Jessy Pays

by Warthog

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, white wife gang banged.

Desc: Interracial Sex Story: It's never good to bet your wife when you're drunk off your ass. She'll have to pay.

I can't remember when or where I signed up for the draw but that's not really important. The point is that I won the tickets. Two seats to see our favorite hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Detroit Red Wings. Now, where I live that's a pretty hot ticket. The seats were great as well, fifth row up from the boards. The only thing different was that the teams were playing in Detroit not Toronto where we usually see the Leafs. That meant a short trip to our neighbor to the south, the USA.

Jessie and I also received one night accommodation at a very nice hotel in Detroit, dinner for two at the hotel restaurant and a bottle of champagne in the room. It was a nice little package and both Jessie and I were looking forward to the trip.

The game was on a Saturday. We had made arrangements for the care of our two young daughters and after we dropped them off we headed for Detroit. We arrived in the early afternoon and settled into our room. We ordered the champagne and then toasted each other and our good fortune. We enjoyed a couple of glasses and put the rest on ice for later in the evening after the game. At that time I expected that we would be playing our own game of one on one.

I asked Jessie to wear something nice and special for the evening. I wanted her to put on something that would draw a little attention. I love it when I can show Jessie off but she is a conservative dresser and I don't get the chance very often. Now that we were away from home I managed to convince her to wear something sexy.

After the champagne Jessie disappeared into the bathroom to get ready. I was a bit surprised at the time she was spending so I hurried her along. One hour after she had entered she came out and it was obvious that every minute spent was well worth it.

Let me describe my lovely wife and her attire for the evening. Jessie stands five foot seven inches tall and measures 36C-30-35. She has strawberry blond hair cut short and beautiful green eyes. Her complexion is fair with freckles on her face and shoulders. This evening she was wearing a sleeveless denim shirt that hugged her upper body nicely. The shirt was tucked into a suede miniskirt that showed about seven inches of thigh above her knee. On her feet were a pair of sexy black strap high heel sandals.

I crossed the room with a big grin on my face and took my sexy wife into my arms. She put her arms around my neck and I caught her wonderful scent. Jessie noticed this and said, "It's the scented bath oil. Do you like it?"

"Yes, very much," I answered.

Jessie had done her make up just right. It highlighted her beautiful eyes and gave her a sexy glow. I also noticed that she was wearing a pair of sexy loop earrings and had her fingernails painted.

"Wow, you really look sexy," I said taking in her beauty.

"Anything to make my husband happy," she said with a sexy smile.

I kissed her lightly tasting her lipstick. I kissed her again this time allowing my tongue to enter her mouth. Jessie returned the kiss, which became very passionate.

When we finally broke the kiss Jessie said jokingly, "Are you sure we want to go to the game?"

I smiled and gave her a devilish look. "I'm tempted to throw you on that bed and never let you up till morning."

Jessie let her fingers trail up the side of my face, looked into my eyes and with a grin said, "Bill, lets go to dinner and the game and then we can come back here and you can confine me to the bed."

"OK," I said reluctantly. After a pause I added, "To bad because you look so damn good and I want to make love to you so bad."

It was my wife's turn to give me the devilish grin. "You'll get yours," she said.

We kissed again. We knew it would have to last us for a while. Finally we separated. Before Jessie could get away I unbuttoned another button on her top. It was enough to expose the edges of the red bra that I had bought her. It also offered a better view of her sexy cleavage. Jessie rolled her eyes but left her top as it was. I was pleased. My thoughts drifted to what I expected her to be wearing under her skirt. The bra came with a matching pair of bikini briefs. I was tempted to grab my wife's skirt to check but I was certain that she would be wearing the matching briefs. I left their discovery for later.

We left the room and found the restaurant where we had a great meal. It was also a good deal of fun watching all the men watching Jessie. She noticed too and it caused her cheeks to stay red as she blushed every time she caught one of her admirers checking her out. We finished dinner just minutes before the hockey game was starting. We had the hotel doorman get us a cab and ten minutes later we were walking into Joe Lewis arena.

