and yawning.

"I am sorry , I'm so tired suddenly do you mind if I turn in sergeant?"

"No no I don't you go I'll watch the fort, OK" I replied with my best condescending voice.

She stood up her white uniform unfolding deliciously as she stood, she grabbed her hat and waved and left. After checking she'd drunk all of it, I waited another 20 minutes and went to see how she was. I knocked and then opened the door to the duty bunk. She was laid on the bed still in her uniform. I called her name and walked over she didn't stir so I gently tapped her arm and then her face. Nothing she was breathing nice strong if shallow breaths. I ran my hand down over her breasts and cupped one squeezing it gently. Still nothing. I was getting hard. I had to wait.

I went to the bottom of the bed and took her ankles in both hands and slowly drew apart her limp, white hose covered legs. Until they were wide apart. Then I drew up her dress so I could see her panties clad groin through her tights. Still nothing. I slid my hand under the material and then under her panties. I could feel her coarsely haired pussy. I studied her face looking for any indication of her rousing, there was nothing. I felt her twat slowly (If this didn't get me in the shit I don't know what would) her lips parted easily and I slowly inserted two fingers and worked it open. Then I sank them in and finger fucked her until she was getting wet. The door alarm went and I started terrified. I yanked my hand away so fast the lycra of her tights snapped back on her cunt with enough force to wake anyone. I threw her dress down and started for the door. I turned back she hadn't moved. The door bell went again and still she didn't stir. I smiled happy with myself. As I walked down the corridor I sniffed my fingers god she smelt nice. I answered the door to one of the doctors A Flt Lt Pete morgan who'd forgotten something or other from his office. I knew I was all right with him as he was quite a sly dog anyhow. I could be ramming Lucy up the shitter over his desk and he'd just wait for a go. I thought about telling him and then thought not. Maybe later.

After He left I went back, She was still the same. Yahoo, I thought, nirvana! I went over and put my hand back down her tights, I dipped my fingers back in and finger fucked her some more. she let out a low moan of pleasure and widened her legs. She didn't stir though. I pushed another in, Three fingers now, her cunt was so tight and moist, I had to wait I knew, but by fuck, I wanted to shaft her there and then. She looked gorgeous in her starched white RAF nurses Uniform. Her hips filled it so nicely and her breasts pressed tightly to the material. My cock was straining in my trousers. I pulled my fingers out and put them to my mouth and licked them clean. Her cunt cream was so tasty.

I decided to chance my arm and so I struggled her uniform up and eased her tights down, I gently tugged her panties down to mid thigh and parted her legs further. I pulled her hands over and pressed her own limp fingers into her pouting pussy. the other I placed on her chest. Posing her head I went and fetched my Digi-camera. I took some good shots. Now even if she was suspicious I could blackmail her with the Photo's and just hope she wanked at work some time and it was conceivable that I had these pictures. Her cunt was beautiful her black pubes were trimmed around her neat looking pussy. Hadn't been used much by the look of it. I spread her lips again moving her hand. I could just see her emerging clit. My mouth was watering. I had to have a taste, so I leant forward and ran my tongue up her lips dipping it into the mouth of her tight cunny. I decided that was enough and so I wanked myself off over her sleeping face. As you can imagine it didn't take long. and I soon sprayed my semen over her chin and lips. I put my cock away and got a couple of pictures of her with spunk on her face before I cleaned her up and redressed her. I left her then. In the morning I gave her a call on the intercom at about 6.30 she responded with a cheery reply. I made her some coffee. She joined me in the staff room.

"Morning, Coffee great!" she enthused. I smiled, she looked immaculate in her uniform again.

"Good night?" I enquired.

"Oh yes best sleep I've had in ages. How about you?"

"Can't grumble, can't grumble" I said suppressing a smirk." I was looking forward to the weekend already. I planned the duty roster very carefully from then on. There were quite a few scores to be settled.

Meanwhile Flt Lt Pete morgan was just finishing his notes off back at his room in the mess. The patient he was perusing was Leading Aircraft's woman (LAC) Natalie wood one of the medics at the Medcentre. She had got herself pregnant a few months past and had had a termination. Now she was of particular interest to Pete not only as her doctor but as in the fact she was blonde, tall. Quite dim and had the biggest well formed tits he'd ever seen crammed into an airforce blouse. He'd engineered taking her on as a patient. He had already set his plan in motion and now that she was settled down emotionally after the termination.

He was waiting to reap his reward. As her doctor he'd been the best caring thoughtful doctor anyone could wish for. Her boyfriend had fled at the news of her pregnancy and so she was all alone living in a bed sit in the local town. He'd carefully prescribed her Medication post termination and convinced her it was the best thing for her. He'd spun her a tale about hormone levels and blood clots and all sorts to get her to follow his line of treatment. The medication he'd prescribed you see at the oestrogen levels he'd given her would have quite a remarkable effect. The other steroids and anti nausea medicines would make a nice balance and hopefully any day now she should present with some strange but exciting symptoms. He would fine tune the treatment once she presented. He packed his briefcase and set off for the med centre.

When he got there he noticed LAC Wood had made an appointment at 10.30. He then transferred the rest of his clinic over between the other doctors to give him plenty of time with her. At his surgery he took time to switch the connections over on the video Camera. You see they run video surgeries for training purposes. Now when you switched it off, the little red light came on and with it on the light went off. At 10.30 he was ready. LAC Wood arrived he called her in and she sat down. Her ash blonde blonde hair was tied back in a bun, framing her beautiful face, her large doe like brown eyes looked perplexed. She stood about 5'8" she wore her figure hugging RAF uniform. Light blue blouse, blue/grey jumper, blue/grey skirt. pewter tights and service issue shoes. Her Jumper was tight across her chest.

"Good morning LAC Wood how can I help?" he asked sincerely.

"Well I... I seem..." he held his hand up stopping her.

"Sorry ,do you mind if I video this for training purposes, if you don't it's OK?" he smiled, gesturing to the camera on it's stand. The red light glowing on the front.

"Well I'd prefer if it wasn't Sir it's quite personal actually... do you mind?" her eyes begged beautifully.

"No no it's OK I understand" he got up and switched it on making sure with a glance the eyepiece was full of her. The red light winked off.

"There it's off, sorry now go on" he sat back down.

"Well I... I seem to have a problem with my breasts doctor" she replied nervously.

"Oh dear, I see, what kind of problem?" he said sweetly.

"Well they've got a lot bigger. Well a lot lot bigger, they're very sensitive and tender. and well...well" her face flushed red as she became to embarrassed to go on.

"It's OK take your time, you shouldn't be embarrassed in front of me now should you" he assured her.

She swallowed nervously. "There seems to be milk coming from them" her face was a deep red now.

"I see, all the time or just when you get excited?"

"Well most of the time really" she mumbled.

"A lot or just a little?"

"A lot it keeps soaking my blouses, they just seem to seep I suppose"

"All right take your jumper off lets have a look" he smiled sweetly again.

She hesitated and then lifted it up over her head and off.

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