Theresa and Beverly Share

by Warthog

Caution: This Swinging Couples Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Swinging Couples Sex Story: Two couples meet at a bar and one thing leads to another then to a fuckfest.

I still can't believe the time I had last night. It's now Sunday morning and the sun has been up for a couple of hours. My wife Beverly and I just said goodbye to our new friends Theresa and Craig. The four of us had the time of our lives last night, an experience that none of us will soon forget. To help remember I decided to write down how our evening transpired. Here is the story of what happened.

Bev and I had heard about this nice old bar in a neighboring town from friends. The place was old but nicely maintained. We called ahead and reserved one of the apartments upstairs so that we could have our fill of fun and then crash without the hassles of driving home. We arrived early Saturday evening and checked into the apartment. The place was not the Ritz but it wasn't too bad. It would serve its purpose well enough.

After changing clothes, we headed down to the bar. Bev wore jeans, a nice snug fitting top and her denim vest. She looked quite sexy and generated a number of looks as she entered the bar. The place featured Country and Western music and the party had already started. Bev and I sat down and ordered a drink. I was ready for the dance floor so I dragged Bev out of her seat for a dance. She's not crazy about dancing but obliged me anyway. After a couple of upbeat songs we sat down to rest and finish our drink.

I first laid eyes on Theresa after our second round of drinks arrived. I was glad Bev was looking the other way. I hate it when she busts me checking out hot looking women and Theresa was definitely hot. She and Craig were seated next to us but at that moment I couldn't tell you a thing about Craig. Theresa, however, had my full attention. She was poured into a pair of tight jeans and sported a sexy pair of leather boots. She had on an equally sexy red top that peaked out from her unbuttoned black leather jacket.

Theresa's figure was very similar to Bev's 38C-29-37. Both ladies are tall girls with nice busts but Theresa edges Bev out in the ass department. Bev has got a great ass but Theresa's was like a magnet in those tight jeans just begging to be caressed. I continued to look at her pretty face, admiring her striking blue eyes and dark hair. In contrast, my beautiful Bev is a brown eyed blond.

"She is pretty," whispered Bev.

"Damn it," I thought. "Busted again." With a slightly red face I turned to Bev and said, "Yes, she is." Recovering, I added, "She's almost as pretty as you, babe."

Bev smiled knowing that I was laying it on a little thick. She commented, "I bet you'd like to check out what's under those jeans."

I looked at Bev with a shocked expression and mimed, "Who me?"

She said, "That's OK hun, while you're playing with her, I'll be exploring what's between her man's legs."

I chuckled at my wonderful lady. She always knew what to say to make me laugh. I felt bad about being busted ogling Theresa but she made it into a little game. It wasn't the first time she had played this game. I know she is a very outgoing woman and can really charm the pants off any man she likes and she appeared to like the looks of Craig. I took a moment to size up my rival. Other than being a little taller, Craig and I were built much the same and both of us sported a beard and mustache.

Bev and I were even now. I checked out Theresa and Bev checked out Craig. I wondered deep down if Bev would ever do the things she says. Of course, she knows that her sexy talk about other men really gets me going. We both knew that we would be going to our room later and making very passionate love. Her teasing was just the preliminaries. Before long she would have me on the verge of attacking her.

I do remember a brief thought about what it would be like to take Theresa to bed while Craig did the same to Bev. Of course, I dismissed the thought as ridiculous.

It was time for another dance. Thinking about the relative merits of my wife's figure made me long to feel her soft curves in my arms. I asked, "Ready for another dance, babe?"

Bev whined, "So soon?" "We were just out on the floor."

I looked at her with just a small calculated bit of annoyance. She looked back at me with those sad puppy dog eyes. Both Bev and I were a little startled by a man's voice that seemed to be directed our way.

"I know how you feel," said Craig to Bev. "Theresa, here, loves to dance but I'm not really into it."

