Sherry's Night Out

by Warthog

Caution: This Slut Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Slut Wife Sex Story: After experiencing a gang bang, a slut wife wants more and goes searching for sex at a porn shop.

My name is Sherry. I am married and have two children. I work hard to keep my 31 year old body in good shape. I have long blond hair that stops about eight inches above my waist. My eyes are blue, I weigh 108 pounds and stand about 5'6" tall in high heels.

My husband Jim asked me to tell the story of my night on the town in Las Vegas. He has already told the story of my encounter with the four black gentlemen at our hotel. What happened after that adventure, is the subject of this writing. So, buckle your seat belts and here goes.

During the year prior to my adventure, I lost a considerable amount of weight. I won't say how much, though. I also started on an exercise program to tighten up my body. The result is a shapely figure measuring 35-22-35. My cup size is "D", however, the off-the-rack bras I buy always seem a little tight.

After my experience with the black gentlemen, I was very excited and wanted more. I felt guilty about what I had done and I told Jim. He seemed a little stunned and dazed, however I could see no anger in his face. I did see a stain on his pants around the crotch and figured that he had enjoyed our little party.

I love my husband very much, however, the new feelings I had experienced that night pushed me on. I told Jim that tomorrow I would be his faithful wife again, but that while it was dark, I would be looking for other men. Jim just stared and said nothing as I walked out the door of our hotel room.

I was wearing a short mini dress and a pair of five inch spiked heels, nothing else except a small handbag. This tight, revealing dress was brand new and I had never really dressed in a sexy way before. I am considered rather straight laced by my friends and coworkers-workers. After the day's events, however, I was learning to enjoy my sexuality. The mini dress was white and was made of thin material. I paused at a mirror in the hotel hallway to take stock.

The dark circles of my nipples were visible through the thin dress and the tips of my nipples were raising little bumps in the material. I can now see why men look my way. I use to think they were looking for a flaw in the way I looked. I realize now that large breasts on a relatively small frame are very attractive to men. The tightness of my dress held my breasts together producing a substantial cleavage. I wasn't always so blessed with large breasts. I believe that my increased size is due to breast feeding my two children. Fortunately, my breasts don't sag too much, just enough to prove that they are real.

I turned to looked at my back side. All the workouts had paid off. My tight rounded butt was smooth and you could see the outline of my crack through my thin dress. My legs, like the rest of my body, were tanned just right and although I am short, the high heels and short skirt make my legs look long.

I faced the mirror once more to check my hair and make-up. I was glad that my natural hair color was blond. Dark hair between my legs would be noticeable through the thin fabric of my dress if my nipples were any clue. It was about midnight as I headed for the hotel lobby, practicing my sexy walk as I went. I was feeling the need for a man and I hoped that I would find one soon.

As I entered the lobby I noticed a young bellhop standing at the information desk. I had found my first victim. I slowly walked toward the twentyish young man. He looked briefly in my direction, looked away then jerked his head back in my direction. It was a classic double-take and I had hooked my first fish.

He straightened up as I approached him. I put an index finger to my lips and touched my tongue briefly. I then touched my throat and slowly moved my finger down my cleavage. It was my way of displaying my wares. The lump in his pants was unmistakable. I noticed his name-tag, then looked him straight in the eye and smiled seductively. I said, "I would like a cab, Kevin, but first I would like you to show me to a private place where I can sample that monster growing in your pants."

The young fellow blushed slightly, then, as if to make certain, asked, "Did I hear you correctly, Ma'am?" His eyes were glued to my finger, which was lightly stroking the deep crevice between my breasts.

I replied, "You heard correctly, Kevin." His shyness gave way to determination. He looked around the lobby then motioned for me to follow him.

He lead me through a door marked "Employees Only" and down a long hall with offices on either side. No one was around due to the late hour. He opened a door into a room that looked like the employee lounge. The room contained a sofa, snack machines and a TV. Kevin closed the door and turned the dead-bolt. He inquired, "How's this?"

