Suzy's Trainer

by Warthog

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Desc: Interracial Sex Story: White wife cheats on her husband with the black trainer.

Suzy and I had been married for six years when she began to change. At first I didn't notice but that soon changed. We had recently moved into a new house with lots of extra space for children. Suzy and I had known one another for twenty of our twenty six years. We were sweethearts by high school and married at college. After graduating we took high paying jobs in our respective fields and saved for a house and family.

Everything was going according to our plan. We had everything we wanted except the kids. Suzy stopped taking the pill and we waited for her to start ovulating. We were naive in the matters of sex and had had only each other as partners. We had experimented in high school a little and developed a steady diet of sex at about once a week since college. Our sessions were simple and unfortunately resulted in me cumming alone. Suzy didn't seem to mind and convinced me that our lovemaking felt great to her. I suspected she simply did not know what she was missing. I tried to get Suzy to let me satisfy her orally but she dismissed the attempt as "nasty."

A month after moving into our new house, Suzy asked if we could join a health club. I ask her why? Her figure is terrific. She correctly reminded me that although she was trim, she needed to work out to maintain a healthy body, especially if she was going to carry a baby. She also suggested that I could work on the bear gut that I had developed after college. Suzy set up a membership at a club near our house. She began to make regular trips every other day to the club. I went with her the first couple of times but lost interest after that.

A couple of weeks later I came home from work to find my wife with a new look. She was leaving for the club as I arrived. She had on a new set of work-out clothes. Gone was the baggy sweats and in their place was a form-fitting jump suit kind of thing. I had never seen her in an outfit like this. Suzy is a very conservative woman and until now would never have worn clothes this provocative. The outfit showed off her curvy body in all its wonder. Her large breasts strained at the tight material. To top it off, Suzy was wearing her hair different. Her long thick natural blond hair was teased full in sort of a wild look rather than simply hanging long and straight. She was also wearing a bit more makeup which accented her deep blue eyes.

I had known all along that Suzy was pretty and that her figure was attractive, however, now I was speechless. Suzy looked more beautiful and sexy than any women I had ever seen. Before, she was sexy in a cute way, with freckles sprinkled over her cheeks and small nose. Now she looked more mature but still had an innocent look about her due to the freckles.

Suzy smiled at my dumbfounded look and said, "Looks like I clean up pretty well!"

I stuttered, "UH huh... Honey,... you're beautiful!" I kissed her full red lips and added, "Why are you dressed up that way?"

Suzy told me about a girl she had met at the club. They had become friends and had arranged their workout times together. The friend, Meg, had convinced her to buy the new outfit and had suggested she see her hairdresser. She asked me if I liked her new look. I assured her that it was great.

Suzy continued to improve her wardrobe with more sexy items and as a result I couldn't keep my hands off her. She seemed more aroused as well and our lovemaking became hotter. We looked forward to each session. Suzy was to begin ovulating in about a week. She would soon be pregnant at our present rate of sexual activity. A few days later I was called out of town on business for over a week. We were disappointed but knew that our reunion would be hot.

As it turned out my business was done after five days. I decided I would surprise Suzy. I flew in the next morning with plans. I went to the mall near our house and shopped for a present for Suzy. I found a great sexy nightgown that I plan to surprise her with that evening. Before heading to work I stop into a favorite restaurant in the mall for lunch. While waiting for my food, I overheard an interesting conversation from the booth next to me.

A fellow was telling his friends about a woman he had met at the club. He described her as being built like a brick shit house. He was convincing the other guys that this woman would put every Playboy bunny he had ever seen to shame. One other guy asked him if he had taken her out. He said no, but that he was going over to her house at six that evening to show her some new aerobics routines. Evidently, he was some kind of personal trainer. The other guy asked if that was all he was going to do. The guy chuckled and said that her invitation was made with a twinkle in her eye. He said he felt sure they would get it on.

The other guy asked if he had seen her at the club. He said you remember that blond I was talking to yesterday.

The other guy said, "That fox. You can't be serious, that woman is married."

He said, "I know that."

The other asked, "What makes you think that she will sleep with you?"

He said, "I've seen the look in her eye."

A third guy asked, "What's the woman's name?"

He replied, "Suzy Petre."

I almost choked on my coke.