We quickly found our seats as the starting players were being introduced. Jessie said she had to go to the ladies and wanted to do so before the game started. As she headed up she met two men who gave her the once over as she passed. They were still making comments about what a hot babe Jessie was when they sat down behind me.

The two fellows were a little younger than Jessie and I. I'd say they were probably in their early thirties. I suppose women would consider them good looking and they were dressed nicely. As Jessie returned, their comments picked up where they left off until Jessie sat down in front of them. I was a little tickled at their abrupt halt. They knew that I had heard them and I supposed they were a little embarrassed.

This was clear when one of the fellows leaned over to me and said, "Sorry for what I said about your lady, friend. She is very beautiful you know."

I said with a grin, "Hey, no problem and yes I know she is."

The fellow leaned back up and a moment later Jessie leaned in and asked what the fellow wanted. I told her that he said she was beautiful. She looked at me with a puzzled look then blushed again. She said, "No he didn't." I nodded my head.

Jessie looked back at the fellow. She smiled shyly and said, "Thank you."

The fellow leaned in a said, "I should be thanking you, pretty lady. My name is John. I'm here with my pal Tony." John gestured to his friend.

"Glad to know you," I said as I turned and shook his hand and then reached for Tony's. Jessie offered her hand over her shoulder and each fellow reached down to shake it.

"My name is Bill and this is my wife Jessie," I added.

"You two here to see the Wings win another," asked Tony?

"No, actually we're from north of the border and are here to see the Leafs win," I returned.

"That's too bad," said John with a grin. "The Wings are going to kill 'em."

"We'll see," I said with a grin.

After the first period the game was tied at one. I told Jessie I was going for a beer. I ask her if she wanted something and she said she'd have one too. She's not usually a beer drinker but I guessed that she was thirsty. When I returned Jessie was talking to John and Tony.

"Getting acquainted," I asked?

"Yes, I was just telling him about the tickets you won," said Jessie.

I was a bit surprised that Jessie and John were getting on so well. She's typically shy with people she doesn't know. Evidently she had gotten passed her shyness. She does open up when she feels comfortable with someone. "John must really be smooth," I thought.

I gave Jessie her beer and she took a healthy drink. By the end of the second period the Leaf's were ahead four to one and I was ready for another beer. As I got up Jessie told me to get her one as well. Again, when I returned, John and Jessie were deep in conversation. This time they seemed to be in a lively discussion about the outcome of the game.

"The Wings will pull it out you'll see," said John confidently.

"I don't think so," returned Jessie. "They're behind by three."

"Tell you what, began John. "I'll make you a deal. If the Leafs win I'll buy you and Bill here a drink at the club. If the Wings win then I'll still buy you that drink but I'll expect a dance from you as well."

"It's a deal," said Jessie as she offered her hand to John. They shook hands.

I asked, "What club are you talking about?"

"John's uncle owns a club in town," answered my wife.

"I guess we're headed there after the game then," I assumed?

"Just for a minute," said Jessie realizing that I wanted to take her back to the room as soon as possible.

As it turned out the Wings pulled even in the third period and won the game in overtime. Not a good outcome for a Leafs fan. Jessie didn't seem to mind much. I think she was looking forward to having a drink at this club of John's.

"OK dear lady are you going to pay up," asked John.

Jessie smiled and said, "I always pay my debts."

John turned to me and said, "We have a car waiting outside,"

He motioned for me to follow as he showed Jessie to the exit. Tony followed close by.

Sure enough, a large limousine was waiting at the curb for us. The driver, a large black man named Steve, opened the door for Jessie and she got in. John followed and sat next to her. I got in and sat across from Jessie and Tony piled in next to me.

As we drove to the club, a quite impressed Jessie said, "You must be quite well to do John driving around in this limousine."

John smiled, looked at the floor and said, "No not really. This car belongs to the club. We use it for special guests. Tonight it was available so here we are."

"Its very nice," Jessie said.

"Not nearly as nice as you, Jessie," said John looking at my blushing wife. "Sorry, Bill, I can't resist. I hope you don't mind me paying so much attention to your wife."

I said, "No problem John, I quite agree with you and I suspect that Jessie loves the attention."