I didn't answer with words. I moved closer to him, putting my arms around his neck. I tilted my head back slightly as I pulled his lips to mine. He instinctively put his hands around my waist and pulled me into him. My breasts mashed into his muscular chest. I slowly snaked my tongue into his mouth and touched his tongue. He responded by moving his tongue into my mouth, tasting my tongue.

We finally broke the kiss. The lust in his eyes equaled mine. I pushed him away from me toward the couch. His momentum caused him to plop down on the couch. I decided a show was in order. I put my hands on each leg at the hem of my skirt. Slowly I slide my hands along my body and up my side. I cupped my breasts and hefted them, causing the cleavage to become deeper. I pinched each nipple through my dress.

I slowly walked to the couch where Kevin was siting. I stood in front of him for a moment with my feet about two feet apart. I bent over, giving him a first hand view of my hanging breasts. I reached for his belt buckle and undid the buckle. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. His bulge had grown substantially. I fished around in his underwear and finally pulled out fat cock that was rapidly getting longer and harder. After stroking the hairy rod for a minute or two, I realized that this was going to be one hell of a ride. Kevin's cock was about 9 inches long and about 9 inches around.

I knelt down to get a closer look at this stud. I couldn't wait to get my mouth around that beast. I leaned over and took it into my mouth. I managed to get the head into my mouth, but going further was going to be difficult. I licked the head, sticking my tongue into his pee hole. He shivered when my tongue brushed his sensitive area. While I continued working on him, he took the straps of my dress off my shoulders and released my breasts. He kneaded and pinched my tits causing a sensation to build in my pussy.

I increased my efforts on Kevin's cock, finally managing to slide that fat horse cock into my throat. I began rapid up and down motions forcing the head of his cock in and out of my throat. Occasionally, I would swallow the entire cock and just linger there, experiencing the feeling of having my mouth and throat fully packed with meat. I would withdraw when it was time for a breath.

Kevin's tit massage had made my pussy a wet mess. I decided I needed Kevin's monster in my cunt. I stood up, then crawled on top of Kevin. I grabbed his head and placed it between my tits. My legs were straddling Kevin's legs and my skirt slid up my legs to my waist. My wet pussy was drooling onto Kevin's leg. I rubbed my pussy against his cock, transferring some of the juice to lubricate it. Kevin was producing lube of his own at the tip of his cock. I put my finger to the tip and withdrew a sample to taste. It tasted sweet.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I raised up enough to allow his cock to align with my hole. Slowly, I sat down on his pole. Kevin's thickness was stretching my pussy to its limit. Thank goodness for lubrication. When I reached bottom I slowly moved up. Then I moved down again increasing speed. We established a good rhythm. Kevin was having a ball with my tits. He licked every square inch. My favorite was when he pushed the nipples together and sucked both at the same time. I could feel the tingle shoot to my pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking, I had my first orgasm. It built slowly, increasing and increasing the sensation. Finally, I froze as the intense pleasure flowed over me. I never know how long I cum. I feel like I go somewhere wonderful when I cum, only to return to earth as the sensations lessen. I then realize where I am. Kevin continued pistoning me even though I stopped moving.

I was amazed at Kevin's staying power. I sucked him for about ten minutes and we fucked for about ten more. I asked, "Kevin, do you ever cum?".

He replied, "Oh sure. I usually cum when I'm on top." I got off and invited Kevin to switch places. He got up and removed his clothes while I lay down on the couch and admired his body. He knelt at my feet and stopped to admire my pussy, mumbling something about a thing of beauty.

I watched as he positioned his cock in front of my pussy. It excited me to know that his huge monster would be filling then pounding my hole. He pushed the head of his cock through the lips of my pussy, then drove it home. He began pounding me roughly. My tits were bouncing back and forth with each slap of his body. I could feel his balls banging my asshole. In between my moans, I managed to say, "Kevin, I want you to cum in my mouth."

He looked at me with surprise and admiration and said, "Wow. I didn't think women liked that sort of thing."

