Sherry Proves Herself Worthy

by Warthog

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My name is Jim. I just turned 35 a couple of months ago. I married my wife Sherry nine years ago. We have two children, a son eight years old and a little girl three years old. We have a good life but there have been some rough spots. My story is about the end of one of those rough times.

About two years ago Sherry and I had a big fight. She was spending much of her time with the kids and seemed less interested in spending time with me. She got involved in the PTA when our boy started first grade. She also volunteered as a baby sitter three nights a week at church for single women who worked evening hours. I didn't see much of Sherry during that period. I confronted her about this and the fight started.

Sherry defended her actions as being normal motherly activities. I told her that I was proud of what she did for the kids but that we didn't have much time together, especially 'bed' time. I also complained that she had let her appearance down.

My wife had been a very attractive woman when we married. She was 22 at the time and looked as if she was right off the pages of Playboy magazine. With long natural blond hair, blue eyes, an angel face, smooth legs and a tiny waist, she got plenty of attention when she walked down the street.

Seven years and two children later she had gained fifty pounds and would only wear baggy clothes. I struck a nerve when I complained about Sherry's looks. She started to cry, which was the last thing I wanted. I told her I was sorry to upset her, but that our situation upset me. She looked up at me, wiped her eyes and said she was sorry that she had not spent more time with me. She also said she would start on a diet and exercise program the very next day.

Our relationship improved over the next year. Sherry managed to lose all the excess weight and through exercising had toned her body. She looked better now than when I married her. As an unexpected bonus, Sherry retained most of the increased breast size that had developed through her two pregnancies. They were very soft and drooped only slightly, proving that they were real. She measured 36D-22-35. I know because I measured myself. Her bras indicated D-cup but her large breasts always seemed to strain the material. I suspected her size was somewhere between D-cup and DD-cup.

To celebrate Sherry's new look and her upcoming thirtieth birthday, I booked a vacation for the two of us to Las Vegas. My folks watched the kids while we were away. The trip got off to a great start. We gambled, ate and saw a show the first day. Sherry wore this short mini-dress she had bought for the trip. It was not the type of thing she usually wore. Being a conservative girl, she shied away from sexy clothes, but the sales lady convinced her that with a figure like hers she should show it off.

The dress was white and very tight. The hem line fell half way between her knees and hips. Sherry had to be careful when bending over or she would reveal the high cut lace underwear I bought her. She wore a matching bra, cut low so that it would not cover up what the top of the mini-dress revealed. The site of a woman with long blond hair and blue eyes, a small waist, long legs and large breasts is very impressive. She finished off the look with a pair of white high heel shoes with spiked heels five inches long. Many necks twisted that day to get a look at my wife. The attention Sherry received embarrassed her at first, but she began to like it as the day wore on. I could tell that 'bed' time would be great that evening.

After the show, we returned to our hotel and took a leisurely stroll out by the pool. The cool evening breeze felt good. We found a secluded little cove in a garden by the pool. I took Sherry in my arms and kissed her gently. I was surprised at my wife's reaction. She returned my kiss with more passion than she had in a long time. Evidently, the attention that Sherry had received that day had put her in a frisky mood. I felt her tongue slip between my lips and heard her heavy breathing.

When our kiss finally broke, Sherry whispered, "I want you so bad, Jim."

I replied, "I want you too, honey."

She teased, "You think we could do it right here?"

I was surprised that my wife would suggest such a thing.

My answer was action. I backed Sherry against a wall as I nibbled her neck and shoulder. Before I could make a move, Sherry raised one leg and rested her five inch heel on an adjacent bench. Her skirt inched up her leg until the thin crotch of her panties was visible in the dim lighting. The very brief, high cut panties that Sherry wore, barely covered her pussy. To wear this style of panties, Sherry had to trim her pubic hair for the first time. I was glad that I had ask her to wear this style. It was easy to move her panties aside and expose her pussy. I fingered her slit causing an involuntary moan to escape her throat.

Sherry's head was back against the wall her eyes closed. I looked around to see if anyone could see us. No one could see us in our secluded spot. I looked back at my beautiful and sexy wife. She was lost in lust as my fingers stoked her dripping pussy.

Sherry moaned, "Do me Jim."

She was hotter than I had ever seen her before. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock. I rubbed it all over Sherry's opening teasing her into a sexual frenzy.

Sherry said in a breathy whisper, "Please fuck me, honey, please."

It was the first time that I had ever heard her use that language. Sherry was definitely the hottest she had ever been.

I was horny, too. I couldn't tease Sherry any more. I had to feel the inside of her drenched pussy. I pushed the head of my cock into her tight hole causing the quivering Sherry to jerk and squeak. Slowly I buried my shaft inside her until my wild pubic hair caressed her neatly trimmed pubic patch. I pulled out again but before I could shove it in hard I heard voices. Sherry heard them as well. Quickly, I pulled out of Sherry's very unsatisfied pussy and painfully crammed my hard cock back in my pants. Sherry dropped her leg and smoothed down her skirt.

Just as we were presentable again a young couple walked into the cove. They were a little surprised to see us there. I suspected that they were here for the same reason that Sherry and I were. The young lady was very beautiful. She was a few years younger than my Sherry and had a very lovely face. She was no match for Sherry's curves, however. She was sexy in her tight dress, however.

Sherry leaned into me and said, "Lets go to the room and finish what we started."

As much as I wanted to make love to my horny wife I decided to draw things out a bit. I suggested that first we go to the bar for a nightcap. Sherry reluctantly agreed.

We talked about the day and laughed and carried on as we sipped our wine. The sexual tension continued to build. I was very proud of Sherry and felt lucky to be by her side. They say at age thirty women are perhaps older but definitely better. This described Sherry perfectly.

I asked Jill our waitress for the check and she promptly handed it to me. We chatted for a moment and Jill asked us if we were in town on business or pleasure. I couldn't resist kidding Sherry about her milestone birthday. I told Jill that we were celebrating Sherry's thirtieth birthday and that she was now over the hill. Sherry looked at me as if I had shot the dog. Jill excused herself with an embarrassed look.

Sherry was very annoyed with me. I was surprised at how sensitive she was about her age and appearance. She reminded me of all the looks she had gotten that day. I confessed that she was right and that I was joking. I told her she was better looking now than she was ten years before when we were dating. She doubted my sincerity. She brought up the fact that I had gawked at the young lady out in the garden. She accused me of thinking that she was now too old to be attractive to men. Sherry was really getting pissed. It may have been all the wine she had consumed, I don't know, but she started talking about proving that she was still desirable.

It was getting late. I told her lets go to the room and I would prove to her how attractive she was. She said compliments from her husband didn't count. She started walking back toward the bar, muttering something about proving that she could still pass for twenty. I ask her where she was going. She told me she would prove to me that she was still desirable by getting the attention of the first man she saw. I told her that she didn't have to do that. She said it was a matter of pride. I through up my hands and followed her as she entered the pool area next to the bar.

She turned around and whispered to me that she heard somebody out by the pool. Sherry headed that way with me behind her. She rounded a corner and stopped, then turned around and bumped into me as I tried to see what was around the corner. She said she couldn't do it. I asked what was wrong. She said there was more than one man in the Jacuzzi and that they were all black. I should have told her to forget it and lets go to the room, but I chuckled and told her that she was a chicken.

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