At that moment we arrived at the club. It appeared to be quite a place. When we walked in the door I got the first shock of the night. The place was a very classy strip club. I noticed three stages in the main room with naked women perched on them dancing. Each of them swayed to the sexy music filling the room from an unseen DJ booth. I looked at Jessie and could tell she was shocked as well. She giggled nervously as she said to John, "I hope this wasn't what you meant by dancing."

John chuckled and said, "No Jessie, I wouldn't be so dishonest as that."

John gestured for us to follow him. We walked from the main room into a quieter room filled with over stuff sofas and chairs. Beautiful women wearing nothing were entertaining several men. Some were dancing in front of them and some were grinding their bottoms into the men's laps. I caught Jessie looking wide eyed at the spectacle.

Finally, John opened a door marked 'Private' and we all filed in. This room was not as big as the other rooms but had a bar, several sofas and chairs and a very nice pool table in the center of the room.

"Steve, please make our guests a drink," said John. He gestured for us to have a seat.

I looked around not noticing that the driver had followed us in. Sure enough there he was standing behind the bar polishing a couple of glasses. "What would you folks like," he asked?

Jessie ordered her usual rum and coke and I asked for a rye and ginger ale. A few moments later Steve handed all four of us a drink. He obviously knew what John and Tony wanted.

We talked a bit about the game for a few minutes before John got up and moved over to a cabinet in the wall. He opened it displaying a serious rack of stereo gear and started some music. It was a light jazz selection, something easy to dance to. He walked to Jessie, extended his hand and said, "Time to pay up my dear."

Jessie smiled and stood up. I watched with some amusement as another man took my wife into his arms and began to dance. John kept a respectful distance and Jessie seemed to be enjoying herself. Convinced that Jessie was being properly entertained I turned to Tony and we continued our conversation about the game.

During a pause in our conversation I noticed that Jessie and John had stopped dancing and were at the bar getting a drink refill. Soon they were dancing again to a new song, this one slower that the first. Tony asked me a question and I turned to answer. When my attention returned to Jessie and John I noticed that they were dancing quite close. My wife seemed to be enjoying herself, however.

Tony and I continued to talk about sports and other things. Occasionally I would glance up to see what my wife was up to. After dancing a while John and Jessie moved to the pool table and began to set up the table for a game. They seemed to be having a great time laughing and giggling at their task. I began to get a little curious as to what they were doing so I suggested to Tony that we join Jessie and John at the pool table.

As we approached John said, "Jessie tells me that you play a little pool."

I nodded and said, "A little."

"Great, let's play," said John. He added, "To make it interesting lets play for ten bucks."

"OK, I said.

I glance at Jessie and could tell that she was getting tipsy. As John and I began to play eight ball, Tony took the opportunity to ask Jessie to dance. She gladly accepted and they began to dance.

John missed a few tough shots allowing me to clear the solids and finally the eight. We started another game and this time John suggested we play for one hundred dollars. I was reluctant but the booze and challenge took over my mouth before my brain could. The result was the same, however, and I began to suspect that John wasn't a very good pool player.

Jessie and Tony rejoined us at the table. Jessie had another rum and coke in her hand and seemed to be having a ball. John filled Jessie in on how I had just beat him twice at pool. He chided her for not telling him how good a player I was.

Jessie giggled and said, "He is pretty good isn't he."

I got the feeling that she was talking about something else besides skill at pool. I could tell Jessie was in a frisky mood and quite tipsy. I couldn't wait to get her back to the hotel room.

John spoke up saying, "Let's play another round. This time the winner gets a dance from the lovely Jessie or one thousand dollars from the looser."

I chuckled at John and said, "We'll I know that Jessie is a great dancer but I wouldn't say that she's comparable to one thousand dollars."

"Ah," said John. "I'm not talking about the kind of dancing we've been doing in here. I'm talking about the lap dancing going on in the next room."

Jessie perked up and said, "You mean I'll have to do what those women out there are doing to those men?"

"That's right," confirmed John.

"No way," said Jessie.

"You've got a deal," I said confidently. By then I wasn't thinking too straight. My drink always seemed to be full regardless of how much I drank. I think Steve did a great job of keeping it that way without me noticing.