At first I thought he might be talking about some other woman. I reminded myself that we were the only Petres in our small city. I didn't know whether to barge home and confront my wife with having an affair or what. I calmed down and thought for moment. The guy had said that he was going over to show Suzy some new exercises. It was his assumption that she would have sex with him. Knowing how naive Suzy was, I began to assume that he had read her wrong and that as far as she was concerned he was just helping her train.

I watched as the three men left the restaurant. All three were huge, (about 6'4") very muscular and blacker than the ace of spades. I felt certain that this guy must have been mistaken about Suzy's intent. This was the south, after all. White women were usually not attracted to black men and if they were they kept it to themselves. I couldn't imagine my Suzy being hot for one of these men.

Feeling better, I left for work and tried to get this evening out of my mind. I still intended to surprise Suzy. I figured I would wait for the trainer to leave before going home. As the day wore on, I began to get curious about my wife's meeting. I decided to go home while the guy was there. In the back of my mind there was still some concern about their relationship.

As I approached my house that evening about five minutes after six, I decided to drive by first to see if the trainer was there. Sure enough a strange car was in the driveway. This confirmed that the guy had been talking about my wife. Paranoia set in. I now imagined that my wife was cheating on me. I parked around the block on the next street and walked between houses into our backyard. It was dark by now and the lights were on in our house. I looked in the sliding glass door through a crack in the drapes. No one was in the den, however I heard talking coming from the kitchen. I quietly unlocked and opened the door and listened. Suzy was evidently getting some refreshments for her guest. I took the opportunity to sneak undetected into the dining room. It's a room we seldom use and it gave me visual access to both the kitchen and the den.

Once safely behind the door to the dining room, I opened the door to the kitchen just a crack. Sure enough there was one of the giant black men I had seen at the restaurant that afternoon. He was dressed in gym shorts and a T-shirt that fit his muscular body tightly. He was the type of man that women consider handsome. I looked at Suzy and immediately saw the twinkle in her eye that the man had told his buddies about. Could it really be true that she would be unfaithful to me. Her dress also revealed an attempt to impress the man. She wore a top that served only to hold her breasts in place during a workout. It was made of the sturdy shiny material most workout outfits are made of these days. It tied like a halter swimsuit top did, however, it provided more support for physical activity. It did show substantial cleavage and Suzy was a knockout in it. Her shorts were made of the same material and just barely managed to cover her bottom.

They talked while sipping wine. The man towered over my wife at least a foot. Suzy giggled like a school girl at the man's witty remarks. After a few minutes of chatting they moved into the den where the man began to demonstrate a particular workout routine. Don, as she called him, had her repeat the motions after he had done them. Suzy stopped and walked to the stereo and told Don that maybe some music would help with the routines. Don responded saying that it was a good idea. They continued with the aerobic exercises for a few minutes. Once or twice Don moved behind Suzy and repositioned her to correct a flaw in her routine. Suzy smiled when he touched her small waist. She obviously liked this man's company. When Suzy wasn't looking Don would scan her body from top to bottom and shake his head in appreciation. I don't think Suzy noticed but I saw a bulge forming in Don's shorts.

Each time Don put his hands on Suzy's waist she seemed almost to melt into his arms. It appeared that she would resist at the last moment, apparently aware that letting things go further with this man were wrong for a married woman. Don just looked in amazement as his big hands almost completely encircled Suzy's waist.

Don asked, "Suzy, what do you measure?"

Suzy replied with that eye twinkle, "34D-21-35."

Don smiled and said, "Suzy, you are one fantastic looking lady."

Suzy blushed and said, "Thanks Don...I don't usually get complements like that."

Immediately I realized that I had taken my sweet Suzy for granted. For all these years we had been more best friends than lovers. It appeared that I hadn't been meeting her needs as a woman. I knew that I would begin to correct that error as soon as this guy left. Suddenly, my deep thought was interrupted by moaning coming from Suzy. I looked up and what I saw gave me a chill. Don was gently nibbling at my Suzy's neck as she melted into him. His hands moved from her waist slowly up her sides until he cupped each of her large breasts in his big hands. Suzy never flinched. His hands were a perfect match for Suzy's big boobs. She had always been ashamed of her large breasts but now her face showed pride as she watched Don's gentle hands massaged her chest. Her moans turned into whimpers. Any hesitation on her part to being intimate with a man other than her husband had vanished.

