Real Men Play Dolls

by Warthog

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Desc: Gang Bang Sex Story: A guy loves to share his girlfriend with his buddies. They play Doll with her

Friday night had finally arrived and Michelle's fantasy was about to begin. Well, I guess it was really my fantasy. My name is Jeff. Michelle and I have been dating for a few months and I can't keep my hands off her. One look at Michelle and you would understand why I'm constantly horny.

Michelle stands about five feet eight inches in her five inch heels. Her long straight blond hair reaches her waist line. Her eyes are blue and she has a sexy smile. Michelle is very slender and although she hasn't told me, I suspect she weighs about 100 pounds. Her smooth, shapely legs end at heaven's definition of a perfect little ass.

Continuing up Michelle's awesome figure one notices her tiny little waist. Ultimately, the eye is drawn to her perfect breasts. These mounds are of above average size, however they seem large on her petit frame. Michelle's firm breasts are accented by very sensitive nipples that seem to be permanently hard.

I asked her many times what her measurements were, but her modesty would not allow her to reveal her statistics. After a few weeks of dating, my never ending compliments of her body and my constant questions, she shyly told me that she measured 34C-21-34.

I shouldn't forget Michelle's warm inviting pussy. A 'V' of downy soft fuzz tops her opening. Michelle's pussy lips are hidden by the swollen flesh on either side of her slit. When stimulated, her clitoris peeks out of the top of her opening. It is simply the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

Now, Michelle and I have a fantastic sex life. We discuss our sexual fantasies and alternate acting them out. The last fantasy was Michelle's and involved having sex in public. We attended an outdoor concert and while the crowd cheered around us, Michelle sat in my lap and worked my hard cock into her pussy. She was wearing a long loose skirt that covered our activity from view. We rocked back and forth for a few minutes and exploded in simultaneous orgasms.

Tonight's activity was to include three of my best friends. I've known these guys since high school. I told them to be at my apartment at eight and be ready for a fantastic time. Michelle dressed in a skin-tight red mini-dress and spiked high heels. She had visited the hairdresser today and looked like a New York Model.

I asked Michelle to gather up all her sexy undergarments and skimpy dresses and bring them with her. The plan for the night was simple. Each guy would pick out an outfit from Michelle's wardrobe and dress her from head to toe. What happened while Michelle was being dressed was between Michelle and her dresser. Michelle was excited about the possibilities. Yes, tonight the boys were going to play dolls and Michelle was a living doll.

Tom, John and Jim arrived on time at eight and I showed them to the den. Michelle had already arrived and was in the bedroom arranging her wardrobe. I excused myself to get the guys a beer. As I closed the refrigerator door I heard a series of whistles and grunts. It was obvious that Michelle had made an appearance.

I entered the den in time to see Michelle cross the room, lay her sexy outfits on a chair and stand in front of the boys sitting on the sofa. Michelle's dress hugged her curves. The hem of the dress fell half way between her knees and her waist. The dress was cut low in the front showing Michelle's substantial cleavage.

I gave the guys their beer and then gave Michelle a squeeze around her little waist.

I said, "Isn't she just gorgeous, guys?" Their nods indicated agreement.

Michelle smiled coyly.

Tom asked, "What's the plan, Jeff?"

I began, "Well guys, we are going to play dolls tonight."

"What," exclaimed John.

"Dolls,"I repeated.

"That's what I thought you said," returned John.

I continued, "Ahhh, but you see, Michelle is the doll."

Tom and John had puzzled expressions on their faces. Slowly, smiles formed on their faces demonstrating that they had figured out what playing dolls might mean. I decided to help them.

I said, "Gentlemen, this is a fantasy of mine that Michelle has agreed to help act out. We will take turns disrobing her, perform a sex act, and then dress her for the next sex act."

"Sounds great to me," offered Tom.

"Count me in," said John with excitement.

Jim just grinned.

I said, "The first sex act is oral sex on Michelle. Now, she has prepared for this encounter by not wearing panties."

Michelle demonstrated by raising a high heel clad foot up off the floor and setting it down on the coffee table. This caused her short skirt to ride up exposing her neatly trimmed bush. She was definitely not wearing panties.

I continued, "In this house its guests before host. The three of you will draw cards. High card wins."

I shuffled the deck and spread it out. Each guy took a card. Tom held up a five, clearly disappointed. John showed a two and Jim sailed his four into the fireplace.