Despite her tipsy condition Jessie looked at me and said, "What are you doing?"

I pulled her aside and whispered, "He's talking one thousand dollars and I know I can take him."

"You better know what you're doing," said my wife with a concerned expression.

I didn't and I lost. I never got on the table. John broke and ran the table. I had been set up. Despite the alcohol fog I was in, the clarity of the hustle clicked into place in my mind.

I didn't have one thousand dollars. I didn't even have one thousand Canadian. I didn't see any way out of Jessie having to give the guy a lap dance and she wasn't happy about it. She was almost drunk but not enough to allow her to do a lap dance. I think her anger was beginning to sober her up.

"Time to pay up," said John.

Jessie moved to my side. I suppose it was for protection but I'm not sure what I could do for her in the state I was in.

"It appears that the lovely Jessie is not eager to give me a lap dance," said John. "I hope you have the thousand then."

I dropped my head.

"I see," said John. "Well Jessie baby, I believe you're words were, 'I always pay my debts'."

John approached Jessie as she said, "What do I have to do?"

John grinned evilly and said, "You saw the women outside. You get naked and then sit in my lap and grind your pussy into my cock. You needn't worry. I'll leave my clothes on."

John sat down in a chair and called for Jessie to get naked.

Jessie turned and looked at him with piercing angry eyes. Then she looked at me with the same look. I wondered if she would ever forgive me.

John said, "Let's go. Pay up."

Slowly Jessie began to unbutton her top. She looked at me with hurt and angry eyes. I knew that she was humiliated. I felt extremely bad. "Stop," I said.

I turned to John and said, "I'll get you the thousand. Don't put my wife through this."

John said, "I'm sorry Bill but you made a bet. If you don't have the money then Jessie has to dance. It's as simple as that. Hey, we're only talking about a five minute lap dance and then I'll have Steve drive you to your hotel."

I was about to give in when someone entered the room, "Hey Johnny, what's going on in my private lounge?" The man was older, perhaps late forties or early fifties. He held a resemblance to John and wasn't bad looking. He walked and acted confidently like a man used to getting what he wanted.

John got up and said, "Hey uncle Vinny, just some friends having some fun."

John's uncle looked at Jessie and I and could tell we weren't having fun. He said, "Your friends don't look like they're having fun. What's the matter, you not treating them right?"

"No, no uncle Vinny everything is fine," he said.

I could tell that John didn't really want his uncle to know what was going on. I figured that maybe this was our way out.

I said, "John and I made this ridiculous bet and..."

"That's enough," interrupted John.

"Let the man talk," said uncle Vinny.

I continued, laying the whole thing out to uncle Vinny.

Vinny paused for a moment and then said to John, "You put a thousand dollars up against a lap dance from this bitch."

I was hoping from help from this man, but I could now see why John wanted me to shut up. The man was scary.

John started to say something but Vinny cut him off, "You know that for a thousand our girls spend two hours doing what the client wants. Not just a twenty-dollar lap dance. What's wrong with you man."

"I thought she was worth it," said John.

"Hey, she's a beautiful lady but if the bet is a thousand and he can't pay then we should get our money's worth out of her," said Vinny. John's uncle walked over to Jessie, smiled and put a finger under her chin.

Jessie jerked away.

"She's got some fight in her I see," said Vinny.

Vinny snapped his fingers and two men came through the door. Vinny whispered something into one man's ear. The man pulled out a large handgun and walked to my side and put the gun to my head. I swallowed hard and Jessie gasped.

Vinny began, "Here's the deal baby. Your husband made a wager with my nephew for one thousand dollars worth of services. As owner of this establishment I take a cut of all action. That means that your two hours of service starts with giving me a lap dance and then spreading those lovely legs of yours so I can fuck you. If you don't cooperate your husband is a dead man. Do you understand?"

Jessie nodded nervously. She croaked, "I'll do what you say but please ask the man to put the gun down."

Vinny nodded and the man put the gun back in its holster. He said, "Baby, you better be good and your man better not make a move or we'll be dumping both of your bodies into the lake."

