Lori's Risky Wager

by Warthog

Caution: This Wife Gang Bang Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Wife Gang Bang Sex Story: It's a bad idea to bet your fiancée's body on a poker hand

This is a story about a friendly poker game that got friendlier. Every first Tuesday night of the month a group of five guys gathered to eat, drink and play cards. Joe's Sports Bar was the site for the festivities. Joe, a member of the group, set up the card game in the back room. There was plenty of privacy and an endless supply of food and booze. The Monday night gatherings were intended to be stag. Lori was about to change that, much to the dismay of her fiancee Sam.

Sam is 24 years old and works as a machinist. Lori is 18 years old and works as a secretary at the plant where Sam works. Sam had asked Lori for a date during her first day on the job. With Lori's looks, Sam had to move fast. Lori hesitated at first. She was fresh out of high school and Sam was older than the guys she usually dated. Sam's charms finally persuaded Lori to go out with him.

Sam and Lori developed a serious relationship over the next few months. A healthy sexual relationship developed as well. The mere site of Lori put Sam in the mood. He avoided her at work so that he could concentrate. After work Sam couldn't keep his hands off Lori. She didn't mind at all.

After Sam and Lori had been dating for about six months they decided to get married. Sam knew he was a lucky man to have Lori as his fiancee. She was young and beautiful and she loved Sam very much. Lori would do anything for Sam.

Lori knew Monday night was Sam's poker night. This particular Monday night she decided that she wanted to go along. Lori knew that Sam would try to talk her out of going, so she put on her sexiest outfit. She arrived at Sam's apartment as he was getting ready to leave.

Sam opened the door and found Lori standing there in the tightest outfit she had ever worn. Her white top and skirt were made of a thin stretchy material. The white outfit showed off her well-tanned 37DD-23-35 frame. The top was cut low showing substantial cleavage. Lori never wore a bra. The firmness of Lori's breasts was apparent. They supported her top, not the other way around. The top stopped just above Lori's belly button and the skirt began just below it. The short skirt was just long enough to cover her assets. Lori finished off the outfit with spiked high heel shoes and a small handbag.

The outfit showed off Lori's killer body, however, her best feature was her face. Lori's complexion was perfect. Her crystal green eyes would stop a man dead in his tracks. Lori's bright smile and a few freckles on her little nose made her look cute and sexy at the same time. Her face was framed by long light brown hair that reached her waist. If you saw Lori's face and missed her body, you would have thought she was younger than her 18 years.

Sam instinctively took Lori in his arms and kissed her deeply. When they broke apart, Sam said, "Lori, you could turn on a dead man the way you look."

Lori blushed and said, "Do you like my outfit, Sam?"

Sam replied, "If I wasn't late for my poker game, I would take you inside and make love to you, now." Sam paused then turned for the door and added, "The hell with poker. Lets go wear each other out."

As much as Lori wanted to make love with Sam, she was curious about Sam's poker game. She hesitated as Sam opened the apartment door for her. Lori rubbed up against Sam and said, "I don't want you to miss your game. Why don't I go along with you and watch your game. When you're done with poker, we can come back to your place and get close."

Sam started to remind Lori that the game was only for guys. It was hard to argue with a woman when she was rubbing her large breasts up against your chest. Surely the guys wouldn't mind looking at a beautiful and sexy woman while they played cards. Sam said, "O.K. sexy, but, please don't talk or react to the cards. These guys don't like it when someone fouls up the game."

Lori smiled and said, "You won't know I'm there."

Sam was skeptical about Lori's last statement.

On the way to the bar Sam and Lori talked about the finer points of draw and stud poker. Sam was surprised at how much Lori knew. She grew up playing the game with her father when they had spare time. Sam let Lori off at the door of the bar, then parked the car. Sam found Lori inside sitting at the bar with several would be suitors trying to buy her a drink. Lori excused herself from the pack when she saw Sam. He watched as she made her way across the room to meet him. Lori's breasts jiggled in her top and her ass swiveled as she walked. Every jaw in the room dropped as Lori passed by.

Lori hugged Sam and whispered, "Lets get going before I get attacked."

