Penny's Safety Net

by Warthog

Caution: This Slut Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, stripper wife sex story,man doesn't know his wife is stripper.

Desc: Slut Wife Sex Story: At a bachelor party, a man finds that the stripper is his own wife, who proceeds to suck every man there. How will he react?

I awoke yesterday morning to the sound of my wife's voice. Penny was on her way out the door to go to work. Through my sleepy head I heard her say, "Don't forget Bob, I'm going out with Tina tonight...We're going directly from work...Your mom will pick up the kids after school." I cleared my throat and asked, "Where are you going?". She yelled over her shoulder, "We'll probably see a movie or something."

I struggled out of bed, thankful that it was Friday. I showered and dressed and made the kid's breakfast. After dropping the kids at school, I headed for work. A cup of coffee was the first order of business. I opened the mail next. After the usual solicitations for various items and services, I came across an invitation to a wedding. An old friend of mine, Tom Butler was getting married the following Saturday. A bachelor party was scheduled for the Friday a week before, which was today.

I hadn't seen Tom in a while so I was looking forward to his party. With Penny out tonight with her friend Tina, I needed to find someone to watch the kids. I called my mother and she agreed to keep the kids overnight. With that settled I began to imagine what this bachelor party might be like. Tom is a pretty wild character. I expected that he would have a pretty wild bachelor party.

The rest of the day went slowly. At six I knocked off and grabbed a quick bite at a local burger joint. Tom's party was to start at seven. The traffic was not cooperating on the way. I recognized the address on the invitation as being in an affluent neighborhood. Finally, I pulled up in front of the house. The place was huge. I wondered about the company Tom was keeping these days.

I was greeted at the door by a man who introduced himself as John Walters. It turned out that John was Tom's boss. He showed me to a large room in the rear of the house that served as an entertainment room. It had a well-stocked bar in one corner, a big screen TV in another and plenty of comfortable sofas and chairs spread around. The stereo was playing rock and roll and what could only be a porno flick was playing on the TV.

I was introduced to about ten guys and immediately forgot their names. I congratulated Tom and we chatted a few minutes. I asked Tom what was planned for the evening. He filled me in. It seemed that we would spend an hour drinking and bullshitting. At eight, a fellow named Jeff would leave and pick up two strippers from a local topless club. I got the idea that they would be doing more than stripping.

I spent the next hour getting acquainted with some of the guys. We had a good time watching the porno flicks. Nobody let on, but I figured everybody was tuned up for the live show that was about to start. Jeff had been gone for over a half hour and I began to wonder if the strippers were going to show up. The beer was doing a number on my bladder. I excused myself and went down the hall to the bathroom.

While doing my business, I heard the unmistakable sound of a female giggle coming from the hallway. The strippers had arrived. As I left the bathroom and headed back to the party I had a strange feeling that I had heard that giggle before. The reason became clear as I rounded the corner at the entrance to the big room.

I stopped in the doorway and looked at two of most sexy, beautiful women I had ever seen. They were both average in height, 5'5". One had long blond hair and the other had long shaggy reddish-brown hair. Both had blue eyes and both had identical killer figures, 37D-23-34. I know the measurements for sure because the blond is my wife Penny and the brunette is her friend Tina.

My wife and her friend did not see me standing in the doorway. They were too busy with all the attention the guys were giving them. I couldn't believe the outfit Penny had on. It was a one piece black mini-dress. Her large breasts were held in place by halter-like top. The spaghetti strap around her neck held the two undersized cups in place over her breasts. The back of the dress was opened to the small of her back. The skirt was just long enough to cover her ass. The material was stretchy and very thin. I bet the whole outfit could fit in her purse.

Tina was wearing the same dress in white. One of the fellows commented on the matching dresses and Tina said, "They are the same, however, I'm wearing white and Penny is wearing black...I'm the good girl and she's the bad girl." Penny's innocent expression turned to a devious smile. Tom said, "Bad, is she?" Penny nodded. Tom continued, "Well, let's see you prove it."