As Jessie began her lap dance I looked up at the man standing at the ready. He seemed concerned only with me. Everyone else was watching Jessie. I caught John's eyes and his expression told me I should have kept my mouth shut. He was right. Jessie and I would have been gone by now.

Music was still playing in the lounge and Jessie seemed to be doing her best to dance like one of the women next door. Slowly she unbuttoned her top. She looked nervous and apprehensive but determined to survive. When your life is threatened you do what you have to do.

Jessie's hips swayed slowly as she let the tails of her shirt fall open revealing her sexy red bra. Vinny was stroking the bulge in his pants while looking up at Jessie. I could tell that he was appreciative of Jessie's charms even if her dancing ability was not professional.

Jessie shrugged her top off her shoulders and began to unbutton her skirt. She turned away from Vinny as she slowly bent at the waist and pushed the skirt down her legs to the floor. Jessie was now giving Vinny and everyone around him a great view of her ass.

Vinny motioned for Jessie to sit in his lap and she slowly moved toward the man. She seemed less nervous than before. Jessie turned as Vinny took her by the waist and guided her ass onto his lap. The bulge he sported was now wedged between my sexy wife's ass cheeks.

Jessie began to move around on Vinny's lap with help from his hands on her waist. She looked over her shoulder at Vinny's face without an expression. I couldn't tell if she was trying hard not to show her revulsion or her excitement. Vinny moved his hands up to surround Jessie's tits. As he massaged her tits she continued to grind her ass into his lap. The first sign that this activity was getting to Jessie was when Vinny's fingers began to pinch Jessie's nipples through her bra.

Slowly Jessie leaned back against Vinny's chest and she sighed. She continued to grind into Vinny's cock as he tweaked her nipples. Soon Jessie was softly moaning. Vinny nuzzled Jessie's neck and began to kiss her shoulder. Jessie turned her head toward Vinny and they kissed. Jessie's breathing began to get heavier. The lap dance was turning her on as much as it was Vinny.

Vinny broke the kiss and asked Jessie to take his cock out. She straitened up and then got off Vinny's lap. She turned and went to work on his zipper. After a little tugging she got Vinny's eight-inch cock out. It was standing at attention after the grinding that Jessie gave it. Vinny once again pulled Jessie into his lap. As she settled into his lap Vinny's cock sprang out between Jessie's legs. She shuddered as it rubbed up against the thin material of her panties.

Vinny grabbed Jessie's hands and placed them on his cock in a stroking motion. When she had the correct rhythm he moved his hands back to her tits and pulled the cups down after unclasping her bra. Now he had full access to Jessie's beautiful breasts. Vinny soon had Jessie moaning again as his cock rubbed her clit through her panties and his fingers pulled on her nipples. Jessie's breathing increased again and she began to wet her lips with her tongue.

Vinny demanded, "Put it in."

With just a hint of hesitation, Jessie pulled the covering of her panties to the side exposing her pussy to all and raised up until the head of Vinny's cock was at her opening. Jessie looked at me with sorrow in her eyes as she pushed the head into her vagina and sunk back down into Vinny's lap. Now impaled on his cock she was officially fucking another man and that was all it took to produce her first orgasm.

"Beautiful bitch," said Vinny as Jessie's cum lubricated his cock. Vinny took his hands away from Jessie's tits long enough to grab her waist and establish an up and down motion. Once Jessie knew the rhythm he again returned to her tits. Jessie fucked him good and hard for well over ten minutes. After that Vinny pushed her off and moved her to the pool table where he had her bend over with her forearms on the table and her feet still on the floor. He now had easy access to her pussy from the rear.

Vinny penetrated Jessie's pussy for a second time with his fat cock. He used her dangling tits as handles as he began a furious pounding of pussy from behind. I could tell that this was a much rougher fuck than my modest wife was used to by her very loud moans. I looked around at the other men in the room and saw that they realized that she was experiencing something new as well. She never said anything intelligible but it was clear that she was being sexual stimulated to the point where she had little control of her body. Vinny moved his hands to Jessie's waist to keep her from sinking to the floor.

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