Compensation for Damages

by Warthog

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Blackmail, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Interracial Sex Story: White wife gang banged,interracial gang bang sex story

"Thank goodness it's Friday," said Mary.

"You got that right," added Kevin.

Mary and Kevin were on their way to dinner and then to a movie. They both had had a grueling week and looked forward to a relaxing evening out. It was July, it was hot and Kevin had begun to perspire. As Kevin fiddled with the truck's air conditioner Mary went down a mental list of restaurants that the couple liked.

Kevin couldn't help noticing Mary's sexy legs as he adjusted the air. They were covered by a pair of black thigh high stockings. Kevin also noticed that Mary was wearing a new pair of black high heel shoes with the new flair styled heel. He had noticed earlier when they left the house that her five foot three inch frame seemed to be three or four inches taller than usual. Very sexy he thought. The rest of her outfit wasn't bad either. A mid thigh length black wrap around skirt just barely hid Mary's stocking tops. Her red silk blouse fit her figure nicely and he liked the way her lovely breasts pushed against the shiny material. Mary had obviously spent some extra time on her shoulder length brown hair and her makeup added a touch of sensuality to her pretty face. Kevin was very proud of Mary. He loved to go out and show off his beautiful wife.

"KEVIN, WATCH OUT," yelled Mary.

Kevin looked up in time to see a car stopped in the road signaling for a left turn. He slammed on the brakes but it was too late.


"SONOFABITCH," bellowed Kevin. Kevin looked over the hood of his truck at the back of an old Caddy. He realized that he had lingered on Mary's exquisite body too long and hadn't been paying attention to the road. The collision had been hard but it didn't appear to be too serious. Thankfully, they were wearing their seat belts. Kevin looked at Mary and said, "Are you OK, Mary?"

Mary nodded with a slightly whiter complexion. Before she could say anything she heard a tap on the side window. Kevin and Mary looked out the window. Standing there and motioning for Kevin to get out was a rather large muscular black man who looked mad enough roll Kevin's truck over with his bare hands.

Kevin got out of the truck very slowly and checked the traffic. It wasn't too heavy and the cars behind them were using the shoulder to get by. Kevin said, "Hey man, I'm real sorry about this."

The man said, "Yeah, I bet you are. What's the matter with you, man? I've got a car full of men who can't bend their necks because of you. You messed up the back end of my car. I hope you have insurance, man."

Kevin's insurance had run out three months earlier. The premiums had gone up and he couldn't afford it anymore. Kevin surveyed the damage and realized that it wasn't that bad but would probably cost more than he had at the moment. Kevin was in a bind. He hoped he could reason with the man. Kevin turned back to the man and said, "I'm sorry man, I don't have any insurance. I don't have the cash to pay for the damages but I can pay you a little each month."

"Don't give me that shit," interrupted the man.

Before Kevin could reply, three more huge black men joined the discussion. "What's the story, Rab?" asked one of the men.

"He ain't got any insurance, man, and he can't pay for the damage," said Rab. He added, "Nick, go get the police."

"Ahh, lets see if we can work this out without the cops," said Kevin. Kevin didn't want another run in with the police. Part of the reason Kevin's insurance rates had gone up was because of a minor accident he had six months earlier. He had had a few drinks that night when he lost control, drove off into a ditch and hit a street lamp. Kevin was charged with DWI and the judge hit him with a stiff fine and put him on probation for a year. Kevin was afraid that if the cops were brought in now, he would lose his license and probably would have to do some jail time. To make matters worse he had a package under the seat that he was carrying for a friend. He wasn't sure but he suspected it was full of drugs.

"Whooeeee, check it out," said another of Rab's passengers as he gestured to Mary. She had stepped down out of the truck and was walking around it to join Kevin.

"Is everything OK, Kevin?" asked Mary.

"No it is not, lady," said Rab. Rab took a good look at Mary starting at her high heels and with obvious interest slowly shifted his gaze up her sexy body. He lingered on the bulge of her breasts and let his tongue wet his lips. Mary blushed at the obvious inspection of her body. Rab wasn't the only inspector. The other three men were ogling Mary at the same time.