Penny seductively walked over to Tom and took a handful of the bulge in his pants. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She unzipped Tom's zipper and hauled out his considerable slab of beef. He was about eight inches and growing. Penny dropped to her knees and stuffed the entire meat pole in her mouth. She went to work on Tom's cock with a fury I had never seen. Penny managed to take Tom's full 12 inches down her throat with unbelievable ease. The irony is that Penny has never blown me in all our years, despite my continuous begging. The skilled blow job she was now giving was surely not her first.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was tempted to make my presence known but I hesitated for some unexplainable reason. I found myself wanting to see more. Penny seemed so confident and sexy. She was not acting like the woman that I had been married to all these years. I felt like I was watching a stranger. The most surprising thing to me was that my cock was rock hard. I was enjoying watching my wife with another man.

After five minutes Tom was ready to explode. He grabbed Penny's head and slammed is cock down her throat one last time and began to pump his slimy load directly into her belly. Penny did not seem bothered a bit. When Tom finally withdrew his shiny tool from her mouth, Penny was able to smile. She looked into Tom's eyes and said lustily, "Yummy." She stroked his cock one last time producing a white glob of cum at the opening. She licked the head of Tom's cock, transferring the last pearl into her mouth. Penny savored the last drop. She finished by licking him clean. Once her performance was over, everyone started breathing again. She received a big round of applause.

As the applause died down, two huge black men pushed past me and moved toward Penny. I assumed that they had just arrived. I noticed a look of concern on Penny's face as they approached. You see, Penny comes from a rather bigoted family and black people are not her favorite. I braced myself for an ugly scene.

The two men stood before Penny and removed their considerable cocks from their pants. One of the men hefted his growing cock and said, "Hey baby, lets see you swallow this hunk of meat." I expected Penny to hurl an insult and storm out. To my surprise she slowly approached the man who had offered his cock and pressed her voluptuous body against his. She grabbed his cock and began stroking it as she rubbed her bulging tits into the black man's chest. She blew me away when she put her remaining hand around his neck and pulled his head down to hers, kissing him forcefully. His large lips completely covered hers as his hands squeezed each breast. Penny broke the kiss only to run her tongue around his lips.

Her passionate manner drove the huge black man to roughly pull Penny's top down so that he could get a better grip on her tits. He pulled at her nipples and then pushed them together, covering both with his mouth. Penny threw her head back as the sensitive nipples were stimulated.

After a minute of tit sucking, the man went back to sucking Penny's mouth. Penny by this time was interested in sucking what she held in her hand. She freed herself from the man and dropped to her knees. Penny stuffed the huge black cock into her mouth and began to bob on his knob. I couldn't believe that my wife was servicing a black man. She had changed in more ways than one.

As Penny worked at getting the 13 inch black pipe down her throat, the second black man lifted Penny's skirt up to her waist and began to explore her pussy from behind. Penny accommodated him by lifting her butt up in the air. Once her pussy was visible, black man number two quickly shoved his 12 inch tool inside. The two men developed a rhythm as they fucked Penny. They pulled out of Penny together and pushed into her in unison. Penny was now taking the first cock down her throat. She now had over two feet of black cock filling her white body. My bigoted wife was now the creamy center of an Oreo cookie. I couldn't believe she was letting these two men roughly take her this way.

The two men pounded Penny for about ten minutes while the crowd watched. Finally both men filled both ends of her to overflowing. Penny cleaned their cocks and tucked their shrinking cocks back into their pants. They left after Penny kissed them passionately. After I calmed down, I heard moaning from the other side of the room. I turned and noticed that Tina was on the couch on top of a guy. He was pounded her pussy with a nice sized cock. She had two more men at each end. One with his cock in her mouth and one with his cock buried in her ass. It was the first time that I had ever seen one woman take on three men.