Sam chuckled and said, "That's what you get for wearing that outfit to a place like this." Sam led Lori down the hall to the door of the back room. Sam knocked four times in the required rhythm. Joe opened the door and let Sam and Lori in. They were greeted by cat calls and hoots. Sam knew it wasn't for him.

Joe eyed Lori up and down and said, "Doesn't look like a poker player..."

Sam interrupted, "This is Lori. She's here to keep me company."

Joe opened his mouth to protest but stopped short. He motioned for Sam and Lori to have a seat.

Big John chuckled and said, "Sweety, you can keep us all company."

Sam finished the introduction by pointing out Don, Papa Fred, Big John and the host Joe.

Lori said, "Thanks guys for letting me watch."

Papa Fred replied, "You're sure welcome honey." He added with a wink, "The nights looking up."

Joe showed Lori where the food and drinks were and then sat down.

Joe wasted no time in dealing the first hand. Joe began with straight draw poker. The anti was a dollar. Big John won the hand with two Kings. Don dealt the next hand of five card stud. Sam won $23 with three five's, one in the hole. The game continued with no big winners or losers. They played draw and both 5 and 7 card stud poker. Big John would deal a wild card game occasionally to the displeasure of the others. One seven card stud game produced a pot of $226 but the average pot for stud was about $140.

Lori watched the game with great interest. She didn't mind fetching drinks and snacks for the guys when asked. The guys didn't mind watching her wiggle around the room. Big John managed to pat Lori's tight butt when she passed by a few times. She giggled when she looked at the big goofy grin on John's face. Lori didn't mind the attention. After an hour of play, five pairs of eyes had thoroughly mapped every curve on Lori's body. Some wished they could travel the unexplored regions hidden by Lori's tight outfit.

The poker continued for some time with average size pots until Don dealt a hand of 7 card stud. With two cards down and three up there was already almost $200 in the pot. The source of the betting was the Don and Sam. Don had two Queens and a Jack showing. Sam had two Aces and a Six on the table. The others had been paying to stay in the game, hoping to draw a better hand. With the next card Big John, Joe and Papa Fred folded. Sam got another six and Don got a two.

Sam laid out fifty dollars and Don matched and bumped another $75. Sam matched the bet with some concern. He still had plenty of money but Don had quite a bit more. There was now well over $400 in the pot. Sam was confident of winning because of the Ace he had in the hole. He had a full house with another card to go.

Don dealt Sam a Four and himself a Queen. Sam kept a straight face but his gut tightened when the third Queen fell. Sam had a Full House, Aces high against a possible three of a kind, Full House, Queens high or four of a kind. He led the bet with $50 dollars. Don countered with Sam's fifty and added $75 more. Sam met the $75 and bumped $100. Sam hadn't realize how low he was and hoped Don would match and not raise again. Sam was down to his last fifty.

Don met Sam's $100 dollars then raised $400. Sam kept his composure even though he felt like hell inside. He knew he couldn't match Don. He was angry with himself for raising that last $100.

Don asked, "You in, Sam?"

Sam replied, "Well Don, I think I'm a little short."

"I see," said Don. He added, "Well Sam, maybe we can work something out."

Sam was confused. He wondered why Don didn't just take the pot.

Don was a quiet fellow. He didn't say much the whole game, however, when he wasn't looking at the cards he was eyeing Lori. He especially liked her chest. He was fascinated by her large breasts perched nicely on her small tight frame.

Sam asked, "What do you have in mind, Don?"

Don continued nervously, "Sam, you have other assets besides cash."

"What do you mean?" asked Sam puzzled.

Don stuttered, "Well Sam, there's your fine lady here."

Lori shot a look at Don and asked, "What do you mean, Don?"

Don looked at Sam and asked, "What do you need to match my bet?"

Sam said in a raised voice, "I'd like you to answer the lady, Don."

"I will if you tell me how short you are," countered Don.

"Sam sat back then finally replied, 'Three Fifty.'"

Don offered, "I will call us even if you throw your lady in the pot."

Sam asked again, "What do you mean by putting Lori in the pot?"

Don nervously answered, "I mean that if I win this hand, she will do anything I request for the rest of the night."

"Like what, Don," urged Sam loudly.

Don sat silently for a moment then answered, "Sex."

Sam dropped his head. The other poker players looked at Don with smiles beginning to form.

Lori said loudly, "NO WAY!"

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