Suzy turned her head toward Don and the look she gave him was obvious. She was his to do with as he pleased. She stretched her neck to make the invitation unmistakable by kissing him deeply. Her whimpers continued through the kiss. She was hotter than I had ever seen her. As their tongues danced around in each other's mouths, Suzy reached up with one hand and untied her top at the neck and pulled the material covering her tits down. This allowed Don to hands to caress Suzy's flesh without any impediment. Her whimpers turned back into moans. Don softly pinched Suzy's rock hard nipples causing her to squeal.

I suddenly wondered why I was just watching this take place. Why was I not stopping the scene unfolding in front of me? I noticed for the first time that my cock was harder than it had ever been. It hurt. I realized that I was turned on watching this other man with my wife. I didn't want to stop it. I was looking forward to watching my wife fuck another man.

As Don continued to knead Suzy's tits she managed to find the sizable bulge in his shorts. Suzy used her palm to rub the ever growing cock belonging to this black man. Suzy was never so bold as to grope my cock. I could not remember whether she had ever touched by cock. Don let one hand drop to Suzy's waistband and while continuing their wet kiss slipped his big fingers into her shorts. Suzy's moans intensified as he found her little button. Finally he broke their kiss. Suzy's heavy breathing caused her chest to heave. The lusty look on her face said "take me now" but she remained silent. Don's confident look indicated that he knew she was his now.

Don began to nibble again at Suzy's neck as his hands worked at lowering her shorts. He exposed her pussy and in one motion pulled her shorts to her feet and untied the back of her top. Suzy's naked beauty was now revealed to him. He turned her around to get a good look. He surveyed Suzy's hot little body with a lecherous grin.

Don put his hands lightly on either side of Suzy's face and said, "You are beautiful Suzy...I want to make love to you."

Suzy nodded yes almost imperceptibly, like a little girl about to ride her first pony. I could tell she was excited and anxious but a little scared.

Don lead Suzy to the couch and laid her down, gently. Man this guy was smooth. He began to lightly stroke her skin and kiss her all over. Suzy moved her body to meet his touch. Her back was arched and her firm breasts stood out proudly. Don kissed his way down to Suzy's mound.

Suzy meekly shook her head and said, "You don't have to put your face there." She added, "I never let my husband do it."

Don smiled and said, "Baby, don't worry. I will probably get more pleasure from this than you will get and I guarantee that you will like it."

Suzy whined, "But it's nasty...My husband always wrinkles his nose."

Don said reassuringly, "It smells like heaven, Baby...I'm afraid your husband is just a wimp."

And with that said, he dove in. I hung my head in shame. I hadn't realized that my own actions had made her hesitant to have oral sex even though I wanted it.

Suzy began to moan and then wail. I had never heard her react that way. After five minutes of Don's tongue in her pussy, Suzy shrieked and had her first orgasm ever. It scared me because she seemed to stop breathing for about twenty seconds. Her body stiffened as her pubic area arched up lifting Don's face up. I was then able to watch an astonishing site. A clear stream of liquid shot out of Suzy's pussy and landed on Don's face. He lapped up her juices like a thirsty man. When Suzy's orgasm subsided she looked at Don with eyes usually reserved for someone she was deeply in love with. Total devotion. Her face registered alarm when she saw Don's drenched face.

"I'm so sorry, Don," said Suzy in horror, "I peed all over your face."

Don put his index finger against her mouth quieting her. "Baby, you didn't pee, you came and man did you cum. You are a very special Lady, one in a million. Not many women cum like a geyser the way you do. I assure you. Your cum is as sweet as honey. I drank all you could give me and I hope to get more."

Suzy calmed down but looked skeptical. With a grin, Don scooped up some of the thick honey coating Suzy's pussy and put it in his mouth. He scooped up another finger full and offered it to Suzy. She looked hesitant for a moment then with Don's reassuring look she took his finger into her mouth.

Suzy's face brightened and she said, "It is kind of sweet, isn't it?"

Don nodded with a big smile.

Suzy looked at Don with adoring eyes and said, "Don, you make me feel more wonderful than I ever have before. That was my first real orgasm and you did it."

Don shook his head and offered, "I can't believe your husband never got you off. He must be a selfish wimp."