Tina was having a continuous orgasm as the three men filled her. The first to come was the guy in her mouth. Tina didn't miss a drop of his sperm. Next, the guy in her ass pulled out and pushed the soiled member into Tina's mouth. She didn't hesitate to take his load down her throat and clean his cock with her tongue. Lastly, Tina popped off the man pounding her pussy just before he climaxed and fastened her mouth around his cock. He filled her mouth with several squirts of cum. When he was empty, Tina raised up and opened her mouth to show us the puddle of sperm in her mouth. Finally, she drooled the load out of her mouth and rubbed it into her big tits.

I turned my attention back to Penny and noticed that she was sitting in the lap of our host. She had his rather fat cock buried in her ass. This was also new to me. Penny refused ever to try anal sex with me. Now she was bobbing up and down on this man's cock with a look of intense lust on her face. Another man approached Penny and offered her his cock. She eagerly began sucking him off while she rode the cock in her ass. After a few minutes of her talented sucking, Penny received another load of sperm. She swallowed the load without a struggle and licked the man's cock clean.

The man in Penny's ass began to moan so she jumped off and knelt down in front of his cock. She stuffed the dirty cock in her mouth in time to take another load. I thought this couldn't be my modest puritan wife. It was, however. I decided to confront her about what I had seen. For some reason I couldn't do it at the party. I discovered that I was very turned on watching my wife do these nasty things.

I managed to stay out of Penny's and Tina's sight for the next hour. They must have each taken on every man there in every hole the men could find on their bodies. Penny seemed to insist that they always cum in her mouth. Tina did the same. When the activity began to slow, I noticed that the host whispered something in Penny's ear. Penny reacted with a frown. I then heard the host say, "I'll give you an additional one thousand." Penny just looked at the man. The host then said, "How about two thousand." Penny considered the offer then answered, "That will cost you five thousand." I realized then that in addition to being a slut my wife was a whore. I wondered what the negotiation was all about.

The host considered the counter offer for a moment then said, "All right, you're worth it." Penny's face showed surprise at the host's acceptance of her terms. Finally, she said, "OK." The host paid Penny and Tina and showed then to the door.

I was stunned by the night's activity. I was also turned on and curious. I asked Jeff where he had found such a beautiful pair of prostitutes. Jeff said that they were dancers at a nearby gentlemen's club. I asked if the dancers were usually prostitutes as well. Jeff said that he didn't know about all the dancers but that these two women said they would do anything sexual for the right price.

The address of the gentlemen's club that Jeff gave me was the building where Penny and Tina worked. I knew of the club, but didn't know that it was a strip club. With our family oriented lifestyle, Penny and I never got out much together at night. Either I was working late or Penny was spending time with Tina. I thought they were at club meetings, the malls or movies. Man, was I wrong.

The party broke up and I decided to do a little investigation. I headed for the club. I noticed Penny's Taurus in the parking lot. It was just half past ten and I wondered if Penny and Tina might still be in the club. Usually, when Penny went out with Tina, she was home by midnight. I entered the club and paid the steep twenty dollar cover. It was dark inside and smoky. I looked around for Penny. Finally, I spotted her sitting in a man's lap with her head back on his shoulder. One of her arms was draped around the man's head and the other was placed over one of the man's hands which had a hand full of her left tit. The man's other hand was rubbing her pussy through her g-string. I looked around and noticed several other women performing similar sexual acts with their male customers.

When I looked back at Penny she had dressed and was accepting a tip of unknown value and a kiss. She then hurried off across the room and through a door labeled employees. It sat down ordered a drink and watched the dancers on stage. About half and hour later Penny and Tina came through the same door wearing the casual clothes that I was use to. They spoke to the disc jockey for a while then headed for the door.

I hurried home to wait for Penny. I knew she had to take Tina home. Penny got home at about quarter to midnight. She was surprised to see me still up. I told her that I had just returned from a party. Penny asked why I hadn't told her that there was a party tonight. I told her that I just got the invitation today. Satisfied with that, she asked who had the party. I told her that an old friend was getting married next week and that tonight had been the bachelor party.

