My Cousin Rosanna Visits

by Now What, 99?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cousins, .

Desc: Sex Story: In an isolated cabin, his cousin comes to visit. She behaves in the most peculiar way, a most pleasant peculiar way...

My cousin Rosanna came to stay with me for the summer break at my family's cabin on a relatively isolated lake in the mountains. It was an amazing cabin-style house on the side of the mountain above the lake in the middle of a thick pine forest. The deck facing the lake and mountains beyond afforded an unforgettable view. I had been there alone to relax, get some reading done. I usually didn't mind being alone, but I was delighted that she had accepted my invitation to visit.

Rosanna was my age, 20. We had gone to elementary school together, and have always been close. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful she is, how her 34Ds struggle to break out of her summer tops, or how gorgeous her tanned and toned legs look in the short shorts she frequently wears (though not around her parents). She has silky long black hair, green eyes, and the most beautiful delicately-featured face.

She arrived late at night. We stayed up chatting for a while before she retired for the night. She was very tired from the long drive up. Her first day here, we canoed to an island on the lake and had a picnic. We were laughing and teasing each other, and flirting a bit. She was my cousin, but somehow it didn't seem weird to us.

When we got back that night, we were relaxing in front of the fire. Though it was really warm in the day, the nights could get chilly, and we both loved fireplaces. I was reading on the couch when I noticed her studying her legs and running her hands over them.

"You OK?" I teased.

Rosanna looked up, her eyes playful and bright. She bounded over and jumped up on the couch, landing next to me and swinging her legs across my lap.

"I was just seeing if I needed to shave my legs," she explained. "Whaddya think?"

What the hell, I thought, and ran my hand up her calves, and from the outside to the inside of her thighs. Her legs were smoother than nearly anything I had ever felt. She looked at me thoughtfully, expecting a verdict.

Leaving my hand on her thigh, I answered casually "No way."

She smiled and flopped back from her sitting position, reaching for a book. We spent the rest of the evening reading like that, me 'absentmindedly' caressing her legs as often as I could manage. It's an amazing feeling to touch skin like that. You can't really get enough of it.

The next morning I got up early and showered. After I got dressed, I realized I had forgotten to shave. I could hear the shower going and the steam coming out the door, so I decided to go shave; hoping she wouldn't mind.

"G'morning Rosanna," I said to her, pushing door a little more open than it was.

"Oh hi!" She sounded a bit surprised.

I wiped off some of the steam on the mirror and called to her, "Do you mind if I shave?"

"Sure, no problem," she said.

Few moments later I heard the curtain pull back behind me.

"look!" She said giggling. "Do I look like one of those nudie models?"

She was kneeling in the tub with her back arched, and one hand on each of her ample breasts, covering her nipples.

"Like my bikini?" She giggled. She had sprayed on a shaving cream bikini, or at least the front half of one.

"You're silly." I laughed, though I was reeling inside from seeing her like this. I turned back around to collect myself and continue shaving when I saw she was getting up. I did catch a quick view of her perfect bottom in the mirror though before she closed the curtain again. I loved the way it lifted up, and I imagined that it would make it easier to see her pussy from behind. Easier access I guess. My view was too quick to see anything though.

"Can you pass me my razor? It's in the little pink bag."

"I thought you weren't going to shave your legs? They felt great," I said, immediately wincing at the way that had come out. There was a long pause before she answered, and I suffered every second. I passed her the razor through the side of the curtain.

"I thought I'd shave my... my pussy." Trying to sound as casual as she could.

"Wow! Really?" I said before I could think, clamping my hand over my mouth as if I could have stopped the words in time. "Cool," I added for lack of anything else to say. I was getting really hard and had to adjust myself.

A stream of justifications came out at high speed that went something like "I dunno, yeah. I mean, if I want to wear a bikini or... someday I might dare to go on a nude beach."

We both chuckled at this last part. There were a half dozen other things in that stream of words that I just didn't catch.

"It just fee- It looks nicer, I think." She was quite sure of this, though she had started to say 'feels' I thought.