I mouthed to him in a whisper, "I love it." That was all it took. Evidently my nasty manner put him over the edge.

Kevin pulled out with a plop and scrambled around me to offer his cock to my mouth. He managed to do this without spilling a drop of the pent up cum. I opened my mouth as he let the flow begin. The warm spurts of sweet cum filled my mouth as fast as I could swallow. Finally, the spurts slowed to a dribble. I was glad that I could fill my mouth without swallowing so that I could saver the taste. It was wonderful. I opened my full mouth to show Kevin. I twirled my tongue around in the pool of cum. Finally, I swallowed the last mouthful.

Kevin was clearly impressed. He said, "You are a dream come true. You are beautiful, sexy and best of all, thoroughly nasty." I smiled then licked his cock clean.

Kevin gathered his clothes and began dressing as I watched. I straightened my dress which had gathered at my waist, as Kevin went to the phone and ordered my taxi. He asked, "Where are you going tonight?"

I replied, "To find and fuck as many men as I can find." Kevin looked surprised at my answer.

He said, "I was hoping you would come home with me to continue what we started."

I smiled and said, "That's sweet Kevin and very tempting, but I want variety tonight."

Kevin walked me back to the lobby and out the door to my waiting cab. I gave him a deep kiss and we said goodbye. Kevin also warned me to be careful. I thanked him and got into the cab. I looked at the driver, immediately, anxious for another monster cock. To my delight the driver was a very husky black man about 45 years old. I hoped he would be well hung.

The driver inquired, "Where to lady?" He looked into the rearview mirror then quickly cranked his head around to see if the image in the mirror actually represented what was in his back seat. His eyes zeroed in on the space between my legs. I had purposely opened my legs once seated. I stroked my leg from my knee to my pussy.

I noticed the operator's license on the visor and said in a breathy voice, "You look like an experienced driver Earl." I pried my pussy lips apart with both hands and added, "Would you have something to drive into this?"

Earl excitedly answered, "I sure would, Ma'am. Just let me find a place to park this heap."

Earl pulled the cab out of the driveway and onto the street in a hurry. He circled the hotel and entered the underground garage. Earl found the most isolated parking spot behind several trash dumpsters. He shut off the car and got out. Earl looked to see if anybody was around, then opened the door to the back seat. I looked at him with yearning eyes and moaned, "Come here, baby." He slid in beside me, his big arm finding it's way around my shoulder.

Earl was a large man. His stomach was very rounded and hung over his belt. He asked, "Ma'am, why would a beautiful white women like yourself, want to have anything to do with and old black fart like me?"

I leaned in close to him, rubbing and mashing my tits into his chest and replied, "That's easy, Hun, you're a very handsome man with a very promising bulge between your legs. I just love big black cocks."

He grinned and said, "How does 11 inches sound, sweet-thing?"

I licked my lips and groaned deeply within my throat.

I was glad that the cab had such a large back seat. I knew that Earl's bulk would not allow him to move around easily and that I would probably have to do all the work. I playfully scratched his back with my fingernails. Earl reached over and lightly rubbed my nipples through my dress. His touch stimulated the tips to full size and sent a sexual impulse to my pussy. I unbuttoned the top three buttons of Earl's shirt, rubbed his hairy chest and stroked his big belly with my fingernails.

Earl moaned deeply as his cock struggled to get free from his trousers. I teasingly moved my hand down to the bulge in Earl's pants and stroked it through the material. It grew in size and a wet spot appeared at the peak of the bulge. Earl was obviously hot for some action. The spot spread as I stroked his cock. I leaned down to get a closer look and couldn't resist licking the spot. The taste had a hint of nuttiness and I just had to have more. I loosened Earl's belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants. I reached into his boxers and found a massive staff. I wrestled with it for a moment and finally pulled it out. It was the thickest cock I had ever seen.

Earl smiled when he saw my face overcome by awe. He boasted, "Its a good size hunk of meat, isn't it baby?"