Penny tensed noticeably. She asked what my friend's name was. When I told her the name Penny began to tremble. She managed to find a chair as her tears overflowed. She put her hands over her face and began sobbing. Through breathless sobs she asked me what I had seen. I told Penny that I had seen everything. Her sobs became louder. After a minute, Penny asked me why she hadn't seen me there. I told her that I had been out of the room when she arrived and that by the time I returned she was fucking and sucking away. After that, I just watched from the hallway. Penny told me that I should have stopped her. I asked her why I should stop one of the most exciting things that I had ever seen.

Penny was startled by my statement. She removed her hands and looked at me and said, "You mean you're not mad at me?"

I replied, "I'm mad that you're giving a room full of men better sex than you're giving me."

Penny began to cry again. Through sobs she said, "You hate me and I deserve it." Penny added, "Now you're going to leave me."

I said, "I'm not going to leave you so please stop crying."

Penny looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, "After what I've done, you still want me?"

I said, "More than ever." Penny leaped into my lap and hugged me. I asked, "How did you become such a slut and whore?"

Penny answered, "It began with Tina. When Tina's first husband left her, she supplemented her secretarial income as a stripper. She said that she would never be caught without a safety net again. She found also that she could make a lot of extra money by sleeping with some of the patrons of the club. Her first year she made over 50 thousand."

I asked, "When did you start dancing and hooking."

She said, "Three years ago Tina convinced me that I also needed a safety net in case you left me. Tina told me that the money was easy and the work was enjoyable. I told Tina that our marriage was secure. She reminded me of a coworker of ours who found herself out on the street after her husband left her. I knew the man. He was a very nice guy. Tina said that women just couldn't always count on their husbands even if they were nice guys."

Penny shook her head and then continued, "Tina also never stopped talking about the glamour and excitement of the club. Finally, she talked me into trying the club for one night. She said that if I didn't like dancing then I could quit with no harm done."

I asked, "How did your first night go?"

Penny replied, "Before my first dance, I was shaking like a leaf. I was very nervous and afraid I would be booed off the stage. I thought about Mom and Dad. You know how I was brought up. Mom and Dad always frowned on promiscuous behavior. Before that night I had never dressed in a manner that flaunted my figure. When I finally walked on stage in that tight sexy dress, I thought I was in a dream. I couldn't believe that I was about to strip naked in front of a bunch of strange men. I managed to get through the dance fine without embarrassing myself. After the second dance, I nearly had to be dragged from the stage. Bob, I knew that I had found my calling. I'm an exhibitionist. I didn't know it until I started dancing."

I asked, "When did you start hooking?"

Penny continued, "After a few months of dancing, Tina begged me to team up on some of her tricks. A lot of the men liked to have two women at one time. I kept putting Tina off until one of Tina's clients brought a friend into the club. The man was very attractive and I enjoyed his company. One thing led to another and we ended up at his hotel. The three of them introduced me to the world of hard wide open sex and that was all it took. I was hooked on the wild sex and hooked on hooking. I love sex so much that I'll do anything."

I sat shaking my head in amazement. For three years my wife had been leading a secret life and I had no idea it was going on. I said, "I'm surprised that you didn't run into a friend of ours at the club."

Penny cast her gaze down to her lap and said, "Bob, please don't be mad at me. Some of my best customers are your friends and business associates."

I was stunned. I croaked, "You mean you've been giving my friends the kind of sex I saw tonight while limiting me to nothing more than occasional access to your pussy. Why don't you have wild sex with me?"

Penny began to cry again as she said, "I was afraid you would think that I was a slut for doing more than just straight missionary intercourse."

Voice still raised I asked, "Why didn't you ask me?"

Penny said, "I was afraid you might leave me. I didn't know how you would take my wild side."

I asked, "Weren't you afraid that one of my friends would tell on you?"

Penny looked back up at my face and said with a trace of pride, "I give them what they want. I'm good at pleasing a man. They would never risk loosing that."

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