I cringed. I envied Don's ability to produce an orgasm in my wife. I also wanted to taste her cum.

Suzy jumped up with a devious smile and said, "Now, its your turn, Don."

She maneuvered him to a sitting position on the couch. Suzy marveled at the king size bulge in Don's shorts as she knelt down between his legs. She rubbed Don's cock through his shorts and it twitched and grew some more.

Suzy reached for the waistband of Don's shorts and said, "Lets give that fellow some room to grow."

She slowly pulled Don's shorts down and revealed a massive shaft. Suzy gasped and her eyes widened at the site of Don's monster. For some reason I found that I was anxious to see my wife put this big black cock between her moist red lips. I wondered at that moment why I never asked Suzy to suck my cock. She, of course, never volunteered. My eyes were fixed to her white face as it hovered over the black cock. She licked her lips as she stared in awe.

Suzy finally managed to ask, "How big is it?"

Don proudly answered, "It gets to twelve inches long and six inches around when hard."

Suzy's mouth flew open with amazement and she commented, "My husband is only about five inches and its not very thick."

Don smiled and said, "Baby, the sight of your beautiful body will probably add another inch to both dimensions. I know you've seen the effect you have on men at the club."

Suzy nodded with a cute grin. Don's cock seemed almost the same size as Suzy's wrist.

Suzy stroked Don's cock a couple of times and developed a determined look on her face. Suddenly she stuffed the head of Don's cock into her little mouth and began to suck and lick. Suzy's attack on Don's cock was ferocious. What she lacked in skill was made up for with enthusiasm. The contrast of Suzy's white skin and blond hair and Don's black shaft was amazing. Suzy's lips stretched to their limits as she took more of Don's tool into her mouth.

Don seemed to enjoy Suzy's efforts. His breathing was becoming heavier by the minute as he put his head back and closed his eyes. Suzy was a fast learner. She smoothly bobbed up and down on Don's shaft. She seemed to take more with each stroke. Her faced showed a determination I had never seen. I watched as four then five inches of Don's cock disappeared into Suzy's mouth. That seemed to be her limit. She seemed to gag a little with each pass. Still she pressed on. I don't know why she was so determined.

After five minutes of sucking Suzy paused for a rest. Don opened his eyes to see why she had stopped.

Suzy smiled and said, "I just need to get more comfortable." Suzy added, "I love your taste Don."

Don responded, "You suck cock well, Baby."

Suzy said, "Thanks. Its my first time."

Don's face suddenly showed a look of surprise. He asked, "Are you sure you are married?"

To my dismay Suzy replied with a grin, "Married? Who me?"

Suzy began to suck on Don's dong again. This time she stood up over Don and lowered her head to his cock. I could see what she was doing. This produced a better angle of attack. She quickly reached the five inch limit and gagged a little. She seemed to practice at that depth. Soon she wasn't gagging. A few strokes later and she began to take more of Don's cock. Suzy had succeeded in taking Don into her throat. I was amazed as inch after inch disappeared with stroke after stroke. She had Don's full attention as well. Finally, she bottomed out, all twelve plus inches gone. I was more amazed that she was able to take the thickness.

Suzy lingered with Don's cock impaled down her throat. Her eyes showed the pride of her accomplishment. Don was clearly amazed. Suzy eased off the tool to catch a breath. She smiled once the cock was out of her mouth.

Don said, "Baby, no woman has ever been able to do that to me."

With that praise Suzy went back to work. She easily swallowed Don again and began to pump the full length of his shaft with each stroke. It looked like a circus trick. It was awesome. She picked up speed and it had an effect on Don. He grabbed her head and began to assist her in the mouth fucking. After a couple of minutes of this furious activity, Don gave one big thrust into Suzy's mouth and forced her freckled little nose into his pubic hair. He dumped his gooey load directly into her belly. I watched as the bulge in Suzy's throat pulsed as spurt after spurt shot down the length of Don's member.

When Don finished, he released Suzy's head and she withdrew. She caught her breath as Don asked, "Did you get a taste of me, baby?"

Suzy replied winded, "Well, I figured you came but I couldn't taste anything with your cock down my throat."

Don said, "I think there might be a little more left," as he began to stroke the underside of his cock from root to head.