I returned to my senses and croaked, "Its beautiful, Earl. I want it to fill my body." I looked into Earl's eyes with my baby blues, urging and pleading with him to use his beautiful cock on me.

Earl put his big hand on my neck and gently pushed my head to his cock. I took the big head into my mouth and again tasted Earl's nutty flavor. This monster stretched my mouth to its limits. I swallowed five inches before the head touched the back of my throat. I knew I could take him whole because I had done it before. This cock, however, was fatter.

I pulled Earl's meat out of my mouth and asked him to turn slightly toward me. Once Earl was positioned, I moved to my knees in front of him. This gave me a better angle at Earl's cock. I again took his meat into mouth, however, this time I didn't stop at five inches. My throat stretched to capacity as the final few inches slid by. It was Earl's turn to be awed as I looked into his face. He had obviously never seen a woman with 11 inches of cock buried in her throat.

My nose became acquainted with Earl's pubic hair for a moment, before I slowly extracted the log from my face. Earl said with admiration, "I am truly impressed, baby. Nobody has ever taken more than a few inches of Earl's wonder."

My eyes lit up with the compliment. Earl's words motivated me to give him a blow job he would never forget.

I impaled myself again on this monster. First slowly, then faster, I bobbed up and down. Earl began to moan louder and more frequently and I knew his pent up cum would not stay in his balls forever. Finally, Earl lurched and I felt the warm flow of fluid over my tongue. The spurts came too fast for me. I took as much as possible then let the remaining four or five cum strings fill up my cupped hands. I swallowed what was in my mouth, then started lapping the pool of sperm in my hands. Earl observed, "Baby, you look like my cat drinking its milk. That was a mighty fine blow job, baby."

I finished my meal then asked, "Will this monster stay hard enough for my pussy?"

Earl grinned and gestured, "What do you think, baby?" I tested its rigidity and it was still hard as a hammer. I wasted no time in crawling into Earl's lap. I pulled my dress down over my tits and placed Earl's head between them. I raised my skirt to allow access to my lower orifices.

Earl began the process of giving my tits a tongue bath. I reached down and aligned Earl's cock with my pussy. There was no concern about lubrication because I had just spit-shined Earl's cock and my pussy was a dripping mess. I sat down firmly on Earl's rod, forcing a deep moan from Earl.

Earl sat still while I bounced up and down on his cock. He kept himself busy pawing my tits and sucking my nipples red. My whimpers and moans built into shrieks as an orgasm passed over me. I stopped the pumping and rested a moment while Earl continued working on my tits.

I looked into Earl's eyes and asked, "Lover, would you mind fucking my asshole?"

He stopped his licking and stared at me. I pleaded with mouth and eyes. Earl finally said, "Sure baby, if you think my meat will fit in there." I smiled eagerly then kissed him deeply.

I extracted myself from Earl's cock and turned around. I laid myself on Earl's big belly and placed my feet on the back of the front seat. Earl placed his huge hands on my tits and massaged them. I lubricated my asshole and Earl's cock with the ample juice that drooled out of my cunt. I eased Earl's monster into my asshole until I ran out of cock. Up and down I rode building the sensations and moans. The pounding of Earl's cock in my asshole brought on a second orgasm.

Earl's breathing increased and he said, "Baby, that tight hole of yours is gonna make me blow."

When my spasms of pleasure subsided, I requested, "Let me know when you're ready to cum."

Three or four strokes later Earl bellowed, "Its time."

I jumped off Earl, turned around and knelt down just in time for Earl's first squirt to hit me in the face. I covered his cock with my mouth and received Earl's remaining ejaculations. I enjoyed the combination of Earl's nutty taste and the musty taste of my backdoor. I scooped up the cum on my cheek and placed it on my tongue so that Earl could see.

He said, "Baby, you are a nasty little thing aren't you?"

I smiled sexily and replied, "Anything for cum."

I cleaned up Earl's cock, tucked it back in his pants and then straightened my dress. Earl gave my tits a playful squeeze and commented, "Those are a great pair of tits, baby. And, you're one of the best pieces of ass I have ever had. I can't remember when I've had a lady in all three holes. You're beautiful, baby!"