"Uh huh." I said noncommittally. That's all I could come up with; I was hoping she wasn't as thoroughly embarrassed as I was, though I thought she likely was. More than embarrassed; seeing her mostly naked and talking like this was driving me crazy. Nothing more was said until I finished shaving.

"I'll be on the deck."

"OK" she called out of the shower in her sing-song voice.

I had a raging hard on, and had to take care of it. Instead of going to the deck, I went to my room to jack off. I put up a slide show of naked chicks on my computer and closed my door, not completely but so that the door was touching. I figured I had plenty of time before she got out of the shower and got ready, so I wasn't that careful I guess.

I quickly stripped and jumped on my bed and began to work on relieving this lust. I didn't hear the shower turn off.

We were both thoroughly surprised when she walked through my door saying "I thought you..."

We both just stood there for a bit, our eyes wide. Her, in her towel, me, holding my dick with naked chicks continuing to appear on the large screen to her right.

After the longest ten seconds I've ever experienced, we both breathed and relaxed simultaneously. I had the presence of mind to cover myself with a sheet as she came to sit on the bed beside me. Neither of us had said anything yet.

She looked over at the pictures on the monitor then looked back at me.

Oh boy.

"Do you think I could get a guy hard like those models do?" She asked sincerely.


Blinking and more than a bit startled I said, "Of course, you're gorgeous."

Blushing, she teased "You're just saying that because I'm your cousin."

"No, really." I said, not really thinking of where this was going but becoming increasingly aroused. Rosanna giggled, got up on the bed and sat back on her ankles, turning partially away from me. Letting her towel fall to her waist and cupping her breasts, she looked back at me innocently.

"How's this?" She asked as if she really wanted my opinion.

I gasped slightly. I could hear my pulse in my ears.

Her figure was perfect, and I could just see the top of her ass. She had obviously thought about this some. Maybe she wanted to be a model or something. I don't know.

She sat down on her bottom, giving me a nice glimpse of it. She crossed her legs and turned towards me, cupping her breasts, this time not covering her nipples, offering them to me or to some imaginary camera. She arched her back and tossed up her head.

"Or this?" She said playfully now.

My eyes were wide, and I was at a loss for what to say. "Wow" was all I could manage.

My eyes scanned from her delicate face to her amazing breasts to her flat tummy and shapely legs.

She looked back down at me and brought up her towel again. Lowering her head shyly as she spoke, somewhat tentatively she asked, almost whispering, "Do I get you hard?"

"Of course!", I blurted. "You're killing me with that body of yours."

"Can I see?" she said excitedly. Not waiting for my response she bent over and lifted the sheet away from me to reveal my almost-painful hard on.

"Wow! Neat." She was pleasantly surprised.

Then, a look of guilt crossed her face. "Oh, I'm sorry. I interrupted you- before..." She motioned over her shoulder letting the sheet drop back.

"It starts to hurt if you don't take care of that, right?"

I looked up at her and nodded somewhat seriously.

"Why don't you finish, then..." she trailed off, adjusting her towel and getting up to leave.

At the door, looking self-conscious, guiltily and almost hopefully, she added, "Will it... will it help if you see me naked?"

"Look..." she began somewhat seriously, starting to sit up. I pulled away, expecting the worst.

Uh oh. I could always flee to Argentina. I hear it's really not so bad there.

"I feel really bad about doing this to you. You shouldn't have to do this... y'know... yourself."

She paused. I said nothing, lost now.

Squinting, Rosanna quickly said, "Why don't you christen my newly shaved pussy?"

She ran her hand across it, as if to point it out, and let her hand glide up to her tummy. Putting my hand to my chin, somehow I managed mockingly "Oh THAT pussy. Well, you know I just hadn't noticed before."

Shoving me playfully, "C'mon. Don't make fun." She pouted cutely.

Another pause.

"My doctor put me on the pill for health reasons a while ago, so we wouldn't have to get any condoms or anything... and you're my cousin anyway."

She thought for a second, then nodded as she said

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