I motioned to Tom then Michelle and said, "Sir, your doll."

Michelle commented, "I hope I'm worth more than a five."

Tom put his muscular arms around Michelle and said, "Baby, that five was worth a million bucks to me."

John and I sat down and watched as Tom pulled Michelle close and kissed her softly. They kissed again, this time more passionately. Tom probed Michelle's mouth with his tongue and she reciprocated. Tom expertly lifted the straps of Michelle's dress off her shoulders while kissing her. He pulled the dress down over Michelle's breasts causing them to giggle as they came free. Michelle was not wearing a bra.

Tom continued to kiss Michelle as he cupped her breast in his hand. He pinched her nipple causing her to moan. Tom's hands were on the move again. He pulled up the hem of Michelle's skirt and lightly rubbed her damp opening. Michelle moaned again. Finally, they broke the kiss. Tom led Michelle to the couch. Her dress was now gathered like a wide belt around her waist. The only other articles of clothing on her were her 5 inch heels.

Tom gently set Michelle down. She leaned back as Tom knelt on the floor in front of her. He stroked Michelle's legs, spreading them apart. He began kissing her left leg above the knee. He kissed his way up her leg until he reached her sex. Slowly and deliberately, Tom buried his lips in Michelle's pussy. He probed her opening with his tongue looking for a sensitive spot. Michelle informed him of the location by squirming when he touched the right spot.

Tom concentrated on Michelle's hot spot. Her moans guided him. Michelle grabbed Tom's head and forced him to probe deeper. Tom tongued Michelle's spot as fast as he could. Suddenly, Michelle stopped her heavy breathing and clinched her muscles. She came hard for about 15 seconds. Tom was rewarded by a flood of sweet pussy juice and he lapped it up like a thirsty cat drinking milk.

Michelle softly moaned, "That was wonderful, Tom. Thanks!"

"The pleasure was mine doll," said Tom standing up.

Michelle inquired, "Dare I ask what is next?"

I responded, "The next act will be one of Michelle's expert blow jobs. Tom, you must dress Michelle appropriately."

Tom looked over Michelle's outfits and said, "Well, I guess she can give a blow job in anything. I'll go with this itsy bitsy bikini."

Tom gathered up what looked like three yellow triangles of slinky material all tangled up with thin yellow straps. Michelle stood up and glided over to Tom's side. Tom was busy trying to untangle the tiny swimsuit and figure out what went where. He finally separated the suit bottom and turned to Michelle. She still had the mini-dress gathered at her waist. Tom grabbed the dress and slowly pulled it down over her hips. It fell to the floor and Michelle kicked it away.

Tom oriented the suit bottom and held it in front of Michelle. He provided a shoulder for her to hold onto while she stepped into the bottom. Once Michelle had both slender legs in the suit bottom, Tom slowly pulled it up to cover Michelle's privates. He smoothed the material down and tucked a few stray hairs under the small triangle. Tom didn't miss an opportunity to stroke Michelle's hot button. She responded with a moan.

Tom grabbed the suit top and stared at it with a puzzled expression. Michelle finally showed him how it worked. He placed the long string that connected both triangles over Michelle's head. The two triangles hung loosely across Michelle's impressive chest. Tom took great pleasure in aligning the two small pieces of material over Michelle's boobs. I think she enjoyed it as well. Michelle's large breasts looked as though they might pop out of the skimpy top. Tom finished by tying the loose strings behind Michelle's back and then kissed her passionately.

I got the deck of cards and shuffled them. I offered the spread deck to Jim and John. Jim beat John's eight with a king. Jim gave us that grin again and the rest of us pondered how Michelle would take Jim's cock. His locker room nickname was "Pipe". Michelle smiled at Jim. His grin was infectious.

I gestured toward Michelle and said, "Jim, your doll."

Michelle strolled over to where Jim stood, her tits swaying in the flimsy swimsuit top. Michelle put her arms around Jim and gave him a long sloppy kiss. Jim massaged Michelle's ass cheeks during the kiss.

After a time Jim and Michelle broke the kiss. Michelle led Jim to the couch and pushed him down. She knelt in front of him and began working on his zipper. Michelle finally got Jim's pants open and fished out a semi-hard nine inch cock. Her eyes got very large at the site of Jim's monster.

Michelle inquired, "How big is this thing?"

Jim grinned and proudly said, "Thirteen inches when fully hard!"

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