I smiled, blushed and said, "Earl, you sure know how to fulfill a lady."

Earl got back in the front seat and asked, "Baby, you never told me where you're going."

I said, "I want to go to the club 'Ecstasy'."

Earl piped up, "I should have known. You're a dancer."

"No," I replied.

"Then, you're going for the amateur dance contest they have every Friday night," He said.

When I heard Earl talk about a dancing contest, I said to myself, "Why Not?" To Earl I said, "That's right."

He smiled and said, "You'll win hands down, baby."

Earl drove three blocks to the club while I freshened my makeup and fixed my hair. Earl pulled up, got out and opened the door for me.

I got out and asked, "How much, Earl?"

He replied, "I should pay you, baby. Lets call it even."

I put my arms around his big belly, mashed my tits into his chest and kiss him deeply. We swapped tongues as he pawed my ass and I gave his cock a squeeze. Finally, we broke apart and I said, "Thanks, Earl, for a wonderful time."

He said, "The pleasure was all mine."

I waved goodbye as I walked toward the club entrance.

It was about a quarter to one when I walked through the door and up to the small counter with a sexy redhead behind it. I said, "I'm here for the amateur dance contest."

She said, "It started at eleven and it may be over already. Let me check." She picked up the phone and pressed the intercom button. She asked the person on the other end if the contest was over. She nodded, put the phone down and said, "I'm afraid they just announced the winner."

My frown showed the girl how disappointed I was. She added, "Too bad, I bet you would have won."

"Thanks," I said, "maybe next time."

With all the compliments being paid to me tonight, it was beginning to sink in how hot my new body and wardrobe were. I had never thought of myself as being beautiful and sexy, but all these people evidently thought so. It made me feel great. Even so, I was disappointed that I had missed my chance to dance in front of all those men. I was eager to pass some of the good feelings I was feeling to others. I walked out of the club wondering what to do. The night was still young and I wanted more men. I wanted to make them as happy as I was.

The bright lights of Las Vegas excited me as I walked along the sidewalk. I was amused at the looks I got as I walked. Two young men in particular just stopped and stared at me as I walked by. After I passed them, I turned to see if they were still looking. I smiled when I saw that their eyes were glued to my bottom. If I couldn't find sex in Vegas then I wouldn't find it anywhere. Before the thought had left my brain, I noticed a sign that said, "Adult Video Arcade". My curiosity pulled me through the entrance. I walked down a hallway with numbered rooms on the right side and a lattice work divider on the other. Through the lattice I noticed an array of sexy clothing made out of leather and lace. I made a mental note to check that out before I left.

Most of the doors on the right were closed. The sounds of sexual activity could be heard through the closed doors. I peered through one door slightly ajar and saw an overstuffed sofa and a large screen TV. I assumed this was a place one could watch adult videos in private. After passing eight private rooms, the hall opened up into a large store with several racks of videos and magazines and a large counter. I glanced at the display case under the counter and marveled at the items there. I saw a number of vibrators some in the shape of a man's cock. One in particular was huge. It was easily larger than any of the cocks I had fucked.

The signs above the counter indicated that you could buy, rent or view any video in the place. I turned my attention to the racks of videos and spent some time browsing. A number of them looked like they would be fun to watch. I noticed another sign above the counter that said, "Buy your tokens here." I wondered what the tokens were for.

I approached a man behind the counter and asked, "What do I need tokens for." The man turned to look at me and I could tell that he was surprised to see a hot looking woman.

He stuttered, "Ahh, tokens, yes... ma'am, ahh, tokens are for the arcade." He gestured to a doorway with a curtain covering it.

"How many do I need," I asked?

He smiled at my naiveté and said a little smoother, "How long do you want to stay in the arcade?"

I shrugged my shoulders and he said, "Start with five dollars worth and come back if you want more." I handed him five dollars and he gave me a hand full of bronze colored coins about the size of a quarter.

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