"Is that so?" returned Bev with that seductive smile of hers. She looked mischievously at me then turned back to Craig and said, "Well, maybe you and I should discuss what interests us more than dancing while Paul, here, dances with your Theresa." She added, "Maybe they'll wear each other down a bit."

Craig looked at Theresa who had a faint smile on her face and said, "Great idea!" Theresa, immediately put her hand on Craig's hand signifying that he shouldn't be so quick to agree to my wife's proposal.

I sensed that Theresa was a bit shy and moved to put her at ease. I said to Craig, "While there is nothing I would like better to do than dance with your beautiful lady, perhaps it would be better for us to introduce ourselves first and share a round of drinks on me."

Craig and Theresa agreed to that and we joined them at their table. I bought the next round of drinks. The ladies had wine and Craig and I had beer. Bev and I learned that Sunday would be Craig's and Theresa's 12th wedding anniversary. We congratulated them and drank a toast to a long and loving marriage. For a while we talked about our jobs, our kids and life in general. We found we had many things in common. In other ways we were different. I was surprised to learn that Theresa and Craig rode to the bar on a motorcycle. I had never given motorcycles much thought but I did know that Bev had a fantasy about riding with a motorcycle gang. She seemed fascinated about their motorcycle.

After a couple of glasses of wine Theresa seemed to be quite relaxed now. I asked her if she would like to dance. She didn't hesitate to accept. Craig suggested that while Theresa and I danced he would give Bev a ride on the motorcycle. Bev's face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was set. Theresa and I headed for the dance floor while Craig and Bev headed for the parking lot.

After two dances with Theresa I had forgotten about Bev and Craig. Theresa had completely charmed me out of my shoes. She's a great dancer and just terrific to look at. Our third dance was a buckle polisher. I gathered Theresa in my arms in a gentlemanly way and before I knew it the dance was over. It was too short. I hoped for another slow tune but unfortunately a fast one was next. I suggested that we retreat for another drink.

I ordered another round as Theresa said, "I wonder how Craig and Bev are doing."

I responded, "Theresa, I confess that I was having too much fun dancing with you to think out our spouses."

Theresa blushed slightly and said, "I had fun too." "You dance well."

I returned, "I'm sure its just the inspiration of dancing with such a beautiful lady."

Theresa smiled not knowing if I was sincere or just throwing her a line. I was certain that after she got to know me better that she would realize that I was dead serious. She responded with a polite, "Thank you."

We finished our drinks while discussing our spouses and children. Theresa by this time had had enough wine to be very relaxed and maybe a little tipsy. She suggested that we head for the dance floor again. To my delight a slow tune had just begun. We took up where we left off in each other's arms. This time Theresa held me closer and I allowed my hands to rest on her fabulous bottom side.

I luxuriated in the feel of her breasts against my chest and her pelvis against mine. Theresa had a subtle way of rotating her hips as we danced and it was doing a number of me. I'm sure she was aware of the effect she was having on my crotch. I'll swear her hips were now thrusting into the large lump in my pants. I took a moment to look into her eyes and noted a twinkle there. Theresa knew what she was doing to me and I'll bet she was getting off on it as much as I was. I allowed my hands to roam over Theresa ass as I pulled her hard against me. She let out a little moan and I immediately wished that I had her alone somewhere.

Another fast tune spoiled our slow grind. I was tempted to not let Theresa go but I finally realized that this was the wife of another man. I momentarily imagined Craig walking into bar and finding Theresa and me grinding our privates together on the dance floor. I reluctantly separated from my new gorgeous friend. Theresa still had that twinkle in her eye. I wondered if there might be something more than dancing in our future. For now, we continued dancing to an up beat song.

After a couple of fast dances we retreated to the table for another refreshment. As we nursed our drinks Theresa continued to look at me with that sly smile prompting me to say, "Lady, you must realize that you are driving me crazy."

Theresa responded, "I know." She added, "I hope you don't mind, its kind of fun."

I smiled back and said, "Theresa, I'll give you a week to cut it out."

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