A plan began to form in Rab's head. He could see that the wimpy white boy was intimidated by his size and obvious strength. He also had his men with him. Kevin had said that he wanted to avoid getting the cops involved. Rab figured correctly that Kevin had been in some kind of trouble before. He knew he could probably get anything he wanted out of Kevin.

"Tell you what, man, why don't we let your lady pay for the damages," said Rab as he leered at Mary's butt secure in her tight skirt.

"I'm afraid my wife can't afford it either," said Kevin.

"Can't afford it either," mocked Rab. He added, "Isn't that too bad?" The other men, picking up on what Rab was doing nodded and agreed that it was too bad. Rab continued, "Well Kevin, maybe your wife has other assets."

Kevin didn't like the sound of this. He looked at Mary and saw worry in her eyes. "What do you mean?" asked Kevin.

Rab turned his gaze to the direction of the setting sun and said, "As I see it you have only one way to pay off. Allow your wife to be our guest at a party we're having. It should be over when the sun comes up."

Kevin knew what the man had in mind. He looked at Mary. She was looking at him with big brown frightened eyes. Kevin didn't know if Mary had figured it out but he was certain that she was scared.

"I can't do that to my wife," said Kevin.

Rab put a huge arm around Kevin's shoulder and said, "Kevin, you are in a tough situation. You can't pay for the damage to my car and who knows when one of us might have neck trouble. That will cost a lot more. You don't want the police. You have two choices. Either your wife joins us or we call the police." He added with a toothy grin, "We'll even invite you along too."

Kevin said nothing.

Mary said, "Do something, Kevin. I don't want to go with them."

There was nothing Kevin could do. He thought for a moment about jumping into his truck and getting out of there. If only Mary had stayed in the truck. With her out of the truck there was no way both of them could make it. Kevin suspected that they were going to take Mary no matter what he did and probably rough him up pretty bad. If he agreed maybe they wouldn't hurt him. They said they would take him along. At least he would be with Mary. He hoped they wouldn't hurt her if he was there.

"Take her," was all Kevin said. He couldn't look at Mary.

"Kevin," exclaimed Mary as Rab put his hand on Mary's shoulder. The frightened girl knew that Kevin had just paid off the accident damages with her body. She knew about his DWI probation. She knew that he was in a tough bind. She had hoped that he could have found a way out. She still had hopes. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Mary struggled against Rab as he led her to his car. He said, "It will go a lot easier on you if you do what I say." Mary understood the implied threat. She allowed Rab to lead her to his car. Before he put her in the back seat she looked back at Kevin.

Kevin looked up at Mary and said, "I'm sorry, baby."

Rab pushed Mary in the car, looked at Kevin and said, "Nick will go with you and make sure you find my place." He got into the car. The other two men got into the back seat with Mary. Rab started the car and pulled away.

Kevin and Nick got into the truck and followed the old Caddy. Kevin looked at Nick and said, "Rab won't hurt Mary will he?"

"Naw, if she's a good girl she'll be fine," said Nick. Kevin wasn't convinced.

"You're all going to have sex with her, aren't you?" asked Kevin.

"Lets just say that we will introduce the little lady to the taste of dark meat," said Nick with a chuckle.

Kevin didn't say another word as they drove. Ten minutes later they pulled up in front of a very old house five miles from town. There wasn't another house in sight. As Kevin entered the house he saw Mary and asked, "Are you OK?"

Mary nodded but was obviously frightened of her predicament. The look she gave Kevin indicated a growing anger at her husband for putting her in this situation.

The house was very small. It was a two room house with a kitchen on the wall to the right and a sofa on the wall to the left. There was a table against the wall next to the front door. A door at the far end of the room led to a small bedroom and bathroom. Next to the door was a fire place that was close up for the summer. The place had no air conditioning and although both windows were open it was very warm inside. The house was clean but had a musty smell. Mary couldn't wait to leave.

Rab walked over to an old refrigerator, opened it and pulled out a six pack. He threw the cans to the man he called Jim. Jim peeled off the cans and handed one to everyone. "Have a seat," said Rab pulling out a chair for Kevin. Kevin sat down as Rab motioned for Mary to come over to him. Jim, Nick and the one they called Pop sat down on the closest chair or sofa.

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