Suddenly, a pearly white glob of sperm drooled out of Don's cock. Before it could drip away, Suzy licked the blob like it was ice-cream. I watched as the blob was transferred to Suzy tongue. She closed her mouth and savored the flavor.

Suzy's face beamed as she said, "You taste yummy, Don."

I couldn't believe it. A week ago Suzy would have been disgusted at such sexual activity. Now she had a slut's enthusiasm for nasty sex. Don squeezed out two more sperm blobs and Suzy ate it up.

Suzy now begged for Don to fuck her. I had never heard her use such dirty language.

Suzy begged, "Fuck me now, Don. I want your big cock in my hole. Please, put it in me."

Don reassured her, "Don't worry baby. I won't leave here without fucking your beautiful body. Just give me a few minutes to recharge."

Suzy smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Don. Its just that I can't wait to feel you inside me."

Don smiled back.

Suzy added, "How about some more wine?"

Don nodded yes and Suzy bounced up and headed for the kitchen. Don shook his head in awe as Suzy tits jiggle all the way into the kitchen.

After Suzy returned, they sipped their wine and talked for a while.

Don smiled at Suzy and said, "Suzy, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with." He continued, "Usually, the closest a man like me ever gets to a beauty like you is in a men's magazine, and to think I just watched you swallow my big black cock and eat my sperm."

Suzy interrupted with a lusty grin, "It tasted so good. I'm looking forward to more."

Don continued, "And you're also one of the sweetest women I have ever met."

Suzy blushed and said softly, "I don't think I have ever wanted to please a man more than you. I'll do anything for you, Don."

Don smiled and asked, "What about you husband?"

Suzy answered, "Lets not talk about him."

Finally after lavishing all that praise on Suzy, Don simple said, "I think I'm in love."

I'm not sure if he was serious or not but Suzy cuddled up close and began to kiss Don tenderly. She crawled into his lap as he sat on the sofa. She straddled his legs placing her knees on either side of his hips. Don's semi-hard cock began to respond as Suzy rubbed her body on his. Soon he was at full length as his cock rested in the crack of Suzy's ass.

The anticipation was making my heart pound. I wanted to see that beast buried in my wife. It suddenly occurred to me that Suzy should be ovulating about now. I wondered if she would let Don take her unprotected. Something inside told me to stop this. If Suzy wouldn't protect herself then I should do something to stop her from getting pregnant from this strange black man. My thoughts accelerated forward nine months to a hospital room where a black baby was being born to a white woman, my wife. The inner voice urged me to intervene, but my present state of lust held me back. The site of this beautiful female arousing the handsome male was natural. The female obviously wanted the males cock inside her womb. The friction of coupling would force the male to give up his seed. The seed would find the females egg and join. It was natural. It seemed to be what they wanted. In my lust crazed state, it was what I wanted too.

Suzy continued to tongue kiss Don as she rubbed his cock into the crack of her ass. Slowly she lifted up and positioned the head of his cock at her opening. Suzy never stopped kissing Don as she lowered herself down his shaft. She was obviously very lubricated. I was in awe. They were really going to have unprotected sex. I realized at that moment that it would never be the same for Suzy and I. Another man had put his cock into her body and it was a very impressive cock. The head of that cock was soon to explore the depths of Suzy's womb where no man had been before. The natural result would be impregnation.

Slowly the huge black tool disappeared between the white thighs of my sweet wife. Finally, she bottomed out, broke the kiss and shuddered with her second orgasm. Her juices flooded Don's cock and the cushions underneath him. When Suzy recovered, she began to slide off his cock. Before she reached the end she again impaled herself on Don's cock. After two or three minutes of this activity, Suzy suddenly stopped and gasped.

Suzy said in a panic, "I'm not protected, Don. I've been off the pill for a while."

Part of me cheered. I might still be the one to give my wife a baby. However, the hard core sexual side of me was disappointed that this black stud would not be knocking up the white slut. That side of me now viewed my wife as the perfect sex toy. A beautiful woman created for the sole purpose of getting men excited and then providing them with a place to put their cocks and their cum.

Don eased her off his cock and said calmly, "Don't worry baby, I've got condoms."

Suzy smiled and said, "I'm glad you were prepared. I don't know what I'd have done if I couldn't fuck you."

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